"I cant t'ank you enough for doing dis Charles, means a lot." Thanked Jean-Luc as he shook the Professor's hand. Xavier only smiled back, "It's my pleasure Jean-Luc."

Jean-Luc's smile started to fade as he looked down through the window and saw his son patiently waiting outside.

Remy Lebeau was only thirteen when he got his powers. From then on it was long sleeve shirts and gloves. The boy couldn't touch anyone, a hug, a handshake, or a kiss on the cheek was out of the question. For years Jean-Luc had sent Remy to specialists who had promised that they knew how to get rid or least control Remy's powers. But it all proved to be futile.

It wasn't until Tante Marie heard rumors about a school in New York that was filled with 'weird kids with strange powers'.

He just hoped it would work. For his son's sake.

"What are y'all lookin' at?" Rogue asked as she stepped into the kitchen, all the girls were huddled in front of the window giggling and whispering.

"There's a new boy!" Kitty squealed excitably, "O-M-G, he's like such a hottie." She took another peek between Jubilee and Amara. Rogue rolled her eyes; it was always like this when a new boy was visiting.

"Come on Roguey, check him out!" Tabitha coxed the young southerner. Rogue shrugged.

Remy was tall, maybe 6 foot 2, probably in his early twenties, with dark red-brown hair and a goatee, built lanky and wiry. Just the way she liked them.

Rogue licked her lips and smiled her green eyes wide, "Not bad."

"'Not bad'?" Jean asked, clearly bewildered, "Come on, the hair, that body, that smile. It takes a girl's breath away."
"Really? Well, next time Rogue can you remind me to drop a truck on this guy?" Rogue hid her smile as Scott when up and greeted his girlfriend Jean.

"Scott. I was just kidding."

"Hmm, a big truck."

"A really big truck."

"SCOTT!" the girls scolded him for thinking such things against the new hot boy.

"So what's this guy's power?" Rogue asked charging her cup of coffee so that it would warm.

"We don't know yet." Rahne explained, "Something really cool, maybe?"

Rogue and Scott looked at each other. "Yeah…that's probably why the guy is wearing gloves and black long sleeve shirt and pants in ninety-two degree weather."

Rogue nodded in agreement, these girls were just blinded by looks. "Either that or he's a junkie." The only one who laughed was Scott; the girls just looked at her in anger.

"That is like so mean Rogue."

Scott just rolled his eyes and pulled Jean away from the crowd, "Jean we gotta go, or we're gonna be late."

"Fine." She turned back to Kitty, "Keep me posted, girls." Jean waved good-bye halfheartedly, already missing her spot by the window.

"So…what's this guy's name?" Rogue asked, sitting on the counter.

"We don't know yet."

"Where's he from?"

"Don't know."

"Oookkaayyy…is he just visitin' or is he stayin' foah sure?"

"Don't know. But we've been watching him since he got here" Kitty told her.

Rogue rolled her eyes, "Y'all have just crossed the thin line between ogling and stalking."

She looked out the window again; the poor guy was sitting their alone.

"Lordy." She put her cup in the sink and went out to talk to the 'new kid'.

Remy could have sworn that the guy with the red shades was giving him the evil eye. Figures, he had been at the school for less than two hours and he was already getting dirty looks.

"Hey. Yah need anah companah?" a female voice asked him, the accent sounded familiar. He turned to face a girl with white on auburn hair and bright green eyes. Dressed in a dark purple tanks top, black shorts, and flip-flops.

So much skin, he flinched when she sat down near him.

"Yah got a name, sugah?" She stuck out her hand. Remy looked down at it, he had on gloves, so it was safe.

"Name's Remy." His voice made her shiver, his large hand enclosed over her smaller one. His glove was warm and smelled faintly of leather.

"N'Orleans, right?"


Rogue smiled sweetly, lightly touching his arms. She missed him flinch at her touch and scoot a bit away from her.

"Ah can show yah around if yah want, sugah. This place is big, don't want yah tah get lost now, would we?"

Remy could feel the blush creep up to his face. Boy would this girl be running if she knew what his powers were.

"So, are yah shades part of yoah powers?" Rogue leaned forward trying to see his eyes through the dark frames.

"Sorta, I-I gotta go." He stood up, the urge to leave getting stronger by the second.

"Wait a sec." Rogue stood up, she knew full well that the girls were watching and probably seething at her.

She wanted to see if she could push them over the edge farther.

Rogue stood real close to Remy, and got on her tip-toes. She could feel Remy shake a bit as her hand got closer to his sunglasses.

He grabbed her wrist, "What are y'doing?"
"Ah wanna see something." She pulled her hand away and took of his sunglasses.

Remy was ready for her, he was ready for her to scream in terror. Like everyone else had done when they saw his eyes.

Rogue gently took off his glasses, and let out a soft gasp. His eyes were stunning, blood red burning against black.

"Wow. They're amazing." Rogue breathed out as she put his glasses in his pockets, she gently laid her hands on his chest.

"Really?" Remy asked, he looked at her as her right hand moved to rest against his heart, which was beating wildly at this moment.

"Really, it's really is a shame tah hide them sugah." She stood on her tip-toes again and leaned in close.

Remy could see her coming in; he didn't know what to do next. He wanted to pull away but before he could she pulled the lapel of his coat so that he would lean forward unexpectedly.

She sultry whispered in his ear. "Ah'll be seeing yah around, swamprat." Remy nearly bit his lip through when he felt her blow gently into his ear. After that she walked off leaving him stunned and barely standing.

The young Cajun turned to see Xavier and Jean-Luc looking at him. Xavier bit back his laugh, Remy looked slightly flushed.

"I see that you've met our Rogue."

Jean-Luc smirked, "Rogue indeed." He clapped his son on the back. "Will y'be alright here?" Jean-Luc asked seriously.

Remy was still a bit woozy, "Yeah," he shook is head; he could still feel where Rogue's hands had been.

"I t'ink."


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