Chapter 1: The Talk with Matt

It has been a lot years since the incident with Nerissa and the gang has gone there separate ways, as far as collage goes anyway. The girls still have there boyfriends except for poor Irma who hasn't had such luck. Either way though, they are still happy and going on with there lives. Everyone has of course moved out of their homes and they now live in dorms though they don't all go to the same school, they all live in the same city.

There is now snow on the ground and Will is out of school as are the other girls and their boyfriends. This is there most happy time of year since everyone gets to go home and see there family again. This is the last day that the mail comes before Christmas and Will is in a hurry to get the mail. She ran to the mailbox and pulled out her mail. Her roommate usually gets most the mail but she has twice as many friends and family as Will does so it doesn't really bother her. Will looked through the mail and found six things for her, one being from Matt, and the rest of the twenty things are for her roommate Christine. Will just shook her head and smiled as she ran back to her dorm. Will walked in and handed all the mail that isn't hers to her roommate and sat down on her bed. The first letter she decided to open is Matt's and then started to read.

Dear Will,

Hey Will, how are things going for you over there, because it's pretty cold here? Anyway, Taranee and the others are coming over to my apartment here. I am having a Christmas party and I thought that you would like to come by. Since we have all graduated earlier then most people, I thought it might work as a celebration too. I can't believe how lucky we've been. I hope to see you here Will. It will be on the 23rd at five, love you babe.


Matt Olson

Will smiled as she read this and figured now is a good time to call Matt. She still couldn't believe that she is actually getting ready to go home which makes this extra special though it will be hard to leave her roommate. Will looked over to see her roommate drinking some hot cocoa and reading her letters and from the looks of it, she is very bored. Will can't really blame the girl since every letter she gets is the same thing every time. Her parents went here, her friends went there. Same thing every time and it doesn't look like it will be changing any time soon. After looking at her now good friend for a while, she went over and dialed Matt's number. After a few seconds, Matt answered. "Hey Matt, I got the letter and I would love to come. It is a good way to see everyone again plus I get to see you." Will said happily.

"Yeah, well having you there makes it worth while, besides, who else can hold close to me?" Matt said flirting with her.

"Very cute Matt, you're right though, there isn't anyone else you can cuddle up with. So are the girls going to have there boyfriends there other then Irma who still doesn't have a boyfriend as far as I know." Will asked hoping to see the guys again.

"No unfortunately but they will be heading home at some point. There will be girls there you don't know which is another why I want you there because these girls are fans of mine and they scare me a lot. I play in a band at school during dances and things like that just so that no girl can actually go with me to those things. They just don't get it that I don't like them." Both of them just laughed. "I swear that these girls think that I like them. I could really use you there to keep these girls away from me. I love you Will, I just don't want you to get the wrong idea." Matt said lovingly.

"Don't worry; I have a way to keep girls away from you. A little shock here and there could work." Will heard Matt laughing on the other side of the line. "I love you Matt but I hope you want me there for more then just to keep these girls away." Will said making sure she isn't being used though she knows she's not so it is really just a way to tease him.

"What, I would never use you like that Will, I really do want to see you. It's just that you being there would be a bonus. I mean" Matt said trying to find the right words before he got cut off by Will.

"I know what you mean Matt, I was just teasing you." Then Will heard a sigh on the other side of the line. Will gave a small chuckle and continued. "Look Matt, I am going to go finish packing and get out some clothes for the next few days. Love you Matt, Bye." Matt said bye and then the two hung up the phone. Will grabbed her suitcase and started to pull some clothes out for the party when Christine came up to her and gave her a look. "What?" Will asked suspiciously.

"Oh nothing." Christine said casually. "So what is up with Matt?" She asked curiously.

"Oh, he is having a party and wants me to be there for a few reasons. One is because he wants to see me and the other is to keep fan girls away from him." The two girls laughed hysterically and fell to the floor. "Poor guy can't get away from them; in fact he was afraid that I might get the wrong idea."

"You know that will happen a lot if he does the whole rock star thing. He will have all types of fan girls, so I don't think that right now is such a big deal." Christine said trying to defend Matt a little even though she doesn't really need to.

"Yeah but hopefully we will be married by then." Will said as she started to go off into her own world. Then Christine hit her in the back of the head lightly. "Sorry girl, you know how I am."

"Yeah I know, and you do have a point. So you really think that he will ask you to marry him?" Christine asked out of curiosity.

"I hope so, I really love the guy. Ever since he became Shagon, we have become even closer." Then Will thought of something. "Why did you decide to come to earth from Meridian anyway? You never did tell me nor did I ever ask." Will said wondering why she never asked.

"I don't know; just to get away from my family I guess though that didn't work so well as you can tell. I just can't get away from them." The two girls laughed and then went off to do their things.

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