Rogue blinked against the sun's rays pouring into the room. She stretched languidly and looked around the room for a clock.

six forty-five in the morning.

She cussed silently to herself for not waking up sooner. She looked back down at her "bed buddy" and smirked.

So the rumors about the mutant Longshot were true, she grinned smugly as she watched him sleep with a smile on his face. He had not mentioned his ex-girlfriend once (The number one pop-tart singer in the world: Dazzler!) when Rogue started to flirt with him in the bar the night before or during their tryst.

She knew him very well from his hit television show and his on and off relationship with the overrated pop princess. It didn't matter that his relationship with Dazzler was currently "on". She was no-where in sight, and beside the guy was smoking hot with his long blond hair and ocean blue eyes. Rogue knew he was hers when she was able to coax him into driving them to his apartment.

Rogue was quite pleased with her latest conquest. Her handiwork was all over him now. She got dressed, not even bothering to take a shower incase he woke up and wanted to make breakfast or something (sweet, but so cliché). She applied a fresh coat of dark red lipstick on her lips and kissed Longshot softly on his cheek.

Quickly and quietly she left his apartment and called a cab to pick her up.

Rogue idly sat in the back of the cab, she wasn't ashamed about her doings. Hell, Cody had cheated on her till the wedding. So why couldn't she have some fun now that she was single?


"Rogue?" Jean called out when she heard the door open.

Rogue sighed, 'Great, a lecture from Miss Perfect.' She walked into the kitchen to find Jean by herself drinking her morning coffee.

"Mornin'." Rogue greeted happily, she got herself a cup of coffee and sat across from the redhead.

Rogue could feel Jean trying to read her. Luckily, she knew the telepath wouldn't be able to see or hear anything going on in her mind. No telepath could.

"So how was your night?" Jean asked coolly.

Rogue twitched, Jean not being able to read her mind was one thing. Being able to see that she was glowing was another.

"Just peachy."

"Rogue, you didn't-" Jean started to talk but then her jaw went slack. Rogue chuckled when Jean's green eyes went wide and her cheeks turned red.

"Uh, Jeanie? "

Jean didn't say a word, she pointed to a figure behind Rogue.

It was Rogue's turn to become speechless. Remy Lebeau, "The Untouchable", had just walked into the kitchen with only pajama pants on.

He wasn't bulk like Scott or Logan, but he wasn't scrawny like Bobby or Sam. He was taunt and wiry, with the perfect set of washboard abs. Rogue marveled at the small trace of dark brown hair trailing down into the pants.

She swirled a tiny silver spoon in her coffee cup with her eyes glued to the Cajun. She couldn't help but curse the fact that his pants couldn't go a few more inches lower. "Yum." Rogue licked the coffee of the spoon while Remy grabbed a juice carton from the fridge.

Jean shook herself out of the spell, "Morning Remy." She greeted sweetly, trying her best to advert her eyes from him. "Um, was it too hot last night?"

Remy downed the juice in seconds and wiped the sweat of his forehead with his arms. Giving the two girls a good look at his biceps.

"You can say dat."

Jean bit back her smile when she got a peek of what he was actually thinking. Poor guy didn't sleep a bit with Rogue's memories still swarming in his mind.

"I did."

She had to admit, for a guy who couldn't touch anyone and stay covered up, Remy was really able to put up a good front.

His dark eyes glanced over to Rogue and quickly went back to Jean. "I'll see you two later."

As soon as he the kitchen Rogue started to fan her self. "Gawd! Looking like that should be made illegal. Did yah see his butt?"

Jean frowned, "Rogue."

The auburn haired Southerner winked, "C'mon Jeanie, yoah were looking too. Makes yah wonder what's in those pants."

"You do realize he's trying to get back at for what you did last night, right?"

Rogue smirked, she had figured that out too. "Jokes on him, hun. That was a great show."

Jean was about to retort, when she noticed something different about her friend.

