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She was sitting in a secluded area of the Order. The sun was slowly setting and the sky was filled with yellow, red, purple and orange colours.

She loved it to just sit and watch another day pass by, even though it meant another day in her already shortened life gone. What does it matter? One day earlier or later doesn't mean so much…

Soon the colours would fade, and darkness would take their place instead. Then she would go to bed, only to have another nightmare of the day Joshua was taken away from her.

It always was like that, always the same nightmare. Always a happy start with laughter and fun, and then horns appearing on either side of Joshua's head and him screaming in pain and fury, the big tornado turning everything and everyone into lifeless stone figures, even herself.

Every time she watched the sunset, she reminisced her past. The happy days at the orphanage, the playtime with her brother and the other children. The time when she and Joshua had fallen into the hole in the ground, only to have a hard landing in a big underground tomb.

The siblings had walked along the passage, reaching a door to a grave. In the grave sat a young demon boy with long purple hair and a pair of crimson eyes, that had lost all hope a long time ago, just waiting for life to end and even though the two children should have been scared of him, they weren't. He had become a friend; yes even a third member of their little family.

Suddenly she was pulled out of her memories when she felt a hand fall to her shoulder. She hadn't even noticed him coming.

She looked up into the two crimson eyes; she had just been thinking about, they looked so much more alive than they had back then.

"Hello Chrono" she greeted him "How did you know I was here?"

He gave her a slight smile "I followed the smell of oil from the car" he answered, he was always able to find her, she couldn't escape his sensitive nose. She has this special scent… vanilla and strawberries…

The two had had a small accident with the car that included a wall sooner that day, what caused another punishment for the blonde nun.

"Yea yea, just rub it further into my face will ya" Rosette pouted and crossed her arms in front of her and turning her eyes away from him in an insulted manner.

"I didn't mean to Rosette, don't be mad at me, I thought we were friends again by now" Chrono said "Come on now, you know I'm sorry"

She just loved to make him feel guilty in things like this; she did it as often as she could, but as soon as she started to feel guilty for making Chrono guilty, she couldn't stand it anymore and had to give up.

The two exorcists had had a little argument after the accident, what means, Rosette said it was all Chrono's fault; while he protested against it with saying it was Rosette's driving skills that had caused the a-whole week-of-punishment from Sister Kate and by that, a few not-so-nice things had slipped out their mouths, soon regretted by both of them.

Rosette had been angry at both Sister Kate and Chrono. She had stomped off after her outburst, to find a place where she could be alone.

Rosette looked at Chrono, who gave her one of his apologizing puppy dog eyes. She watched him for a while. For good measure he even started whimpering like a little puppy, until the blonde couldn't stay mad at him anymore and just had to laugh at his expression "Okay okay, I'm sorry too" she said while laughing, and immediately the little devil's face turned from puppy dog eyes to happy "I knew you weren't angry at me anymore" he grinned and sat down beside her.

He too looked at the sunset. The sky was now almost dark purple, with a few red and gold stripes here and there "It's beautiful" he murmured and leaned back on his hands "Nice place for a picnic huh Rosette?"

"A picnic, that near to the Order? I would prefer a place a little more Kate-safe" Rosette replied "Like in the wood or at the lake that Leraije burned down"

"Yea, what a shame" Chrono said as he remembered that time. Leraije had attacked them and had kidnapped Azmaria because she was an apostle, and to end it all off, he had cast a blue fire/energy ball at Rosette and Chrono, that started a big fire. The wood was almost ruined.

"He wasn't actually what you could call a nature-boy" Chrono said "He was just a plain devil that was raised to kill and destroy, mostly to kill and destroy me though" and he would have too, if Chrono hadn't been the one to open the seal, and make a barrier around them to heal their wounds.

