Chapter 1-Getting Bloody

It was nighttime in Konoha, with most of its people asleep, out dining at a restaurant, or if on guard duty, were doing just that. Guard duty. However, there is one dark figure in the quieter more citizenry area of the Leaf village that this story focuses on when it starts, as a lone dark cloaked figure wearing a white mask walked to a single residence to fulfill his objective for the night.

His objective...was nothing more then the pain and suffering being delivered upon the one person residing in that one building, who was responsible for causing him pain years ago, and it was high time this person paid his debts.

This person was...Hatake Kakashi.

Right now that man wasn't home or at least not yet anyway having celebrated at a local bar over an occasion the masked warrior hated with a passion. Entering the house was not difficult, as Hatake Kakashi was so well respected that not one citizen in Konoha would have the nerve to break into the man's house, and possibly do something unspeakable to the veteran Shinobi.

They never met him before...or at least the new him anyway.

The masked figure loved the darkness of this place wondering why in the world he spent so many years trying to be apart of the side that filled with light. Ha! What a joke that was to him now it wasn't even funny making it all the more ironic in the complex mind of the unknown entity.

About an hour later, the masked mystery man sensed Kakashi coming home, drunk of course, and his senses dulled from several intakes of sake'. If the masked figure had a shred of his old self in him, he would almost pity Hatake, but not now, and he would never show this man mercy anymore.

Not even the mercy of death.

As expected, Kakashi entered the house stumbling slightly from his intoxication not caring if anyone saw him in such a state, and tried to walk to the living room to fall on the couch into a drunken sleep. Such an idea was interrupted however, when a figure appeared from the shadows of the darkened room, and his mask making him look like a spirit of sorts.

"Hatake Kakashi," said the figure, his voice a deathly whisper that helped Kakashi's inebriated senses slowly focus on the enigma.

"Yes," said Kakashi, as his mind began to become aware of the second uninvited person in his household, and moved a hand in a casual manner to his kunai holster near his leg.

"I've come to deliver vengeance upon you in the name of the one you have betrayed for another betrayer," said the masked figure taking another step forward casually.

"May I ask you just who I have betrayed?" said Kakashi while he silently opened his kunai pouch.

"Uzumaki Naruto," said the figure seeing the man's emotions play out on his drunken half hidden face.

"Naruto? That Kyuubi reincarnated spawn? The same Uzumaki Naruto, who killed my sensei, and so many Leaf Shinobi 17 years ago? I didn't betray him...I got justice for those that he killed when in his demon form," said Kakashi his voice becoming more serious despite the drunken state he was in.

"According to who? You think I am so stupid as to believe that poor excuse Hatake? I know the real truth behind your lies and I think if your sensei knew of your betrayal to Naruto 4 years ago at the Valley of the End, then he would have spit in your face, and denounced you in being one of his students," said the masked figure before he moved quickly in dodging several kunai and shuriken aimed at him by his prey.

"Shut up! You know nothing. Do you know who I am? I am Hatake Kakashi! The Son of the White Fang, the sensei to Uchiha Sasuke, and the slayer of the Kyuubi no Kitsune known in human form as Uzumaki Naruto!" said Kakashi trying to engage the figure in hand to hand combat.

"According to whom?" said the masked man his voice now becoming demonic before a flash of red appeared on the outline of his figure before the masked man moved so fast that Kakashi sober with Sharingan exposed would be no match for him.

'I-It can't be? He died?!' thought Kakashi his eye widening in shock, as his drunken state was nearly gone thanks to the adrenaline running through his veins, and as he reached for his headband to reveal the Sharingan Eye it was stopped by a hand on his wrist followed by a hand on the throat.

"You, along with all of Konoha will suffer, and all those in the Leaf will know that soon the very Shinobi village that the Shodaime founded over a century ago with his brother will!" said the figure behind into the scared man's ears before he gave the throat a tighter squeeze making Kakashi fall into unconsciousness moments later.

(Hokage Tower-The Next Day)

Tsunade sighed, as she waited for Kakashi to get to the Jounin meeting, and wondered why she was even holding onto the job she hated so much. She involuntarily grabbed the jewel around her neck that was near her large bosoms, which Jiraiya would have given his soul to the Shinigami to have his face deep in them, and said a silent prayer to the boy that made her believe again.

'Why did you have to die Naruto? Why?' thought Tsunade, as she closed her eyes while she held back the tears that threatened to overflow from them even now, and wished that things did not go how they did in the Valley of the End.

"Hokage-sama, may I go look for Kakashi? He's later then usual and this meeting can't be delayed by him any longer," said Asuma, who secretly wanted to smoke a cig outside since Tsunade had forbidden it, and the nicotine was getting to him.

"You might as well. Start with his house. Chances are the tardy bastard is still sleeping right now," said Tsunade seeing Asuma walk out the door knowing what to give the man for a wakeup call.

A good fist to his face.

The group before her consisting of Kurenai, Anko, Genma, Gai, Shizune, and of course herself waited for Asuma to come back with Kakashi. Anko was nibbling on a dango stick, Kurenai filed her nails, Gai was talking to Genma about wearing green spandex would make the senbon eating man near choke on the blasted thing, and Shizune was beside Tsunade waiting with a fidget in her step every few seconds. Tsunade herself was tapping the desk patiently before she was becoming impatient with her finger leaving a noticeable indent in the wood of her desk.

"Where the hell are those two?" said Tsunade getting angrier by the second while those in front of her became wary knowing she would hit anyone making a wrong move.

"Hokage-sama! Hokage-sama!" said Iruka running into the room looking deathly pale, his eyes widened to the point it looked like they would fall out of his eye sockets, and he was sweating heavily.

Though it was more out of fear then exhaustion.

"What? What's wrong?" said Tsunade looking at Iruka knowing that there were very few things that could frighten someone of Iruka's sound mind.

"It's Kakashi! H-He...he's been attacked. I need your help right away," said Iruka, as he motioned for her to follow him, and she did with all the others in the room.

