Ok this takes place after "The Dark Knight." I promised myself I'd never write fanfiction again...but I just had to lol. This Is Heath Ledger's Joker (R.I.P) and Christian Bale's Batman and no other. Yes there is spanking in this. If you don't like it don't read it. Only wrote it because I'm in love with Heath Ledger and his Joker lol. I would say this is suitable for Teen and up, but what do I know. Nudity and spanking and a little sexual tension. Once again, don't like it don't read it. Or you can flame me but it's not gonna stop me from writing MWAHAHAHAHA.


"Good morning Miss Gordan." Bruce Wayne, always a gentleman, smiled as he entered the building of 'Bruce Wayne enterprises.'

"Good morning mister Wayne," Stacey blushed, always nervous around the handsome Mister Wayne who was so rich and so powerful yet still so polite. She went weak in the knees whenever he graced her presence.

Stacey Gordan, oldest daughter of commissioner Gordan had just finished college at Gotham state university. When she landed a paid internship at Bruce Wayne enterprises, she couldn't believe her luck. She didn't know that Bruce Wayne was secretly very fond of her father and his family, nor did she know he worked closely with her father as Batman. Even though her job was mostly just secretarial work and shuffling papers, she couldn't be happier.


"I just feel so giddy around him, it's like I'm in high school again and I have a crush on one of my teachers," Stacey cooed in between pants as she jogged along side her friend Amanda at the gym.

"Forget about it," Amanda panted "He's one of the most richest, most powerful men in the world. He could have any woman he wants and I'm sure he has several a night!" She teased. Music videos played on the flat screen T.V before them, set on the wall so people could watch television during their workouts.

"I really don't think he's that kind of guy," panted Stacey, "He just seems so genuine and caring and…."

"Shhh," Amanda suddenly quieted her. "Look! Listen," They both turned off their treadmills. There was breaking news on the television. Other people were watching the news on some of the other wall televisions. Amanda stepped off her treadmill and turned it up.

"This is breaking news brought to you by Gotham tonight. The dangerous mob leader known as the Joker is once again on the loose. Considered to be armed and extremely dangerous, several officers were found bound and gagged within county, three suffered severe injuries." The news reporter spoke.

"Oh my god!" Stacey gasped. A cold chill ran up her spine as she recalled the last videos she saw of this mad man, his dark eyes shadowed under the makeup of a sinister clown like something out of a child's nightmare. She always hated clowns. She could barely watch as they flashed his photos on the screen. Just then her cell phone rang in her purse. It was her father. He told her to go home right away and lock all the doors. He feared his family was in danger. The Joker didn't know where his oldest daughter lived, but he planned to send a police escort anyway. Amanda looked at her friend confused as she completed the phone call with her father. "I don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight," Stacey choked weakly to her friend.

"Just call me and I'll come over later tonight and stay with you," Amanda told her, a worried look on her face. "I'll go home and change and I'll be right over."

"No it's ok. I highly doubt he'll be after me. He doesn't even know I exist. Anyway, my dad is sending an officer over to escort me home. I'll be ok. I am a big girl. I'll give you a call if any monsters spook me tonight." Stacey laughed, but Amanda could still sense the fear in her voice.


Stacey thanked the officer as he escorted her to the door of her small one bedroom apartment. He assured her that he would be coming back later in the night to check and make sure she was safe. She didn't want to show it, but this secretly put her at ease. As she bid him a farewell and shut the door she shakily made her way to her small kitchen to prepare a snack after her long day at work and a nice night's workout.

Looking through her mostly bare cupboards, she decided to pull out a box of lucky charms cereal and poor herself a bowl. She noticed her own hand shaking as she reached for a bowl and began pouring the lucky charms into it. An odd night snack, but she really needed some sugar right now. She couldn't admit it to herself, but she was extremely nervous. Something was tugging at her insides. What, she didn't know. She really had nothing to be worried about….right?

