Okay, so maybe this type of fanfiction was inspired by Uchiha Bitch's Batman/Inuyasha crossover, "The Darkest Knight". Okay, so maybe I'm not flashing with Kagome all the way (she will be referenced though), this is rather a Sailor Moon and Batman crossover, with our oh so lovely Sailor Mars (yeah, I'm a huge Rei fan). Even though this doesn't contain Inu-Yasha, I was inspired to kind of do the same thing with our lovely pyro being a miko and the amazing strong Batman.

Note of October 7, 2011: This story has started to turn a Sailor Moon/Batman/Superman crossover. If you have any questions on how this "universe" ties together, feel free to ask! (:

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Quick Note (main characters referenced/used):
Rei Hino/Raye Hino (US Dub) - Sailor Mars
Batman - Bruce Wayne
Robbin - Dick
Akiko Hino - Rei's father (name from PGSM only...)
Superman – Clark Kent
The Joker
Chloe Sullivan (from Smallville)

Possible references/minor used characters:
Green Arrow – Oliver Queen
Jimmy Olsen
Lois Lane
Lionel Luthor (from Smallville)
Setsuna/Trista - Sailor Pluto
Chaos and Sailor Galaxia
Usagi/Serena – Sailor Moon
Luna & Artemis
Inner Guardians
Outer Guardians
Few other minor DC/Smallville characters…
More could happen but I really don't think a major list is going to happen.

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English - Regular

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The rain poured over the Gotham City Airport as the plane arriving from Tokyo to Gotham City was showing up. Why did Rei choose to fly here? She remembered only months ago that Mamoru had gotten an invite to study in the United States and Gotham City none the less. It is strange city with a high crime rate but an excellent school for foreign exchange students.

As the plane was landing on the wet landing strip, the miko just stared at out the small window on the airplane. Her heart would never heal from the pain she had endured…

She just couldn't get over it. Maybe it was the fact that the entire fact that everyone was gone or that Usagi made sure that she wouldn't have another friend pass away? There was still the burning memory of that last time everyone transformed and rushed in to save Sailor Moon from that burning building in Tokyo. Setsuna and herself outside to wait to make sure the fire fighters were on their way. Plus, in a side manner, she realized that her own powers could only make the situation worse.

However, the miko recalled there was sudden loud explosion, knocking the two young women down…then the worse happened.

Rei never could picture it, but the building had collapsed all on the others and the fire burned them to death. Mamoru was even there and when Pluto and Mars heard the news, it turned out it was a trap for the Sailor Senshi and had been caused by an explosion.

There was no longer any more teasing Usagi, tutoring help from Ami, lovely baked goods from Makoto, Minako's crazy idol chasing, Haruka and Michiru's teasing, and even quiet young Hotaru. For days, Rei never went to school or even left her room at the Hikawa Shrine.

Setsuna was so mysterious, saying that time was going to have to repair itself from the damage it received from the accident. In fact, it was Setsuna who offered Rei's grandpa the idea for her to go to the United States for a year to study, as it would give her some time to get away from the changes.

When Rei had packed her bags, she was fixing to leave her Mars henshin pen behind, but knew Setsuna had even guided her to take it, since was still a Sailor Senshi. The hardest thing for Rei when she had to tell the families of her friends who they really were and what happened. Professor Tomoe was somehow to let him know Hotaru had passed away (though Rei remained quiet when Setsuna told him), since he already knew the identity of his daughter was Saturn.

Since Rei's father was into politics in Japan, he was able to afford to send his daughter to Gotham City. Of course, he never had anything to do with his daughter since Rei's mother passed away when she was younger, though he helped his daughter to the United States.

Now, she had a board of residence and somehow, she would be staying at one of her father's penthouses while in Gotham City and Rei had brushed up on her English skills enough to study a year in high school. "Please leave the aircraft and thank you for traveling with Continental Airlines. Welcome to Gotham City and enjoy your stay!"

The pyro, dressed in her old school uniform, since she was required to wear it to the new high school she would be attending, got off the airplane and put on her rain jacket. After getting past immigration and getting her passport stamped, she walked around the airport, trying to read the signs.

