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Previously on Supernatural- Glancing at the youngest Winchester's leg he noticed a red rash covering the area around the injection site. "Shit!" he thought. "What now?"


"Dean, turn off the water for me." Bobby ordered as he scooped up Sammy and headed out of the bathroom.

"Yes sir" Dean replied. He quickly turned off the water and dashed out the door and down the hall where he caught up with his uncle. He followed Bobby through the living room and into the kitchen. Seeing his uncle pick up the phone he asked, "Are you calling daddy?"

"No Dean. I'm calling Nurse Vonnie. I wanna ask her about Sammy." Bobby explained. He plopped down in a nearby chair and sat Sammy on the table in front of him as he dialed the hospital. He waited for the operator to answer and then requested to be transferred to the fourth floor nurse's station.

"Fourth floor nurse's station." A soothing voice answered. "Nurse Vonnie speaking. How may I help you?"

"Vonnie, its Bobby. I need your help." Bobby told her.

"Bobby? What's wrong? Is one of the boys hurt?" Vonnie questioned.

"Yes, I mean no" Bobby stammered. "It's Sammy. I took him to get his immunization this morning and now he has a red rash on his leg around the spot where the nurse gave him the shot."

Vonnie grabbed a pen and paper and asked, "Which vaccine was it, Bobby?"

"It was umm…M…MRI? No, that's not right. Umm M…M… it was M something. I think." Bobby stated cursing himself for not paying more attention to the nurse at the Health Center.

"Calm down Bobby." Vonnie softly said. "I think you mean MMR."

"Yeah, that's it!" Bobby exclaimed. "So is Sammy having a reaction to the shot? What do I do? Should I bring him to the…?"

"Whoa, Bobby! One question at a time." The nurse admonished. She gave her friend a few moments to calm down before continuing. "Now, are there any other symptoms?"

Bobby scratched his head. "No, I don't think; wait a minute. He didn't eat much supper tonight. I thought he just ate too much ice cream."

"Okay" Vonnie said writing the new information down. "Does he have a fever?"

Bobby placed the back of his hand on Sammy's forehead. "He doesn't feel hot."

Rolling her eyes at Bobby's answer Vonnie sighed. "That doesn't help, Bobby. Find the baby thermometer. It's probably in Sammy's diaper bag."

"Okay, hang on a minute." Bobby instructed. Turning to Dean he asked, Dean, do you know where your daddy keeps the baby thermometer?"

"Yes sir" Dean replied. "Why?"

"I need you to go get it for me. I need to check your brother's temperature." Bobby explained.

Dean shrugged as he headed out of the kitchen. "Okay, but Sammy's not gonna like that." He called over his shoulder. A couple of minutes later he returned and handed Bobby a small box and a jar of Vaseline. "Here."

Bobby glanced at the Vaseline before setting it on the table. Opening the box he pulled out a case containing the glass thermometer. "Okay, Vonnie, I got it. Now what do I do?...uh huh..uh huh…PUT IT WHERE?...There's not another way to…okay, okay, give me a minute." Bobby set the phone down rubbed a hand over his face. He picked Sammy up and took off his overalls and diaper before laying the baby on his lap. Taking a deep breath he coated the thermometer in Vaseline and then inserted it eliciting a cry from the youngest Winchester. "Sorry kiddo. I don't like this anymore than you do."

"Sammy! Sammy, look!" Dean called out as he placed his thumbs in his ears and stuck his tongue out. Hearing his little brother cry turn into a giggle Dean quickly repeated the silly face grinning as Sammy responded with more giggles.

Bobby watched as Dean continued to entertain his little brother. "Thanks Dean" he gratefully said.

"No problem Uncle Bobby." Dean replied. "I always do it for da…Ewww, Sammy!"

Bobby grimaced at the warm, wet feeling that was rolling down his pants leg. "Johnny owes me big time for this one." He grumbled. After glancing at the clock once more, he removed the thermometer and set Sammy down on the floor beside Dean. "Dean, take Sammy in the other room and tell Uncle Jim to put a clean diaper on him for me."

"Yes sir" Dean said taking his little brother by the hand. "C'mon Sammy. Let's go see Uncle Jim."

Bobby waited until the boys left the room to pick the phone back up. "Vonnie, you still there?" he asked.

"I'm here, Bobby" Vonnie assured him. "What's Sammy's temp?"

