Chapter 9. (I wanna end this one -.- it has gotten so bad in my opinion) this is last chapter by the way ^^

Chrono soon found out that Warali was much stronger and more merciless than he thought. She had batted Rosette away as if she was nothing but a bug. He blocked her attacks as good as he could in his little sealed form. Of course he would never reach the strength of a full grown demoness with both horns intact.

Rosette had problems of her own. Joshua had come out of his waiting state as soon as Warali had begun attacking Chrono. He was fast and precise. She wasn't fast enough to aim and shoot before he was somewhere else "Show me your true self" she yelled. Then it won't be so hard shooting at you...

Chrono's attacks were for naught. Even though Warali didn't use her wings, she was still strong. The little devil was not sure how long he could stand the rain of attacks. He was sure in one thing though. He would not let Rosette open the pocket watch.

Joshua smirked "You want me to change into my true self ey?" he growled "Alright, if it means so much to you" his arms suddenly hung limp at his sides. His head was bowed downwards. His human shape almost dripped off him like water would. His hair dropped onto the ground, leaving only a bald spot on his head. He at the same time grew bigger and his hands changed into sharp claws.

He flung himself at her, his change not even complete. She let out a scream and fired at the thing.

Chrono heard his contractor's scream and glanced over his shoulder at her. Warali had waited for that distraction and with one swift motion grabbed him around his neck. She didn't grab him hard though and held him up in front of her. She looked him deep into his eyes. After a while a smirk grew on her lips "Well... what do we have here?" she purred and stroked his head "I see something very interesting here... is it a memory that you wanted to forget? No... it isn't forgotten... it has been clouded with hate and a deep wish for revenge... spurned on by the happenings early in this girl's life" she smiled down at him. His teeth were gritted, he knew what she meant.

"Oh... is that guilt that I see too?" she whispered, her clawed hand came to a hold on top of his purple crown "How very interesting..." she leaned in and kissed his forehead lovingly "We should take a closer look at this little memory, shouldn't we Sinner?"

Chrono growled, baring his sharp fangs "You stay out of it" he snarled. He wanted to lash out with his own little claws, but he was like frozen. Warali still smiled "Mmm... I see two names that are very precious to you... Rosette Christopher... and... is that Mary Magdalene, the holy maiden?"

Chrono winced at her name "I said stay out of it" he snarled again. Warali didn't stop though. She enjoyed seeing him like that "Mary was a sweet little thing wasn't she?" she hissed "Now what do we know about this holy thing? Saint Mary Magdalene or Mary Magdalene is described, both in the canonical New Testament and in the New Testament apocrypha, as a devoted disciple of Jesus. She is considered by the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican churches to be a saint, with a feast day of July 22. Mary Magdalene's name may identify her as "of Magdala"—the town some believe she came from, on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee..."

Chrono's eyes were a glowing red by now, but that didn't stop the female devil. She continued "You have brought death upon her Sinner" Warali said "Don't you want me to free you from that pain that lies upon you? Without your soul life will be so much easier for you"

Rosette had hit the now fully transformed Joshua a couple of times, though nowhere where it wounded him too much. Joshua had in truth been Vari, but he looked even more disgusting now. She suddenly became aware of the pocket watch glowing strongly around her neck. It meant Chrono was angry. And he told me not to open the seal... she huffed.

Chrono was furious. He growled threateningly at the female devil. Warali was entertained by it though and brought it even further "How about we took a closer look at that past of yours?" her eyes glowed and suddenly Chrono found himself watching the never forgotten scenes from his past. He saw the Sinners when everything still was alright. He saw his brother Aion that now was his prey. And he saw the holy maiden that was his past love. Magdalene could never be abandoned out of his mind, no matter how much he tried to. The images of them together in Eden were the most precious memories he had. She was the one who had changed him. She had showed him that even Devils can have a heart.

The time in the dessert after the fall from Eden was the most horrible time. He knew back then that the mind of Pandaemonium would destroy the young girl, but he refused to give up. She had been his first contractor, the first that gave him her soul.

