Faddau 'm

a Torchwood story

by RoadrunnerGER

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A night to remember

His second helping of pasta was nothing more than a toy. Ianto was not hungry anymore. He used the food to play with Jack… and Jack did the same.

Slowly sucking in a spaghetti through his pursed lips, Ianto teased his lover. Judging Jack's amused expression and the tension in his body he sure thought that it was erotic. And Ianto could not deny that the way Jack played with his farfalle before he actually put it in his mouth was sexy, too.

As they both were naked they could clearly see the other's reactions and under the table they did more than that. Their feet found their ways to the legs of the other and brushed over them lightly. Ianto let his right foot wander even higher and on the inside of Jack's thigh.

Jack freezing and choking on his bite of pasta gave away that Ianto's efforts were successful.

His efforts of making his thoughtlessness up to me result in something wonderful, Ianto thought. I'd be ready for dessert if you are…

"What would have happened?" Jack asked out of the blue.

Ianto stared at him with unconcealed surprise. "What would have happened what? When?"

"That night in the warehouse… what would have happened if I'd have asked you to come with me?"

Oh! How often had Ianto thought about that question. Would he have been able to go through with it? Honestly? He doubted it.

"Nothing, I guess," Ianto said.

"You were playing an act, right?" Jack lowered his gaze to his almost empty plate where he played thoughtfully with the remains of his meal.

The look on his lover's face was almost more than Ianto could stand. Feverishly he tried to get his thoughts into order, searching for words that would reassure Jack.

"Not entirely," Ianto finally answered.

"Not entirely," Jack murmured thoughtfully, looking up at Ianto. Pleading, blue puppy dog eyes made it hard for Ianto to gather his thoughts.

"You're right," he admitted. "I knew about your carnal nature and I wanted to try and use your desires to get you to hire me." Taking a deep breath and then another, Ianto prepared himself to explain, "I really wanted and needed a job with Torchwood, any job. So I tried to get you interested in me, never intending to follow through with the invitation." Seeing hurt flicker in Jack's eyes he hurried to add, "But the reactions that night in the warehouse were genuine."

Ianto saw the hurt fade from Jack's eyes to be replaced with hope.

"Back then… It was the first time, you know."

Jack shook his head.

"First time I felt… attracted to another man."

Oh! But Jack forced himself not to say anything.

"So in addition to dealing with the dinosaur I had to fight my emotions." Ianto laughed, but it sounded bitter. "My reactions surprised and confused me and I blamed your pheromones. I didn't even realize what you said exactly, fifty-first century pheromones. It wasn't until after we parted that I understood what you had said. Still my feelings didn't make sense. It was impossible and even if I would've been interested… I… couldn't do anything about it anyway. I… had Lisa, I was… responsible for her."

Shit! Mentioning Lisa happened before he could even think about it. He was not prepared for the painful assault of his memories and his face contorted with mental agony.

"Lisa!" he sobbed, unable to stop the tears.

In a matter of seconds Jack was beside him and pulled him in a warm, comforting hug and let him cry in his arms. Grief was something Jack understood. Even though over one year had passed since Lisa died it was still as strong in Ianto as it was on the very first day. Refreshed by his memories it broke out of him with hitching breaths and heartbreaking sobs, tears streaming down over his face and running over Jack's neck and back.

Rocking gently back and forth, continuously stroking Ianto's hair and back, Jack caught himself crooning softly.

How did that happen? Jack could hardly believe it, but it felt so natural a thing to do. Minutes ticked by and gradually he sensed Ianto relax in his embrace. The young man's breaths evened out and Jack wondered if he fell asleep when he felt a hand brush over his spine. He was careful not to ruin the moment by talking. Now the hand moved over the back of his neck and Jack hardly dared to hope.

Maybe my worries are unfounded, Jack thought as Ianto trailed his fingers through his hair. Let's see where you're willing to go, Ianto.

The strength of the Welshman's hold on him lessened. Their cheeks brushed over each other and Jack could feel Ianto's breath on his skin. Then the younger man's lips ghosted over his own, more exciting than a kiss would be.

