Daisuke snuggled closer, and laid his head on Satoshi's chest. "Aishiteru Satoshi." He said silently before drifting off to sleep. "love you too my love." The other responded, as he followed Daisuke to dreamland.


Daisuke opened his eyes as his alarm clock made his irritating beeping sound. He softly groaned, and sat up, he deactivated his alarm and looked over to his boyfriend.

"Satoshi…We need to go to school." He said before he crawled out of the bed and got dressed quickly.

Suddenly the door slammed open, and Emiko stood there. "ah!" Daisuke yelped and dropped his shirt he was about to put on. "Dai-chan… you were too slow today." She said with a little smirk.

Softly Satoshi groaned and sat up, gazing at Emiko, and then noticing he didn't have any sheets on him. Quickly he grabbed the sheets and covered himself before crawling out of the bed, searching for his clothes. On the moment he grabbed for his boxers, Kosuke came to stand next to Emiko. "Daisuke,… Satoshi.." He said sleepily. "next time… not so loud please." He yawned, and both boys (of course) were beat-red.

Satoshi softly putted on his boxers under the sheets, and then started to search for his other clothes. Emiko grinned. "I'll let you two get dressed completely." She said before pulling Kosuke with her out of the room, and closing the door.

Immediately after the door closed, Satoshi dropped the sheet and smiled softly as Daisuke walked to his jacket on a very weird way.

Softly he walked to the other, and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him closer.

"Does it hurt?" he asks silently before nuzzling his face in the red-heads neck. Daisuke's face softly changed his color to pink. "only a little." He said silently, grinning at the elder. Satoshi smiled and let go of his uke, dressing himself completely.

They both walked downstairs, Daisuke still on his weird way, and when they were done eating, Satoshi called his limo, and they drove to school.


"hey Daisuke." The red-head turned his face to his best friend after finally sitting comfortable. "Been naughty?" The green-haired asked smirking, and Daisuke turned red. "that's seems like a yes to me" Takeshi snickered. "looks like we've been not the only ones…" Satoshi (who since a few months sat behind Daisuke) said, pointing to Sensei.

Now Takeshi was the one to turn red. "you know…" Satoshi said. "you would expect Sensei to be seme.. Why is it the other way around?" Takeshi turned now even redder. "it's not always that way you know… We change places." A little more red came to his already red face.

Satoshi and Daisuke now both grinned before turning their faces to the front again.

"Niwa, Hiwatari, Why are you two grinning like that?" Sensei asked glaring. "ie.. Sensei.. It's nothing." Satoshi says softly, still grinning. "somehow I don't believe that… After class you tell me what it was about." Satoshi and Daisuke nod, making Takeshi grin too now.

When Sensei was back facing the board, Satoshi smirked at Takeshi. "I was wondering.." He whispered at the green-haired boy. "I thought Sensei first didn't want to be with you?"

Takeshi blushed. "and after a week, you two had sex already, how come…" He whispered smirking, making Takeshi even redder.

"I-it didn't even take a week." He said blushing. "Sensei got drunk, and then the guilt of me being younger kinda disappeared, and then ..uh… you know.." He said now even redder. "ah… interesting." The bleunette said smirking, before turning his face back to the front of class.

--back at home—

"Toshi… I still feel it." Daisuke said silently, blushing like mad. "hmm… made you feel like a virgin again, did I?" the bleunette asked teasingly, making Daisuke turn even redder. "h-hai." "how about if I give a kiss on it, to ease the pain?" The bleunette said teasingly again, moving his hands to the boy's hips.

"ah teaser." Daisuke said, gently pushing the other away. "If I'd let you do that, it'd end in sex again, you horny bleunette." "hmm wakata ( I know)" said one answered. "hor-ny." Daisuke says glaring as he pokes the other on the chest.

The bleunette softly placed a smirk on his face, making Daisuke glare even harder. "You're planning something aren't you?" he asked, and Satoshi nodded, his smirk grew wider. "what?" "hmmm…." Satoshi smirked softly and grabbed for Daisuke's wrist, pulling him to the bathroom.

"Toshiii… not two days after each other… " he said wincing, making the bleunette snicker. "Who said we were going to do 'it'?" he as he pushed the redhead underneath the shower, turning on the cold water.

"iiieekkk! C-ccooollldd!"

Satoshi snickered and turned on the hot water too. He undressed himself and walked underneath the shower next to the redhead.

He takes the shampoo and started washing the others hair. "I'm only going to wash you…. Then take you to the bedroom and massage you." "with intention of something more isn't it?" "nowp." He softly snickered and started to wash the soap out of Daisuke's hair.

"For some reason I don't believe that…" the redhead says softly. "I know you…" Satoshi snickered. "If you keep acting like this… you'll make me…" Daisuke blushed and now took the shampoo too, starting to wash the elder's hair. "you're always so horny……" he said teasingly. "take a break for a while." He softly poked Satoshi's belly button.

Satoshi softly yelped. "hey…. You're the one making me horny…" he says teasingly. Before washing Daisuke and then himself. He slowly turned of the water and pulled the younger to the bedroom, pushing him on the bed. "hey!" Daisuke yelps. "I'm a good boy." The bluenette said snickering before crawling on Daisuke's back, laying his hands on his shoulders, softly squeezing them.

Daisuke felt himself relax, and he softly closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep. Satoshi softly smiled and crawled of the younger, laying himself next to him before drifting off to sleep too.

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