A brand new Huey...

The colors...of a party

"Jazmine, why did you drag me here again?" Huey asked with his ususal bored expression. They were walking through the music halls of Woodcrest High. Huey Freeman was now 6'2", dark brown hair pulled back into a puffy ponytail, since he grew out of his afro phase, and the fact that it grew so long that it was drooping on his head, black t-shirt, baggy blue cargo jeans, he needed the extra pockets for his out-of-school extra curriculim activities, and fresh white Adidas, seeing as he hated the bright colors everyone was into now. His usual stoic frame changed over the course of 6 years, it no longer held that expression, unless he needed it to be, when he felt like it, or just agrivated. He actually had more than one face which, to everyones pleasure, looked good on him.

"Because you promised you'd help me in my time of need whenever called "for the rest of our natural born lives" as you stated. You signed a legal document, or it was to us at the time, and allowed me to record it on video, and a tape in case you dare forgot." Jazmine explained. Jazmine Dubois grew up to be the most beautiful thing to anyones eyes, even Huey, but he'd never show. Now at a tall 5'10'', she outgrew her two golden puffs and cut them to half their size, so now they aren't as big as her head, when she puts them in that style. Now she wears her hair in many syles, today just an up-ponytail with a part at the front of her head toward the middle. It was pressed falt against her head so it looked freshly done for hours. Big silver hoops about half the size of a cd with diamond studs that her father bought for Christmas 3 years ago in her second hole in both ears. She had on a purple tank-top, with a white cropped jacket over it to cover her exposed shoulders, blue super flared jeans that nearly covered her feet, and some white Adidas with purple stripes to match.

She too hated the bright colors everyone wore, they gave her headaches, which is true. Huey was a witness.


One day a girl in their class was wearing a neon pink tunic, white leggings, and neon pink flats. Of course she was smart enough to color cordinate, unlike every other girl, so she had on white button ear-rings and a neon pink necklace with a white and neon pink bracelet to match. Huey was there right behind them. The lights on the second floor blew out and they were stuck in there for two and a half hours. Jazmine was sitting right next to her for what seemed like forever to her.

Around the first half hour Jazmine had almost full blown headache. Huey could tell something was wrong because she grew real quiet a little too fast for him to not be concerned, but he decided not to ask. A good 5 minutes went by and she complained to Huey what was wrong knowing he'd actually care because he promised he'd be there for any problem she had, excluding her menstral, since they arrived at high school. He told her, " sit for another few minutes and if it feels any worse tell me." "Okay." 15 minutes went and she complained again. "Huey..." "Alright come sit over here. Lay your head on the desk, its cold anyway. That should cool you off a little." "Thanks Huey." She got up and moved next to him, his friends were watching carefully and Huey struck a look of death and they all carried on with their own business.

Jazmine's headache just wouldn't go away. The girl shifted and her neon pink shoes came into veiw. "Huey..." she said with eyes that pleaded for releif "Come here Jaz." Huey opened his arms to her and she scooted closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his muscular arms over her and put his sweat shirt over her head to cover her from the light of the sun and the girl.

A fight brewed up between a couple boys around them and Huey grew agrivated. "Jazmine sit up real quick," "Why?" "Real quick, please." Jazmine sat up half asleep and Huey got up from his seat. The small argument grew into yelling. "HEY!" Huey said above them making everyone look, even Jazmine. "My friend here is tryna sleep off a headache can ya'll shut up or I'll help you by force." "Sorry Huey." one guy apologized then the other boys jumped in. "Thank you." he stated calmly and sat back down. "What was the point of doing that? You could've said something while you were sitting here." "No, since puberty wanted to be a dick-head and give me a deeper voice, the vibrations in my chest from my voice would've shook you and made it worse." he said as she settled back into his arms. "Oh, thank you." she felt him nod and closed her eyes.

The rest of the class belived Hueys warning didnt apply to them so small conversations blew up into peolpe yelling across the room. Huey felt his own headache growing his eye began to twich and his head was throbbing slightly. 'Great, just what I need today, a migarine.' Just when he was going to start yelling at everybody again Jazmines head shot up from his lap and she began to hypervenilate. Not good. She stood up and started pacing the floor. Her eyes wide and her chest heaving from deep breathing. "Jazmine..." she didnt answer.

