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READ THIS: The story starts a few days before his arrival to Konoha after two years of training with Jiraiya.

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The village you learn to love…or hate…



The loud chirping sound of a nearby bird reached my ears as I lay panting on the ground. My arms were spread out on either side of me as the rest of my body felt heavy. It was yet another day of hard training and in my sensei's case, another 'research' day. I just don't get why he does that when he should be here training me! I felt my eye twitch as images of Ero-sennin peeking at girls bathing, flashed through my mind… how disgraceful…

"Seriously he's such a pervert…" I said out loud not really caring if somebody found me talking to myself.

I sighed as I tried to get up from the ground to continue my training, which included with me working on harnessing my tenant's power. Though to my surprise I couldn't move. It was like my entire body had just shutdown on me, except for my mind. Usually, when this happens I would begin to draw on… the… Kyuubi's power…uh oh.

Burning pain erupted in a volcanic way as my entire body felt like it was being cooked. This was the similar feeling that I would go through whenever I had to use my god forsaken power of mines. I tried to resist but I knew that it was pointless to do so. I began to lose my vision and I could faintly see the visible red chakra that was more than likely surrounding me by now… and damn was I feeling hot!

Thinking that I was about to fall unconscious I waited, neither struggling nor caring what was going to happen. And surprise! My body suddenly jolted up right, and moved into a position to find an all too familiar scene happening before my eyes. The hands that clutched the ground no longer looked like my own as a faint, but distinctive shape of a large clawed hand shrouded over my entire arm, engulfing it in red Chakra. I can bet that my entire body was being covered by Kyuubi's demonic chakra… fun stuff…

Thankfully enough I trained in a secluded spot today, far from any civilization or town here in fire country, way out of any humans range to get hurt. Well, of course the animals would probably get killed, but hey who cares? They love to mate, so I'm sure they could reproduce the numbers they lost. So there wasn't really anything to worry about …well, except for my clothes. That was going to be a problem.

If I was still in control of my body I would have groaned. This was going to be another set of clothes gone and then I had to spend more money on new ones. God I hate this sometimes. I continued to look through my own eyes as my tenant moved them around, no doubt looking for something to kill… or eat, as I find myself eyeing a white rabbit that had suddenly jumped out of a bush. Don't you dare chase that you orange fur ball.

Sadly, my command fell on deaf ears as my inner demon pounced on it… using my body like a puppet. I'm very grateful for not being in front of anyone right about now, because if anyone saw me running around on all four limbs chasing a rabbit with a monster looking form, then I will most likely be looked at with both fear and confusion… and perhaps looked down at, as a cute animal. I would rather look like a beast than be treated like a pet if any little girl was to look at me that way.

I followed the white bunny that ran away from me. It's little limbs working frantically to the point that it actually looked liked it was going as fast as a thrown kunai. Now I may be over exaggerating, but that was what it looked like. I continued to run after it… er… my tenant continued to chase after it, I should say. Dodging boulders, ripping through tree's, and shredding a number of them with my red chakra claws, I was beginning to enjoy this little chase of mines. As I continued to run I noticed something that my tenant hadn't noticed yet… we were running around a large circle. It barely even looked like I had gone anywhere at all. Making a sharp turn on a upcoming tree, I let loose a barrage of red long tails at the rabbit hoping to capture it and end this fun chase. This however, proved to be a bad move on Kyuubi's part.

The moment the rabbit was wrapped around by the red tails, it was instantly incinerated. I laughed inwardly at the sight. That'll teach the stupid fox for taking over my body like this. I watched my body stood still, and at the corner of my eye I could see a group of other bunnies… doing IT. And what I mean by 'it' was that they were making babies. They were doing it like crazy! Just what the hell caused that? Was it because they lost a member of their family and they needed to replace him? I didn't know, it's so confusing and down right gross for me. I tried to communicate with my furball of a tenant, to tell him of the potential meal at the right, but it ignored me…and I could feel rage building from within. A moment later I was suddenly denied my vision and I could feel my consciousness slipping away. So much for getting excited over what my prisoner would do next.

I felt another wave of chakra erupt from myself, although this time the feeling was cold and relaxing, much different from the original fox's chakra. This also was a sign that Kyuubi was getting ready to strike. Oh boy!

"Hey! Naruto, I'm back! How's your training coming along?"

I let out a deep sigh from within my mind as I heard that familiar voice. The old geezer was back and I couldn't help but laugh as I started to detach myself from the real world and my body. You have bad timing sensei…

"HOLY SHIT?!" my sensei's voice cried out.

I would have loved to see the look on his face, but sadly I couldn't as I finally entered the dream world. Good luck handling me ero-sennin.

And with that my dream started.

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