Chrono shook his head "No, stop it" he yelled. The images of their last night in the dessert appeared in his mind. He was off to get water, leaving her alone at the big rock. She had been sick for a while by then. They had sold their horse to be able to buy food and some blankets. Suddenly Shader had shown up and hung the wretched pocket watch around his neck. At first he was startled, but then it dawned on him.

When he arrived Magdalene still sat where he had left her. He was relieved, but he soon found out that it wouldn't last for long. Aion appeared, his eyes burning with hate.

Chrono whimpered when he saw Magdalene with Aion's sword through her abdomen. She was bleeding so horribly, but Chrono still hadn't wanted to give up. He froze Aion and escaped. He was surprised that Viede and Genai and Rizelle hadn't been there as well.

Warali enjoyed seeing the feared Sinner wince and whimper like a little dog. The illusion of his memory she was showing him, she showed him only in his head. She would weaken him like that. She had found his weakness and she would be merciless.

Rosette was sick and tired of the damn devil that had been Joshua. She had had enough by now and just wanted to end it. She pulled out a bottle of Holy Water and splashed the demon with it. Vari, even though he was fast, was hit by the water and it immediately started to burn his unholy skin.

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Rosette took aim and pulled the trigger. The gospel bullet was unstoppable in its flight. Vari had no chance to escape, no matter how fast he was. His body turned to black ashes and disappeared. Rosette sighed relieved "Phew... he was really irritating" she turned towards her fighting companion "How far are you?" she asked, but gasped when she saw that Warali had a firm grip on him.

The little Demon was whimpering and struggling as hard as he could, but it had no use. This looks like a job, for Chrono the Sinner... she grabbed the watch in a hurry and yelled "Chrono... I will open the seal now"

"No... don't" Chrono cried, but it was too late. Rosette had broken the seal and he felt how the demonic power flooded through his veins. The strength was overwhelming; it felt so good. He at the same time knew it was so wrong to feel that way.

Rosette saw him break out of the female devil's grip and flare his giant dragon like wings. He rushed down to Rosette; glaring at her "How could you?" he scolded "I thought we had made a promise"

Rosette smiled wearily, her breath came out in small fast pants "No, I never promised anything Chrono" she replied and sat down onto the ground "Now stop talking and fight her instead"

Chrono gave her a growl, before obeying "As soon as she is done for, you close the watch" he told her firmly, then flew towards his opponent with high speed. Why does she have to be so reckless...?

The blonde stayed where she was. She felt how her power slowly weakened. To make it all better am I hungry and tired... please hurry up Chrono...

The two devils were so fast; they looked like lightnings striking each other. The loud cracking and clanking sounds from their weapons the only thing that could be heard.

Chrono seemed to be in lead. He was now much stronger and faster than before. He fought like a lion. Rosette soon saw that Warali was wounded, she was bleeding from arms and stomach, but wasn't willing to give up yet. Rosette saw her mouth move, but couldn't hear what the female demon was saying.

Chrono could hear her, but decided to ignore her. The only thing on his mind was to finish this off. He pulled out a vial with Holy Water. Warali continued her attacks as he did so.

All of a sudden Chrono let his sword drop to the ground, making both nun and demoness gape. Rosette was furious "What in the Lord's name are you doing?" she yelled angrily "Are you mad? Pick that thing up again" but Chrono ignored her.

Warali had finished gaping and thought he had given up. She flung herself and her sword at him. Time seemed frozen at the moment as she collided into him. A victorious smile gracing her lips "I got you now Sinner" she snarled. The sword had bored through Chrono's cloak; His hands had curled around the sword, his head pointed downwards "Your soul is mine now" Warali hissed into his long pointed ear.

Rosette's eyes were wide "Why did you do that you idiot?" she shrieked "What got into you?"

Chrono's head slowly lifted "Don't call me idiot" he hissed and launched his right hand back and then forth with one swift movement. Warali felt a strong pain in her chest. When she looked down, her hands were covered in blood. It oozed from a wound where Chrono had his right hand fisted.

He removed them slowly and showed a little dagger "How... a normal dagger can't..." she hissed. Chrono smiled tiredly "It isn't a normal dagger..." he explained "I oozed Holy Water over it..."

"B-But the sword..."

Chrono lift up the cloak, showing that the sword that should have bored through him was under his arm instead and out through his cloak in the back.

