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Fushigi Yuugi : Genbu Kaiden - Rimundo Style!

Chapter 1

I breathed in the cold air on Mount Kokureishin. It stung my dry throat. I knew I hadn't been there more than 2 days, but boy was it freezing! Unconsciously, I shivered.

'Damn demons can't just hurry... you just have to keep a man waiting,huh?' I sighed. Well, I wasn't technically a man at the moment.

Bored out of my mind, I reviewed the plan Soruen had laid out for me. Step One : Give myself in to the police and allow them to carry out the 'death' sentence. Step Two : Let myself get chained up on a pole somewhere on Mt. Kokureishin. Step Three : Wait till the demons came, slaughter 'em, find Soruen and escape while everybody thought I was dead.

"This will work, Rimundo-sama," Soruen had said to me. I complied with his plan just because I couldn't think of anything else. So I had let myself be chained up, apparently 'left to die' on Mt. Kokureishin.

Unfortunately for me, Step Three was taking much longer than I expected. It had already been two days, and I hadn't even seen one claw of a demon yet. I sighed again, this time in frustration.

Suddenly, the wind around me picked up, blowing against my clothes and clearing some snow off my shoulders.

'That isn't my wind…' My eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

'Could it be the demons? Nah, no demon I know can produce wind…'

Suddenly, a silver light flashed before my eyes. After looking around for a second and seeing nothing, I dismissed it as an illusion.

Moments later, light footsteps could be heard, heading directly at me. 'Soruen? Did he come looking for me? It hasn't been that long…has it?' I looked up, expecting to see Soruen.

Whoa. That is most definitely NOT Soruen.

The person who stood in front of me was a girl, her long black hair flowing out behind her as she looked at me with a puzzled look.

"Um…is this Mt. Iwate?" she asked me hesitantly, like she was lost or something.

'Mt. Iwate? Where in the world was that?' I opened my mouth to tell her that I didn't know of such a place when I sensed the scent of demons in my wind. Panic filled my senses, but I didn't let it show. I moved slightly in my chains. I HAD to get her outta here before the demons came!

"If you don't have any business here, I suggest you leave," my eyes reflecting annoyance. Hopefully she would get the message and scram.

The snow started to rise behind her. I guess she must've sensed the activity behind her because her eyes widened, and she turned around sharply. "What the-…" she mumbled to herself, looking at the gigantic demons behind her.

She turned away from me to face the demons. The demons started to roar, making her cover her ears. The demon lunged for her, as she leapt to the side, grabbing a stick that was on the ground. She held the stick up in a fighting stance, seemingly decided to fight them.

The demon lunged for her again, as she ducked and rolled to one side. She stood up quickly and whacked the demon over its eye. It howled in pain and collapsed in a heap. Before she could react, a claw was already headed for her. I sighed, knowing I had to help this girl. I released one of my wind blades, slicing the demon in half before it could even touch her.

"Ah, it can't be helped," I mumbled to myself. "Saving someone wasn't part of the plan, but I need to kill these demons anyway so why not?"

I let my wind blades slice through the chains that was holding me captive. After I was free of those annoying chains, I released one of my special moves, destroying each demon instantly.

I turned to look at her. Keeping my cool, I addressed her.

"I can't believe you'd go up against demons with a STICK. Are you brave or are you just stupid?" I scolded, pushing a strand of my hair behind my ears. Well, she thought I was a girl, right? Might as well keep it that way.

"Ya know, you're lucky to have found me. A single girl, wandering around this mountain…It can't be helped if you get eaten," I started to walk away, in the direction of the village.

The next thing I knew, was a shout, "I SAID WAIT!" and then everything went black.

When I came to, I realized my arm was slung over her shoulder. She supported most of my weight, while casting nervous glances around the village, probably looking for a place to stay.

"…That way," I managed to tell her. I tried to move my arm to point the direction, but my arm wouldn't co-operate. I could feel my consciousness slipping again, so I tried to tell her where the inn was.

"…Ahead…on the right…a place to stay," I didn't have time to think as I mumbled out the last sentence. "I 've paid for a room already…" I managed to say before I slipped into a light doze.

I mustn't have been sleeping a long time, because when I came to, I heard her asking for a doctor.

"Don't…I'm fine," I told her, though clearly I wasn't. I felt her drag me up the stairs, and she laid me down on the bed.

She was talking to me, then my chest felt bare. I knew that she was seeing my character for 'woman' on my chest. I remembered all the pain that that symbol had caused me. I thought of my actual father, and the man I considered my father, Tauru…

"Fa…ther..," I whispered. Everything was spinning ; I couldn't focus. All I could think of was the sudden warmth on my chest.

Then I realized she was on me ; trying to lower my fever. I could feel my Chi running out, I had no choice! I had to change form.

My character disappeared, my body became bigger, and my muscles more toned.

I picked at a strand of her hair. "You know, you're pretty forward," I said, as her eyes widened, and she screamed.

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