"I'm happy you're different, without you I would already have been dead" Rosette said softly and smiled at him, but his expression fell slightly "Without me, you would still have your full life to live" he murmured

"Don't start with that again please, we've been through this so many times Chrono, and you know I don't regret anything" she took his hand in hers "It's not your fault okay? It is all Aion's fault that you are where you are now" and that bastard is so going to pay for all he has ever done to me and Chrono…

"Yea, I know" he looked down at the grass "But still, I can't forget what he did, and either can I stop thinking 'Could I have stopped him? Could I have prevented him from killing so many innocent lives?" and I was part of the sinners, I did evil things and killed innocents too"

"Don't break yourself apart with those thoughts, you have changed Chrono and now you are a sweet, caring person, who has become liked by everyone in the Order, even Sister Kate"

"Sister Kate was the hardest nut to crack" the little devil sweat dropped "Her and the nurse"

"The nurse?" Rosette asked blinking "Yea, she threw a whole lot of needles after me" Chrono wailed and frowned at the memory "It was terrible, she thought I would bring some kind of deadly disease into the Order"

Rosette laughed "Aww, my poor little devil" Chrono glanced in her direction "Are you laughing at me?" he asked narrowing his eyes playfully at her.

"You bet I am, I wish I could have seen you being chased around by that mad nurse" she laughed harder at the thought and clutched her stomach "It sure must have looked hilarious" and didn't notice Chrono had turned around towards her, slowly inching closer before…

"TICKLE ATTACK" he suddenly shouted out loudly, jumping at her, tickling her sides "AHHHRRRHAHAHA… No stop it Chrono… Hahaha Haha" she screamed, trying to push the red eyed devil off of her, but he didn't let her go that easy.

After a few minutes of Chrono's special torture, he let the panting girl go "No more laughing at me?" he asked grinning "N-No… no more" she answered him, trying to catch her breath, and he got away from her "Good" he said grinning, but he shouldn't have let his guard down just yet, because all of a sudden Rosette was up and had Chrono's head locked in a firm head-lock between her arms "Now it's time for payback" she whispered; Chrono's eyes widening and filling with horror.

"SUPER NOOGIE ATTACK" she shouted and grind her knuckles into the sides of his head "No… stop owowowowowowowow" Chrono pleaded for mercy, but he should have known Rosette enough to know, she was the most merciless nun in the Magdalene Order.

"You got enough?" she asked after some time "Yes, yes I yield, I give up" Chrono wailed and rubbed his head when she let go at last "You're so horrible sometimes" Chrono whimpered "Did I really deserve that one?"

"You were the one who started tickling me wasn't it?" She leaned her face closer "Hmm...?"

"Okay okay, I deserved it" he held up his hands in front of his face "I always do"

"Right you are my little devil" she said "But we should go to bed, the sun has almost fully set"

"I don't want to though; I wanna stay here for a little longer, together with you" he replied "I want to spend a little more time with you"

"Chrono, we still have tomorrow, you're the first thing I see in the morning and the last I see in the evening" she said, even though those words seemed far deeper than they sounded, Chrono always had to wake the blonde up in the morning and he always got a lump on his head, no matter how hard he tried to prevent it.

"Yes, but for how long? Your life gets shorter and shorter and all that just because I agreed with you on making that damn contract" he gave the pocket watch around her neck an angry glare.

"Don't start it again, I told you it isn't-"

"But it is… I agreed with you in making the contract… I could have said no…" he interrupted her and turned his face away from her "If I could I would give you back all of your lost life time"

He was willing to do everything, really everything no matter what. Oh Chrono… please stop thinking like that…

Rosette was about to say something, when she suddenly heard something rattle in the bushes down the hill, it was dark now, so it was difficult to see what it was. She got up instantly from her sitting position and held a hand on her gun at her hip, could it be a demon?

Chrono had noticed her tense up, he looked into the same direction she did "Chrono, is it a demon?" a sweat drop flow down her cheek.

Chrono examined the aura around the bushes with a wary look.

Suddenly the thing in the bushes started moving out of its hiding place, Rosette saw two round glowing white eyes, it was bent over slightly as if picking something up when it suddenly froze at the sight of the two exorcists.

Chrono stepped in front of his contractor in a protecting position as the thing seemed to come closer towards them "W-What is it?" whispered Rosette pulling out her gun "I don't know, but it doesn't have a demonic aura, that's for sure" Chrono said, baring his fangs and claws (He is in his little form)

"Strange" Rosette replied as the thing was now only a few metres away from them, until…

"Chrono mi boy, how are you? Oh and my favourite little nun is there too, on a little moonlight walk you two?" asked the amused voice of no other than…

"ELDER!" Rosette growled "What in the name of heaven and hell are you doing here and why are your eyes glowing?"

