Little Tsuna

Little Tsuna

By: Klutzilla01

Chapter 03:

Ryohei Sasagawa

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Warning: Bad grammar, spelling, etc. OH, and an extreme case of abusing the word Extreme.


"Okay everyone," Reborn pulled his hat off, revealing not only his incredibly spiky black hair, but a bunch of folded strips of white paper inside of the Mafioso's hat. "Free for all." Multiple hands dove into the hat at the word 'Free', yeah, that's right, Freebies.

Mukuro pulled out a white strip with a victorious expression.

He opened it and smirked. Raising the (not so) glorious strip of paper over his head, he let out a victorious laugh escape his mouth. "Ahahaha, I got-"

Immediately, Leon turned into a gun with a suction cup on the end and was shot at Mukuro's piece of paper, successfully capturing it and bringing it back to Reborn.

Reborn used Leon to take Ryohei's paper and gave it to Mukuro as well as giving Ryohei's Mukuro's paper.

Mukuro's face blanked out and held the paper in front of him again. "...Zero..." Dammit.

Hibari opened his. "Six." He said with a frown. He had hoped for something a bit more fulfilling.

Gokudera opened his. "FIVE!?" He yelled in obvious disappointment.

Lambo opened his eagerly. "Bwuahahahahaha, Lambo-san got five too!" he boasted. "Stupid cow, that's the number four!" Gokudera growled angrily. He was already pissed; he didn't need Lambo to add to his disappointment.

Yamamoto smiled sheepishly. "I got three." He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, hoping he would have been first.

Futa smiled "Yay, I'm 2nd!" He yelled happily into the air. Hibari came up to Futa and switched his paper with him. "Although I'd rather be number 1, being number 2 is also alright." He smirked and walked away from the saddened child.

"Ipin got 7." The Chinese assassin smiled.

"I'm number eight." Bianchi said as she tossed a piece of her long hair to the side.

"I'll be the last one." Reborn stated with his usual face.

"AND I HAVE THE EXTREME NUMBER ONE!!" Ryohei yelled and picked up Mini Tuna who was already scared out of his wits. "KID, WITH ME, YOU SHALL BECOME AN EXTREME BOXING CHAMPION BEFORE YOU KNOW IT!!" He tucked the small, devastated boy, under his arm and immediately left without the proper supplies.


"GAAAAAHHHH!! THAT HURT TO THE EXTREME!!" They heard as two types of wailing's echoed inside.

10 minutes later, Ryohei came back with a defeated look.

"I failed to the extreme..." he sighed sadly.

"It was to be expected." Reborn replied and patted the boys shoulder.

"But, where'd you put the Tenth, turf-head?" Gokudera asked looking around Ryohei.

"That's why I extremely failed..." The saddened boy replied as Gokudera processed the words in his head.

"So... the Tenth's missing..." Gokudera said as the sullen teen nodded.

5 minutes please.


Yamamoto held Gokudera down as the flailing boy continued to spout out his rants of anger at Ryohei.

"It's only been 15 minutes, Sasagawa Ryohei, How do you lose a kid under 15 MINUTES!?" Hibari asked with a slight twinge of anger in his voice. Yeah, he has this slight premonition that they (Minus Mukuro) were going to be forced (Minus everyone but Hibari) to look for that small Tuna fi—I mean herbivore...

Reborn smirked at Hibari. "You're premonition was right, Hibari." Reborn smirked. "You willgo looking for Tsuna, minus Mukuro," Mukuro cringed at those said words, why are you all so prejudice!! "And you will like it."

"Oh, I'm sure..." Hibari replied sarcastically as he rolled his eyes and immediately headed out the door without any indication of a good bye.

"Turf-head!!" Gokudera yelled. "Take responsibility and help look for the tenth!!" Gokudera yelled, finally freeing himself from Yamamoto's grip and stomping out the door.

Yamamoto laughed a little and patted Ryohei's shoulder comfortably as he passed, "Don't worry, me and the others will go help find him." He said and followed Gokudera out.

"I'll look especially hard to find Tsuna-nii!" Futa said confidently as he walked out the door.