Yes! Go for it, Ianto! Jack inwardly cheered for him.

Ianto remained hesitant for a long moment that was filled with tentative moves of his lips on Jack's. But right at the moment when Jack thought that Ianto would dive into a more passionate kiss, he retreated from him.

Automatically Ianto turned in the chair in his direction. "Wha…?" Ianto gasped and was silenced by Jack's index finger over his mouth.

Jack rose from his squatting position beside Ianto and took hold of both his upper arms.

"Don't talk," Jack whispered, his voice hoarse. His hands slid down Ianto's arms, guiding them down to rest on his thighs.

Ready to object Ianto opened his mouth, but he froze when he felt how Jack seized the opportunity that he had offered by shifting his position and opening his body to him. Even the feather light touch he felt made his hairs stand on end and shivers run down his spine. At the same time he got lost in Jack's blue eyes which sparkled with passion.

Too surprised to voice anything Ianto let him continue.

Jack marveled at the sight his young lover offered. How he loved it when he left him stunned like he was right now. His blue eyes were unusually dark and his mouth open. His slightly parted lips invited him to kiss, but Jack resisted… well, kind of.

The only reason why he restrained himself was that he wanted to make his slip of memory up to Ianto… by giving him as much pleasure as he could. Even as experienced as he was, seeing Ianto sit and wait for whatever he might do to him made Jack awfully nervous. His insides constricted almost more than they had done when he rushed down into the vaults to beat Ianto to the chamber he was supposed to use as storage room. Worse than the long minutes he had waited for the Welshman to arrive and enter the chamber.

A fleeting moment passed during which Jack juggled around thoughts about reasons to stop now instead of probably ruining it for Ianto.

So he reached out rather tentatively and hesitantly to let his fingertips trail along the line of Ianto's jaw. From the chin he drew his index finger upwards, finding his lover's lower lip and following it from side to side. The sensation of the delicate skin under his fingertip made Jack tense. Now he smoothed it over Ianto's upper lip, lightly pushing it up to then follow the row of white teeth. Torturingly slowly his teasing finger went down from there, over the bottom lip from one corner to the other.

Ianto did not even realize that Jack had stopped his other caresses, because he only concentrated on what Jack did to his mouth. Closing his eyes he submitted himself to his lover.

Having Ianto completely helpless was exciting for Jack. The captain reveled in the fact that his taunts sent the young Welshman in a state of expecting acceptance. Deep inside of him Jack felt a strong pull, an urge that needed to be fulfilled.

But not now.

They still had a good distance to go.

Continuing caressing Ianto's lower lip Jack occasionally advanced just far enough inside to moisten his finger a bit. As slowly as he could Jack expanded his exploration and Ianto's breathing became deeper with every millimeter. Finally Jack pushed his finger in to tease just the tip of Ianto's tongue what made him moan. Before he triggered reactions he wanted to save for later Jack retreated at once to concentrate on the upper lip next.

Ever so slowly Jack moved his fingertip over the soft flesh. He marveled at the fact that Ianto held his eyes closed, surrendering completely to his caresses. So far Jack's advances back to the lower lip and inside were just light teasing. Suddenly Ianto gave up his passivity and let his tongue flick over Jack's fingertip.

Jack was not sure how to get him back to endurance, but he did not have to wait long until Ianto let him gently massage his tongue. It made both men shiver. Jack's caresses stirred up feelings in Ianto, electrifying sensations in places which could not be actually touched. Even though the young Welshman fought for restraint it became increasingly harder to stand Jack's treatment, especially knowing that Jack was just about to start.

Ianto also knew that Jack expected him to just let him have his way with him and that thought excited him even more. Still Ianto could not keep himself from touching his lover in return…

But Jack was having none of that. Gently but firmly he took him by the wrist and guided his hand down to place it behind his back.

"The right, too," Jack whispered, hoarsely.

The sound caused new pulls in Ianto and made him obey at once.