"Mrs. Golding can I escort Jazmine to the nurse please? I'm gonna need it too." "Why should I do that Mr. Freeman?" "Cuz if you dont she'll..." just when he was gonna give a good explaination Jazmines body plummeted to the trash barrel. "..Do that, and if I stay here I'm next." "Hurry, go!" "Thank you. C'mon Jazmine." she was just about to reach for his hand but she passed out. "JAZMINE!" " Huey, get her to the nurse now!" Huey lifted Jazmines limp body from the cold floor and ran down the hall down a flight of stairs to the nurses office.

"Whats wrong with her?" Nurse Jean asked. "I don know she was complaining about a headache for a little over an hour, she threw up and passed out." "Well, by the look of things she's stable, but needs sleep but she has to take some medicine before going back to sleep, wake her up." "Jazmine...Jazmine." "Huh? Huey? Ohh, my head." "I'd be complaining too if I nearly smashed my head against the cold floor. Listen we're in the nurses office and you need to take some medicine to relive your headache then you can go back to sleep. Okay?" "Sure." she sat up and Huey handed her a bottle of water.

The nurse came in with a bottle of TYLENOL, but Huey told her 'no' "Why not, her headache is only going to get worse without it." "She's alergic to Tylenol, do you have any Aleve?" "Oh, yes." "That'll do." The nurse scurried back to the medicine closet and came back with a bottle of Aleve. "Okay, does she have anything to wash it down?" "Yeah...thank you. Jazmine, here." "Thanks Huey." She took only one pill Huey took one too and drank from the same bottle, they trust each other enough to do so.

"How does she look?" "Fine, but your the nurse why are you askin me." "Because, you obviously know how to take care of her pretty well." "Oh, well she looks okay to me." "Well thats good, you can head back to class now." "No way, as loud as they are and by how my migraine is actin up I'm stayin hea." "Oh, that must be a pretty loud class up there." "Yea." "We dont have a spare bed available right now so do you want a chair and a blanket?" "No, Ill lay right here so she knows where I am." "Oh, how sweet."

The nurse left to get a blanket for them Huey was waiting when she returned."You must be a really good boyfriend to her to treat her like this." "I'm not her boyfriend. I just made a promise to her that if somethin like this would happen I'd be there for her and vice versa, plus I need the bed just as much as she does." Huey stated staring into Jazmines sleeping frame. "Oh, alright." she handed the blanket to Huey and left them alone.

Huey climbed into the bed with Jazmine draped the blanket over their bodies, wrapped his arm around her waist and rested his head at the crook of her neck. He smiled at himself and drifted off to sleep. Jazmine felt his actions and place her hand over his arm and scooted back into him while a small smile grew upon her face.

End flashback

"Fine, I really hope it aint anything stupid or girly, cause if it is I'm leavin you here." Huey said with his stoic frame coming into play. "Oh please dont make that face Huey I promise you'll like it." Jazmine pleaded. "I said fine didnt I?" "Uh, close your eyes." "As if sayin I'll come here wasnt bad enough." "Huey.." she warned "Ugh." Huey closed his eyes. "Wait, just to be fair, how many fingers am I holding up?" "10." "Your looking!" "No, you said that was your lucky number because thats how old we were when we first met." Jazmine blinked and shook it off. She pulled him into a room and it was dead silent the only movement he could make out was his own and Jazmines.

"Okay open up." Huey opened his eyes and hundreds of people shouted "Happy Birthday Huey!" Huey couldnt speak or move, all he could do was stare. He was scared shit-less. "Dang Huey, wutz wrong wit chu?" Riley said with his ususal ghetto self. "Jazmine, how did you find out it was my birthday? I never told you a day in my life." "Oh, it was on your last report card, nice grades by the way." "Wow, thank you, I guess." he said with the most dazzling smile Jazmine had ever seen. "Eh yo DJ where da music at lets get this party started!" Riley shouted and the Ushers 'Love in this club' blared from the speakers.

