The Demon's Labyrinth Za Akki Rabrinsu

The Demon's Labyrinth

The movie Labyrinth (partly) intertwines with past of The Beginnings of Understanding. A story that takes place in the past, on the history of the Nougami royal family before Yako's and Neuro's birth. Mainly Neuro's father- the most (feared) rebellious demon prince in all of Hell. Has come to the mortal realm seek the ultimate satisfaction. Takes place before The Beginnings of Understanding:Its story-line is still in the works.

Many OCs x Niiroko; Many OCs x Akura; Akura x Niiroko


In the past before Yako's and Neuro's birth, there was certain demon feared by all who know of his existence. He and his labyrinth kingdom were called by many names. He is known in Europe, as 'The Goblin King, Jareth'. In all of Asia & Japan he was called either the Demon Lord 'Rabrinsu Rikai' or 'Makai Rikai'. (Many pathetic humans have mistaken him as one of hells devil lords.) His real name: Nougami Rikai Niiroko , the most feared rebellious demon prince in all of Hell and the current heir of Hells' Evil Labyrinth.

Later, in his favorite playgrounds in the aboveground, he comes across two different maidens in different time periods. Each one has their own unique sent of strong puzzles & mysteries…. One of which he finds the most interesting and most challenging puzzle is Niirokaki Akura...the female who yields the ultimate satisfaction. The first female's mystery Enatta Yokoto, has yet to ripen;given time, her puzzle shall become ripe -in her next life.

Za Akki Rabrinsu

From Unknown D Flamerose:

On my other fanfiction, The Beginnings of Understanding has been a bit complicated. I need to finish the past to be able to piece together the current future. (during Neuro's and Yako's time) Also; this is my first fanfiction summery published on the site so far; and my short-shot The Brain-Eaters Labyrinth shall be updated soon.

UPDATE: I'm probably going to post more during this summer.

Part I

Dream, Yet Could Not

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The Rating M, this due to all the soon to be said horrible, sadistic and just plain bad jokes; may contain adult material.