They arrived at the man's Hospital room with muffled sounds of screaming being heard from it and for a moment Tsunade thought the man was being killed or not being given painkillers. Upon entering the room, the Hokage froze at the sight of the man, as she realized that no amount of painkillers given could stop the muffled cries of pain that Kakashi had endured.

Hatake Kakashi's body had, for the lack of a better word, been completely massacred, and was now covered head to toe in bandages with blood coming out of the wounds. Or rather if he had toes or hands even, but what frightened Tsunade was that Kakashi's body was barely half of what it once was when whole, and had it not been for such a sight of so much blood she would have screamed. His arms were missing just past the elbow, his legs just past where the knee caps would be, and his mouth was muffled from bandages covering his entire face.

"Hokage-sama! Were glad you are here. We've given him as many painkillers that his body can take," said one of the doctors, who nearly lost his lunch at the sight of the man when he was admitted into the Hospital by Asuma.

"What happened to his body? What are the injuries behind the wrappings?" said Tsunade though she was afraid to see for herself considering the bandages were quickly being consumed in blood.

"I've never seen anything like it. His body has been turned into something I cannot even begin to describe right now! We nearly lost him right when he came in, but at the same time there is something that is keeping him alive that I wish was somehow our work, and it's like the man is hanging to an invisible thread connected to whoever did this to him," said the doctor seeing the man or rather what was left of the man struggle to scream out in pain.

"What are his injuries?" said Tsunade with Shizune beside her ready to help not caring that the other Jounin were staring at Kakashi's broken form in shock and fear.

"Aside from the loss of his four limbs up to their joints, Hatake Kakashi was slashed, cut, stabbed, gutted, and finally mauled by his attacker. Either this was some sadistic enemy Shinobi or we could have another...," said the doctor only to be silenced by Tsunade, who was not going to let the man speak the next word.

The last thing Tsunade wanted was for rumors to get out of some kind of demon running around.

All of you head to Kakashi's home and get some Inuzuka Clan members in ANBU to help you find out what happened there," said Tsunade seeing the group nod and head off to Kakashi's home to find out who his attacker was.

"Hokage-sama, there is something else you should know," said the doctor seeing her attention back on her once more.

"What?" said Tsunade seeing the doctor looking extremely nervous right now.

"There is another reason why Kakashi had to be bandaged up along the face like he is now that I didn't want to say in front of the other Shinobi in the room. You see when we began to save him, we noticed that his Sharingan Eye along with his normal eye were missing, and to add further insult to injury...his jaw and tongue had also been ripped out as well," said the doctor seeing Tsunade's face turn pale as well.

"That's not possible!" said Tsunade her heart was beating faster in fear at just what she was now dealing with concerning this attack on Kakashi.

"It is Hokage-sama. I checked myself. Kakashi-san's tongue was ripped right out almost from where it first was and his jaw was broken in several places before whoever did this to him removed it. Someone or something did this to him that for all intended purposes wanted Kakashi to feel one thing. Pain...and lots of it," said the doctor knowing he was going to need to drown himself in sake' to make this nightmare go away.

(Outside the Hospital)

The cloaked figure, who had decimated Hatake Kakashi looked down from the building across the street to see the group of Shinobi minus Shizune and Tsunade leaving the Hospital towards the 'victims' home. He cocked his head to the right wondering if he should pay them a visit at the hospitalized man's home, but thought against it, as they were nothing to him, and his real objective lied with Konoha in general.

"It's finally time to set things in motion in making the Leaf village run red with blood," said the figure before heading out to do what he had planned.

(Kakashi's House)

"Who do you think could have done that to Hatake-san?" said Genma, as the mere sight of the once great Hatake Kakashi reduced to the closest thing to a walking corpse made his spine shiver, and let out a noise to follow it.

"More like what could have done that. I've seen my fair share of mangled bodies and let me tell you none of them were ever like that. Whatever happened in his house was done to punish the physical body. Kami only knows what happened to the poor bastard's mind from the ordeal," said Anko reaching the door covered in tape with ANBU guards at the sides of the door.

"It's not a pretty sight in there," said the ANBU with an owl mask on and had the group seen behind the ANBU's mask they would have seen it was greener then Maito Gai's spandex uniform.

Nodding the group entered the house finding that aside from the taped up living room, everything else was intact, but when they looked into the said living room area, their faces turned pale, and then green at the sight of it all. Blood was everywhere from floor to ceiling and on each of the walls in-between with words like "traitor", "murderer", and "cheater" running all over it them in Kakashi's blood.

"Holy shit!" said Anko seeing the group behind her nod their heads in agreement.

"Were here!" said Kiba with Hana behind him with their dogs only for the said animals to cower in fear at the scent that gripped their noses.

"What's wrong Akamaru?" said Kiba knowing that the scene was horrible, but not so bad that it would make his partner want to run away.

The dog gave a whining sound, as did Hana's dog, and the two Inuzukas looked at each other with worried eyes.

"Something you wish to share with us my frightened youthful friends?" said Gai seeing the look on their faces was not good.

"Akamaru says that...he can smell demonic charka in this room. It's the kind of chakra Naruto used during the Chuunin Exams against Neji," said Kiba seeing the group around him wince at that since Naruto's death had been a very sore subject for Tsunade and no soul in the village was safe from the Hokage's wrath if his name was mentioned in the investigation.

"Are you sure?" said Kurenai knowing that Hinata wouldn't stand for anyone smearing the dead boy's name.

Sakura had found that out the hard way in nearly losing an arm from one upset Hyuuga Heiress.

"Positive. My dog sensed it too. Its faint, but its there, and it's definitely the same kind as Naruto-san's was," said Hana wondering what this could mean for the Leaf.

"You don't think that...?" said Kiba only to be silenced by a glare from his older fellow Shinobi.

"We don't know. It's all speculation right now. Let's continue to gather what evidence we can and then report it to the Hokage when the time is right," said Kurenai with the others in full and began to help the investigative team find out what happened.