Jazmine pulled Huey to the dance floor and he shook his head. "Uh, I dont know Jaz?" "Aw, c'mon Huey, its your party!" "No." he laughed. "Please?" she whined. "Fine." Huey got onto the floor and started dancin with Jazmine. To everyones surprise Huey was on fire! He grabbed Jazmine by her hand, spun her around, and ground his body against hers. The crowd went crazy. Jazmine decided to improvise and dipped low to the floor on Huey, flipping her pony-tail when she got back up. "Ohhh!" the crowd shouted. She did a dirty whine and popped her back twice while Huey did a grind against her backside. He got a hold of her pony-tail and pulled the tie loose and let it all fly. Riley was up front bugg-eyed at how his brother and his about-to-be-girlfriend were gettin down. "Gitem, Huey! Haha!" he shouted.

Jazmine did her own spin into Hueys chest and dropped. Hueys eyes widened and he grabbed Jazmine by her hips and they started grindin. He only did so to get close to her ear and say," You remember those steps you forced me to do for that show, that we never did?" he asked as he spun her again to keep the crowd going. "Yeah." "On my count." Jazmine smirked and nodded. "5,6,7,8." They shut that party down hard. Riley had it all on camera, crystal clear sound and picture. Justin Timberlakes 'My love' came on just in time and on cue. They were going crazy. The DJ played the chorus and TIs part and that was it, they were done. Kat Delunas 'Whine up' mixed itself in with the last of 'My love' and when it did Huey dipped Jazmine and hoisted her leg on his hip. Jazmine threw her head back and let her hair fall. Everyone was cheering and appluading as the two giggled, and took a bow.

"Dang bro, I didnt kno you had it like dat man, you and Jaz threw it down." "See, Riley. You be thinkin the things I do are dumb, you should be in on at least the fun stuff Jazmine dragged me into." "I thought you didnt like the things I pulled you into?" "I never said that." "You didnt say anything actually." "So what gave you the idea I never liked the clubs you brought me into?" "Never mind." "C'mon." Huey and Jazmine went over to the beverage table and chugged down some kool-aid. "I thought you forgot all about it." "Nope, when I have a goal, I acheive it. That was a show." "Yeah it was." they looked at each other in the eye and laughed.

"Huey!" he looked over his shoulder and the DJ was calling him. "Yo Huey, come on up hea man, bring Jazmine wit you." Huey looked at Jazmine and streched out his hand for her. They walked up to the DJs table on the platform hand in hand. "How cute, iight man its about that time. Ya'll ready?!" "Hell yeah!" Huey was confused until they started singin the ghetto version of 'Happy Birthday' he started laughin when he noticed Jazmine singin too.

His eyes grew to about the size of his puff when the cake came in. It was the shape of his head back when he had his afro. The icing was his face with his old stoic face, eyebrow raised. "Happy Birthday Huey." Jazmine said as she planted a kiss on his cheek. "Awww." everyone cooed "Nigga yous a pimp!" Riley shouted making everyone laugh. The DJ gave Huey the mic to give a speech. "Wow. I dont really know wat to say really but, thank you guys for comin to celebrate my b-day, Riley for not tellin anybody this time like when we were 6 and 7. DJ Biz-nez for comin out, and Jazmine for draggin me hea anyway, knowin me I was tryna fight back but she was good at convincin me to come hea. So thank you all and lets keep this party goin yall." Everyone cheered and applauded then Jazmine took the mic.

"Huey, before we keep goin, I have a present for you." "Where is it?" "Wheres his present everybody?" "Nigga its starin you in the face!" Riley shouted. Huey looked around the room then at Jazmine, who was slightly red in the cheeks, but he couldnt see, kissed Huey square on the lips in front of everybody. His eyes grew wide then they softened til they closed and his strong arms were wrapped around her tiny waist.

"Thank you Jazmine." Huey whispered in her ear, even if it was a tid bit chilly in the music hall, Jazmine felt a chill go down her spine and warm her heart. Huey just smiled and made his way back to the dancefloor. Riley was doin his own little thing with the ladies and Cindy was goin around takin pics for MYSPACE and FACEBOOK for everyone to post later on. She got a real good shot of Huey and Jazmine grindin. Hueys hands placed firmly on her hips biting his lip, smirking, while Jazmine had one arm up on the back of Hueys neck and the other on top of one of his hands that eventually wrapped around her waist completly, with her usual bright smile.