"Rogue, did you forget something?"

Rogue scrunched her face in confusion. "What?"
Jean pointed to her chest.

Rogue patted down the front of her shirt, "Damn it." She ran up quickly with cell phone in hand to warn Longshot about her rookie mistake..


Remy cursed as he slammed the door to his room. He was soaking wet in freezing water.


He knew his day wasn't going to start off any better when he saw that Scott was already up.

"Morning." Scott greeted in a tight smile. "Do you know why I fell out of the bed? Oh I know why- Slipknot started to play from your radio alarm!" he looked back at the radio in question. "At six thirty in the morning!" he exclaimed between gritted teeth.

"Desole." Remy collapsed back into his bed, ignoring the fact that he was soaked to the bone. He couldn't handle anymore sex dreams with Rogue (this time he dreamt of Rogue and him having sex on a pool table).It was driving him crazy, not to mention making him the butt in Scott's jokes.

"She got you again, didn't she?" Scott asked when he finally noticed Remy's state of despair.

"Didn't help dat she was feeling me up in the danger room yesterday." Remy muttered into his pillow, he didn't want Scott to him turn red in the face again.

"Rogue can get a little…flirtatious at times."

Remy finally picked his head up and turned to Scott with a look disbelief written all over his face. "'Flirtatious'? De girl has a f-ing death wish! What de hell was she t'inking?"

Scott couldn't help but laugh at his friend's situation. Any guy would have killed to take Remy's place, including some of the younger students at the mansion.

Remy flipped Scott the bird when he heard him laugh, "Yeah, dis is f-ing hilarious. How would you like it if Jean held y-"

He stopped when he saw the goofy grin pasted on Scott's face.

Remy shook his head in disgust, "Never mind."

Of course Scott would find the idea of Jean pinning him to the Danger Room wall and running her hands down his chest hot.

The fact Rogue did it to him during a DR session was borderline scary.

Scott finally stopped laughing and got up to smack Remy on the side of his head. "She's just teasing you. Once she realizes that there is no prize for her to win she'll give up."

"And how long will dat take?"

Scott shrugged; it wasn't like Rogue went on a schedule or anything. She usually got rid of a guy once she slept with him.

Obviously that wouldn't be happening with Remy and Rogue.

"Just give her a show, you know, something to hold her off for the time being."

Remy scrunched his face in confusion.

"You're tellin' me dat I should just let her see me naked and she's gonna get off my back?"

"Not naked," Scott ran his hands through his hair, trying to figure out the best way to advice Remy. "Just walk around the pool in shorts or something…when there's no one around." He added quickly when he saw that the Cajun was considering it.

Remy quickly grabbed his towel and went to the bathroom to fix him self up. He already had a plan thought up.

From the memories he saw of Rogue, she was scared of ever being in relationship after her divorce from Cody (why that was, he didn't know). She seemed to only like guys for the chase of it.

'Let's see how long Miss Casanova can take her own medicine.'

After Rogue ran up to her room, Jean had a few moments to herself in the kitchen to think about what she could do for her friend.

She knew Rogue could be quite the man eater, but this was taking it to a whole other level. When she had called the bar last night to check why Rogue hadn't come home yet, one of the bartenders had told her that she left with Longshot.

It didn't make any sense to her. Why would Rogue sleep with a guy who was in a relationship after what happened to her?

"Morning, sweetie." Jean smiled at her boyfriend when he stumbled into the kitchen dazed. :Are you okay?"

Scott slowly pulled out the chair next to her and sat down. Wordlessly he dropped his head down with a loud thud.

"Umm, Scott?"

He let out a loud groan before finally speaking. "I can't take it anymore."

"Take what?"

"The music. The constant wailing music!"

Jean looked at her boyfriend curiously and passed her cup of hot coffee to him. "I think you need this more than I do."

Scott shot his head back up and backed away from the cup as if it were filled with poison. "NO! No caffeine, that's the last thing I need."