Elder smirked "Sun-glasses my dear" he replied and showed her a little button on his goggles "Very useful when you wanna read in bed at night, or maybe on a mission at night"

"Or when you wanna find dirty magazines in the bushes at night huh Elder?" Chrono said, examining the magazines the old man had in his hands. I should have known…

"Yes my boy, you got it at last, the wonders of the female body" Elder grinned "Want some?" he offered, but Rosette gave the man a whack on his head as an answer

"Don't even think about spoiling my partner" she warned, she had enough fighting off one pervert, two of the sort; she didn't think she could handle.

"Rosette, I would never read that stuff" Chrono said, annoyed that she thought he would

"Well… you seemed excited enough the day I accidentally burst out from the showers, instead of closing your eyes, you were staring at me like a piece of meat"

Chrono blushed; Rosette had burst out from the showers area, chasing Elder out of there, only with a small towel covering her front, and after a few beatings, Azmaria had to hold up the towel in front of her.

"I… I didn't want to look… it-it just kind of… happened" Chrono answered, his blush increasing further at the thought. He wanted to say that a magic force had… well… forced him to stare at her, but that wouldn't actually help him.

"Point proven… you are a pervert in development, if you weren't you would have looked away or closed your eyes"

Elder watched the two with an amused look in his eyes "Well then, I'll leave you two love birds alone, goodnight" he said with a grin and hurried away, remembering the magazines still in his hands, eager to go to bed and use his new invention to read them.

Chrono wanted to disappear as well, but he was kind of trapped in this discussion. Time for my puppy dog eyes again…

He then gave her the most watery, cutest puppy dog eyes he could muster; making the young girl frown "It won't work this time Chrono" she said firmly, it didn't make him stop though.

"Chrono… stop it, it won't save you from the noogie attack I have for you"

Chrono crept a little closer, increasing his pleading further, he wouldn't lose this time "Pleeeaaaaseee Rosette" he whimpered and grabbed her hand in his "I'll be a good devil"

Rosette pulled her knees up and pulled her hand away from him "No" was her firm answer, when she wrapped her arms around her legs.

"Damn she is stubborn" Chrono thought and laid his chin on her knees, looking pleadingly at her.

"You're really pathetic you know?" Rosette said when she couldn't stop looking him in the eyes "Okay okay… stop it already, I forgive you, but please stop the pleading look" she said at last, making Chrono grin

"I did it again" he cheered "I get you every time with that look"

"Yeah yeah, now let's go to bed, it's late, you will get your special punishment tomorrow" she said defeated and got up from the grass. Chrono smiled and took her hand "Better let one with a night vision show you the way to your room" he said.

Rosette gave him a slap on his head "I know the way to my room you dolt" she said, only a few seconds before she stumbled over something "Aahh" she squeaked, before she landed safely in Chrono's arms "You were saying?" he asked playfully, smirking at her

"Okay, then lead me oh fearless leader" she grumbled, defeated once more, making Chrono grin at her taking her hand in his "Come on… Sister Kate will be controlling the rooms soon" Chrono said and hurried to the dorms.

When they stopped at Rosette's door, the blonde turned towards him "Thanks Chrono" she said smiling "But you'll still get your noogie tomorrow"

"I can't wait" he answered sarcastically "Well… I'll see you tomorrow then" Rosette opened the door to her room "Yes, goodnight Chro-" she suddenly stopped midsentence and gasped when she turned on the light in her room.

Chrono noticed and walked to stand by her side. His eyes widened when he saw what had made his contractor gasp. In the room, on her bed, sat a big devil with long horns and glowing golden eyes, his wings were folded on his back and the clothes he wore, were tattered and dirty, his sharp fangs were bared into a smirk and his eyes travelled from the blonde nun, to the purple haired boy.

"I have been awaiting you Sinner" the devil growled his smirk widening "Now if you would please follow me, oh and you too girl"

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