Riley was in a pic grindin wit two girls. One on the back the other in front. Cindy got herself a real nice pic wit Riley fallin on his butt cause of the cherry kool-aid on the floor. Luckily he missed the sticky subtance, seeing as he had on a white tee. The two girls he was with jumped in on the next one on top of him, all laughing together. She went all around and made her way back to Huey and Jazmine. They danced with each other all night, with the acception of their friend Jalise Delacruz in the last 3 pics.

For the first time in Hueys life everything was perfect. He couldnt wait until the next day of school to begin, he was gonna be the talk of the day in the halls and on MYSPACE.


Next day

"Huey, wake yo lazy ass up its time for you to get up anyway, you ol' lazy punk. Now that you 16, git a damn job!" his grandfather called from outside his room. "I'm up Granddad calm down. Dont get your viagra in a bunch." Huey yelled back. "Dont think I wont.." "Come in hea and stick yo foot so far up my ass my hips will switch more than a womans mood swings. I get it!" Granddaddy wasnt playin no more he came in and whupped Huey wit his belt named "wake-up nigga" cuz it was as black as Charlie Murphy on one side, and as purple as Wesly Snipes on the other.

"Dont be talkin to me like that boy, until I say you grown then you can talk all the trash you want, but as of the next 2 years and 364 days you are under my roof and my rules. Got me?!" he shouted. "Yeah Granddad. Geez, gimme a break." "What did I jus say?" Huey grabbed his towel and headed for the bathroom. "That old man is crazy as hell..." "I heard that!" Huey ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

"Nigga yous a punk!" Riley yelled from downstairs. Granddad wasnt in the mood so he beat him too. His screams could be heard over the now running water. 'Wait hes up before me? Alright come out so I can beat yo ass already Bruce Lee. Oh right hes been dead since before I was born.' Huey thought as he stripped down to nothing. He stepped in and let the hot water wake him up. He began with his hair and worked his way down. As he washed he thought about how much fun he had the night before and Jazmine. Just the thought of her made him happy. A little too happy today.

He regained his composure and stepped out. He brought in a pair of, fresh from the laundry, breifs with him and slipped them on. 'Still warm. of course they would after sitting on the heater that got warm when in contact with another heat source.' he thought. He exited the bathroom and walked into, what was finally, his own room. Riley slept in the guest room since he was 13, so Huey had his own space to claim as his own, until he went to college. He closed the door and put on the jeans he had set out, then his socks and sneakers. Then he realized something was missing.

"Riley!?" "What?!" "Wheres my gray t-shirt?!" "Uhh, I dont kno?" 'Liar' Huey walked out his room in a fast pace, yet so quietly he was walking on air. He busted through Rileys door to find him wearing it. "You little liar, gimme my shirt Riley!" "No, this aint even yours." "Gimme the shirt." "Why?" "Cause I have proof." Riley pulled the top off and handed it to Huey. He flipped it around to show his dim-witted brother the white tag that said 'Huey' on it. "See." "Oh shyt, my b. Wheres mine?" "The smart thing to do would be to find it genius." Huey stated as he walked downstairs to iron his shirt to find Jazmine, Cindy and Jalise on the couch. Jazmine turned bright red when she noticed Huey in all his half naked, good enough to eat, glory. He used his special oil to keep him from getting dry throughout the 4 seasons.

"Hey." he said confused. "Hey Huey." Cindy and Jalise said in unison as Jazmine continued to drool. 'What part of heaven did you fall from.' and other compliments was all she could think of until he snapped her out of the trance she was in by yelling "HI JAZMINE!" "Oh hey Huey, hurry up okay." "Whatever." Huey stated cooly as he made his way to the kitchen. Outside he was calm, but inside he was going to explode. She was dazed over his well toned and oiled physic. He doesnt blame her. When he was finished he realized he was missing his wife-beater. so he walked cooly back upstairs.

'Good lord, look at his butt!' Jazmine thought as her face became redder. She turned to Cindy then Jalise. "What?" "Mmmm, girl you got it bad for Huey. Its written all over your face and neck. See the one wit the heart around it, thats gonna be a hickey spot by next week." Jalise said jokingly. "Very funny Lise." "But shes right. You sprung girl. I would be too after not leaving his side all night long on his birthday." "Dont you mean his front Cee-cee?" "Oh right, my b." they clowned. "Oh shut up!"