Jean was growing more fed up; she already was dealing with Rogue. She didn't want a nutty boyfriend to add to her list.

"What is the matter with you?"

"It's Remy! Every freaking night and morning I have to listen to his music."

"So?" Everyone in the mansion had different taste in music and each liked to play loudly when they could.

"You don't get it. The guy plays Metallica at like midnight."

"Logan listens to Metallica, that never bothered-"

"He plays Enter Sandman to get to sleep." He told her in a toneless voice.

The expression on Jean's face matched his when he first saw Remy playing the song on his i-pod.

He watched for a few seconds while Jean tapped her nails along the table's edge. He could tell she was trying search her mind to what to say next.

"Isn't that song about-?"

He cut her off with a curt "Yes."

Jean blew out a puff of air; she had heard about Remy waking up Scott with his music.

"Okay…" she offered him a sympathetic smile. "Why don't I treat you to a massage?"

"As long as you get rid off my nightmares, I'm good."

Jean stood behind Scott and started to massage his broad shoulders. He had so many kinks and knots.

"What nightmares?"

Scott could feel the heat creep into his face, "I-I keep dreaming that James Hetfield (1) is trying to blow me up in my underwear."

Jean stood still for a moment, thankful that Scott couldn't see her biting her lip to keep from laughing. "Okay…I'll fix that for you. Right after I finish with Rogue"
"I already took care of that." Scott yawned; the massage was starting to get comfortable. It felt like forever since the last time he had had a good night's rest.

"I told Remy what to do."

Scott was a great leader, a great boyfriend, and a good friend. He by all means though was NOT a good advice giver.

"Sweetie, what exactly did you tell him?" Jean asked worriedly. The last thing she need was Remy trying to get into Rogue's mind.

Or pants.


For the first time Rogue could remember, she was actually happy to go to work. The crowded, smoky and loud bar proved to an excellent source of distraction from her divorce, Jean, Logan, Xavier and the rest of the X-Men.

Though the one thing plaguing her mind that she wished she could have left at home was thoughts of Remy. The sweet untouchable Cajun was becoming a valued prize for her. She knew it was wrong, but she had so many ideas in how to get around his powers for her and him to have a bit of fun.

"Finally Miss Thang decides to grace us with her beauty." Monet, a waitress and a good friend of Rogue, greeted surly.

Monet was a beautiful French/Algerian woman with long dark hair and dark brown eyes. At first glance she looked sweet and stunning in her waitress uniform. No one would ever suspect that Monet had super human strength and psychic abilities.

Or that she liked to drink and had a mouth like a trucker.

"What's with yah? Its a little tah early tah be acting bitchy."

Monet gave Rogue a sour look and pointed to one of the booths on the far side of the bar.


Sitting close together was Everett Thomas, Monet's former flame. He had his arm wrapped around a cute curvy blond and was nipping her neck affectionately.

Rogue could feel her eyebrows go up, she was surprised. She knew Monet had a temper, so for her friend to stay behind the counter while her ex was with another girl was odd.

"Yah started drinking yet?" Rogue asked, eyeing the small shot glass near Monet.

The raven haired woman pulled out an almost empty bottle of tequila and shook it a bit. "What do you think?" Monet snorted and hid the bottle again before their boss could spot it.

"Okay…" Rogue quickly grabbed the trays on the far side of the bar and put them in the sink. When she turned around to get the remaining trays Monet was standing right in front of her.

"So, you screwed Longshot last night?"

Rogue looked over to see if anyone could hear them. When she was confident no when was listening in, she smiled. "Emma and Betsy around?"

"They're making their rounds." She said excitedly when she noticed the gleam in Rogue's eyes.

Rogue pulled her quickly to the back kitchen, she held off for a few minutes to build up suspense. "Did the deed."

Monet squealed and slapped Rogue on the butt with one of the dish towels laying around on the kitchen counter. "I so knew it! He was checking you out the entire time last night."