(Hokage's Office-4 Hours Later)

Tsunade collapsed into her chair exhausted from using every medical trick, technique, and Jutsu she knew of to fix what she could of Kakashi's body. She was so drained right now she didn't even want to touch sake' right now and that was saying something since she always had sake' after a hard day of doing anything.

'I wish Naruto was here. If he were I would give him this job right now and get the hell out of this dump to drink or gamble,' thought Tsunade wishing the boy was here, but no he was dead according to Kakashi having given his life to keep Sasuke in Konoha, and the blonde's body was destroyed by the clash of the two powerful Jutsus used in that fight leaving only the blood stained necklace to return to her.

"Senju Tsunade," said the masked figure walking out from the shadows making the woman look up at the figure before her.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?" said Tsunade rising to her feet and hoped she still had enough chakra in her body to still fight.

"That is irrelevant on both counts right now. However, I am here for a simple reason, and that reason is that you have something I want," said the masked man pointing to her chest and the necklace she wore.

"Many have said that and all those that wear it except me have died," said Tsunade, as she had no intention of giving this necklace up, and she got into a fighting stance.

Where in the hell were her ANBU guards?!

"If you are concerned about your ANBU guards outside the door, then I suggest you just don't bother worrying about them since they are dead, and focus more on me," said the masked man revealing a bloody hand stained in fresh guard of her ANBU, which told the Slug Princess this guy was telling the truth, and to take him seriously.

"You attacked Kakashi!" said Tsunade pointing an accusing finger at the figure, who just cocked his head to the side, as if wondering if what she said was true, and then brought it back to normal.

"The traitor got what he deserved. He betrayed someone close to you and that person's family. Do not pity him. Do not defend him. For if you do defend the traitor...I will do what I did to you," said the masked man holding out his hand, as if to tell her to throw the necklace to him, and a seemingly confident belief that she would.

"Need I remind you that I am a Hokage and to attack one will make you an enemy of the other hidden villages," said Tsunade hoping such a fear, as being hunted by all 5 hidden villages would make the enigma falter, and give her the opening she needed.

He didn't even budge.

"Nice bluff Tsunade, but it won't work. I've already destroyed a good portion of them already, and those that survived have already submitted to me," said the masked man with a sound in his voice sounding quite pleased with his work.

"Wait! Iwa, Kumo, and what was left of Mist have submitted to you? Then that means you are the...the...," said Tsunade her heart going much faster, as the memories of the various reports she got about those villages being decimated, and how they submitted to a single entity in the aftermath responsible for it.

"Correct. I am the Youkokage," said the masked figure seeing her eyes widen at the title he gave for himself though there was no actual hidden village to speak of he called his own.

He was a Kage without a village, yet commanded 3 separate villages, and each was now being rebuilt under his direct command.

The man that killed 200 Jounin from Sound, Orochimaru's right hand man Kabuto, he was the decapitator of the Tsuchikage, and the Raikage's while giving the latter to the Hyuuga Branch Clan in a box with the words "guilty" written on the dead bald Cloud Shadow's head. The former was sent to the Fire Daimyo with a note telling the Feudal Lord to not have anyone pursue him for anything that occurs later on in Fire Country or there would be hell to pay.

"Why do you want the necklace? To fund the 3 villages that kneel to you like wounded dogs?!" said Tsunade, as she saw him lower his hand, and she knew that he realized she wasn't going to willingly give up the Shodaime's necklace.

"No. Simply because the necklace you wear is not yours to have," said the masked man taking a step forward and Tsunade tensed while getting ready for an attack.

"What are you talking about? This necklace has been in my family since my Grandfather first founded this village," said Tsunade wondering what scheme this man was getting at with her.

"Yes. However, you bet that necklace against someone, who won that bet, and it belongs to him," said the masked man taking several more steps forward with Tsunade taking a careful step back.

"That person is dead. Killed by the curse of this necklace. Why you claim it to be yours I still don't see," said Tsunade feeling her body sweating, the tiny hairs on her neck were standing on end, and she felt his unyielding presence made her want to fall to her knees in surrender.

"No. That person still lives," said the masked form before her, as he removed his white mask, and his hood to reveal to a shocked Tsunade the face of Uzumaki Naruto.

"N-Naruto?" said Tsunade seeing the boy before her had grown to be taller then even her and his face held none of the warmth she remember when she saw him.

His eyes were that of the Kyuubi's with fox slits for pupils, his whisker like birthmarks were more defined almost like had actually grown whiskers, and his hair from what she could see was now blood red the light in the room making it look like it had an almost unnatural shine to it like it was filled with blood. She then saw his hand outstretched again motioning her to give him the necklace since it still belonged to him.

"That's Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto to you," said Naruto snarling at Tsunade, who felt an incredible surge of fear in her again, as this boy was looking at her as if she had been the one to kill him, and right now he looked ready to kill her.

"Naruto I...," said Tsunade, but was cut off by Naruto's growling at her with his eyes glowing with unimaginable hate in them.

"That's Namikaze-sama to you old hag! Now give me the necklace or I'll kill you," said Naruto his eyes giving no room for negotiation.

'Did he just threaten me? The Naruto I know doesn't threaten people and demand things from them. Is this the work of the Kyuubi?' thought Tsunade looking at Naruto for what seemed to be a new light that she didn't want to see since she last saw him.

"Since you seem to be quite reluctant to give me the necklace back, I'm going to ask you a little question concerning my Mother," said Naruto lowering his hand and taking one more step forward putting him in striking distance of the female Hokage.

"What about?" said Tsunade finding herself almost shivering under his demonic gaze.

"Why didn't you come back to the village when she was with me to save her from dying during the pregnancy?" said Naruto his eyes glowing with so much hate that Tsunade felt like she was going to throw up.

"I didn't want to go back because of the bad memories I had of those I loved dying," said Tsunade hoping he would believe it only to find his hand wrapped around her throat and her pinned to a nearby wall.