Jack wants to be in charge? I have no problem with that, he thought. Go on, Jack. I know you're not done!

And Jack followed the unspoken order. Actually he could not stop himself even if he wanted to. The very sight of Ianto, ready and willing, just waiting for him to continue, aroused him so much that there was no way of stopping.

The next time when Jack put his finger down on Ianto's tongue the young Welshman could not withstand and closed his lips around the naughty digit. Starting to brush his tongue along and around Jack's finger he soon made his lover's breath quicken. With gentle caresses he lured him in, tightened the hold of his lips, and when he could not reach further and felt the intruder touch the back of his throat, he trapped it between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. The tension sent new flashes through his body.

Jack nearly lost it when he felt Ianto suck on his finger, desperately wishing for another part of him to be trapped in the warm cave.

Unexpectedly Ianto released Jack and sat back, turning in his chair. Pure incredulity was written in Jack's features. His look was priceless.

"What's wrong, cariad?" he asked. "What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing." Ianto chuckled and reached out for the plate with cheese and grapes. "I'm hungry."

"You're hungry?" Jack panted. "You had two helpings of pasta! Don't tell me you're still hungry!"

"Again," Ianto corrected. "And as I can't just bite off that finger of yours I have to take what you brought for dinner." His forehead wrinkled up with concentration as he remembered. "I just wondered… If your body always goes back to how it was before a death, what would have happened in the Brecon Beacons? If they'd have caught you, too? They could have cut off an arm or a leg. Would it be there again when you come back from death?"

With that question Jack was caught off guard. "Well, yeah," he admitted a bit shakily due to certain memories. "You know, Jones, Ianto Jones, you have your ways to torture me!"

A mischievous grin made Ianto's sapphire eyes sparkle. He was not really hungry, but the cheese smelled mouth-wateringly and he wanted Jack to suffer the delicious pain of anticipation. Once more he reached out for a piece of cheese, but he was stopped when Jack wrapped his arms around him.

"I'll give you something to eat!" Jack smirked, with a very specific idea of what that might be.

His arms trapped in Jack's embrace Ianto could not do much when Jack pulled him up from his chair. Struggling just for his lover's entertainment Ianto let himself be dragged over toward the bed. Maybe I'm too willing? Ianto mused and planted his feet.

Laughing goodheartedly Jack tightened his grip and lifted the young man off his feet. Actually he was strong enough to hold Ianto with just one arm and he considered proving it to the Welshman if he continued to resist.

And Ianto did resist, surprised by Jack's playfulness. He tried to kick him and wriggle out of his hold, but even though Jack let go with his right arm Ianto's arms still were firmly pressed against his body. Robbed of his defenses Ianto resorted to pleas.

"Jack! What now? Put me down!"

"I will, Jones, Ianto Jones," Jack laughed. "Just a moment!"

Writhing in Jack's hold Ianto tried to make it difficult for Jack to carry him, but he soon realized that it seemed to be the easiest task in the world for him.

"Let go of me! Jack! Let go!" In the shadows he saw the bed that came closer with every step Jack made. "Jack Harkness!" His hot skin pressed against Jack's. His awesome scent assaulted his nose. "C'mon! Let go of me!"

"Your wish is my command," Jack chuckled and, heaving him over his shoulder, threw Ianto down on the covers. "Come here!" And grabbing his waist he pulled him to the edge of the bed. There he made him sit straight and Ianto looked up at Jack expectantly.

"Okay, Ianto, I want you to sit on your hands," Jack said.

"On my hands?"

"Yep. C'mon. Move it."

Eagerly Ianto followed the order, curious to find out why Jack would want him to do that. From his waist Jack's hands slid down over his hips to his thighs. Slowly brushing over them to the knee he already increased Ianto's excitement. So far his hands moved on top of his thighs, but after a few more strokes they moved between the legs.

Ianto gasped as he felt Jack push on the insides of his thighs. For a second he hesitated before he first stepped to the sides with his bare feet and then opened his legs wide.