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Warali's weakened body let go of him and dropped to the ground. Both Chrono and Rosette sighed relieved when she turned into ashes.

Chrono landed and told Rosette to lock the seal. The blonde nodded and closed it carefully; watching her partner transform back into his younger and smaller form. He crept over to her tiredly "Are you okay?" he asked "You aren't hurt are you?"

She shook her head "I'm Jake... what about you?"

He smiled weakly "Jake..." he replied, though his eyes were sad and downcast. The memory had opened the old wounds from the past that he had hoped would heal. A little tear trailed down over his dirty cheek. I'm so sorry Mary... for everything...

Before he knew it, a pair of warm arms were wrapped around him and pulled him into a soft embrace "It's okay..." Rosette whispered into his ear "She has already forgiven you... I'm sure about that... You don't have to feel guilty"

Chrono broke into soft sobs. Rosette pulled him closer and hugged him tight. She waited till he had cried out his pain, before she would suggest they get home. Before it got so far though, the world around them blurred and all vanished.

They found themselves back in Rosette's room. Everything looked normal. As if nothing of what they had been through had ever happened. They got up and Rosette took a look at the watch. No time had passed at all. She smiled "Let's just pretend this was a bad nightmare..." she whispered. She walked over to her drawer and pulled out a nightgown and a long shirt and a pair of shorts. She threw the shirt to Chrono, who caught it.

Chrono smiled "Could I maybe sleep here tonight? I somehow don't want to be alone..." he asked sadly "I... I just need a good friend at my side until..." he trailed off. Rosette smiled back "Of course you can... I don't really want to be alone either..." she admitted "Do you want to take a shower first?"

He shook his head "I just want to sleep at the moment" he replied and yawned widely. She agreed and walked into her little bathroom to change. Chrono took off his shoes, socks and jacket and hung it over a chair, before sitting on the bed, waiting for Rosette to finish up so he could get changed as well.

Chrono washed his face and hands after he had changed into the shirt and the shorts.

When he emerged from the little bathroom, Rosette had already taken place in the bed. She patted the area next to her and yawned widely "I think we both need a good night's sleep after this" she said. Chrono agreed wholeheartedly on that "Yes... tomorrow a lot of missions is waiting for us... and chores... but we ought to tell Kate about this"

"Mmm... tomorrow" the blonde nun yawned and pulled the covers up over them both. She closed her eyes "Goodnight Chrono..."

He smiled "Goodnight Rosette... and thank you"

"Hmm? For what?" she peeked her eye open and looked at him.

"For saving me... even though you broke the seal"

Rosette suddenly remembered something she wanted to do "Oh Chrono?" she cooed, making him slightly nervous "What is it Rosette?" he asked warily. Before he could react though he felt great pain on top of his head "Ouch... what was that for?" he whimpered and rubbed the forming lump.

"BECAUSE YOU SCARED ME SO... I THOUGHT THAT DEVIL HAD KILLED YOU" she growled angrily, only making him smile sheepishly "I'm sorry..." he apologized "Forgive me?" he looked at her with his sad puppy dog eyes.

"Oh alright... but never do that to me again..." she snapped.

He smiled and lay his head down onto the pillow "I promise... goodnight"

"Goodnight Chrono"

Soon the room was silent again and the two were slowly pulled into dreamland. They would never forget what had happened though, and Chrono wouldn't be the same for a little while afterwards. They were just happy they had made it out of there, with both their souls still in their bodies.

Chrono smiled he wanted to make some bed time prayers. He had always been fascinated by the softness of those and he had read them often in the books in the library

"Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
And in the morning when I awake,
help me Lord, the path of love to take.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
See me safely through the night,
And wake me with the morning light.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord, my soul to keep.
Two angels standing near my bed,
One at foot and one at head,
To guide me safely through the night,
and wake me with the morning light

Soon sleep too engulfed him. His eyes closed slowly. The last image he saw was the smiling face of Mary Magdalene "I love you Mary... and I love Rosette... My two Angels please forgive me for all my sins... though I know a Demon can be never forgiven." then he was in deep slumber. His thoughts always by the two Angels that filled his life with love and friendship.

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