"Oooh a catfight." Riley said from the top of the stairs. "Aint nobody fightin Riley so shut up." Huey said as he made his way down the stairs to prepare to walk to school with the girls. 'Keys, book, money for later, lotion so I wont be ashy later. Im set.' Huey did his mental check-list. "Ya'll ready?" he asked. "Yeah." "Arent you forgettin somethin Huey?" "Like what?" he said as an eyebrow raised. "Your... oww!" Jazmine stomped on Cindys foot. "Never mind." "If you say so. Bye Granddad!" "Hurry up and leave dammit!" Robert yelled from his room. It sounded as clear as day. "Sweet as always." Jazmine said as she walked out the door with the others. "Tell me about it." Huey stated.

"So did you have fun last night?" Jazmine asked. "Yeah, I was actually happy after 9 years of no smiles, and 16 years of living." Huey said. Jazmine looked ahead to see Jalise and Cindy watching them and turning away qucikly. "Whats wrong with them?" Huey asked, highly confused. "I dont know after last night, they've been out of it. But I prefer not to ask." Jazmine explained. "If you belive so. So what are you doin this weekend?" he asked. "Im going to be in the house by myself for the next 8 nights. My parents are both going out to some party for each night for my fathers job at the D.A.s office. Some big promotion for everyone I guess. Why?" she said. "Cuz granddad is gonna be out for the next 2 weeks on some vacation because he finally decided to retire after god knows how long, and Riley is gonna be gone just as long, bein his usual dumb self. I jus didnt want to be in the house alone, it'll seem too quiet for me I need some kind of comotion goin on around me or I'll go crazy." he stated.

"Great we can spend the weekend together. Just relaxin." she said in her giddy tone, Huey knew the tone was a joke, but he also knew she was serious. "This'll be fun. I can taste it now." he commented. "Taste what?" "Never mind." "I'm kidding. So what job are you considering over the summer?" "I already put on an application for Footlocker, Hip-Zepi USA, and the barber shop down the street." "Wow, knowing you at least two out of the three will accept you." "I gotta make moves some how, I aint gonna mooch off my grandfather for the rest of my life, unless I need to." he joked. Jazmine laughed.

Cindy and Jalise looked back again to see Jazmine and Huey smiling at each other at his joke. "Mmm, shes in deep girl. You think we should let em go on wit it?" Cindy asked. "Well if she is happy wit him, and vice versa, I'm happy for em both." Jalise answered truthfully. "Yeah, your right. So who is gonna play match-maker for these love-birds?" "We'll let em handle their own biz for a while, and if things dont click in time then we'll jump in." "Done and done." they high-fived.

Huey and Jazmine kept walking and talking about future plans. Huey mentioned something about becoming a full time revolutionist after law school. Jazmine laughed. "Whats so funny?" "Oh nothing, just thinkin about how odd it would be for you to be president of the USA after you turn 45." she giggled. "Really, lemme show you somethin they will allow me to do now while I'm still young." Jazmine ran away laughing with Huey on her tail. When she ran by Jalise and Cindy, their heads spun, it got worse when Huey ran by. "Ah, I enjoy the smell of young love in the winter. Dont you?" Cindy said fixing her hair. "Yessir." Jalise answered.


What a day...

"Okay class we are gonna try something out of the ordinary today and our next class. We are going to do a little thing called "role play" I have this bag of paper strips and everyones paired up. The way we are going to do this is you and your partner will play out a part of just plain living, but, heres the twist, you guys will have to play up to a sex scene. For extra credit, you have to pose in one sex related postion." Mr. Dawson said to his class. Everyone was confused, yet excited at the same time. "I will hand out the names to only one partner then I will give you 30 seconds to get with your partner, and 15 minutes to figure out how your gonna play ot out. Who ever has the best play, will get an automatic 100 on the next 2 quizzes, and 2 classes off for the rest of the term. Got it?" "YEAH!" okay fisrt name from my magic bag will be...Alexa Bernetto... next..."

