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Main Pairing: Kanda x Allen

Other Pairings: Lavi x Lenalee

Summary: AU high school. Allen and gang are transferred to a high school to retrieve an innocence, but most importantly, if they can't retrieve the innocence, they'll be stuck there FOREVER. Meanwhile, can Kanda and Allen's relationship bloom? YULLEN

Random OC for students and teachers:D

+Mission to Japan!+

"WHAT?!" They shouted in chorus. If you're wondering who the 'they' are, you've asked the right question. Allen, Lenalee, Kanda, Lavi, Miranda and Krory had just received a mission from our dear Komui-san.

"But nii-san, it's in Japan, Japan!" Lenalee said, tears in her eyes. "Yes, my Lenalee, are you crying? Who made you cry? If it's Lavi, I'll never forgive him!" Komui said, banging his fist on his table, causing the pile of paper avalanche on him.

"I'm alright, I'm alright. Ouch, paper cut!" Komui cried, making the others sweat drop.

"So, there've been some akuma sighting near Innocence High in Japan, Tokyo? And you want us to go undercover as students?" Lavi asked, scratching his chin.

"Che, what a stupid name for a High school…Innocence huh?" Kanda said, pissed off. "And why…why must I be in those morons' team?" Kanda complained. Secretly, he was glad that Allen was there too.

"We make a good team…right?" Miranda said shyly.

"Right!" Krory, Lavi, Lenalee, Miranda and Allen shouted, putting their hands together. Except for Kanda of course. "Ahem" Lenalee 'coughed'

"Right…" Kanda said, monotone-ly.

"Ok chop chop! Your flight leave in an hour. Lenalee my dear, I'll miss you! Come home soon!" Komui said, using his napkin to wipe his tears away.

"Yeah, if we ever get the innocence, we won't be coming home." Lavi added.

"Don't worry, once we come back, I'll ask Jerry-san prepare a feast for us!" Allen said, already drooling. "Wake up, moyashi!" Lavi said, whacking Allen's head.

The seven of them went back to their respective rooms to pack their stuff. Fifteen minutes later, they met at the under ground entrance where they're setting off.

"Kanda and Allen, row the boat." Lenalee ordered. "Why me?" Allen asked, pouting. Lenalee sent him a death glare that made Allen shut up. While rowing, they talked about random things. Finally, they reached the plane station, put their packages in the plane storage and went to their 'Special VIP seats'. The plane left the station punctually at 9.30am. They were to reach Japan and find the school in exactly 3days.

"3 days?" Lavi said shocked. "What do you expect you moron rabbit? Japan at the other side of the country." Kanda said curtly.

"Shall we play some poker?" Allen said, his monstrous poker-face came out. "NO!" All of them yelled.

In the end, the ended up playing poker as there was absolutely nothing to do on the plane. "Royal straight flush!" Allen cried, slamming his cards on his seat's arm rest. "Not again?" Lavi groaned, "It's the 5th time in a row" Miranda said, crying because she lost the most. "Muahahahahahahaha!" You cannot win me!" Allen said, his fiery poker-face-eyes came out.

Japan Plane Station 3rd day 9.30am (Allen's POV)

"Hey, it's reaaally punctual you know." Lavi said. "Of course moron, it's a private plane." Kanda said, holding his Mugen tightly. "IT IS?" Lavi said, shocked.

-sweatdrop- "Why do I even know him? He's too a moron for me to know him!" Kanda mumbled. "What is it called again?" Lavi asked scratching his flame hair.

"It's called 'Lavi the Moron' moron." Kanda said sarcastically. "Really?" Lavi asked again. "No you moron" Kanda replied, pissed at his red-haired friend moron-ness.

"Some times, I really do wish my boyfriend's not a moron." Lenalee said, loudly to me, making sure Lavi heard her.

"Hey hey, talking about me?" Lavi bounced towards his girlfriend and best friend.

"Nope!" Lenalee gave her best innocent smile. The rest of them went to collect their packages and flag a large taxi that can sit seven people.

"It'll be 116.5 Yen" The taxi driver said, placing out his hand. Lenalee took out the money that her brother gave them, "It's enough for you to buy a tank!" Komui said and passed it to the taxi driver. The six of us walked towards the School gate. The school was huge, not to mention their Dorms are like 5-stars hotel. "Welcome to Innocence High School" Was plastered on the Front gate of the school. We walked into the School, into the school office.

