I watch as she goes to sit at their table

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I watch as she goes to sit at their table. The Cullen's table to be presises. Well…you can't exactly call it that anymore, sense they moved.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate them. Didn't, Past tense.

I hate them now all of them, even Alice, who before I thought was impossible to hate. That changed quickly. I hate what they had done to Bella.

When Bella moved here…everything changed, for the better in my honest opinion. She was the type of person who you couldn't hate, she drew you in. She became my best friend.

She was happy and in love, everyone could see it. Her brown eyes sparked and she was practically glowing with happiness . Unlike all the other girls in school I wasn't jealous, I was happy for her AND I got my own boyfriend, Ben.

Then IT happened.

They left. They left her, without even a freaking goodbye. It was, no wait IS, still the biggest piece of gossip going around, the beautiful, amazing Cullen's left. I was one of the only people thinking of Bella. That would change soon.

When we got back to school she was…different. I laugh bitterly to myself. She was MORE then just plain different, she was a zombie.

My parents always told me growing up that I was too observant for my own good, but I just can't help it.

For the past few months I have been watching her silently. I could tell that she was doing something no one should have to do; she was forcing herself to live. I could tell she just wanted to dye. In her mind…she had nothing to live for.

When they left they took my best friend's heart and soul with them leaving only a shell of the person I loved like a sister behind.

I pushed away my lunch with a sigh of frustration, HOW could they do this to her?! What kind of best friend was I if I couldn't do anything to help the person who needed it the most!?

I hear the bell ring and look at Bella again as she walks out of the cafeteria. I will find a way to help her, whatever it takes.

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