HMS Wulfler Revisited

You know that I have only done little notes at the top on less then 10 occasions, but I wanted to explain this chapter. I recently re-read True Friends, and I wondered which chapter I wanted to do once again and alter slightly. I picked Chapters 88 and 89 as they contained the scenes set on the submarine. Instead of altering the chapters, I've decided to re-do them here… altering them so that Harry can save yet another life. Names on the sub will be changed, but the jist of it will be the same. Most changes reflect that Harry has ALREADY gone through the timeline. I was going to ask you all what you wanted, but after doing 100 main chapters, and then the bonus Chapter 101, I've decided to do this all my own way. Some changes will involve more to the battle scenes with the sub as well as the trip from Gibraltar all the way back to Portsmouth So grab some drinks, get some popcorn, sit back and enjoyHMS Wulfler Revisited.

Harry had to take a few moments to gather where he was, but he knew that he was on his way to get the submarine. A second later and things became much clearer, and the time traveller understood that more then one life could be saved soon. Because he knew where Atlantis was, he could have the sub go directly there and be better prepared for the attack by the Sea Monsters around the island. The meeting didn't take very long, and soon Harry was back on his way to Grimmauld Place like he done so many, many, many, many years ago.


"I have managed to get hold of a submarine called H.M.S Wulfler and it should suit us perfectly well. The crew has been told that it is a TOP SECRET mission we are going on, and the best news is that the Wulfler is in Gibraltar so we don't have to go far at all. We will just apperate directly to a quiet spot of the shipyard and then sail for Atlantis" he paused for a moment to look at both Rudi and Ben. "We are going to be living with Muggles for a bit" he said, "Be careful to not mention anything about the Magical world" and both nodded understanding.

"Can we keep our wands?" asked Ben.

"Why not?" Harry said, "In fact I insist on it" and Kirk said he had his with him at all times. "Everyone grab your stuff and get ready to roll" Harry said, "Three… two… one… NOW!" and Harry apperated the entire lot of them to a quiet part of the shipyard.

Harry and Natalie changed their clothes as well as those of Luna and Neville into correct Royal Navy uniforms while Ben, Rudi and Kirk changed theirs into smart casual clothes. After getting their bearings, they headed towards the Wulfler. The Wulfler was a large, black and intimidating submarine tied up to the dockyard. Two armed guards stood at the bottom of the ramp that led from the dockside to the boat itself. They stopped Harry and party before they stepped on the metal walkway.

"Halt! Who goes there?" asked one of the guards

"Wulfler" Harry replied – the captain always referred to himself by the name of his ship whilst ashore. Even if his rank was given to him, then at least he would be following tradition.

"Identity papers please" one guard requested. Harry drew out pre prepared papers that showed him as the new Commanding Officer of the H.M.S Wulfler and he was to take her on a TOP SECRET mission. They both let Harry and his group past, and as Harry, Natalie, Luna and Neville reached the top of the gangway, they saluted the quarter deck. They entered the sub using a hatch built into the sail to discover an almost deserted control room. Only a few crew members milled around, tuning bits of equipment or doing other such business.

"CAPTAIN ON DECK!" somebody yelled and the crew stiffened at once. Harry only just managed to suppress a smile. They thought he was a proper Captain, and not somebody who had the rank for saving the entire world.

"As you where" he said, "By order of the Admiralty I, Harry James Potter, do assume command of this boat as of this time. Assemble all crew members on the dockside in one hour. I have something to inform them about" and Harry now slipped into command and control mode – more a Hermione trait then one of his own. "I want a full report on the ship's status in my cabin in twenty minutes. As of now, only messages that come from Admiralty House and Gibraltar CinC are to be acknowledged. I want all senior officers and department heads to meet me in my cabin in thirty minutes. That is all. Dismissed!" and Harry felt less worried about doing this a second time around. The crew went around the boat getting the reports that Harry had ordered. As for Harry, he grabbed one the chiefs he knew was retiring soon, and gave him command until Harry's direct order. He led the others to the Captains cabin where he sat down and closed and locked the cabin door.

"I want to thank you for coming with me this far, but this is something that I must do alone. I can not say why, believe me when I say that I wish I could, but I can not. What I want you all to do is to return to London and keep the reporters away from the Hospital. The press are going to say that I have murdered Hannah, Susan and Hermione, but that is clearly not the case" and Rudi was the first to speak after the resulting silence.