"Ipin will work hard too!" Ipin said and ran out the door.

"Bwuahahahahaha, Lambo-san will find Tsuna first!!" Lambo laughed boastfully as he ran after Ipin.

Bianchi stared at the door before finally saying, "Later." and leaving Reborn and Ryohei alone.

Silence filled the room.

"Ryohei...If you find Tsuna, I'll give you a second cha-"

"I SHALL WORK HARD TO THE EXTEREME!!" Ryohei screamed as he ran out of the house extremely.

Reborn just had to smirk as he sat down at the table with a depressed Mukuro. "Stupid Arcobaleno, if it weren't for the fact that you'd kill me if I were to leave that door I would've gone looking too!" Reborn just sipped his tea and sighed.

"If I let you near Tsuna anymore than you already are, then I would be fired. Do you know just how many jobs are willing to take a baby? Zero, Mukuro, ZEROOOO!!" The Arcobaleno emphasized as he smashed the tea to the ground, spilling all the contents over the floor.

Silence filled the air as the two in the kitchen stared at the rare mess on the floor caused by the baby.

"...You're cleaning it up." Reborn said and jumped off the stool to look for a place to rest.

"W-What was that!? T-That really isn't fair, Arcobaleno..." Mukuro said angrily as he took out his trident (I only said stake cause I heard from some other story with Mukuro).

"You shouldn't make other people clean up after your messes, Arcobaleno..."

Reborn twitched as Leon turned into a gun. Quick and sharp, Reborn had turned around and shot a bullet in Mukuro's direction with such swift grace, even the pineapple-head had to stare in awe at Reborn.

Finally regaining his conscious, Mukuro felt something trickle down his cheek...and it wasn't a was warm...oozy...and most likely red. The villainous boy just turned slightly to stare at the dent in the wall that was caused by Reborn. Said baby smirked and blew some smoke off of the tip of his gun.

"Please finish before I wake up." He said and walked away, leaving the evil boy alone with his hurt pride.


"If you say a word, I will HURT YOU, CHROME!"



Ryohei Sasagawa sighed in disappointment as he sat down (Extremely) on a (Extremely) brown bench (No seriously, it was as though the original brown color itself had ETCHED its very being into that bench. Otherwise Ryohei wouldn't have sat on that bench) after an extremely long (10 minutes to be exact) time of searching for the boy.

The poor boxer had literally (Seriously; extremely) TORE DOWN Namimori searching for ANYTHING like an adorable brown haired kid who just screamed 'Come (insert sick word here) me!' Everyone he talked too (They were all women with children might I add. Oh, and one pretty man) had shook their head in disgust and some even punched his gut! (I can't believe he did this all in less than 10 minutes.)

He would have to see those people again though. Recruitment if you must know.

Ryohei sighed and slapped his head. "GAAAHHH, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!" He roared out extremely. The boy jumped up from the brown bench not realizing the WET PAINT sign he sat on that protected his but and back from paint.

Ryohei heard the something rustle behind him as well as a few sniffling sounds in a clump of bushes behind the bench. The boxer stared curiously at the bushes and squat down, putting his hands out to ruffle round the leaves and get a better view. The child inside had gasped in surprise once he realized just who it was.

"KKKKIIIIIIIIDDDDDD!!" He screamed as Mini Tuna jumped in surprise. Attempting to run away from the scary screamer, but Ryohei had caught the back of his collar and picked hi up into the air.

"Oi, what happened to you? You have extreme wounds all over yourself!" Ryohei proclaimed and started to bandage the poor boy using whatever he had useful.

Mini Tuna sniffled at the less scary and nicer person that was currently healing all his owies away. Hugging his clear ball closer to his chest, the little boy sniffled and choked out a thank you.

"Well? What happened to make you so extremely battered up like this?" Ryohei asked once more as he put the little guy his shoulders.

Sniffling the little tuna fish said, "I-I tripped..."

"Aw, a trip can't do that much da-"

"And fell into a ditch." Tsuna finished as Ryohei stayed quiet. Harsh...

"W-Well that... well... extreme..." Ryohei said.