Bobby held the thermometer up to the light and squinted to see the tiny numbers. "It says 100.2" he told her.

"Good" Vonnie replied with a smile. "Sammy's having a very mild reaction to the vaccine. He'll be fine. Give him infant drops for the fever and keep a close eye on him. If his fever gets over 101.5, bring him in. Otherwise, the drops should take care of the fever and the rash will clear up on its own in a few days."

"You sure, Vonnie?" Bobby asked.

"Positive" Vonnie stated. "But call me if anything changes."

"Thanks Vonnie" Bobby said. "I think I can handle it from here. Night."

"Night Bobby. Give the boys a hug for me." Vonnie instructed before hanging up the phone. Glancing at the clock she decided to give Bobby a couple of hours and then call him. She needed to make sure the little baby was alright.

Bobby dug through the diaper bag searching every pocket until he found a brand new bottle of the infant drops Vonnie had told him about. Sitting down in the rocking chair he fought to remove the plastic wrapping from the box and then the bottle. Once the wrapping was finally removed and disposed of he carefully read through the directions and put the correct amount of medicine in the dropper before asking Jim to bring Sammy over to him. He sat Sammy down in his lap, gently placed the dropper in the baby's mouth and squeezed the end to push the needed medicine into Sammy's mouth. "Good boy" he praised ruffling the baby's hair.

Dean watched as his uncle gave Sammy some medicine. Walking over he climbed onto Bobby's other knee and rubbed his little brother's arm. "Uncle Bobby, is Sammy gonna be okay?" he asked.

"Sammy's gonna be just fine, champ." Bobby assured him. "That medicine will fix him right up. You'll see."

"Are you sure?" Dean asked peering up at his uncle.

"I'm sure kiddo." Bobby said with a smile. "Now why don't you go and get your bath? That way you can watch Sammy for me while I take a shower."

"Okay" Dean replied sliding off Bobby's lap. "I'll be right back, Sammy."

Bobby watched Dean disappear down the hall and then gazed down at Sammy. "Night, night time Sammy" Bobby whispered as he leaned back and slowly started rocking.

The next morning

The smell of bacon and eggs cooking woke Dean. Sitting up he was surprised to find himself on the couch. He didn't even remember falling asleep. Kicking off the blanket that someone had placed over him he stood and looked over to the other side of the room smiling at the sight of Uncle Bobby and Sammy fast asleep in the recliner. Hearing soft footsteps he turned to see his Uncle Jim coming out of the kitchen.

Jim put a finger to his lips before motioning for Dean to follow him into the kitchen. He handed the little boy a couple of plates and returned to the stove and their breakfast. "Morning Dean" he whispered.

"Morning Uncle Jim" Dean replied. He set the plates on the table and walked over to get some silverware. "Is Sammy okay?"

"He's still has a little fever, Dean but he'll be just fine." Jim told him as he scooped the bacon onto a plate and carried it over to the table. "I figured we'd let Sammy and Bobby sleep in this morning. They had a long night."

"Okay" Dean said. He grinned as his uncle piled bacon, eggs, and grits onto his plate. "Can we go see daddy?" he asked around a mouthful of food.

"In a little while Dean." Jim replied sitting down only to jump up as the phone began to ring. He quickly grabbed the receiver before it could wake up the others. "Singer residence…Good morning John, Dean and I were just talking about you…Yes, we're coming in a little while…We need to eat breakfast first John…I know but…John, you need to…Fine. We'll be there in about an hour…I'll tell them…Alright. Bye John." Jim quietly hung up the phone and returned to the table. "Your father is one stubborn son of a gun." He told Dean. "The man just won't take no for an answer."

Dean grinned as he shoveled his bacon and eggs into his mouth. "He just misses me and Sammy." He defended.

"I know but he shouldn't…" He was cut off by someone knocking at the door. "What now?" he asked walking through the living room and opening the door. "Good morning Vonnie. What brings you out this way?"

"Good morning Jim. I thought I drop by on my way home and make sure Sammy was doing alright." Vonnie explained. She followed Jim into the living room and smiled as a pair of big brown eyes stared at her.

"Von-nie! Von-nie!" Sammy called holding his arms out to her.

Vonnie walked over, gently picked the baby up, and gave him a hug and kiss. "Sounds like somebody's feeling better this morning." She said as she walked into the kitchen with Sammy secure in her arms. "Are you hungry, sweetie?"