Mr. Dawson called up to Hank Franz and stopped. "Okay everyone have a partner?" "Yeah." "Okay 30 seconds starts...now!" the class scurried around the room to their partners. Jazmine was in no hurry, all she had to do was turn around 180 degrees and her partner was right there. Huey.

"Are you serious?" "Read it and weep Huey, we're stuck together on this one." "If your not happy with your partner, too bad no trades." "Damn." they said in unison. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Times up. Now 15 minutes to figure out how it shall be done, starting...now." "Alright, I'm only doing this cause I'm gettin a grade for this." Huey stated. "Me too." Jazmine added.

"Okay everyone eyes up here. How many of you are done?" four groups raised their hands, including Huey and Jazmine. "Okay, those who are done who would like to voulenteer to go first. "We will!" Cindy shouted from her seat. "Alright Cee-cee go ahead." Cindy and the other pairs went on forever, until the last one for the day came down to Huey and Jazmine."Okay you two your next." "Fine, c'mon Jaz." "Whatever." they got up and went to the front of the room. "You guys ready?" "Yes." "Let us have it."

Jazmine started. "Huey, what are you doing in there?" "Why dont you come in and look." "Oh, your making chocolate pudding? Tasty." "Wanna help?" "Sure." "Be careful with that spoon Jazmine you dont want it to glob on you." "Too late." "Aw...matter fact sit here," he placed her on the table in front of them ", I'll help you clean it up." "Really? How do you plan to do that?" "Like this..." Huey got down between Jazmines legs and moved his head in a motion that looked like he was really licking something off her. One hand was resting on her knee the other on her thigh. Jazmine began to spread her legs and tilt her head back. To make it more interesting she grabbed a handful of his hair, groaned, and bit her lip.

"And scene, very sexy guys." Jazmine hopped off the table and Huey arose from the floor, both blushing. "And what about the extra credit?" Jazmine was going to speak up until Huey lifted her off her feet and slammed her body against the wall, with his own body and the wall to keep her from sliding. "Improvise..." he whispered. Jazmine got the idea quick and let Hueys puff free. She ran her fingers through it with one hand while the other was wrapped around his shoulder. "Very nice guys." the bell rang for dismissal. "Okay guys next class we will continue. But lets give a round of applause to Huey and Jazmine for and outstanding performance." The class cheered for them and Jazmines face became almost bright red until she saw the blush on Hueys face.

As they exited the room Jazmine jumped on Hueys back and he held on tight to her legs so she wouldnt loose balance and fall. "That was different." "We forgot to discuss the extra credit so I took whatever came to me." "And I improvised." "Yea. You still comin to the house this weekend?" "I wouldnt miss it for the world." "Great, you want me to carry you like this til we get to your crib?" "Sure, gym killed today any way." "I know, I never wanna play G.V.B. dodgeball again. You hit me too hard, I'm still sore." Huey mentioned. "I already told you I was sorry, I wasnt even aiming for that spot." "Where were you aiming exactly?" "Not there!" "Yeah right." "Hueyyyy, I'm sorry! Besides you moved!" "If I didnt it wouldve got me in the back, and you threw it too hard so either way I wouldve got hurt." "Then you shouldve just sat there, it was gonna miss anyway." "Jus thinkin about it hurts me." "Stop whining, plus you got me in the next round pretty hard too. My side still hurts." "Its called payback, Jaz." "Hmph." "Dont give me that pout little girl, you shoulda been paying attention." "What! You were the one who screamed 'Heads up, Jazmine' then let the ball hit me, and on top of that you laughed when it did!" "Cuz it was funny." "I didnt laugh when you got hit, your so mean." "Born that way, gonna die that way." "I hope you do you little grimlin." "You know what..." Huey dropped Jazmine and kept walking. "Oww! Huey that hurt!" "So what you'll live." Jazmine got up ran in front of him and kicked him in the one spot that could make him cringe, and laughed."AHHH! JAZMINE!" "You'll live." she mimicked. Huey got up rather quick and tackled Jazmine to the ground. "Huey! Get off of me!" she laughed. "No, wait until tonite I'll give you somethin to laugh about. Thats a promise." "Gee if I have to wait until tonite then get up." "No." "Why?" "Cuz I dont like you right now, and I wanna make you suffer the idea of no..." Huey stopped mid-sentence and got up. "Suffer the idea of no what?" Jazmine asked. "Never mind, lets jus go home so I can throw some ice on myself." "Can I go?" "No." "What! Why?" "Cuz I said so." "Huey..." "I was just kiddin, c'mon Jaz." "Im gonna need two ice-packs one for my side, another for my butt." Huey snickered.