"Liar! You think I am some kind of moronic baka?! Are these the eyes of a baka to you?" said Naruto his voice losing all sense of humanity in it and became demonic.

"What do you want me to say?" said Tsunade trying to figure out what Naruto was getting at.

"You don't remember? Perhaps I should just refresh your memory since the journal my Mother kept that was locked away in the old man's desk seems to have slipped your mind. About 6 months into my Mother carrying me, the doctors ran some tests showing she was going to have severe complications when I was born, and were more then likely to be fatal if not treated by a top doctor of your level. You were summoned by my Father to arrive here in Konoha within a window of a few months to make sure that such birth giving related problems didn't kill her. But according to her journal, you said no, and for what? All because you owed my Mother a sum of 400 ryou from an old gambling debt you made with her 2 years prior when she and my dad were still dating. 400 ryou! That was the price on my Mother's life because you were thinking with your wallet and just couldn't stand the shame of being in Konoha to not only save my Mother, but pay her back the money you owed her. YOU RETCHED OLD DRUNKEN WHORE! TO THINK I NEARLY GAVE MY LIFE JUST SO YOU COULD BE HOKAGE!" said Naruto his chakra now becoming purely demonic before slamming Tsunade from the wall onto the desk making it collapse upon impact.

"N-Naruto...I-I'm sorry...I just...," said Tsunade before she felt his foot slam into her stomach making her cough up blood.

"Shut up wench. I through listening to you plea, moan, and beg for mercy. I'm here in Konoha to take what is mine! Money, scrolls, and anything else that has been marked by either side of m family. However, don't think I won't leave without giving Konoha a proper parting gift, and leave without a proper goodbye. While you were out saving Hatake's remaining shred of a thing he calls a life, I was walking around this dump of a village I used to call home to take care of unfinished business, and I have a feeling its going to go off well...with a BANG!" said Naruto before snapping his fingers after lacing his form with Kyuubi's chakra that was now his own.

Within a time span of 3 seconds various explosions were heard throughout the village with screams of people getting hit hard by the explosions.

"Naruto please...please don't do this," said Tsunade wishing this was all a bad dream for her, but it wasn't, and it wasn't a bad was a nightmare!

"I told you old hag, I'm taking what it is mine by birthright that the stupid Council has deliberately denied me since I was born, and I will not have it lost in the hands of your precious Uchiha. Oh, and speaking of him now that were on the subject? Tell him, that I want my rematch, and I want it in 2 years time. Tell him, that I won't hold back this time, that I will kill him, and I'm going to make sure that he along with the rest of the Leaf are remembered as the Youkokage's little bitch!" said Naruto leaning down to her ear whispering it to her with each syllable he spoke and removed the necklace from her neck.

Putting his mask and hood back on, Naruto ignored the crying that Tsunade was now doing, and began walking out of the room not caring about the explosions all over the village.

(Konoha Streets)

The place was in chaos with people running around screaming and yelling to everyone else that the village was under attack by another Shinobi village. They were so worked up that they ignored him amidst the panic he had created and with Shinobi trying to figure out what the hell was going on, it made thing so much easier to walk out the front gate after knocking the two guards away like they were nothing. Hanging from his waist was a storage scrolls with a blood seal on it so only he could open it that contained everything that was his family's legacy and more. With each step Naruto took, he could hear each explosion go off one after the other, and he ran through a list of all the places that needed to be destroyed.

The Orphanage had been blown up with people inside of it, shops that refused him or over charged him were now consumed in fire with people in them dead or dying, and the various homes of certain people in Konoha that had made his life miserable were now lost too. Turning to look back at the village, he stared at the five Hokage heads from the Shodaime's all the way to his Gondaime that was the founder's Granddaughter, and with just the raise of his hand he made the sky turn red before bringing his arm down making red lightning to strike all five head making them catch on fire. Satisfied with his work, Naruto turned away, and didn't look back at the village while ignoring the screams of people in pain.

Naruto didn't care about people anymore. He hated them with a passion. He had already made an example out of Iwa, Kumo, and Mist in regards to how his mind worked when it came to these things.

He just wanted to see the Elemental Countries burn before he planted new life into them that he alone would command. They were his pawns to play with, his loyal followers that would fight another set if he commanded them to, and so much more. It was through his might that they lived, it was through his spirit that had purpose, and it was through him that the human race was even allowed to exist in the world.

He was the bringer of life and the bringer of death.

He was Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto: The Youkokage of the Elemental Countries.

(Hokage Tower)

"Hokage-sama! Hokage-sama!" said two ANBU trying to help the woman get back to the land of the awake, as they had tried to reach her first at the Hospital only to look for her the tower, and when they saw the guards dead they feared the worst.

"Get away from her you idiots! Can't you see she's in shock," said Jiraiya having come to Konoha as soon as he heard what happened to his former teammate and the village.

"Jiraiya," said Tsunade weakly looking up at the Toad Sannin like a frightened child and the man knew whatever it was she saw was huge.

"Tsunade-hime calm down, everything is going to be all right," said Jiraiya, as he picked up the woman, and putting her on the nearby couch to help get her head together.

"I betrayed him Jiraiya. We all betrayed him and he hates us for it," said Tsunade her eyes now filled with more tears, as she clung to him, and he held her closely.

"Who? Who did this to you Tsunade?" said Jiraiya knowing that she knew he was really saying "who broke your spirit".

"N-Naruto. It was Naruto," said Tsunade before she began to weep in his arms while the man himself was shocked having believed his student was dead.

'It can't be. Naruto died at the Valley of the End. At least that was what Kakashi said. Oh Kami, the prophesy! The prophesy is about to come to pass soon,' thought Jiraiya, as he held Tsunade tighter, and rocked back and forth slightly to soothe her.

"Find him Jiraiya. Find him and stop him. You are the only one who can," said Tsunade, as she looked up at the Sannin, and hope he understood what she meant.

"I understand," said Jiraiya wishing he had not left his Godson behind all those years ago and had actually been there for him when he needed him the most.