"Of course. What man can resist mah charms."

It wasn't a question. It was a statement, because as far as Rogue knew, there were no men who could resist her.

"Just one little thang though." Rogue mumbled, biting her thumb nail. "Ah left mah bra at his apartment."
Monet's face seemed to pale with every word. She slapped Rogue again harder on the arm with her hand this time.

"OW!" Rogue rubbed the sore spot on her forearm. "Watch the super strength, sugah!"

Monet ignored her. "I cannot believe you! How can you make such a rookie mistake?!"

Rogue sighed, she knew it was stupid. Before she left the mansion she quickly left a message for Longshot on his cell phone again (like hell she would use his home number!) warning him about her lost lacy bra.

"You do know that Dazzler moved in, right?"

Rogue smirked, "Hopefully mullet boy is smart enough to say he got the bra for her." She winked for Monet's benefit. "Something tah remember me by."

"No kidding." She giggled. It was kind of funny picturing Dazzler finding the bra in Longshot's bedroom.

"So," Monet smiled devilishly as she leaned against the wall, "was he good?"

Rogue laughed out loud; usually she told Monet all the details of her latest tryst. But she didn't feel up to it now.

"Come on. Tell me," Monet begged, tugging a bit on Rogue's arm. "I got a bet going on with Emma and I don't want to lose."

"Sorrah sug-." She stopped and picked out the door when she felt a familiar stir in her empathy.

Remy and Scott had just stepped into the club, both looked good. Remy looked especially delicious in a long sleeved black t-shirt and jeans. The outfit seemed to cling to his rock hard body.

"Look who came tah play." Rogue whispered seductively. She looked back at Monet. "Ah got mah eyes on a new prize."

Monet didn't look surprise.


"He's out there if yah wanna see." She pointed behind her to the door. "He's sitting with Scott."

Monet quickly peeked out the door. She had to admit the guy was gorgeous and way hotter than Scott (no surprise, Emma and Betsy were already at the table).

"Hmm, really?"

Rogue frowned; she wasn't expecting that type of reaction. "What? What's wrong with him?" To her and Monet's surprise she sounded a bit defensive.

Rogue was never defensive about the guys she was pursuing.

"It's just that he's…"

"He's what?"

"A brunette." She took another peek. "Or an auburn. What ever you want to call it."

Rogue arched her eyebrow suspiciously at her friend. "Care to clarify that foah me, hun?"

Monet swayed back and forth on her heels; she wasn't so sure how to explain it with out offending Rogue.

"It's just that you always go after blond guys. And only blond guys."

Rogue gasped and put a hand to her heart. "That is not true!"

Now it was Monet's turn to eye Rogue suspiciously. "Really?" she asked sarcastically. "Okay. Well if memory serves me correctly. After Cody it was Jared, blond. Then ''Johnny, blond. Then a full month of Ash, also blond. Then your little fling with Pietro, who by the way made Jay Manuel's (2) hair look natural."

Rogue snorted, that much was true.

"Then there was that tryst you had with Magneto." She gave Rogue a dark look. "Ew. Hot, but still ew"

Rogue could feel her face burn with embarrassment. That relationship went over real smoothly over at the mansion. Not

"Then we had Augustus, who by the way was a darling." She added when she noticed Rogue cringe at the name.

"Then there was Joseph, Danny, Travis, and now Longshot." She held up both of her hands and displayed each finger. "All blonds. You never showed an interest in any other type of guy. Why now?"

Rogue sucked in her cheeks, she didn't know why now. All she knew was that she wanted Remy now.

"Who knows." She answered finally as she looked on at Remy playing phooze ball with Scott and a few other guys. "Question is though, sugah, is when am Ah going tah get him?"


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1) The lead singer of Metallica. The dreams were based on Metallica Guitar hero commercial. (I miss Jott).

2) From America's Next Top Model.

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