She grinned (though it was more a forced grin) when she read the sign "Gate-5A", to where she'd be getting a ride to the house she was staying in. Though, when she turned around the corner, she ran into somehow.

How ironic! Not even in the United States for five minutes and she already did her graceful times.

"Sorry," she stated in Japanese, as she looked at the person who she ran into.

The guy eyed the girl before even saying thing in reply, realized this girl was instantly of Asian heritage. She just spoke Japanese and even had on a school uniform. She had long raven hair and she didn't look no older than 17. She was beautiful, even for a girl from Japan.

"Oh, why don't you watch where you are going?" He replied, in Japanese. Weirdly enough, he understood enough of the language to communicate, since at his company; some of his buyers were Japanese.

"What?" Rei angrily replied back, not even looking the man correctly in the face and she got up, this time heading to get her luggage and catch her ride to the house.

"He is lucky..." she muttered to herself and left, as she got her suitcase and walked away from the man who was still on the ground. He watched her as he left and something was very different about this girl. He watched as she walked out of his sight.

The ride through out Gotham City was one of the longest Rei had ever endured. Gotham City was horrible looking and there were homeless people everywhere and even Tokyo had better streets. Her ride had taken her through some of "nicer" areas of the city that he stated were less dangerous, but it gave Rei the impression that this place would somehow remind her of why she left Tokyo. She just longed to get some sleep and since there was an open house for the school this evening, maybe a small nap would do her good.

That was until she heard the driver turn on the News Radio. Somewhat interested, she listened to the announcer:

"Gotham City News Reporting. Tokyo Officials are stumped in what has been one of the most violent crimes to ever be happen in the nation's history."

Rei's ears seemed to 'perk up' when she heard Tokyo and listened closely.

"About two weeks ago, the local heroines of Tokyo, almost all Sailor Soldiers were killed in a tragic explosion that has hit the country hard and there are several thousand up raged from around the world with no break as to what set off the explosion. Today, coming from Detective Takahashi of the Tokyo Crime Scene Labs, turns out that someone was seen minutes before in the building. The camera images show the idea of a man that was wearing a purple tuxedo, but no face image has yet to be processed.

Many think that person responsible for these terrible murders is a terrorist or past enemy of the Sailor Soldiers. We were told that Sailor Mars currently left the country and Sailor Pluto has not been seen since a few press meetings after the explosion. We ask that everyone please be in prayer for the remaining soldier and to let you know, the world is all feeling your pain. For now, we wish our own heroes in the United States to be on alert."

The message made Rei's eyes water and the driver noticed this, "Something wrong, Miss Hino?"

Trying to cover up her emotions she stated, "I just left Tokyo recently, days before that Mars girl left and many people are leaving Tokyo in fear. It really hit us when that happened."

"I'm sorry Miss Hino. No wonder your father brought you over to Gotham City, even though this place isn't much better," her driver responded.

"America has a high crime rate, doesn't it?" She asked.

"Well, with Batman around, crime has gone down in fear of the guy."

"Batman? Who is that?"

The driver chuckled at her question and stated, "You'll figure out soon enough."

Bruce Wayne rode in his limo, listening to Gotham's News. If he wasn't Batman, he'd normally blow over it, but he heard about the Sailor Soldiers, it had impacted the word. Mainly, his business anyways. Most of the Japanese customers for Wayne Enterprises weren't buying much, in fear of explosions and such. The country had been on a high alert no one had seen for several decades.

He never knew much about the Sailor Soldiers, since they weren't really spoken about much, except about how they saved the world countless time and they were a big impact in Asia and Europe.

He recalled about that Japanese girl he ran into at the airport earlier and thought maybe the girl was sent here because of the dangers that had happened in Tokyo. Or was she really that smart that she was getting a chance to attend an American high school? It could be girl was like other Japanese nationals; leaving their home country until they felt safe again.

Either way, the millionaire did feel a bit of sympathy for the Japanese. Bruce Wayne knew dangers of criminals all too well.

The city was peaceful normally, except for those strange times in the past two years, but the Sailor Soldiers kept the peace. No one had much sympathy for Batman, yet these Sailor Soldiers must have been something for that country.

Chapter revised on October 7, 2011. Hope you enjoyed it cleaned up and a few more sentences/words added to help the flow of the chapter.