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Nasuada lent her head against the cold stone wall.

It was smelt badly of moss and rot. Her arm felt numb – probably from leaning on it – and her head ached. More importantly it was dark. When Nasuada tried to move she could hear the scraping of shackles along the floor. She looked around her and cried out when there was an agonising pain at her head. Quietly sobbing Nasuada continued the search but was unable to penetrate the infinite darkness. Where could she be?

The last thing she remembered was being at the Burning Plains fighting alongside the Varden, that was when a shadow passed over her head and surprised she had looked up. Nasuada had been astonished, it was a dragon. It wasn't Eragons' either! This one was red. Had Galbatorix finally hatched a dragon egg?

While she was staring at the clouded sky she heard the cries of men exclaiming "NOW! WHILE SHE IS DISTRACTED!". Nasuada looked down, but it was too late. Her mouth was covered and she was blindfolded.

One man tied up her arms and another her legs and then a third man joined in to carry her off. Nasuada tried to scream, but to no avail. In the mess of fighting everybody was too occupied to save her, though she hated admitting that she need saving. After that she remembered something hitting her in the head – hard – and then…nothing. She had woken up here.

Her hand drifted to her head and she felt that instead of smooth skin there was a wound which had, since the fight dried, leaving crackly dried blood. Nasuada groaned, could it be possible that she was in the prisons at Uru'baen? Her suspicions were confirmed when two tall, heavily muscled guards unlocked the gate at her cell, bringing with them a torch bright enough that Nasuada could see around her cell. It was small and incredibly dirty; moss lined the walls and mounted on two of the walls, including the one she was leaning against, were sets of blood-stained shackles.

"Unlock her." Said one guard to the other.

Nasuada glanced up at the jingling noise of keys. Oh no. They're going to take me to Galbatorix. Nasuada thought.

"Ge' up." Grunted the second guard. He had a scar down his left cheek, stretching from the corner of his eye to the corner of his mouth. It spoiled his handsome face.

"Where are you taking me?" Nasuada demanded.

The guard with the scar scoffed and said:

"We don't associate with Varden scum like you."

"Darcy, we are not meant to talk to her, no matter how much we despise the Varden." The first guard said quietly, Nasuada took him to be the nicer one.

Darcy growled. "I know that, Eiren!" He snapped.

Eiren looked at Nasuada, his brown eyes fierce, "Come with us." Was all he said.

Nasuada breathed in the stuffy cell air deeply, anticipating what was to come. She nodded sadly and slowly rose to her feet. She was dragged roughly by Darcy to a position in front of the gate and he stood before her, Eiren stood behind. They began to walk into the hall, which, Nasuada found was dimly lit by torches. Nasuada walked solemnly past the other cells, which were eerily quiet, though she could see the shine of eyes in the darkness. Clearly they knew that there were guards about. After a short time - to Nasuada it seemed to take an eternity – the three, Nasuada and the two guards came to a thick wooden door.

"Welcome to hell." Darcy said venomously, smirking.

Nasuada's eyes grew wide. She could here Eiren's breathing just behind her neck. He suddenly breathed out more heavily than before.

Is he guilty? Nasuada thought, amazed.

"Gee, thanks." She muttered.

Darcy unlocked the heavy door and it swung open. Inside there was little light, and it was considerably colder. In the centre of the room there was a wooden table with leather straps all over it. Darcy smirked again when he saw her gaze, he pushed her in and she landed painfully of the stone floor. Nasuada looked back at the open door. She could she Darcy's ugly sneer. Then there was the sad face of Eiren, his brown eyes felt like they were burning holes in her dark skin. The door slammed shut. The light brown hair and matching eyes of Eiren was the last thing she saw before it did.

Now that the door was closed Nasuada was able to get a good look around the room it was larger than her cell. On the other side of the room was another door, through which she could hear approaching footsteps.

Great, Nasuada thought bitterly.

The door creaked open and Nasuada could see the silhouettes of two men. The shorter of the two walked in while the other stood at the door. Nasuada could now see the face of the man approaching her. He was medium height, probably in his forties, with slightly greying hair. He hauled her up and dragged her to the table, strapping her down tightly. Too Tight. Nasuada could feel the circulation in her ankles, wrists and her stomach being cut off. She gasped in pain. The man laughed at her. He then walked out of the room. Leaving the other man alone. This man stepped into the room and shut the door behind him. Walking slowly towards Nasuada, like a lion stalking its prey. He stopped when he was less than an inch away from the tables' edge. Nasuada moved her face so he could not see it.

"Well, who do we have here today?" A low voice asked, he sounded deadly.

"No one you should concern yourself with." Nasuada retorted stubbornly.

"Oh, I think I should. Galbatorix told be to come here to get information out of the rebel leader. I'm guessing that would be you." The voice continued.

Why did Nasuada recognise that voice?

"So, are you just going to tell me what I want to know? Or should I do this the hard way?" Asked the man smoothly.

"It all depends on what you want to know." Nasuada replied.

He chuckled. "Let's start with your name."

That's when it hit her. She did know that voice. Or rather, that laugh.



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