Now...he would have to kill the once kind boy now turned into a demon.

(Elsewhere-2 Days Later)

"This has become a problem," said Pein having gathered all his fellow Akatsuki members together.

Or rather what was left of them.

Deidara and Sasori were dead having been killed a little over 6 months ago while trying to extract the demon from Subaku no Gaara only to have them die at the hands of the Youkokage. Sasori's puppets had been destroyed along with the man himself while Deidara was used to get the Youkokage into Iwa before crippling the Shinobi village into submission.

"If what is flying out of Konoha true, I think I can safely say were royally screwed Pein-sama," said Konan looking at their leader, who looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Really? Just because we lost two members does not mean we are doomed. Those two were the weakest of us all and we still out number the Kyuubi vessel," said Pein seeing Kisame looking nervous with Itachi appearing doubtful.

"I heard he crushed the Raikage and took one of our targets from us as his own personal bodyguard. Does that mean Itachi and Kisame are accompanying us to get the Nibi?" said Hidan looking at the leader of the organization, who seemed to be thinking at the moment.

"Possibly. If we can get both vessels we can accelerate our plans back on track. Also, let us not forget about Suna's demon vessel. Once we have removed the Kyuubi and the Nibi vessels from the equation we will capture the Shukaku for his extraction process. Are we clear?" said Pein seeing the group nod to him an affirmative "yes".

"What should we do about Orochimaru? He's become more unstable thanks to the death of his right hand medical assistant and now knows the one responsible for it," said Itachi knowing that Orochimaru's wrath was nothing to scoff at even with his skill level.

"Let the snake come after Naruto. If we get lucky, the two will weaken each other, and give us the chance of taking care of them with greater ease. Now go!" said Pein seeing almost all the projectors around his own end except for one.

"Something about this is bothering me Pein," said Konan worriedly knowing that when she was worried, her feelings were normally right, and that paying attention to them was very wise.

"How so?" said Pein knowing that Konan's feelings were second to none in sensing the impending dangers ahead.

"I have been having disturbing dreams as of late. The sky is bleeding red, rain that is the color of the darkest blood ever, and the ground around me was covered in an almost unearthly flame. It was if I was in the very depths of hell only...the hell was here," said Konan hoping her mind wasn't playing tricks on her.

"Don't worry about it for now. Let us focus on finding the other demon vessels before we deal with the premonitions that you seem to be getting," said Pein seeing her nod and her projection ended.

"Her dream was interesting," said Madara appearing in the shadows while looking at Pein's projected form.

"Is it of things to come?" said Pein having found Konan's intuition about these things to be very important in his mission.

"I don't know. I've been having dreams as well. Only I'm in a forest stained in blood, the moon is blood red, and I hear the bloodlust filled howl of a fox not far off. Be careful Pein or all of our work will be destroyed, I barely got out of Mist without being noticed, and that was a few years ago. If those four fail...I may have to step in and dead with the Kyuubi vessel myself," said Madara before his form faded back into the shadows.

Pein's projection ended as well with the man thinking about what Konan saw and what Madara said.

(Unknown Location)

"Welcome home Youkokage-sama," said Yugito Nii in a seductive tone pressing her body against his while purring at feeling his body against hers.

"Yugito-chan. How are you? Making sure things are all right while I'm away," said Naruto looking at the woman with somewhat sound of warmth in his voice.

"Good, but I was bored. Kimimaro was complaining again on how he couldn't join you on your trip to Konoha to make all those people pay for their sins against you. Frankly I don't know why you made me resurrect him in the first place," said Yugito whining slightly when she talked about Orochimaru's former bodyguard and once potential body to steal.

"Because he needs to atone for his past sins in serving Orochimaru. You know that. I am giving him a chance at living again with a renewed purpose," said Naruto sitting down on the couch of the room with Yugito right next to him almost on his lap.

"But what about the other two you mentioned?" said Yugito wondering why the two during the man's mission to Wave Country weren't resurrected as well?

"They deserve to rest in peace Yugito so let's do just that. I have no desire to take the two most influential people in my life and make them fight for me when they don't need to anymore," said Naruto taking off his mask and putting it on the table in front of him.

"Once word gets out on just who you are, a lot of people are going to come after you, and try to kill you," said Yugito looking worriedly at him while resting her head comfortably on his shoulder.

"It doesn't matter. Soon I will crush them, as they tried to crush me, and I will make the sky rain upon their village with their own blood. I will bring judgment to all, who have made people like us, and others with painful pasts like us pay for it with everything they have," said Naruto before touching the jewel hanging around his neck.

"I love it when you talk like that," said Yugito snuggling up closer to him and purring further near his ear.

"Yugito, you know that...," said Naruto only to find a finger on his lips telling him to be quiet for her.

"I know. I just want to be close to you. Even though you won't let anyone in I'd like to think I'm pretty damn close. So let me be this close to you, for as long as you'll let me, and hold me when I sleep," said Yugito her voice getting more tired by the second before she fell asleep on him.

"All right Yugito. I'll hold you," said Naruto in a quiet voice, as he too became tired, and fell asleep holding onto Yugito.

(Konoha Hospital-2 Weeks Later)

"Are you sure you want me to do this? If I enter his mind and see what he went through I may not survive it," said Inoichi looking at Tsunade, who glared at the man hard with an "I don't give a damn look", and the Yamanaka held back a shiver that wanted to leave his spine.

"If were going to get answers you need to do this. NOW STOP STALLING AND DO IT!" said Tsunade yelling the second sentence, which nearly made the man fumble with his hand signs, and screw up his clan's Jutsu.

"Hokage-sama, if I may ask, what caused Naruto to...?" said Shizune only to be silenced by Tsunade, who gave her a death given glare that she had never given to her in all the years they had been together, and it frightened the younger woman immensely.

