After the storm

The party had to end early because the parents came home and someone got in trouble. So they left for home, well to Hueys house. Granddad wasnt home and Riley was out for the night with one of his hoes.

Jazmine told Huey to get her home before it rained so she wouldnt get sick later that night, but what she didnt expect was mother nature to go crazy.

It was pouring outside, and they were coming in from being at the party and walking in the rain, cuz they couldnt hitch a ride with any one. They were coming into his house soaking wet laughing.

"Oh my god I didnt even know it would rain that hard Im so sorry. Your all wet." Jazmine said smiling.

"Well gee try checking the weather channel once every now and then. Maybe we wouldnt be in this mess. So thanks Jaz." Huey stated sarcastically.

"My b." she apologized.

They stood in the hallway taking off what ever they could without completely stripping. Huey pulled his hat off his head and a huge afro came out sagging because it was wet. Jazmine burst out laughing.

"Oh wow. You should see what you look like right now." She teased.

"What?" Huey asked looking into the nearest mirror.

"Geez, are you serious....Ah!" he whined.

"It reminds me of the good ol days when it sat on top of that big head of yours."

"Hey, it was a good look for me."

"Yeah, I know."

"Then why did you let your friends make fun of me freshman year?" Jazmine sputtered until she finally answered.

"Well I started, they grew to be somewhat close yet very distant friends to you, and thats all girls do, make fun of people." she explained.



"And I just so happen to be one of those people?"


" are you."

"Huey! Your such a jerk." she whined.

"Runs in the family, dont blame me." Huey told her going upstairs.

"Get me a nice big t-shirt while your up there." Jazmine asked.


"Aw, c'mon. Quit bein' a jerk. And Im gonna blame society for your bad attitude." she pouted.

"Go ahead. I blame em too."

"You blame everybody for of your huge dilemmas. I still want a t-shirt before you come back down." she reminded.

Huey was just exiting his room when she called him out. He stopped dead in his tracks and flinched at the mention of the shirt. 'Damn.' he thought to himself. 'Im beginning to remember why I fell for her in the first place.' he thought as he pulled out another top for her.

Jazmine was till standing in front of the door waiting. "Is there a reason why you still standing there?"

"Yeah...dont wanna get the floor wet unlike some people *cough cough* Huey *cough*.

"Thats one bad cough you got there Jaz."

"Like you'd care."

"If I didnt care would you be here right now or would you be out in the cold? Would I have given you that necklace for your birthday a couple months ago, or this T-shirt for now or half my bed until the rain cleared?" Huey explained. Jazmine just smiled cause he was right.

Huey wasnt as rude and evil as 8 years ago. She turned red when he mentioned the necklace for her B-day...four months ago. She never took it off, even during gym where everybody knew jewelry wasnt allowed. It was the sweetest thing he he ever done, other than ask her to all the schools semi-formal. The Christmas one was the most memorable, next to the dance they shared for her sweet 16.

She was yanked out of her thoughts when a huge white cotton t-shirt smacked her in the face. "Hey!"

"Hey yourself. Pay attention next time. You'll never know what I'll throw at you, it could be a shirt or a shotgun."

"What kind of shotgun?"

"Saw off shotgun."

"Ah! My fav." Jazmine smiled entering the bathroom. Huey entered his room to change when a funny memory crossed his mind.


He was getting ready to leave Jazmine home because she was taking forever to come downstairs. He was taking her to the winter semi-formal, and the limo driver was getting edgy. Huey told her over and over he was leaving and she kept telling him wait five minutes, he'd count too. He opened the front door and she finally came out. His jaw dropped.

She had on an emerald green dress white gloves and matching green shoes. The dress had no straps and backless, it covered her feet almost like a princess' gown with a small train trailing behind her. It was wide enough to keep her thick thighs under wraps. The green eye-shadow made her already big eyes stand out more, along with the thick mascara and eye-liner. Her bronze hair was down over her shoulders and down her back curled all around her head and her straight short bangs made her head look smaller but gave her the adult-like features Huey liked.