"That's quite a healthy dinner you got there," A sinister, snickering voice spoke in a low whisper causing the cereal box to fly out of Stacey's hand. Lucky charms flew everywhere, some six feet above her head as she twirled around almost ready to have a heart attack. She nearly stifled a scream, but it appeared as if she swallowed her own voice, and her heart was about to leap out of her chest and run away without her. There, in her own kitchen now barely a foot away from her stood the Joker, in his custom purple suit and his straggly brown hair spilling out over his painted face. Someone unaware of his antics might laugh at his getup, if they didn't know what this psychopath was capable of.

The Joker sensed her fear, and he could only cackle at her foolish attempt to reach behind herself and grab a kitchen knife. He was on her like a flash and he grabbed her petite wrist with his gloved hand. His strength was overwhelming. She was sure that this was her final moment, and she would soon be dead. She once again tried to scream, but the Joker shushed her.

"That wouldn't be wise little bunny," he laughed again in his low intimidating voice. "Stacey Gordan, little girls shouldn't play with knives." He pulled the kitchen knife from her hand. "Stacey Gordan, you are much prettier than your father." He cackled. He was quite impressed by her beauty. Short and petite but curvy with big blue eyes, blushing cheeks and long blond hair. He pinched her cheeks, and speaking to her like he would an infant he said. "Such pinchable widdle cheeks and a cute little baby face. Are you sure you aren't adopted?" And he cackled to himself yet again. She was completely at his mercy.

"Please, please don't hurt me. What do you want?" Stacey managed to mutter. She felt the tears begin to slip from her eyes.

"You are quite adorable when you cry. I'm impressed at what Gordan's loins could create," The Joker smiled to himself and seemed to lick his chomps. "I think I might just wanna keep you. As my pet."

She tried with all her might to struggle and get away as her survival instincts kicked in. She attempted to kick at his lower areas but he spun her around and pulled her roughly to himself as she fought like a wildcat with all the strength she could muster. "You have a lot of fight in you," The Joker grunted. "You're going to be quite enjoyable to tame!" Finally she managed to scream only to have it cut short by a cloth shoved over her mouth and nose. She could feel a wet substance on the cloth as she involuntarily inhaled it into her lungs. She fell into darkness.


She felt as though she didn't know who she was. That she was a nameless entity floating in space. Then dizziness and the sickening feeling she got whenever she woke up on a hangover. Slowly her recollection was coming back. She opened her eyes, and the room spun around here. She was in a comfortable king sized bed, unfamiliar to her. "Rise and shine little bunny." The voice struck through her soul like a blade.

"AH!" She screeched and cowered as she saw the man from her nightmares standing before the bed, a maniacal smirk plastered on his makeup smeared face.

"Aw, I'm sorry did I startle you?" He laughed. As she sat curled up and cowering on the bed, she tried to take in her surroundings, her mind racing, trying to think of a way to escape this hellish situation. She noticed the window to her left, and the outside scenery. She assumed she was in a mansion of some sort, obviously a hide out of the Joker's, somewhere in the outskirts of Gotham. "Welcome to your new home little pet," The Joker laughed again and strolled his way towards her. He was approaching her from the left, and she glanced at the door on the other side of the room. It was half way open.

Her instincts kicked in again and she flew off the bed, literally trying to throw her weight as far as possible. She dashed for the door. She didn't get far. A very powerful force gripped her arm tightly, stopping her abruptly. He threw her back on the bed like a feather. "Naughty little bunny. Trying to run away already, and while I was speaking too. Very rude of you." He cackled. He seemed to laugh a lot.

Stacey suddenly felt her heart fill with rage. There was no way she was going to be taken without a fight. "Don't you touch me you disgusting freak! My father is friends with Batman. He'll be here soon and you'll be sorry!" Stacey couldn't help but feel how childish that sounded. She was trying to be strong despite how frightened she was. She could still hear the shake in her voice. She felt like a frightened five year old trying to be brave.

The Joker burst into hysterical laughter, holding his sides. Finally when he was done laughing, tears in his eyes, he spoke "I do hope Batman does show up. I'm in the mood for a bit of fun!" He advanced on her again, and she backed up frantically on the bed. He brought a gloved hand to her face. "I do have a new toy to amuse me though," She shuddered as he ran his cold gloved fingers along her cheek.