"Never speak his name to me in present tense Shizune. As far as I'm concerned that boy is dead to me. All that he was has been corrupted or destroyed by the Kyuubi inside of him. Understand?!" said Tsunade making Shizune tremble in front of her teacher.

"Y-Yes Hokage-sama," said Shizune wishing the woman had not fallen into such a state of depression and anger.

After what happened, the official damage report had been devastating, and it wasn't just the physical damage either the village had suffered. The Namikaze and Uzumaki bank accounts had been drained clean of all their money, the Namikaze compound had been drained of everything in it from scrolls to furniture, and the Forbidden Scroll had been taken too from its safe with note in there instead with the words "Not worthy" written on it. The causalities had been enormous for both civilian and Shinobi, as homes had been lost, the money those people had been taken, and the multiple lives snuffed out from the attack. The Hokage Monument was (according to her ANBU trying to fix it) permanently damaged. The faces looked like they had been beaten within an inch of their lives, as the scars seemed to be laced with demonic energy, and various other marks were on them in the most horrible of designs making it look like they were crying.

"Hokage-sama, I have Yuhi Kurenai and her former Genin Team with her, and they wish to know their mission," said Iruka having left the Academy or what was left of it since the rooms were badly damaged and having class wasn't an option.

He was actually glad Konohamaru and his teammates with Ebisu as their sensei were off on a C-ranked mission to escort a man to one of Fire Country's major ports.

"Send them in," said Tsunade not taking her eyes off the form of Hatake Kakashi, who despite being invaded mentally by Inoichi was still screaming out in muffled pain, and the pain killers seemed to have no effect on lessening it.

"You called for us Hokage-sama?" said Kurenai knowing that whatever it was, it had to be important, and it concerned the one person that no one dared speak of.

"Jiraiya told me he thinks, he's found Nar-the Kyuubi, but needs some backup. At the very moment, you are all I can really spare since the village needs to recover, and I need someone to back up my old perverted teammate," said Tsunade looking at the group of four seeing their eyes widen and understood what she was getting at.

"You need us to distract the demon so Jiraiya can finish him now that he possess a mortal body," said Shino knowing that he was skating along the issue with his old teammate, but knew he was safe since he didn't mention the fallen Shinobi's name, and hoped the others would do the same.

"Yes. This is an SS-ranked mission and while we don't have the money to pay for it, I'll do what I can to pay you later down the road, and get you more support when it becomes available. I sent a request to Suna for help, but Gaara turned it down saying he owed his life to him because of Akatsuki, and refuses to betray him whether he's a demon or not," said Tsunade knowing the other reason was because the demon had spared Suna any kind of destruction so far.

Whether the people in Wind Country would admit it or not...they had already submitted to the Youkokage's will.

'Naruto-kun, are you still you, or has your spirit been destroyed by the demon you held?' thought Hinata hoping that the boy she admired for so long and cared for was still in that state he was in.

"We will leave immediately Hokage-sama," said Kurenai, as her team would need just about every single piece of Shinobi gear they could get their hands on, and head out to help Jiraiya.

If they could help that is.

(Inside Kakashi Mind)

Inoichi wished he could leave Hatake's mind right now so he could puke his guts out before killing the man for what he had done to Naruto. Kakashi's Chidori to Naruto from behind at the Valley of the End was the straw that broke the camel's back. No wonder the demon possessed the boy and took his revenge on the man before attacking village that had abused its vessel. Kakashi had on more then one occasion sold out Naruto to a mob during his birthday and had nearly hit him with a Chidori once had the Sandaime not shown up. The former ANBU Captain had ignored his post on numerous occasions with the two Councils getting the man off from any charges the Hokage wish to press against him.

'I don't know whether to be glad or frightened by what I'm about to see,' thought Inoichi, as he entered the man's memory of being tortured mercilessly by demon, and it was quite a sight.

"You have no right to call yourself the slayer of Kyuubi or a student of my Father. You are nothing, but an insect that needs to know its place in the world, and I am just the person to do it," said Naruto to a tied up Kakashi hanging in the air, who couldn't move his head due to a neck brace, and his arms wrapped in heavy chains with each of his fingers broken to prevent Jutsus from being used.

"You are not Minato-sense's son. I am in his only son. ME! If that Uzumaki slut hadn't seduced him and made him help her sire you I would be the only child they would ever need," said Kakashi earning him a clawed backhand to his face tearing the mask and flesh from the Jounin.

"I'm sure my Father would love to hear you say that to his face right now. Did you tell him how you felt? Did you call her a slut to his face? No! Because you were a spoiled little child just like Sasuke is. Always have to have everything and destroy everyone in your path that prevents you from having it. We'll make no mistake Kakashi, I will see to it that you get what's coming to you, and that when its over you can rightfully call the pain I'm about to inflict on you...your own!" said Naruto, as he drew a sword, and began to systematically destroy Kakashi's being.

Inoichi was in shock, as the demon claiming to be Naruto was simply destroying Kakashi without asking him question, as if he already knew the answers, and savagely butchered the Jounin's body. The man screamed for hours on end, with the seals hidden on the walls that suppressed noise from exiting the room staying active throughout the ordeal.

'Well...its not like Kakashi had it coming,' thought Inoichi seeing the demon finally stop after taking out both of Kakashi's eyes having already removed the jaw with tongue.

"Inoichi I know the old hag sent you in here to enter Hatake-teme's mind so deliver this message to her from me. Tell her what I have done here and what Konoha went through is nothing compared to what I have in store for the Elemental Countries. Tell her, I know she is going to send Ero-Sennin after me, and that I have my own grudges against him to deal with. Tell her, the next time she sees her old teammate...will be in a box with only his rotting flesh covered skull," said Naruto before he looked over at Inoichi's general area allowing the man to see the blood red eyes staring him.

Feeling nervous and quite scared, Inoichi ended the Jutsu, and reentered into the safety of his own body while Tsunade seeing him jolt upright waited for his report.

"How bad is it?" said Tsunade seeing the man sweating heavily and looked at her with fear struck eyes.