"Don't move," Jack rasped.

Ianto had expected him to continue his caresses, but just a quick brush of his right hand along his left inner thigh made him suck in air just to leave him sitting alone as Jack went back to the table. There he picked up the plate with cheese and put a few grapes on it, too, before he returned to Ianto.

Kneeling down between Ianto's legs he put the plate down on the comforter. Then, grinning wide from ear to ear, he plucked a grape from its bunch. Holding it between thumb and index finger he brought it up to Ianto's mouth where he smoothed it over the slightly parted lips. He saw the blue eyes widen and pushed the fruit into his lover's mouth.

Ianto chewed the grape and swallowed it. Then a wide grin of his own cracked his features and made his eyes shine. Opening up again he licked his lips, knowing quite well that that gesture would drive Jack wild. So he did not have to wait long for the next grape and a few more fruits went the same way without further games.

As he came up with the next grape Ianto could already tell by Jack's crooked smirk and the single raised eyebrow that his lover was up to something and knew he was right when Jack took it with his teeth and leaned forward.

Accepting the challenge Ianto bent over to meet him in a light kiss, taking the fruit from his lips. When Jack picked up another fruit Ianto beamed at him. I like that game. If he wants to seduce me he's doing a great job. What now? More of the same? Ianto felt chills on his back and a pulling sensation in his crotch. With his legs spread, sitting on his hands, he was defenseless and exposed which aroused him even more. His breaths came harder and he had to concentrate on what Jack was doing. It's odd, but in this kind of game I enjoy being the sub. What did you say, Jack? Don't move? Don't touch?

Ianto was tempted to disobey and free his hands to be able and touch Jack in return, caress his arms and pull him close, turn him around and screw him hard like he did before. But he did not move and when Jack bent forward he took the next grape from him. Then he watched his lover put one into his own mouth.

That will be interesting, Ianto thought. Whoa! C'mon, Jack. Kiss me!

And Jack did kiss him. At first he held his mouth closed, moving his lips over Ianto's quite lightly until Ianto became demanding. Opening his mouth and pushing his tongue against Jack's Ianto urged him to open up. Thrilling was the kiss they shared and a moment later Ianto felt Jack push the fruit into his own mouth. The captain's tongue slipped in, too, shoving the grape from one side to the other and teasing Ianto's nerves.

It worked. Ianto groaned.

Retreating again, Jack picked up the next treat, ate it and bowed into the next kiss. When Ianto responded this time he did not find a fruit, at least not the whole of it. Jack had chewed it and when Ianto's tongue entered he found the sweet taste of the grape and its remains in Jack's kiss. Surprised he tried to back out but a hand behind his head stopped him. Jack pulled him deep into the kiss, not intending to let him go soon.

When Jack finally had to set him free Ianto gasped for breath. He was panting not only with a need for oxygen but also with pleasure.

Jack smirked at him, obviously enjoying himself. And obviously ready to pursue his plan, because Ianto felt himself be pushed backwards. He dropped on the blankets. Now lying on his back, his hands still trapped under his body, he was still left defenseless.

Not that he wanted to defend himself, though.

Jack followed him, shoving him further up on the bed, never giving the Welshman a chance to even prop himself up on his elbows. As he climbed up to straddle him, Ianto pulled out his arms before Jack could pin them down. Reaching out for Jack he stroked his upper arms and shoulder, trying to pull him down for a kiss.

But Jack was having none of it, he grabbed Ianto's wrists and brought his arms down on both sides of his head.

"What now?" Ianto asked, his voice husky.

Jack pulled on his arms, bringing the wrists together and holding them with one hand while he put one finger over Ianto's lips to render him silent.

"Don't move," he ordered. "If you struggle I'll have to tie you to the headboard."

Ianto gasped. For him it was the first time that Jack wanted to play a game. He never had mentioned bondage before and so his threat came as a big surprise. Would Jack really go through with it when he tried to touch again?

"And don't talk."

Ianto's eyes widened. Don't talk?

