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…Previously in Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha…

The final battle between Naruto and Sasuke proved fatal. Sasuke was killed in the hands of Naruto but the Uchiha managed to land a fatal blow on Naruto, destroying the blonde ninja's heart. In the end, they both had lost their lives.

In death, Sasuke had summoned Fate in efforts to fix his mistakes. He blamed it on the curse mark given to him by Orochimaru, he was never able to get rid of it and in the end; it had caused him to act like a killer beast. He was denied his request.

Naruto, after having regain consciousness, grew shock at what had happened. Sasuke explains the situation in which Naruto agreed with Fate, that Sasuke shouldn't be granted this chance. After explaining his reasons, Naruto then waits for death or whoever to finally take him where he needs to go while Sasuke becomes angry since all he wanted to do was fix his mistakes.

Fate later approaches Sasuke with a new idea, instead of sending Sasuke back, why not send Naruto. At first, Sasuke refused the idea firmly before finally showing some humbleness and agreeing. Fate offered Naruto the second chance, she chose a world where Naruto was never born and decided to send Naruto to the empty shell of a young Sasuke Uchiha to correct what the original Sasuke had done. And with Sasuke finally agreeing and offering Naruto some advice and a good luck in the end, Naruto disappeared to start his new journey, leaving Sasuke in the hands of Fate…


Sasuke shielded his eyes as the bright flash of light blinded him. The light dimmed down as Sasuke placed his hands down and stared at the white empty space Naruto had just disappeared from, 'good luck, Naruto,' Sasuke thought, bowing his head slightly.

"Uchiha," her voice commanded Sasuke's attention. It was no longer soft and warming but stern and a bit sorrowful.

Sasuke faced her, watching as her red pupil eyes stared at his soul, "your request has been accepted, now it is time for you to accept your fate," she snapped her fingers as chains erupted from the ground, latching onto Sasuke's body, preventing him from moving.

The Uchiha didn't struggle as the chains enveloped him, stopping him from moving. His head sank low, his eyes staring at the floor. He knew what would happen now, the sins he had committed.

"The underworld awaits you," Fate snapped her pale white fingers again as Sasuke floated from his spot and started drifting towards Fate.

Fate was about to move but she felt another presence.

"Sister," A new figure appeared as Sasuke looked up curiously at the new voice.

He widened his eyes as he stared at two people who looked almost exactly the same, "T-Twins!?" he spoke out.

They both turned to stare at him as Sasuke was graced with their full figures. They both had the same appearance, their body matching the goddesses with an athletic build, pale white skin, red eyes, and rose colored lips. The only difference between the two was that the Fate he knew was wearing a black kimono and had red hair tied in a samurai warrior fashion. This new person he was staring at, she was wearing a white kimono and she had golden blonde hair that wasn't tied but instead, let loose.

Fate raised a brow as she explained to the Uchiha, "yes, in a way we are siblings," she placed a hand on her waste, "I go by many names Uchiha, but most people like to either call me Destiny or Fate…I prefer to be called Fate since…"

The twin interrupted with a voice a bit lighter and softer than Fate's own, "Since I like to be called Destiny," she finished with a smile as Fate sighed.

"Destiny, aren't you supposed to be watching the other worlds?"

Destiny nodded, "of course, I made more of myself and left them to watch the others," she moved forward, towards the dead captive, "I was just wondering what you were doing in this world, isn't the death god supposed to collect this soul," she poked Sasuke in the cheek.

A twitch appeared on Sasuke's forehead, his eyes narrowed a bit, "please, don't touch me," he said in irritation as Destiny raised an amusing brow.

"This is none of your concern," Fate twitched a finger which moved Sasuke's body in the air; "I am just delivering him to the death realm," she stared at Sasuke who looked away in shame, "his crimes earned him a place in hell."

"Oh," Destiny stared down as Fate continued with her path.

"Sister," Destiny stared up again as Fate stopped and turned to stare at her.

"What is it?"

Destiny watched her, her eyes confused, "this isn't your job, I still don't understand why you're…" she widened her eyes, "No you did it again!" Destiny gasped as Fate looked away with her mouth quirked together.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she continued moving again and jerking on the floating Sasuke who wondered what was going on.

Destiny appeared in front of her. She had her hands on her sides, staring at her sister who started to sweat, "you just done one recently and now you did one again didn't you?"

Fate turned her head aside, "I did nothing, I'm just helping out once in a while that's all."

Destiny shook her head, "it's not fair, why do you always choose these things," she pouted as Fate turned back to her and sighed while staring down, "You switched lives again, you know how dangerous that is."

"Listen, I know what I'm doing, it's for the best," Fate smiled while placing a hand on Destiny's shoulders, "look, we cannot leave our orbs for too long, we must return soon."

Destiny shook her head, "I just arrived, my orbs are secured but you've been here longer. Don't you think you need to return back?"