"Worse then you know. He knows you would send Jiraiya-sama after him and intends to destroy the Toad Sannin for his past sins," said Inoichi finding his mind was now being tormented by the glowing red eyes he saw in Hatake's mind.

"What questions did the demon ask Kakashi?" said Tsunade wondering what the beast would want with Hatake at all aside from hurting him.

"There were no questions Hokage-sama. Naruto ripped him apart just for the hell of it," said Inoichi not realizing he spoke Naruto's name in front of Tsunade only to find her hand on his throat and slamming his form into a nearby wall.

"NEVER CALL THAT DEMON BY NARUTO'S NAME IN MY PRESENCE AGAIN! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" yelled Tsunade her fury clear in her eyes and Inoichi thought she was going to kill him.

"Y-You don't u-understand H-Hokage-sama. I-It was N-Naruto. I'm telling you the truth. I swear it!" said Inoichi trying to breathe, but was finding his efforts futile.

"You lie!" said Tsunade her eyes were flashing dangerously at him.

"I wish I was. He's gearing up to slaughter everyone around him. He doesn't care about you, Konoha, or any other place in the Elemental Countries. He just wants to see things die at his feet," said Inoichi hoping the woman would relent from crushing his wind pipe.

He actually began to fear for her life when she squeezed his throat tighter for a good 5 seconds, but soon she relaxed, and let go of him before falling into a nearby chair.

"Did Kakashi really deserve his injuries?" said Tsunade looking at Inoichi rubbing his throat to ease the pain.

"If you saw what I did Hokage-sama, you would stop giving him painkillers, and simply kill him yourself," said Inoichi getting off the ground though he wobbled a bit before he was able to steady himself.

"I'll take your word for it," said Tsunade her voice sounding almost broken by the time she finished her sentence.

"The two Councils, plus the Clan Heads will want to have a meeting concerning this matter Hokage-sama. Though not many of them are still alive after what happened a few weeks ago," said Inoichi, as such a meeting had yet to take place, and with all that had happened with rumors flying around of Naruto's rebirth as a demon it was difficult to get any level headed members speaking in such a meeting.

"Those arrogant fools are the reason why the Yondaime's dying wish wasn't honored in the first place," said Tsunade though she had to bite her tongue after that since she had been such a fool herself for not coming back to Konoha to save Kushina when she needed her and all for a simple bit of money.

"YOU RETCHED OLD DRUNKEN WHORE!" screamed the echoing voice within her mind of Naruto's demonic filled words that pierced right into her soul.

"Hokage-sama? Hokage-sama? Are you all right? You just spaced out for a second," said Inoichi seeing the woman look like she was replaying a memory in her head.

"Yes I'm fine. Go tell the Councils and Clan Heads will be meeting later today. Its long overdue as it is," said Tsunade hoping things didn't get out of hand.

Those that hated Naruto did not feel they needed to be humbled by anyone unless it was the Fire Daimyo and even then they just sucked up to him when he came to visit.

(Somewhere near Grass Country)

"He's almost here," said Yugito to Naruto, who nodded having sensed Jiraiya coming at him having summoned Gamakichi after so many years and told him to tell the Super Pervert where to find him.

"Please be careful Naruto-sama. Jiraiya-sama is a master of seals and will try to use his knowledge against you along with all the Jutsus he posses in his arsenal," said Kimimaro having pledged his new loyalty to Naruto after Yugito resurrected him Naruto using his powers to restore Kimimaro's body what it should have been.

The Youkokage even gave him a built in body immunity to the very same lung disease, which had crippled him in the beginning, only now the immunity to it would be passed down to the albino's descendants, and thus ensure Kaguya Clan's legacy lived on.

"I'm well aware of such things Kimimaro. That is why I have you two here for support. Keep your eyes and ears open for anything. Understand?" said Naruto putting on his mask and got ready to move into the clearing.

"Yes Youkokage-sama," said the two of them, as they scattered in different directions.

Naruto smiled underneath his mask. Oh, how he wished for teammates like them when he was in Konoha, and he was loved like the damned Uchiha was even now. No doubt there was more then one Council member, who wished to have the "last Uchiha" stay at their residence, and make small talk with the brooding little bitch.

It was a good thing he raided the Uchiha Clan's long list Jutsu scrolls they had and the secrets behind the Sharingan that they didn't want anyone to know about.

But the time for reminiscing on the destruction of a place the teme had a personal spot in his heart for was over, as Jiraiya the Toad Sannin was now in the clearing looking at him, and Naruto couldn't help letting out a small chuckle at the man's serious expression.

"If only you had been this serious when it came to my training Ero-Sennin. I could have gotten stronger back then to not have to sweat so much in brining Sasuke-teme back to Konoha," said Naruto seeing Jiraiya frown at him further and the former demon vessel wondered if the Sannin was actually going to attack first before asking questions later.

"I thought I told you years ago that you needed to do things on your own?" said Jiraiya getting into his Toad Hermit fighting stance.

"Did you do the same training method with my Father?" said Naruto with an edge in his voice seeing the Sannin wince at that.

"So you know. You are Naruto under that mask aren't you. Not the Kyuubi," said Jiraiya, as he was not asking a question, but making a statement, and Naruto responded by simply removing his mask with hood to reveal his facial form.

"The Kyuubi is no longer in me. After Kakashi hit me with that Chidori to my back, he left me to die a watery grave, and I would have died in such a manner had the Kyuubi not tried to make a last ditch effort to break free," said Naruto, as he felt that the man needed to hear this before he died, and understand what it meant to be what he had become.

(Flashback-5 Years Ago-Valley of the End)

His body began sinking into the water, his eyes closing and opening faster like he wanted to fall to sleep, and his lungs were filling up with water. As this happened, Kyuubi was seeing the boy's mindscape starting to collapse, and the Demon Lord knew that soon his time would be up unless he did something fast!

"I will not be silenced so easily by being killed while sealed away in a mortal child," said Kyuubi before taking all of his chakra and slamming it against the bars of his prison hoping for his chance at being free.