Without thinking, she spat hard in his face, and as he flinched, her spit in his eyes, she once again took every ounce of strength she had in her little body and slammed both of her fists on his head, pounding away like a mad woman. He backed away a little in surprise and she managed to slip passed him. She dashed like lightening for the door, flung it open and flew down the hallway, not even thinking that the Joker might have armed henchmen somewhere in the house. Her thoughts were only on getting the hell out of there! He was faster though. Wiping her spit out of his eyes, he lunged at her and picked up her entire frame, hugging her small body to his chest. "THAT….was not very wise!" He hissed angrily, in a much lower and frightening voice than she had heard yet. She felt the butterflies in her stomach crawling up to her throat and wanting to leap out of her mouth.

"Nooo, noooo, help!" She yelled, feeling she had no hope left, too scared to even cry. He cradled her hard against his chest, tight like a vice. He carried her back to his room and kicked the door shut behind him. She felt so weak and helpless. He tossed her back on the bed, hard. Then, grabbing her golden locks, he forced her to look up at him.

"Look at me." He ordered. She forced herself to look up at him, frightened.

"P..please…" She managed to squeak.

"Naughty little girl. What did I tell you about trying to escape? Naughty little bunnies get punished!" He said gruffly, but a hint of amusement returned to his voice. He picked her up roughly again and sat himself on the bed. He tossed her over his lap, pinning her down. She would barely whimper in protest. She tried to claw her way free, but he grabbed her arm and pinned it to her side, the rest of his arm easily pinning her down by the small of her back. She heard him chuckle to himself. "Such a feisty little baby," He teased. "Well, you were raised by a cop. What a shame that is. It does make this more fun though," He laughed.

He pulled the glove off of his other hand with his teeth and spit it out. "I do like using my bare hands for this," He chuckled. Stacey started crying into the bed comforter, not knowing exactly what he planned to do with her.

"Please stop, please let me go," She choked.

The Joker snickered. "Why is the widdle baby crying? I haven't even started yet." He patted her bottom. She was still wearing her gym sweats. "Widdle bunnies have to learn, running away and spitting at their masters is very, very naughty," He laughed again. He yanked her sweats down fast to her knees and she wailed. He admired her pink cotton panties. "How cute. Little pink panties. How fitting for Gordan's widdle princess." He teased. He ran his fingers slowly over her bottom. She flinched and gritted her teeth, as he slowly tugged her panties down to join her sweats, revealing her bare bottom to his hungry eyes. "Very lovely indeed. I'm impressed. And you aren't adopted you say?" He smirked as he stroked her quivering cheeks.

"Whatever you plan to do just get it over with you sick pervert!" She screeched. It was rewarded with a sharp "smack!" to her bottom and she cried out in pain.

"You don't learn do you? Well, you better learn fast if you know what's good for you," He hissed coldly, and began to wail at her bottom with his bare hand. He slapped one cheek at a time, hard and fast, the smacking sound echoing off the walls. Her pale bottom quickly transformed to a crimson red as he showed no mercy on her poor soft skin.

"Stoooppp, stop please, ah!" She kicked, and begged and pleaded.

"This is what will happen if you disobey me, understood?!" He scolded harshly, as he continued to wail on her. She had never been spanked before and had no idea how painful it could be. And he was only spanking her with his bare hand! Her bottom was on fire. To her relief, he ceased for a moment. "Now what do we say? Hmm?"

She whimpered weakly as if she was on her last breath, and cried hysterically into the bed comforter. He slapped her bottom sharply again. "Are we sorry?" He slapped her bottom again, even harder this time, forcing her to jolt up.

"Yessss," She managed to get out, just wanting this humiliating nightmare to end.

Another sharp smack.

"Tell me you're sorry. Say 'I'm sorry daddy for running away.' Say it!" He smirked to himself evilly.

"I'm sssorrry for running away!" She peeped, willing to say anything he told her to say just to make him stop.

"Excuse me? I'm sorry what?" No answer. He began wailing on her again.

She had a hard time saying it. Her pride wouldn't allow her, but the pain was stronger than her pride and within her cries she managed to squeak it out. "I'm sorry daddy, for running away!"