She reached the bottom of the stairs and her emerald eyes fluttered up to his maroon ones. He was completely speechless. She snapped him out of his trance by asking "Huey are you alright?" he blinked twice to make sure he wasnt dreaming and told her, "Yeah Im good." the driver ruined the moment by honking the horn screaming "I aint got all day!" Jazmine complimented how handsome he looked in his green dress shirt and white suit, white shoes included. His hair was pulled into a huge puff in the back of his head, it was half a pony-tail which made his usually serious expression, look more Jazmine.


Huey sat on the couch and laid back there was a huge thud from the bathroom and he shot up. "Jazmine..." he called.

"Im okay!" he laid back down shaking his head and drifted off to sleep.

2hours later...

Huey opened his eyes feeling at least 5lbs heavier. He looked at his legs only to find Jazmines head on his thighs. 'No wonder.' he thought. She looked up at him and smiled.

"You snore when you sleep. Quite loudly too."

"No I dont."


"No I dont."

"Dont even lie I heard you."



"Sure you did." Huey stated sarcastically. Jazmine sighed and walked into the kitchen. When she rose up he did too, in a well known physical way. Huey turned his attention to his sudden ache and sat up in the blink of and eye.

"Fuck..." he said to himself trying to settle.

Jazmine walked back into the living room with a glass of Kool-aid. She took a sip and let one of the ice-cubes slide into her mouth. As she set the cup down on the coffee table she pulled the cube out of her mouth Huey was trying his best not to stare. He couldnt handle it. First of all, she was in his t-shirt, and a pair of black boy-shorts, her bronze hair flowing about her shoulders and back, and those long caramel legs were just begging to be rubbed.

Jazmine looked over to Huey and noticed he was staring at her with huge maroon eyes as if in shock.

"Huey are you feeling alright you look kinda sweaty." she asked pulling his mind in the right place.

"Im fine. You shouldn't be sucking on ice-cubes like that you can choke." he told her, finally regaining his composure. "Sorry." she said laying onto the couch next to him still sucking on it.

Huey watched her carefully as she licked the ice-cube watching 'Tomb Raider'. She looked so focused just sitting there quietly. She sat in a particularly arousing position. One leg up and the other rested on his legs. The shirt rode up to her hips, letting her thick thighs breathe and he boy shorts poke out. She was rested on her elbows, he then noticed she wasnt wearing a bra! Both eye-brows shot up as she continued to lick and suck the ice cube like a cherry lollipop.

Jazmine could feel Hueys eyes on her so she looked over to him to see he was practically drooling.



"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?"

"You tell me." she said reaching forward for he drink. There it goes again. Huey let out a breath that was suppose to be a sigh, but came out a breathy gasp. Jazmine looked at Huey again and noticed the look on his face, and how far the t-shirt rode up.

She turned onto her back and made things worse, for him. The shirt twisted around her tiny waist riding up more letting her naval free. Huey pushed her legs off his and ran into the kitchen. Jazmine finally figured out what was wrong.

"Huey?" she called walking into the kitchen.

"Im fine Jaz, Ill be back in a minute." he told her. Jazmine stood behind Huey knowing he was lying.


"I said Im fine." he tried to shake her off but she wouldnt quit. She put a hand on his shoulder, and he tensed up. She turned him around to find his facial expression in pure shock and something else, she just couldnt word it out. He blinked slowly and looked into her eyes. They were calling him an idiot.


"For someone who can handle everyone else's issues you cant handle your own. So sad."

"I can, but not while your here. You can get hurt."


"Define so..."

"So as in so what, who cares?" She said looking toward his main problem. His cargo pants were big enough, but this was highly different than normal. She could almost not see his feet. She let out a small laugh when she looked back at him and saw that he was bright red.

"See. You cant even handle it."

"I could....but you dont want me to get hurt, so imma leave you here to handle this yourself." she walked out the kitchen leaving Huey confused.