From where Jack got the bottle Ianto did not know. With open curiosity he watched him undo the safety lid. The plastic glistened in the candlelight.

What is he up to? Jack?

Ianto had to force himself not to reach out for his lover again. When he spotted the label he could not restrain himself and blurted out, "Chocolate treacle?"

Jack grinned. "I told you not to talk, cariad."

"What's that? Your secret weapon?"

With memories washing over him Jack could not be angry with his lover. "Preferably dark," he murmured. "But there's no dark syrup, I guess. This one must do."

Ianto grinned.

"One thing's for sure, though…" Jack said with a roguish grin.

Expectantly Ianto stared up at him.

"You won't need a napkin." Jack chuckled. "Wouldn't know where to tuck it in anyway."

Ianto laughed. "Does that bug you?"

"No. Now… stop talking and hold still," Jack murmured as he lightly took his lover's chin with his left hand while he used his right to bring the bottle up to Ianto's face, gently forcing him to open up and pouring chocolate treacle into his open mouth.

Moaning and gasping Ianto wound under Jack as the sticky mass ran into his oral cavity and hit his throat. His lover's grip prevented him from closing his mouth and swallowing. More syrup dripped on his lips and slowly ran down into his mouth. Desperately Ianto grabbed the bars of the headboard in order to keep his hands off Jack, squirming under his lover.

God! It's just treacle! Chocolate treacle!

How much time had passed until Jack decided to give him a break Ianto could not tell. It seemed to be eternity, but then air whooshed into the bottle as Jack stopped squeezing. He put the bottle on the nightstand and bent forward, his lips ghosting over his lover's. Ianto felt Jack's tongue flick over his lips and his breath stream into his mouth.

Jack! What'cha doing? God!


Breathing hard.


Male scent.

Jack's unique scent!

Ianto tried to arch his body to meet Jack, but could not reach him. Still he was held in the syrup-licking kiss. Slowly torturing, Jack moved, trying to make the moment last. And Ianto responded to him, returned the kiss, licked the penetrating tongue and reached for Jack's lips with his own. Then, following a sudden idea, he grabbed for Jack, one hand behind his head, pulling him into the kiss and the other on his back with the intention to make him come closer. Of course he knew what he risked by disobeying him but still was surprised when Jack let go of him to try and take hold of his arms.

Jack caught him and brought his arms back down beside his head. He's fighting me. I must have overdone it. Guess I should stop. But looking into Ianto's blue eyes and at his determined expression Jack realized that he did nothing wrong. Ianto's daring me to do it! He's struggling to give me a reason to go through with my threat! Having his lover's unspoken permission he scanned the floor for his shed clothes. Then he climbed off Ianto and the bed, never letting go of Ianto's right wrist. He held it all the time, picking up his braces, forcing Ianto to bend over when he reached for the suspenders. Climbing up on the bed Jack positioned himself over his Welshman again, brought both his wrists together and wrapped the braces around them.

For a second he hesitated, but another look in Ianto's eyes told him what he needed to know. So he pushed his lover's arms down over his head, using the ends of his braces to tie him to the headboard.

Ianto gasped when the bonds were secured to the wrought iron of the bed. Suddenly he was scared of his own courage, but he remained silent, fighting the urge to beg for his freedom. He trusted Jack and he was curious to find out what he planned to do. He would not let his anxiety get in the way of their love making.

"I promised you I'd do that if you couldn't hold still," Jack sneered, tightening the last knot. Sitting back up, he admired his panting, sweating lover wriggling under him. Ianto had an incredible body. For a while Jack marveled at the sight but then something came to his mind and he had to ask, "If you're not okay with this or with anything else I'm going to do, you should tell me Myfanwy, okay?"

Ianto chuckled and his mind drifted off to that night in the warehouse. Myfanwy? Actually Myfanwy makes an odd kind of sense as safeword.

"Otherwise don't talk, Ianto. I'll punish you for talking."