"But we want to come with you" she started, "We can help you" Rudi added.

"I know that, but some of you died on this mission" Harry lied through his teeth. "I can not allow that to happen again" and Luna picked up the slip from Harry right away.

"You came back from the future again" she said simply. Harry looked into her blue eyes and then nodded.

"It is vital that you all leave and return to London at once" Harry said, "I only needed you to come with me to make me look more real" and Harry went on to describe many gruesome – though of course fake – deaths. In the end, they agreed to leave knowing that Harry never did or asked them to do anything without a good reason. They left the charts behind as well as Harry's duffel, and then left the boat and returned to St Mungos in the UK. Harry stored his duffel away in a small locker, and then ordered some coffee from the galley. It came at the same time the status reports arrived, and Harry went over them in more detail then he had done so before.


"Sit down please" Harry said to the officers who came into his cabin. Some sat on the bunk, one took the only other chair, and the remaining officer perched on the cupboard top. "Where are the department heads?" he asked.

"We are all the officers left" replied an officer who Harry knew was the boats chief engineer. "I'm finishing my 35 years, and then I'm out of the navy" and Harry tried not to show that he had heard it all before.

"What is our mission, sir?" asked one of the other officers.

"Intelligence believes that a number of terrorists are hiding in the Med, and this boat has been chosen to search and destroy them" Harry said. "We're to make a complete record of the base, and then destroy it with explosives" Harry said, and he and the officers went over the charts.

"I know this region" said one officer, pointing to a spot on the sea chart. "I sail these waters whilst on leave" and Harry looked up at him.

"Do we have a navigator?" he asked, knowing that something might have changed.

"No" came the reply.

"You got the job" Harry said, and he went over the rest of his orders.


The sun shone as Harry surveyed what passed for his crew. Out of a complement of 150, less then half remained. The crew was just enough to maintain a minimal watch keeping crew, and allow it to return to the UK for scrapping.

"Crew present and accounted for, sir" snapped the Chief Petty officer. Harry saluted back which would have made many officers envious. Harry went on to describe the mission as best he could. At the end, he decided to give a pep up speech.

"Little ducks, there's trouble in the Med. So they called us. And we're going over there and bringing the most lethal killing machine ever devised. We're capable of launching more firepower than has ever been released in the history of war. For one purpose alone: Keep our country safe" Harry said, addressing the crew lined up on the dockside. "We constitute the front line and the last line of defence. I expect and demand your very best. Anything less -- you should've joined the Air Force" the crew laughed. "This might be Her Majesty's navy, but this is my boat. And all I ask is that you keep up with me. And if you can't, that strange sensation you'll be feeling in the seat of your pants will be my boot in your ass" they laughed again. "We are going to undertake a very dangerous and difficult mission, and I want us to come back again" and Harry looked down at the Petty Officer who he had spoken to. "Mr Cob?" he called.

"Yes sir?"

"You're aware of the name of this boat, aren't you Mr Cob?"


"It bears a proud name doesn't it, Mr. Cob?"

"VERY proud, Sir!"

"It represents good people"

"VERY good people, Sir!"

"Who live in the greatest country in the entire world."

"In the ENTIRE world, Sir!"

"And serve with the greatest service"


"And what is that name, Mr Cob?" Harry asked.

"HMS WULFLER – Royal Navy!" replied the Cob, and the crew gave three cheers for the ship and three cheers for the Queen.

"Chief of the boat, dismiss the crew" Harry ordered.

"Aye Aye, Sir! Crew DisssssssssMisssssssssssssed!" shouted the Petty Officer, and the crew charged on board the sub and set about bring back some of her systems to life once more in order to serve her country. Harry was able to get all the parts they needed. They left the dockyard like a bat out of hell, and soon sped into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


"Transmit to Admiralty that we are proceeding underwater at this time. Contacts made at hour intervals on Encrypted Channel 0116" Harry ordered.

"Aye, sir" said the officer who would be handling the comms – Lt Commander Dodge. Only a few officers remained on the boat – Wulfler was being used more as a training vessel then anything else. Harry went over the list of officers in his head: Lt Commander Dodge – Communications, Commander Scott – Engineering and Lt Reed – Weapons. Once the message was sent, the submarine dived underwater and began a four hour power run to a course Harry had given to the steersmen. After a few minutes, Harry gave the watch over to Dodge and he went to his cabin to think about what he was going to do. If he did it correctly, then he could save the life of one Ginerva Molly Weasley. Right when Harry thought about it, they reached where the sub was attack – only this time things where different.