Dirty minds

They reached the Freeman house and collapsed on the couch. "Oh, my back." Jazmine whined. "Oh, my berries." Huey added. Jazmine chuckled and put her hand on his knee. "One of us is gonna have to get up eventually." "Didnt that walk seem longer than usual?" "Yeah...Huey we need some ice or be paralyzed tomorrow morning." Jazmine said slouching further into the couch. "HUEY!" "What Granddad?!" just yelling made him cringed even more. "Boy, get up here!" "He cant Mr. Freeman, we had a long day and walk." "Jazmine is that you?" "Yes." "Can you come up here then give him the message?" "Never mind hes comin up." Huey got up from the couch and limped to the stairs. He looked them up and down and groaned in agony. Jazmine got up and they limped up the stairs together, holding onto each other for support. "C'mon Huey one more step. We got this." Jazmine encouraged. they finally reached the top and collapsed on the floor, this nice cool floor.

Huey got up and walked into his grandfathers room. "Yes granddad?" "Can you help me find my remote?" Hueys body tensed up and he got pissed. "You called me all the way up here to find your remote, after a painful game of dodgeball, and a long walk home!" "Yes." "Granddad!" "What I'm an old man." "Your 63!" "So, that dont mean I cant croak at any given time." "UGH! Its right here on the floor you crazy old man!" "Oh, thank you. And thats Mr. Crazy old man to you." "Whatever."

Huey walked into his room and found Jazmine sprawled on his full sized bed half asleep. "Really Jazmine, your jus gonna take up my bed like that?" "Hmm, sorry." Huey rolled his eyes and went back downstairs. He came back up with four ice packs. "Sweet savior, thank you." She sat up too fast and almost screamed. "Careful Jaz." "Oh, stupidity impulse, very bad." Huey sat on the bed and gave her two ice packs. Jazmine laid back down with one pack in her shirt and the other on her neck. Huey laid his head on her legs with an ice pack on his neck, cooling them both off, and another in between his legs.

They laid there for three hours relaxing and cooling off. Huey got a little hot and stripped off both his gray shirt and wife beater. He was unaware that Jazmine was watching his every move until he looked up at her slightly red face. "What?" "Nothing." "Define nothing..." "Nothing as in I see nothing of my interest so its whatever, you got a problem with that?" "So why are you turning red?" 'Busted, better improvise.' Jazmine threw her head back and let out a sigh. "Because it hot in here! Open a window!" Huey couldnt agree more.

He got up and tried to open a window. "Jazmine, a little help please?" "Fine." Jazmine got up and walked over to the window. "See that board," "Yeah." "When I open the window stick it in there for me." "Okay." Huey opened the window and Jazmine wedged it through. "Got it?" "Yep." "Thank you. Now open the screen." "Why?" "I'm puttin the A.C. in." "Oh." Jazmine lifted the screen and Huey caught a breif glance of her butt. "Huey?" "Huh?" "The A.C." "Oh right, back up." Jazmine stepped back and watched.

The way his muscels flexed when he lifted the heavy machine almost made her drool. 'Where did he get all of this? I've known him for 6 years not once did I see him work out.' she thought. Huey turned to see Jazmine staring at him as if she were gonna pounce and eat him alive. "Jazmine?" "Hmm?" "Are you feelin okay, you seem kinda out of it lately." "I think its the heat." 'Or that smokin body of yours thats makin me sweat.' "Me, too." "You too what?" Jazmine said jumping out of her dirty thoughts. "I think its the heat thats makin you act this way." "I need to go back to sleep." "I second that motion. You still need the ice?" "Yea, my back still hurts." 'I'll make it hurt even more.' Huey thought, he immediatly snapped out of it. "Whoa..." " Whoa what?" "Nothing, I'll be back." Jazmine handed him the ice packs and laid back down.