"Transferred from…" The reception lady said, look at them, "Black Order High School?" She said, reading from her pink clipboard.

"Y-yes" Lenalee replied, trying not to laugh. Nii-san…ha ha, Black order high school? Yeah right. It doesn't even exist.

"I can see you are here early…exorc- I mean students…" Said a loud and familiar voice. The fat man appeared. "Earl?" Allen said, hold his hand, getting ready to activate his innocence.

"Now now, Allen-kun. I'm the principal here. Come inside, all of you!" The Earl said, cheerfully, holding the pink umbrella, Lero. It was not talking.

"This may be a trap." I whispered to Kanda who was standing beside me. "Agreed. But we have no choice, he's the principal here." He snorted.

We followed behind him in six paces. " Don't be afraid. Come on in and make yourself at home." Earl said, showing them into a huge room. On the door it wrote, "Mr. Earl, Principal" The moment he closed the door, we dropped our packages and activated our innocence. "Relax!" Earl said, sitting down in his chair, "Let me tell you the FULL story…"

Twenty minutes later…

"So, you're telling us that you're a good guy now, and those akuma sightings were NOT the akuma you made? Yea like heck hell we would believe" Lavi said, still holding up his hammer.

"Yes, that's what I've been trying to tell you all for the past twenty minutes, but you still don't understand. You can call Komui-san you know." Earl said, showing Lavi his table-phone.

"It's okay, I'll use timcampy." I said, letting Tim out off my package. A few seconds later, I was connected.

"Komui-san, tell us, is the Earl now our ally?" I ask. "Of course, didn't I tell you?" Komui's voiced came out from Tim's Mouth. We could hear Reever-san shouting in the background and more 'paper avalanche' sounds. "Oops, I didn't tell you guys right?" Komui voice was sheepish. "OF COURSE!" We shouted. "Oops." Was the reply. "Well, now you know right? Co-operate with him children. HI LENALEE!" Komui said, before Lenalee could reply, the call was cut.

"Tsk, we believe you…I think" Kanda said, holding his Mugen. "Of course you do. I've specially put you seven in the same class and same dorm room. The dorm is VIP only. Well, yeah, Komui-san asked me to take care of you!" Earl said, laughing his usual evil laugh.

"Well, chop chop, your next class starts in an hour. Go pack your stuff now! All your study materials in on your bed!" Earl said.

"We share the same room? The seven of us?" Lavi said, blushing. So did the rest of us.

Hallway to the VIP dorm…

There was not a single soul/akuma in sight at the hallway. Probably all of the students were studying, we hurried to the VIP dorms, following Earl…I mean Mr. Earl. "Earl…I mean Mr. Earl, where's our class anyway?" I asked. "Damn, I'm not used to calling your Mr. Earl" I said again. "Ha ha, it's class 1-1, here we are!" Earl open the huge door and it revealed nothing like a normal dorm. It's damn freaking big, with all the furniture sparkling like gold. "I'll leave it to you, and your next class starts in another forty-five minutes. Don't be late, or I've no choice but give you detention!" He laughed and disappeared.

We walked around the room and found out that there were: two toilets, one for guys and one for girls, one humongous kitchen and the 2-door refrigerator filled with food, 3 rooms 2 bed each room, a huge library and a personal laptop for each student. "I wanna share a room with Lenalee!" Lavi shouted, jumping around. "Are you sure you won't do anything FUNNY to Lenalee?" I asked, narrowing my eyes. "If Komui finds out, he'll burst." Kanda said imagining how Komui would react. "It's okay…I guess" Lenalee said, holding Lavi's hand.

"C-can I share a room with you, M-Miranda?" Krory asked shyly. "O-Okay! T-Thank you!" Miranda shuttered. I turned to look at Kanda, and he turned to look at me. I smile politely and shouted, "Lavi, you said you're my best friend right? NOW, SWITCH ROOM WITH ME! I DON'T MIND SHARING THE SAME ROOM AS LENALEE!" I was actually lying. I really wanted to share a same room with Kanda, but I'm just not sure if he feels the same way, we're both guys you know…

"NEVER! I'll never share my Lenalee!" Lavi said, hugging Lenalee like someone trying to steal a child's sweet. "Dang, I hope Allen changes his mind and share a room with me." Kanda thought. "Che, whatever." Kanda said, not caring. "Alright, I'll share a room with…K-Kanda…" I said, trying the very best not to blush.