He stopped and smiled to himself maliciously. He patted her sore bottom. "Good little bunny. I'm your daddy now. Do you know why? Your real daddy isn't coming for you. You're mine now. Do you understand?" He stroked her head softly for a moment as she cried. "Your bottom did turn red quite fast. You are a delicate white little bunny aren't you?" He rubbed her bottom a bit but the softness of his touch only lasted a moment, then he jerked her roughly off his lap and tossed her back on the bed. Her panties and sweats had fallen to her ankles.

"Now then," He said, standing up from the bed and walking to the window "Daddies got some important business to attend too sweetheart. Got some important matters to discuss with some big bad men in the other room." He laughed to himself. "As well as some other…important things to attend too," He grinned. Chills ran up Stacey's spine. "Oh and you might wanna think twice before you try to escape again," He said, as he locked the window. "This place is heavily guarded, and if I catch you again," He continued, eyeing her seriously and shaking his head, "Well, we wouldn't want me catching you trying to escape again. Those little…love taps I just gave you? Well those were nothing princess."

Stacey sniffled to herself and wiped the tears away from her bloodshot eyes. "Now you just wait in here for a while and think about what you did," He laughed hard to himself. Stacey felt a mixture of anger and fear boiling in her blood. "I wont be long." He slammed the door shut, and she heard it lock on the other side.


Her heart beating within her chest, thumping so loud it was like a jackhammer in her head, Stacey paced the room, every so often glancing out the window. Armed henchmen patrolled all areas of the mansion, some holding dangerous pit bulls on leashes. When she was sure they weren't staring into her room, she closed the curtains on the window, feeling uneasy with just the thought that they might be watching her.

In her mind, she went over all her options of escaping. There was really nothing in that room she could use as a weapon. If only she were strong enough to break off one of the bed posts, but she wasn't. She weighed barely a hundred and five pounds, and the Joker almost seemed to be able to overpower her with one finger. Her only option was her agility and speed. Perhaps the henchmen would grow tired and she would be able to slip herself out of that window, and crawl through bushes. She shuddered at the thought of the Joker catching her again though, but it was either attempt an escape or stay there and rot.

Her one other hope was that her father and Batman would find her. Batman always seemed to find criminals. Perhaps being patient and sticking it out was her safest option. But the Joker was Batman's greatest nemesis. He was an evil genius. Who knew what this maniac had planned.

It had been over an hour since the Joker left her alone in that room, and she wasn't looking forward to him coming back. Curious as to what was going on in the other room, she held her ear against the door. She could make out the voices of several men. The Joker's was the most distinctive out of all of them. From what she could decipher, it seemed as though the Joker was briefing his men on some plans to retake the city. The Joker planned to start where he left off, and he seemed determined to make Gotham his city.

Finally, she heard the Joker dismiss his men from the room, and then footsteps growing louder, and louder, inching closer to the bedroom. Those pesky butterflies returned to her stomach, and she jumped away from the door. She knew it was silly, but she found herself crawling underneath the bed to hide. She knew the Joker wasn't stupid, but she figured if she was out of his site he'd leave her alone for now.

Huddled underneath the bed, she heard the door creak open. The Joker entered the room, shutting the door behind him. He looked around the room and smirked. "Staaaacey," he cooed. "Now where could she be?" he mocked. "Could she be hiding in the walls? Underneath the floorboard?" He kneeled down and eyed her frightened form underneath the bed. "There you are, I would have never guessed," He laughed and she flinched as he reached for her arm and dragged her back out.

She shook in his grasp, physically and emotionally exhausted. "Please, haven't you tortured me enough?" She asked weakly.

"Of course not," He chuckled. "We can play hide and seek later. Right now it's time for a bath. I like my pets clean." He flashed her a toothy grin, giving her goose bumps.

"This room doesn't have a bathroom attached unfortunately, but don't worry. I've had the master bedroom fixed up especially for us, perfect for my new pet." As he gripped her arm tight, she could almost feel him drooling on the inside.
She struggled weakly, but he merely pulled her roughly to himself. "Don't struggle kiddo. It is futile," he chuckled.

