The Demon's Labyrinth Za Akki Rabrinsu

The Demon's Labyrinth

Dream, Yet Could Not

..:.. .:. ..:..

Rustling of frantic foot steps in horror was heard echoing through the Northern Low Chambers of the Hidden Passageways of his kingdom. A young maiden; Her presence: was clearly human, and yet… (!?)

"The Hells Crystal is not allowing me to observe her?" Niiroko whispered only enough for demon ears to hear as he headed towards the main hallway chambers to search for the young girl.

Once he opened the gothic main hallway chambers door the dream took a sudden change of blurs.

Niiroko was now in his outer labyrinth gardens; Poised in the center of a cubed labyrinth of blood trees as if she was startled and fallen back in horror, a maiden who was nothing but a blur.

He could only see few things about her clearly. She was wearing a beautiful white silk peasant dress with a bright blue vest with red buttons. She was smiling up at me from what I could tell.

(She was upside down due to his habit of walking on the ceilings.)

Through the blur of her face it seemed that she had short dark hair of some sorts.

Muffled words were spoken as if in delight.

"Floored the irony."

His outer labyrinth was no longer present and with it, a splendid mystery yet to be unraveled.

..:.. .:. ..:..

Unknown D Flamerose

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