That would be very welcome, he thought. If the punishment keeps in the line with what you started with the treacle torture… He nodded his consent.


And so Jack picked up the bottle again and bent forward. A broad smile spread over his face when his lover readily opened his mouth wide for him.

Once more the sticky, dark chocolate dripped on his lips and into his oral cavity. Jack took his time, watched the sweet treat flow down and cover part of Ianto's flesh. He looked delicious, with or without syrup. Still it was fun to make him suffer like that. Even as Ianto had opened up to Jack willingly he now started to struggle again.

Ianto's bonds tightened as his anguish increased and he impulsively tried to reach out for Jack to draw him down for a releasing kiss. The fact that he was trapped boosted his tension. Winding on the covers he shifted his body against Jack's thighs. Then Jack sat down on his abdomen. Still with his mouth wide open, accepting the chocolate treacle, Ianto choked with the sudden rush of delight.

Jack sensed that he could not wait any longer and bent down for the kiss. When his lips claimed Ianto's he felt a gasp of pleasure blow into his throat, making his own enjoyment grow. His tongue slipped inside of Ianto's mouth searching and finding the chocolate. It was the most intense kiss he'd ever shared with anyone. Wow! It had been a new idea to take that syrup… if I'd have known what it would do to us I'd have used it before.

Under his weight Ianto could hardly move. His body was trapped, allowing him the freedom only to kick, which he did. The only way he could respond was with the kiss, this endless kiss.

When the chocolate was gone Jack sat up.

Panting, Ianto lay and waited for what was to come, his body tense with anticipation. He had wanted Jack to suffer for his slip of mind, but now he found himself in this position. Well, he did not mind.

Once more he saw his lover raise the squeeze bottle, dripping chocolate treacle down on him, but this time it was his chest and from there a line down to his belly button. Jack followed the trail with his tongue, caressing Ianto with kisses, licking the syrup away.

His next aim was more delicate, he poured syrup on Ianto's crotch. Then he let more flow down on himself.

First Ianto gasped with surprise, then he swallowed when he realized what he was about to be fed with… while Jack continued with his delicious task, too. Once he knelt over him it did not take long to push them both over the edge.

Jack dropped on the covers beside Ianto, panting, writhing with the afterglow of pleasant agony, as did Ianto in his bonds. Then Jack propped himself up on his elbow, watching Ianto. A smile tucked on the corners of his mouth. Curiously Ianto looked up at him, not daring to speak to him, but wondering what his lover was up to now.

Leaning forward Jack whispered in Ianto's ear, "Game over, cariad." The Welshman's indignant scowl surprised him. Jack laughed. "Still wanting to play?"

Sparks flew from his blue eyes as Ianto grinned mischievously up at Jack. He had thought that Jack just got started.

"We can still start another game," Jack murmured and kissed Ianto's temple. He laughed out loud when he heard Ianto purr with delight. "I love it when you're so naughty."

His lips found Ianto's and he kissed him passionately. Tasting himself in his lover's kiss always had something sealing for him and he wondered if Ianto felt the same. Once they parted he just blurted the question out. Smirking Ianto nodded at him. Encouraged by the positive response Jack leaned in to claim his mouth again, deepening the kiss, exploring Ianto's oral cavity with his tongue. When Jack let go this time he sank back down on the mattress beside Ianto.

After they had rested a few moments Ianto suddenly broke the silence.

"You know what, Jack? I'm grateful to the rift for sending us Myfanwy."

And bringing us together hunting her down, Jack thought, a loving smile on his lips. Once more he kissed his Welshman and released his bonds. Wrapping his arms around him he pulled him close to himself. Ianto settled down against him, marveling at his hot body. But then he struggled, pulling the covers around them.

"That's more comfortable, isn't it, cariad?" Ianto murmured, snuggling up to Jack again now warmed by his body's heat and the blankets.

"Yes, it is," Jack whispered, wrapping his arm around his Welshman. "I love you, Ianto."

"Cara 'ch, cariad," Ianto mumbled back.

A minute later both were asleep.

The end