ONE THING by Phantom Dennis

DISCLAIMER: Oz is the property of Numfar the Dancing Demon, who goes about on this earthly realm as Joss Whedon. Also Mutant Enemy and 20th Cenury Fox . The movie "City Slickers" I believe is the property of Billy Crystal.

This is set after "New Moon Rising"

I'm sitting here watching "City Slickers".

It seems like a lifetime since I first saw the movie. So much has happened good and bad. Willow. The wolf. That pretty much covers the good and bad. I don't know what the Wolf has ever given me in the good department.

"Go find your smile." It'll be a while before I can do that. Not that I ever had much of one. She had such a sweet smile.

The space alien babe. "If you could cheat without getting caught would you?" Billy Crystal was right you do know. I couldn't bring myself to tell Willow what happened. I think I deliberately set it up so Willow would find me out, not so she'd get a taste of her own medicine, but so it be out in the open, not lurking ready to pounce.

The best day and the worst day of your life. The best day was the day after Willow discovered I was a werewolf. And she told me she'd still. And then she kissed me. I realized that maybe just maybe she'd get over Xander and love me.

The worst day of my life was the day I woke up with Veruca and realized I cheated on Willow. Protecting Veruca from Buffy was a bad choice but I think I was most aftraid that if I let my desires go unsated they'd turn on Willow. Even now, it occurs to me that if I'd bitten Willow, we'd still be together. Our bond stronger than ever. But that's not what I wanted for Willow. I had to leave. Even now, It's still the worst day. Every other bad day stems from that one.

Jack Palance as Curly. He deserved his Oscar. I remember how cool I thought he was. The strong silent type. "You kill anybody today." "Day's not over yet." Not so funny anymore.

'She could have been the love of your life.' 'She was.' Is that the key? To love pure and chaste from afar. Would have I been better off to just keep Willow in my heart. Never to meet her. Never to take a chance and avoid getting hurt. No.. I'd do it all again. I wouldn't have missed for the world. And someone should shoot me before I start sounding like Top 40 radio. But I mean it. Curly's wrong. The big man was afraid. It's better to have loved and lost, even if it is a cliché. Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

'A finger?' 'One thing.' 'What's that?' 'You have to find that out for yourself.;' When I saw her I knew what my 'One Thing' was. Now it's gone and I don't know if I can ever get it back.

Up next: 'The Legend of Curly's Gold' Sequels are never as good.

Time to get ready for work. My van broke down in Oxnard. The garage told me I need a new engine. I suspect someone switched engines on me while my van was in storage. This just hasn't been my year. I found a job washing dishes at a local nightspot. Up until a few days ago, when one of the entertainers got 'sick'. (The remedy was community service and few months in rehab.) The manager 'suggested' I take his place. So now I'm a nightclub 'dancer'. Not that I can really dance, but that's not the point. On the plus side, with the tips I'm getting, I should have the van repaired so I can leave.

The strangest thing. I could have sworn I saw Willow's blonde friend come in here. I didn't get that good a look. She ran out of her very quickly. And with all the hormones in the air it's hard to scent anyone. It was probably just my imagination. Right?