Fairy Tale


Unmei Hime


Not so long ago, there was the story of two gifted violinists who fell in love with each other.

The only problem was that they were rivals. They thought they had to hate each other because such feelings only tend to interfere with their music.

But something magical happened.

Would they have a happy ever after?

This was how their story unfolded…

Chapter 1: Encounter

Tsukimori Len was irritated.

Who wouldn't be when you found loads and loads of fan mails inside your shoe locker every single day?

They never seemed to end. Day by day, fan mails poured into his locker like water gushing from the tap. And they contained nothing but stupid things like "I like you, Tsukimori-kun", "Will you be my boyfriend, Tsukimori-kun", "You're a great violinist, Tsukimori-kun, would you be mine forever?" Nothing but crap. Honestly, they did nothing but made his skin crawl. If only useless girls such as them who had nothing better to do in life would just disappear, the world would be such a better place.

Sighing in frustration, he turned around only to bump himself hard against something or someone. He heard a crashing noise and in a split second he found himself on the floor. Fortunately, he was in a sitting position but his back ached not to mention he was having a hard time to breathe. There seemed to be a heavy load pressing him mercilessly against the cold metal of the shoe lockers.

This was the last straw. His day could not get any worse. He couldn't help but utter a silent curse. Damn.

Gathering himself, he caught a glimpse of red hair. When he lifted his face, before he knew it, his lips touched something soft that sent currents down his spine. His eyes widened in shock. His body couldn't move.

Time stood still.

After what seemed like forever, a sudden movement got him back to his senses. And the realization hit him hard.

He just kissed Hino Kahoko.

Accidentally that was.

A few minutes earlier…

Hino Kahoko was late.

Darn her alarm clock for not being reliable enough and not being sturdy enough to stand abuse of its owner by slamming it against the wall the minute it rang. She reminded herself that she needed to buy a new one after school although her mom already told her that for sure the new one would suffer the same imminent fate.

Oh well, better to tell her mom to be her living alarm clock instead. But she wondered briefly if her mom would be up for the task. ('Coz her mom knew better than anyone how hopeless she was about waking up every morning and that it would take a firefighter truck's alarm to pull her from her deep slumber). She also wondered if it was an acquired deficiency syndrome or something because she just couldn't seem to get enough sleep.

Anyway, because of that, she was running late again for school. What was new? She heard the sarcastic part of her chide. Maybe she should put up a tent beside the school grounds so that something would change.

Heh. Sometimes her sense of humor amazed her.

Concentrating on running so that she would be able to beat the bell, she pushed forward her already worn-out feet and huffed by the second. At least, the required everyday exercise of her body was solved. This was more than enough actually, what with the everyday marathon from her house which was a good two miles away from school. Maybe she should also consider being a marathon or sprint runner as an occupation in the future. Yeah, right.

Just a few meters ahead, she could already see the front gates of the school and she thanked with utmost sincerity her goddess of luck for never wavering to give her the support in her constant struggle of reaching the school gates before the strict disciplinary committee lashed out their claws on her.

By mere seconds, she safely reached the school grounds yet again and albeit she was huffing mad and beads of sweat already had a life of their own pouring off her, she gave herself a triumphant smile. She was a pro at this, no doubt.

After calming her racing pulse, she quickly gathered herself and started for the shoe lockers by the entrance. There were still a number of students there changing their shoes. Good. She still had a few minutes to spare before heading to the classroom.

When she was just ten steps away, she recognized the unique but nevertheless charming bluish-streaked mass of hair of Tsukimori Len. It never failed to make her wonder everytime she saw him how ever did he manage to maintain such hair?

But for some reason, it seemed to her that he was thoroughly pissed at something so early in the morning. Well, whatever. She would just give him a quick morning greeting and be on her way. She wouldn't want to be at the receiving end of his sour mood anyway.

Readying herself to say 'good morning' when she was just two steps behind him, she didn't notice the piece of indoor shoe that was left cluttered by someone and within a breath of a second, she found herself tumbling down. In an effort to save herself the pain of hitting the floor, her hands tried desperately to grab the nearest thing that could help her which was none other than the broad back of Tsukimori Len. However, she didn't think he would suddenly turn around before she could even reach him.

That single action made the big difference.

Like she'd seen in movies, she felt like time passed in slow motion when after slamming hard against the boy in front of her, they both fell unceremoniously onto the floor. Fortunately for her, she was cushioned by Tsukimori Len's body but something like an electric shock coursed through her veins that she didn't quite understand.

That was when she realized she was sitting on his lap and her lips were touching his.

Hino Kahoko then had a sudden premonition that something unprecedented would knock the living daylights out of her and that she had no way to stop it from happening.

She had no way of knowing that from that point on, her goddess of luck had already abandoned her.

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