"O's!" Sammy shouted clapping his hands.

Vonnie took a seat beside Dean who passed her a bowl and the box of cereal. "Thank you Dean." She said pouring a few into the bowl and setting it in front of Sammy.

"You're welcome, Nurse Vonnie. Would you like some breakfast?" he asked. "Uncle Jim's a good cook."

"No thank you sweetheart." Vonnie replied. "I've already eaten."

Dean quickly finished off his breakfast and took his dishes to the sink. "I'm finished Uncle Jim. Can we go see daddy now?" he asked.

"Not right now Dean. We have company." Jim stated. "Besides we'll have to wait for Uncle Bobby to wake up. We can't leave Sammy here with him while he's sleeping."

"I could stay with Sammy until Bobby wakes up." Vonnie volunteered.

"Are you sure, Vonnie?" Jim questioned. "I know you have to be tired from working all night."

"Sammy and I will be just fine." Vonnie assured him. "Anyway I have a feeling you two won't be gone too long. Mr. Winchester was already yelling about his discharge papers before I left."

"That sounds like John." Jim said shaking his head.

"So can we go get daddy now Uncle Jim?" Dean asked again.

"Yes, we can go now." Jim replied laughing as Dean danced around the table at the news. "Vonnie, the thermometer and infant drops are on the table beside Bobby. Sammy's last dose was about four hours ago."

"Don't worry. I'll take good care of Sammy." Vonnie said. "Just go get Mr. Winchester before he huffs and puffs and blows the hospital down."

"We're on our way!" Jim chuckled. He took Dean's hand and the two walked through the living room and out the front door.

At the hospital

"Dang it John! Will you just stop and rest for a few minutes?" Josh growled. "Bobby and Jim will be here soon."

"I can't help it! I've got a feeling that something's wrong with one of my boys." John told his friend. "And it's driving me crazy."

"Your boys are fine, John. You told me yourself that you'd already talked to Jim this morning." Josh pointed out. "And he didn't say anything was wrong so…Speak of the devil. Oops! Sorry Jim."

"No harm done." Jim replied.

"Daddy!" Dean hollered racing over to where his dad sat on the bed. "Are you coming home now?"

"I sure am, sport." John said glancing at the door behind Jim. "Uhh, Jim? Where's Bobby and Sammy?"

"Sammy got sick last night daddy. He had to stay home with Uncle Bobby and Nurse Vonnie." Dean informed his father.

Seeing John's angry expression Jim quickly piped up. "It's okay John. Sammy just had a little reaction to an immunization he had yesterday. He's fine."

"Was it the MMR vaccine, Jim?" John asked.

Jim's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "How did you know, John?"

"Lucky guess." John said. "That was the only shot Dean ever had a reaction to. Figures Sammy would react the same. Now let's get outta here. I'm sick of this place."

Jim buzzed for the nurse and grabbed John's bag. A few minutes later a nurse arrived with a wheel chair in tow. After a long and heated debate John glumly sat down in the chair with Dean on one knee and allowed Josh to push him out of the room and out the hospital doors.

At Bobby's

Bobby was just walking into the living room when the front door opened and John and Dean burst in followed by Josh and Jim. "Keep it down guys!" he hissed. "Sammy's sleeping!"

"How's he doing?" John asked as he headed for the back.

"He's better. His fever's down to 99.4." Bobby told him.

John slowly opened the door and walked over to the bed. He smiled down at his sleeping baby boy and then turned to Bobby. "Thanks for taking care of my boys for me Bobby. Don't know how I'll ever repay you."

"You can start by laying down before you fall down, you idjit." Bobby said with a grin.

"I think I can handle that." John replied as he carefully lowered himself onto the bed beside Sammy. He smiled as the baby turned and curled into his side. Wrapping an arm around his sleeping son John closed his eyes and let sleep claim him.

Bobby took Dean by the hand and led him out of the room. They walked back into the living room where Jim and Josh were waiting. "Dean, why don't you watch cartoons for a while?" he suggested.

"Okay, Uncle Bobby" Dean replied parking himself in front of the television.

"You did a great job with the boys, Bobby." Jim praised. "You'll make a wonderful father some day."

"If only" Bobby thought as he walked into the kitchen with the other men. Glancing back at Dean he smiled. For now he was content to be Dean and Sammy's Uncle Bobby.

The End