Sure enough the gate began to strain and melt under that demons power before the paper holding it with the word "SEAL" in big letters burned off making the cage doors to break open. Kyuubi reveled in his new found freedom after being contained in this weak body for over a decade and was ready to return to that miserable Shinobi village to get revenge.

He was so overjoyed at the thought of causing mayhem upon the world that he didn't even notice his vessel's mindscape form staring at him with serious eyes when walking out of the cage.

"Where do you think you're going?" said Naruto in a no nonsense voice gaining the Kyuubi's attention.

"Out of the way you mortal speck. I have no time to be here any longer, as you are about to die, and I am about to be free again. Do not worry though, as I have every intention of attack your precious Leaf village again, and this time I intend to be the winner," said Kyuubi his mouth sporting an evil grin with bloodlust in his eyes.

"I can't let you do that," said Naruto calmly seeing the lighting in the room flickering every few minutes.

"Oh and why not?" said Kyuubi mockingly, as if he dared Naruto to fight back, and try to actually win against the Demon Lord.

"Because that privilege is for me to have. Not you," said Naruto his face a deep scowl and his voice gave no room for arguing.

"Foolish little ape rat. What makes you think you can stop me from leaving here?" said Kyuubi ready to kill his vessel and leave the body for freedom.

"It's simple really. I can stop you through my mind," said Naruto as blue chains appeared from within the walls of his mindscape wrapping around Kyuubi holding him in place while pipes came out shortly afterwards piercing Kyuubi's body.

"This is not possible. How can you do this to me?" said Kyuubi having never felt fear like this before and wondered how the youth in front of him could even do this.

"Like I said, it's my mind hence my rules. The chains are just to hold you down while the pipes stuck in you are connected to my charka network to extract your chakra. In short, I'm going to absorb you fully, and become the new Demon Lord among the nine to take your place," said Naruto seeing Kyuubi's eyes widen at this since he never expected his vessel to do anything like this.

"You can't handle all of my power and the knowledge I possess in my mind. You will explode!" said Kyuubi knowing that even this boy had limits and he was in no condition to handle such demonic power.

"Not unless I spread it around my body evenly. The problem with the chakra network of a human being is that it's so complex that it basically limits human beings in a sense. But not a Demon Lord's body since a Demon Lord's body is made of pure demonic chakra without the need for chakra coils. What I intend to do is rework my chakra system from here and when I'm done absorbing you I'll be reborn in a sense being the new Kyuubi among the nine," said Naruto seeing the Kyuubi snarl at him and tried to escape only for the chains to tighten with the pipes digging into his body further.

However, all actions proved to be no use and the Kyuubi knew now that it was going to die, but at least his legacy would live on in the vessel he had been trapped in.

"There is something you should know before I die," said Kyuubi deciding he might as well help his vessel in some manner concerning Akatsuki.

"What exactly?" said Naruto seeing the Demon Lord look at him with a serious look and not a playing one.

"Beware of Uchiha Madara. He is the founder of the clan, but couldn't share power with others, and was defeated in battle against the Shodaime. He summoned me to destroy Konoha and the reason behind your misery with the Leaf. If there is, but one person in this world you must kill, it is him, and those bastard descendants of his," said Kyuubi knowing that the world didn't need more then one Uchiha Madara in the world.

"When I'm old enough I'll deal with him, but for now, I'm going to do my own thing, and deal with my enemies my own way," said Naruto feeling the process had already begun and he was feeling different.

"Very well. I leave my power in your very capable hands my vessel. Do me one favor though if you never do anything else. Kill them all and make them suffer," said Kyuubi feeling his very being now splitting in various directions and soon the chains fell with the pipes only touching air.

Naruto merely nodded at the space where Kyuubi had been.

(End Flashback)

"But why attack Konoha? Konoha is your home!" said Jiraiya seeing the boy cock his head to the right, as if thinking about it, and turned it back to normal.

"Interesting question. Let me ask it with one of my own. Why were you never there for me when I needed you...Godfather!" said Naruto seeing the man pale at that since he did not expect Naruto to find out about that.

"How do you know about that?" said Jiraiya now seeing red demonic chakra in the form of lighting dance around the young man's cloaked body.

"My Mother's diary. She wrote in it everyday up until the final moments of her death giving birth to me. It told me everything I needed to know. Especially about the part where YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO TAKE CARE OF ME!" said Naruto his flooding the clearing with a haze of demonic red chakra making Jiraiya take a step back.

"I couldn't! After Minato died, the Councils forbid me, and sent me off on missions to gather information on the other villages!" said Jiraiya shielding his eyes from the wave of power Naruto was putting out.

"Liar! My Mother heard you one night while you were talking to the Sandaime about you being appointed to being my Godfather. You declined it stating you would rather do your 'research', then spend a single measly second with your Godson unless it got you more 'research material' for your stupid books. You chose your perverseness over your own student's son just to peep on women in the hot springs! The Sandaime was right to consider you a loser Ero-Sennin. Even Orochimaru would have made a better Godfather then you," said Naruto knowing that was probably low, but the man had deserved it for neglecting his Godson.

Jiraiya had become livid now, as he had been insulted big time by his former student that he had only begun training before his apparent death.

"I'm going to make you wish you never said that," said Jiraiya with the fullest intent on destroying Naruto seeing the boy's mind had become corrupted by dead demon's power.

"And I'm going to make you wish, you had never abandoned me when I was a child like I was worthless, and make you beg me for forgiveness before I kill you," said Naruto his clawed hands flexing and he watched Jiraiya carefully knowing the man was a Sannin for a reason.

And so it began.

(A/N: YAY! I made a new story. This story is going to be different then all the other Naruto fics I've written. Its going to be dark, brutal, bloody, and all around crazy. The next couple of chapter will be about what Naruto did during his time wandering the Elemental Countries with everyone assuming he was dead. Hope you enjoyed this. Until next time...PEACE!!)