"Onii-san?" Tsuna started to inquire.

"Yes, what is it?" Ryohei asked as Tsuna sniffed a bit.

"Why were there big scaly lizards in the ditch?" Ryohei stopped all movements to think.

Those I right? The boxer thought. Then a gleam entered his eye as his mouth broke into a huge smile. "Hey kid, if you show me your ditch, I'll teach you some pretty good moves, alright?" he yelled extremely.

Tsuna nodded happily and the two were about to go on their merry way until...

"Wait you two," and all too familiar voice said as the pair turned around. "Master Pao Pao!" Ryohei exclaimed. Isn't that the same baby as before? Mini Tuna thought curiously as he inspected Master Pao Pao. "Your times up, Ryohei, it's time to return Tsuna home."

"Will I get him tomorrow?" Ryohei asked



All of a sudden, everything turned dark and the stars came out to shine beautifully over Namimori.

"WHAT AN EXTREME CHANGE IN SCENERY!!" Ryohei yelled out into the air.

Reborn just nodded his head, "Uh-huh, that's really nice, Ryohei, now can I take Tsuna back home, it's way past his nap time, plus he needs to go to bed." Reborn stated and took Tsuna off from Ryohei's shoulders.

"Say good bye, Dame Tsuna." Reborn said and started to fly (Courtesy of Leon) away with Mini Tuna in tow. The little boy turned his head back at Ryohei and waved his hand, "By-Bye, Onii-chan!" Tsuna yelled and flew away into the distance (which wasn't much since his house was really right there.)

Ryohei waved back at the distant boy until he could no longer be seen (Which was when they entered the house via top window).

Ryohei looked at the house with a sense of pride, "I did my best..." He sniffed. "I taught you all the extreme lessons I have ever learned..." Ryohei started to think of the past moments that happened between him and the kid, which were all made up might I add. "LIVE ON TO THE EXTREME!! THAT IS THE ONLY WAY YOU"LL EVER BE ABLE TO LIVE AN EXTREMELY HAPPY WAY!!" Ryohei yelled out and headed home.


Meanwhile, inside a bush a pairs of mysterious eyes had looked at the scene before him. He took out a mini Radio, "M.E to B.L, M.E to B.L!" He whispered. "B.L!?" the other yelled. "WHAT THE HECK TYPE OF NAME IS THAT!? B.L! I'M NOT GAY, ASSHOLE!!"

"But it's a CODENAME!! Get with the times, old man!"

"Old Man!? OLD MAN!! I'll have you know I'm only-"

"Yes, yes, that's very nice to know Lauren, but really, stop acting like a childish brat."

"B-But, BUT VONGOLA-SAMMMMMAAAAAA!!" Lauren whined as his eyes watered slightly.

"Anyways, Fazio, have you found any trace of the Five-year-bazooka?" The Vongola asked.

"Yes I have, V.N, in fact-"

"V.N? What's V.N?"

"Vongola Ninth, sir— Anyways, I have indeed found something you might find interesting." Fazio replied.

"Yes, what is it, Fazio."

"A V.O.T. P.C/B – And please just call me Fazi sir-." Fazi replied.

"...What?" The ninth asked as Lauren had a look of confusion at the name.

"I found a Victim Of The Pink Canon/Bazooka, or in other words, V.O.T.P.C/B." Fazi explained.

"...Please, just say, a person who got hit by the Bazooka. No more names, it's getting annoying."

"Alright sir.


A/N: FAZI IS THE BEST NAME EVER!! ANY WHO OPPOSES WILL...I don't know actually. Anyways, my procrastination has kicked in, but because of my added school work, I have a legible excuse. Hah, Umm, anyways, thanks for everyone who favorites, alerted, and reviewed this story, you have my gratitude.

I am really sorry for the long wait.


Ryohei had gone home happily as he and his sister sat down and ate dinner.

But during dinner...


"Ryohei, that's enough babbling, hurry up and eat your dinner," His mother responded.

"Yes mom." Ryohei said and went back to dinner.

Thus the happy Sasagawa family's dinner had continued nicely.

-Extra End-