A/N: soo… here is the start of secrets reveiled. Hope you'll like it. (uuh YES, THIS IS DNAngel O.o. you're not imagining stuff. It's a part from Sensei's point of view to start with n.n


"Maeko! Are you home!?" The door slammed open, and the soon to be teacher gasps. Damn this was a bad position to be caught in. He looked down at the one year younger boy, Makoto, before pulling out of the boy, and shamefully covering himself.
"Care to explain?" his mother asks. He looked down, while a blush covers his face. "I-uuhh-I-" The younger boy sat up as he noticed that his lover was having problems explaining the situation. "miss. Uuh Hii. I'm Makoto, I – uh—am your sons lover." Maeko's mother blinked. "I am gay mom." The soon to be teacher said. She smiled. Which surprised him completely. "well good luck son." She said smiling, before leaving the room."


Sensei shot up. "aah fuck it. 6 months since I saw Satoshi and Daisuke like that, and since then I have this flashback every night. He looks besides him at the younger 15 year old teen who is laying next to him. Softly he caresses the cheek before standing up, and leaving the room to go and wash him. It was only a little more than an hour till he needed to be at work.

Today would be another day were he would give Daisuke and Satoshi the task to clean the art-room, so the two boys could be together sometimes. He sighed

After he had washed himself, he walked to his room to wake his lover up. "hey…" He softly shook the smaller boy. "wake up." He said softly, smiling as the other turned himself around, groaning. "You need to be at school in an hour."

The younger immediately sat up, and ran to the bathroom to wash himself.

--Daisuke en Satoshi--

"Daisuke, Satoshi. You two are cleaning the art room today. Saehara. You need to stay late to make the homework you once again forgot." Sensei said, just before the last schoolbell rang, and everybody except the four of them left.

Daisuke grinned at Satoshi, knowing what was probably about to happen next. Passionate kissing and touching in the art-room. Of course they needed to clean too, else the others would notice.

Both boys left the class, almost running to the art-room. When they entered they immediately locked the door, and hugged tightly, sharing a passionate kiss.

After about 5 minutes of tongue wrestling, the need for air became too strong, and they needed to let go. Blushing, they gazed at each other. Deciding to first clean the room quickly, then go to somewhere were they have some privacy.

When the room was finnaly cleaned, they took their bags. "weird… I have the feeling I forgot something." Said a blushing Daisuke as he opened his bag. "damn… my book."

Satoshi smiled at the younger. "let's get it quickly." The blunette said as he took Daisuke's wrist, and pulled the red-head with him to the class.

Softly they opened the door, and gazed inside with shocked eyes. "maekoooohhh" they heard someone's voice moan.