Harry darted out his cabin and raced down the corridor ending up in the control room in less then thirty seconds.

"Report!" he ordered.

"Submarines off to port and starboard" reported Dodge. "They fired torpedoes at us the minute we was in range" and the ship turned violently to port as they avoided another torpedo.

"Weapons status?" Harry asked.

"Torpedo tubes one and two ready for launch" Reed reported.

"Close up all watertight doors and bulkheads" Harry ordered, "Lock forward torpedo tubes onto the nearest submarine and fire on my order" and Reed acknowledge the order and turned to his console to programme the torpedoes. "Control room to Engine Room. I need full power to the engines, Mr Scott"

"You'll have warp speed, sir" Scott replied from the intercom.

"Torpedoes locked and ready to launch" reed said.

"Fire One!" Harry shouted. The was a slight hiss and thump throughout the submarine as the first one launched. "Fire Two!" Harry said after several seconds. Harry knew that the submarine was out for the count before he got the report. However the other side had also been launching a torpedo at the same time.

"INCOMING TORPEDOES!" shouted a sonar operator, "Bearing 315. Sounds like Russian torpedoes" he added.

"We haven't any counter measures" Reed said.

"Shit" Harry swore softly. "Helm? Bring us about to course 315 – ahead flank" he ordered, and the helmsman replied more out of habit then anything.

"Sir?" Dodge questioned.

"Something I learned in sub school" Harry said to him. "If we get close enough to the torpedo, then it won't arm itself. Reload both torpedo tubes – and remove the safety packages" he ordered, and Reed passed the order down to the torpedo room.

"Direct hit!" the sonar operator cried, and Harry could hear the explosion of their torpedoes against one of the opposing submarines.

"Reload both torpedo tubes and get me a bearing on the other submarine" Harry shouted.

"Aye aye, sir!" Reed said, and started giving out orders.

"TORPEDO IMPACT!" said the Sonar operator, and the torpedo they had been closing on hit them amidships. The torpedo had been active the moment it was launched, and so it was homing straight and true for Wulfler. Alarms started going off all over the boat, and pipes burst and started leaking badly. The crew was knocked around the place and several hit heads on pieces of the hull and machinery.

"DAMAGE REPORT!" Harry said.

"Torpedo hit amidships" Dodge reported. "We are taking on water around the impact zone, and the crew is evacuating the compartment and sealing it off. Unknown number of casualties and we have lost contact with everywhere forward of the impact zone" he added, looking at the master control board.

"Are we able to fire?" Harry asked, cutting off most of the alarm sounds.

"Weapons board shows we are loaded, but I can not say for certain if we are or not" Reed said, blood pouring down his face from a head cut. Harry's mind was making quick thoughts, and he came up with something that might work.

"Steer course 260. All ahead full!" and the submarine sluggishly started to turn to port. Once it had got round, Harry started with more orders. "Steady on course 260, rudder amidships. Fire torpedoes one and two!" and the double thump of the torpedoes was felt indicating that the tubes had been loaded. Because Harry had been closing on the middle of the opposing submarine, it was only ten seconds before they felt the shockwave from the detonations and the other sub was finished. Harry knew that Voldemort had to have had them waiting to attack them. They made for the island as fast as possible, and surfaced.


Harry was the only one to leave, and he went towards the now familiar Monolith. Voldemort – or his clone – waited for him, but Harry was much more protected at this a second time round, and he killed his opponent without a care in the world. He summoned the cure and then waited for Ginny to appear.

"Harry?" she was puzzled.

"Oh it's me, but now is not your time to die" he replied, and he apperated them both to the side of the submarine, got them inside. "Mr Reed! Target that structure and fire missiles 1 – 10" and Reed's face lit up.

"AYE AYE, SIR!" and he pressed the blinking red button. The missiles went right to their targets and destroyed the entire island. Harry explained Ginny's presence as one of her being a hostage – it seemed to fit after what she'd been through. Harry ordered them to sail away, and then went on the mic.

'This is Captain Potter. We have completed our mission, and we are returning to dock. I have been informed that our damage means that this boat is most likely going for scrap – but I intend for one last hurrah. I have decided that we will not return to HMNB Gibraltar but instead go to Portsmouth.' Harry heard the cheers from the crew, and placed the mic back on the hook.

"Mister Dodge" he said, "Set course for home – maximum warp"


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