"Wait what do you mean you could?" the confusion brought him back to his senses.

"Figure it out, super genius." Huey walked into the living room looking at Jazmine as if she had ten heads.

His mood suddenly changed when he said, "No, why dont you stop being so evil and tell me." Jazmine sat up from her laying position and eyed him.


"Why not?"

"Cuz first of all, your smart enough to figure it out on your own, and second you need to learn how to ask me for whatever you need to know POLITELY."

Huey raised his famous eye-brow and let his eyes do the questioning.

"Dont give me that dumb-ass look. I aint explainin shyt."


"Yea. No matter how bad you torture me."

"But Im the one getting tortured..." slip-up, 'Dammit.' he thought to himself.

"Your the one getting tortured? What exactly is that suppose to mean Mr. Freeman?"

"Nothin. Forget I said anything."

"No, once you say it you cant erase it."

"I aint sayin nothin."

"C'mon. Please?"



"No." Jazmine sat on her knees and put her hands on the arm of the couch for support.

"Why not?"

"I dont have to explain myself to nobody, especially you." He told her stepping up so they were inches away from each other.

Jazmine rolled her eyes and sat back down. "Says who exactly?" she asked raising an eye-brow like him.


"You aint nobody." she said poking him in his chest.

"Yes I am." Huey said poking her back on her shoulder.

"Not really." Jazmine responded slightly pushing him.

"Yes really." he said pushing her. They stared at one another with raised eye-brows waiting for the other to make their move. Jazmine pushed Huey again only slightly moving him. Huey pushed back only a little harder.

They pushed each other over and over, back and forth, until they were wrestling on the couch, which eventually turned to tickling each other. Jazmine may have had small fingers but Huey still over powered her with his own body. They stopped when Huey lost his balance and fell on top of her. She got him in the most sensitive area, his underarms. When Huey sat up he grabbed Jazmine by her wrists and pinned her beneath him.

"Jerk." She smirked.

"Wimp." He smirked back.



"Bitch nigga."


"Mutha fucka...." Jazmine said jerking her head further into the couch. Huey just smirked more. "I won."

"Not even close Freeman."


"Can I have my wrists back?" she asked.

"No." Huey protested.

"Why?" Jazmine

"Cuz I said so."

Jazmine just rolled her eyes and sighed. "Please?"



"Jazmine." The tension Jazmine felt suddenly lifted away with one sigh. Her whole body relaxed and Huey eased up.

Huey studied her features in the dark, seeing as they turned off the TV while they were wrestling. She was looking at him, still waiting for him to make a move, the way she relaxed all of a sudden made him think,

'Why do I feel comfortable all of a sudden?' he then realized he was rested firmly between her thick caramel thighs.

"Your seriously not gonna move are you?"



"Because I can tell that you dont want me to. As much as you deny it, you want me right here."

"What makes you say that?"

Huey grew silent, only to listen as carefully as possible to her every move.

"See you have...."

"Your breathing just got heavier, your relaxed more than 2 seconds ago, your palms are sweating, and I can tell that your staring at me....waiting." Jazmine lay underneath him quietly speechless.

'How does he know all this?' she thought. "Now whose quiet." Now she was smiling because she realized he knew her too well.

"The only reason why you aint sayin anything is cuz Im right. I know you Jazmine. Dont get it twisted." he snickered.

"So....whats your point." she asked with a smug look.

"I still aint movin till you admit Im right." he argued.

"And if I refuse?" she batted her eyes.

"Ill torture you."


"Dont worry about it. Just admit it and you wont have to suffer."

"No." she retorted.

"Do it." he demanded.

"No." she smirked.

"You sure you wanna deny it."

"Theres nothing to deny." Huey got so close that she could feel his warm breath on her face and neck.

"You sure?"

"Yeah..." she stated, her breathing getting heavier.

"Wrong answer."

Jazmine already knew what was coming so she just fell right into it without a care in the world.