A surprised look crossed Fate's face, "your right," she stared at Sasuke before turning back to Destiny, "I need to return now, can you please take care of this," she stared at Destiny who watched the dead captive with a bit of interest in her godly eyes. She nodded.

"Thank you," Fate's body was disappearing, "we'll continue this discussion later ok."

Destiny nodded as Fate finally disappeared. She floated towards the hovering body. Sasuke watched her, wondering what was that all about, he didn't understand what they meant by orbs.

Destiny stopped in front of him before smiling. Suddenly Sasuke felt the chains around him loosen. The chains clattered, moving around his body before finally disappearing. He stared up at the goddess, watching as she approached him.

"Orbs are the worlds that we watch over," she answered to Sasuke's surprise before remembering that if Fate was able to read minds then of course the twin sister would be able to do so as well.

Destiny giggled, "Don't assume we are reading minds mortal. Our powers are a bit more complex then that but anyways," she turned around and started moving away, she signaled Sasuke to follow, "I would rather you walk than for me to drag you in chains, now come child."

Sasuke quirked his lips before following.

"To explain orbs," Destiny started to lecture, "they simply are different dimensions that where created by Lord Kami entrusted to our care, that's all I'll say," she stopped, halting Sasuke before facing him, " now," she moved close, "It is time to see what my sister did."

"Huh," Sasuke was suddenly frozen in place; he felt something freeze his whole body as he stared at the goddess in front of him. Her eyes where closed but he spotted the glowing energy at the center of her 

forehead. It glowed brighter for another moment, blinding Sasuke again before it all stopped and Sasuke was released. He fell to his knees, panting hard as Destiny frowned.

"Sorry about that," Destiny kindly helped him up, "I found it easier to read your soul rather than to ask you."

"Read my soul?" Sasuke asked confused and still shock at the power displayed as he took her hand and stood up, "like palm reading?"

Her lips scowled, "you are lucky you are mortal or I would have taken that as an insult," she shook her head before explaining, "let's just say, now I know everything there is about you."

She stared at him in sadness, "this deal Fate made with Naruto and your body, I see you're truly ok with this?"

Sasuke nodded while staring up at her proudly, "I know what will become of me and I am ready to accept the consequences," Destiny watched with curious eyes as the proud Uchiha spoke, "I screwed up one world already, I don't want it to happen again," she watched as his eyes suddenly became sad, "even if I cannot be the one to change it," he closed his eyes, "Naruto will…he was always the hero anyways."

She sensed a great deal of sorrow deep inside the boy, but orders where orders, there was nothing she could do for him…or was there? An idea popped into her mind.

"My sister told me to take care of this," she stared at Sasuke who watched her movements, "So I will, come, we'll go somewhere away from my sister's prying eyes."

Before he could even talk, they suddenly disappeared.

In an instant, they appeared in a familiar white room, except this time, there was a glowing orb at the center. Sasuke stared at it in confusion before turning to Destiny.

"I cannot grant you the same deal as my sister but I find her decision a bit unfair," she placed her hand out as the orb flew towards her; it landed on the palms of her stretched out hand.

"But I can make you a different deal."

Sasuke perked up at the news, a chance to live again; of course he would take it.

There was a sad expression on Destiny's face, one that shook Sasuke inside.

"I saw in you, I see how much you want to change," she stared into his eyes, "If I place you in the heart of evil, will you still be able to turn good?"

She continued to stare into his eyes. There was a fierce determination in the boy's eyes, it impressed her. The answer was given without hesitation, "yes, I will do all I can."

Destiny nodded before straightening up and speaking in a commanding tone, "Sasuke Uchiha, you have been sentence to the life in the underworld but I will grant you mercy," she placed a hand towards him, "show me there is good inside a heartless when you will become evil itself," she placed the orb high up in the air, "this world will be your judgment."

Dark energy surrounded his body as he levitated towards the center of the room with the orb hovering above his head.

"W-Whats going on!" he yelled out before he felt it. Something stabbed him in the inside; he felt his emotions slipping while he brought his hands up to his face.

His eyes widened as he stared at his hands, it was transforming, turning harder, whiter, and sharper, they were becoming claws, but the most shocking part that literally tore his breath away was the hole growing in his chest.

His eyes slowly stared up to the sad face of Destiny. Something was forming in front of him, it was covering his face, his hands trembled but he couldn't move them, he couldn't touch it but he felt his mind disappearing. He was losing consciousness or he was losing his memory, to him, he felt like he was entering a deep sleep. When he wakes…or if he wakes, he wondered what would happen.

"You will forget your memories," he stared up at her voice that sounded so familiar. The person in front of him, why couldn't he remember who it was, "you will forget yourself," she continued speaking out to his suffering.

"You will become something without emotion," she looked away, "you will become a Hollow," her hands glowed with energy as the monster in front of her stopped moving, "this is my judgment to you Sasuke," the beast suddenly fell unconscious, "don't fail me." With a flick of her hand, yellow energies surrounded the beast and then he was no more.