Author's notes: Just a little plot bunny of a drabble that hopped into my head in the wee hours of the morning. This is exacly 100 words without the title.

Disclaimer: Hellboy belongs to Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Press for the original comics; and to Guillermo del Toro, Sony/Revolution Studios, and Universal Pictures for the motion picture adaptations. Warning: Spoilers for Hellboy II: The Golden Army.


Hellboy found himself and Liz on an abandoned road.

As he wondered how they got there, a hideous demon grabbed Liz and slaughtered her before he could do anything.

"You goddamn monster," he shouted, "You killed the love of my life and now I'm going to kill you."

Suddenly, Hellboy woke up; realizing he was still in bed. It was just a bad dream.

"Thank God," he sighed.

Relaxing back, he turned and took his pregnant wife into his arms. Curling his large body protectively around her, he dared any monster, real, or imaginary, to take her away from him.

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