Feeling the urge to tell him to take his disgusting paws off of her, Stacey wisely decided to keep her mouth shut not wanting to provoke him to give her another spanking. Her bottom was still incredibly sore even though it had been over an hour since he had punished her. She could only whimper meekly to herself as he dragged her out of the room and forcefully escorted her down the hallway. They passed one of his henchmen on the way, a big gruff looking fellow, and he looked her up and down like a wolf eying it's prey. Stacey shuddered to herself, and the Joker also noticed the man looking. He shot him a cold dangerous stare, and the man quickly looked away like a frightened dog that had been beaten by it's master. Even the biggest and scariest looking men here feared the Joker. He was a man that was not to be messed with.

He dragged her up a flight of stairs in the living room, leading her to the master bedroom. When he opened the door, the layout of the room wasn't at all what she was expecting. She was dreading to see some sort of torture devices displayed around the room, but it was laid out like one would design a room for a little girl. A pink frilly comforter covered the king sized bed, and pink fluffy pillows piled on top of it along with some stuffed bunnies.

Stuff animals and dolls were also scattered across the room, and a girly night stand with a mirror and music boxes displayed across it. A rocking horse was in the center of the room along with what looked like a cage or a playpen for a child with a cover over it. "What is that for?" She asked weakly, pointing to the cage. She just had to ask. It was large enough to fit in but not tall enough to stand in.

"When little bunnies are bad they get put in their cage," The Joker cackled. "But do you like what I've done with the place? Perfect for a widdle girly girl isn't it? For a little Gordon princess? Oh I forgot…he's not your daddy anymore," he snickered. The guy really was a loon. She was starting to understand. He seemed to enjoy morbidly twisting things that were normally innocent. Perhaps that was the reason for his choice of clown attire. Some of the dolls in that room did look rather creepy.

He slammed and locked the door behind him. "Time for a bath for daddy's little girl," He mocked her, and forcefully escorted her to the large bathroom. Even the curtains on the tub were little girlish, with little bunnies and flowers displayed on them. He kneeled down, and still gripping her wrist tightly, he turned the water on and ran her a bath.

"You aren't going to burn me to death with hot water are you?" Stacey asked with a shake in her voice. Then she inwardly cursed herself, hoping she didn't give him any ideas. She just liked knowing her coming fate.

He responded with yet another snicker. "What would I do with a burned pet? I like my pets smooth and in one piece. I have no use for a destroyed one," He laughed. "If I'm in the mood for some burning or some cutting, or maybe a little trigger happy shooting, I have my men for that." He laughed harder.

Stacey could almost sigh in relief. She now knew he only wanted her as a sex slave of some sort, or something of that nature, a toy to fulfill his perversions. The thought wasn't pleasant, but it was still better than him taking a gun to her, or using his knife to carve her face to look like his own, something he was famous for doing to his enemies, and that was one of her biggest nightmares. But she never recalled hearing much about his female victims.

"Now get undressed," he ordered her forcefully. She hesitated for a moment, still not used to being told what to do, even in the presence of a mad man. Before she could respond though, he stood back up and pulled her closer to himself. "On second thought," He continued, "You won't be needing these anymore, anyway." She couldn't help but struggle a little as he ripped her shirt off completely and tossed it aside. Then he unhooked her bra with a flash and yanked it off too. Her arms instinctively covered her breasts. "Very nice," he grinned.

She squeaked as he picked her up with one arm and yanked her sweats and panties down in one quick motion with the other, ripping them completely off.

Setting her back down, she was now completely naked and shivering. To her surprise, he tested the water again with his hand, making sure it wasn't too hot for her. She grimaced as he ran his other hand smoothly up her thigh. His hand was rough. "You have such soft delicate skin," he gazed at her lustfully. "Like a babies. I like it…I like it a lot. Mustn't destroy this. I take good care of my prized possessions," with the look he was giving her, she feared he would rape her at any second.

He picked her up surprisingly gently this time and set her in the tub. She knew the gentleness couldn't last long though.


To be continued...(had to sleep LOL)