We went back to our rooms and put down our bags and change into our uniform. Since there was only one bathroom for each…glender, I decided to change in to room…with Kanda…don't blush, don't blush if not he'll ask you why. Don't blush…! I thought. I quickly took out my t-shirt (A/N: Btw, all of them wearing home clothes kay, not their exorcist uniform.), leaving me top-less. I turned around and saw Kanda topless too. I would have sworn I saw a blush on his face, but that wouldn't have been it. "Baka m-moyashi, you…have six-packs?!" Kanda said, wearing his uniform with his head down not letting me see his face.

"Hey! Are you insulting me?" I said, wearing my uniform too. "I didn't say that, it's a compliment baka" He said. We wore our pants facing the wall. (duh, if not I would have nosebleed already!) The both of us met the others at the living room. "Lavi, Kanda, bring your innocence with you." I said. "Che, I can't possibly bring a Katana to class!" Kanda coldly, but he was already holding his precious Mugen. "Let's go" I said, opening the door and locking it after everyone came out of the room. I placed my bag across my shoulders and walked quickly towards the classroom the Ear- Mr. Earl showed us.

Knock. Knock. Knock. "Come in!" Called another familiar voice. I slide open the door for class 1-1. "Ohayo-sensei, we're the six new transfer students here." I bowed down. When I looked up, the teacher –gulp- was none other then Tyki Miki! "TYKI?!" The six of us shouted. "The exorc- I mean you're the six student Earl told us?" Tyki shouted.


"…"Silence. We turned and look at the students, who were, of course staring at us. "Ahem, come on in, introduce yourself." Tyki said. "Wait, I'll introduce myself first. Tyki Miki, Mr. Tyki. Your home room teacher, mathematic, history and English teacher." Tyki said.

We walked into the classroom and stand in a straight line, since I came in first, I introduced first.

"Allen Walker is my name, I uh, am 15 this year, nice to meet you." I gave them the BEST smile I know. "Kyaaa!" "OMG! He's like so damn cute!" "I wonder if he has a girlfriend!" "Dude, you're cool! Love your white hair!" "What's with the star scar there?" The classroom was noisy.

"One by one students!" Tyki said calming the students down. A girl, with short dark hair raised up her hand, " What's with the scar?" She asked me.

"I-uh…got burned from a fire?" I said, lying. Another girl with brown hair said, "Do you have a girl friend" She asked. "I...don't?" I replied, not knowing what to say next.

"Yes!" "His mine!" "Mine!" "Mine!". Next was Kanda.

"Che, this is stupid. Yu Kanda, take it or leave it." Kanda spat out the words and turned away. "Kyaaa! He's sooo cute!" "I want to be his girlfriend!" "I love your long hair!" "It's so cute!" "Why's he holding a sword?" "Blab la blab la blab la" The girl from before, short dark hair raised up her hands again, "Can I be your girlfriend?" "No, now get lost, don't disturb me" Kanda said.

"Name's Lavi. Nice ta meet 'ya all. And I'm not single, She's my girlfriend so, give up hope!" Lavi said pointing at Lenalee and smiling as usual. "What a waste! I could be his girl friend!" "He's still cute!" There was no question for Lavi, I think because he's not single… -sweatdrop-

"Hi, my name is Lenalee Lee, yes, Lavi's my rabbit, SO DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM!" Lenalee said, her eyes going fiery at the last few words. "Wow, nice personality, I wonder if she can be my GIRLFRIEND." Again, no question for Lenalee.

"M-My name's Miranda Lotto…" Miranda said. "She looks too old to be in high school…" A guy, said, "Why are you so old?" "U-Um, because I mature faster?" Miranda said.

-cricket sound-

"My name is Aystar Krory" Krory tried to smile but couldn't...

-cricket sound-

"Okay class, we'll start our lessons now, please take a seat. Choose a partner guys." Tyki said.

Once again, Kanda was my partner, of course I was happy! "Kand-" I said but was interrupted by the door sliding open.

"ALLEN!" A female voice cried out. It was too familiar to be true!

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