"Huey." "Yeah." "What are you two doin in that room." "We were sore from the day, so we jus relaxed." "Really? Wheres your shirt?" "In my room." "Why isnt it on your back?" "Because it hot in there, if you dont belive me go see for yourself." "Fine I will." Robert got up and walked into Hueys room still pretty unconvinced. When he walked in he saw Jazmine just laying there on Hueys bed looking up at the ceiling. 'That boy needs to get some one day, if he dont then maybe Rileys right. This nigga is gay.'

Jazmine noticed Robert standing at the door shaking his head. "Hi Mr. Freeman." she said sweetly. "Hello Jazmine, how are you this evening?" "Still sore from dodgeball and that walk." she explained. "Aww, you hurtin?" "Yes, some idiot threw the ball at me too hard and laughed." "Oh, I hope the pain go away and you teach that boy a lesson on how to treat a lady soon." "Dont worry I did. I hit him in the spot where I knew it would hurt the most." she giggled. "Oh, my. Well he deserved it. You have a nice evening pretty girl." "Thanks, you too." Robert went back into his room and closed the door, as Huey came back up with the re-fill ice packs.

"Jaz, here." "Thanks." Huey sat down at the head of his bed. Jazmine crawled over to him and laid her head on his legs. "Huey, can you rub my head please?" she asked. Huey was up for anything at the moment so he pulled the tie from her hair and began to rub. She relaxed and stared up at the ceiling again. "What are you thinkin about?" Huey asked. 'Your sexy ass body.' she thought "Nothing." she lied. She just wanted to enjoy the veiw, and that was exactly what she was doing. But she wasnt the only one enjoying what they were seeing. Huey was sneaking glances at Jazmines chest, this way it rose and fell as she inhaled and exhaled slowly. 'Where did all this come from? It wasnt there before, of course they have otherwise they wouldnt be here right now.' Huey thought. He then realized he was staring, and he just got caught.

"HUEY!" "What, they're here, I'm here, your here with them, I'm a dude I cant help it!" he confessed. 'Oops.' 'So he was looking.' she laughed. Huey shook his head and laughed with her. It started off as a small laugh then it evovled into crackin up. They had no real idea why but it was funny to them. "Oh my god! Whats wrong with us?" Jazmine asked beginning to calm down. "I dont know, but I say to hell with these damn horomones. They messin with our heads." Huey said finally calm, he continued to rub her head, until she stopped him. "Whatever it is so be it. I gotta go. You gonna walk me out?" "Sure. You might wanna take this with you." He said holding up the ice-pack. "Yea, you might wanna take your shirt with you." "Im way ahead of you."

Jazmine sat up and put her shoes back on. Huey picked up his wife beater from the bed and pulled it over his head. They walked out his room with half smiles on their faces. "Granddad," "What?" "I'll be back im gonna walk Jazmine out." "Fine." "Bye Mr. Freeman." "Bye-bye pretty girl." Huey rolled his eyes and lead her out. "That old man pisses me off sometimes, but thats a family thing." Huey said. "So do my parents. They made me mad when we moved out here, but then I met you." Jazmine said in a giddy tone. "Well thats one thing to be happy about." "And I am, you were the first friend I made out here. Even if you didnt see it when I did." "Jazmine, you've always been my friend, and always will be. I just wasnt the type to say so, until now." He said getting serious. "So, does that explain the promise that you made?" "Of course it does, I dont make a promise like that to anybody. Just you." "But does it explain the staring?" she asked with an evil smirk. "Very funny Jazmine." Huey said smiling. "Is that a smile I see? Is Huey Freeman smiling!" Jazmine said out loud. "Jazmine, cut that out." "I'm sorry it just feels good to see you happy." "I've been happy since the day you told me I was your best friend." he confessed. Jazmine couldnt help but blush.

They made it to her door and Jazmine just smiled. "Thanks for the ice pack, and walkin me across the street. I thought you'd think it were...unneseccary." "I'm here for you Jaz. Remember that." Jazmine couldnt resist, she pecked Huey on the cheek and walked inside. Huey blushed so hard it was too noticable for anyone to miss. "See ya Jaz." Jazmine closed the door and smiled the biggest smile in her life.