Chapter 6-Judgement Day

Naruto stirred in his sleep, finding that he had slept a lot longer in his large bed then he originally thought, and it was the sound of a purring demonic cat that stirred him awake fully now. Upon opening his eyes, Naruto saw one cat form of that was Nibi sleeping on his chest, and her vessel that was Nii Yugito with her head snuggled into his muscled frame along with her still connected to him at the waist.

If Naruto didn't have "morning wood" right now, he would have gotten hard just from seeing the naked woman on top of him, and her moving slightly along her hip area that was causing further stimulation on both bodies. Yugito moaned with each hip movement she made, as it caused sparks of pleasure to fill her womanhood while at the same time feeling filled for reasons unknown to her mind currently clouded by sleep. She continued to move lower body while feeling her bed and pillow twitch a little causing a spark to feet twice as good.

It caused Yugito to open her eyes a little before she looked up at the mountain of muscled flesh and saw the slightly amused look on Naruto's face. In a few second though, the Nibi vessel began to remember what happened earlier with Nibi, and herself receiving some much needed sex from Naruto. Granted, Nibi didn't get as much as her vessel, but the said vessel knew that Naruto could more then make up for it later, and judging from the feel of his item currently rock hard inside of her...that time was now.

(Lemon Starts)

"Someone had been awake for awhile now," said Yugito smiling at Naruto, who smiled back, as he enjoyed the woman's lips kissing his muscled body, and her hip movements that further provided stimulation to both of them.

"Would you prefer I sleep and let you have your way with me?" said Naruto snaking one of his hands to her rear and giving it a light tap making the woman let out an "eep!" before seeing him smirk at her.

"If I didn't, then I'm sure Nibi-chan would, and it's always important to get what you can before others do," said Yugito sitting up with a smirk of her own and she let out a sigh of pleasure at moving her wet pussy up and down Naruto's hard cock.

"Such a naughty kitty you are Yugito-chan," said Naruto thrusting upward when she went up and made her let out a small gasp in the process.

"Oh yeah, I am your naughty kitty Naruto-kun. I'm your naughty kitty that needs to be properly disciplined with your commanding hands and your rock hard cock," said Yugito riding him harder while Naruto had one of his hands on her breasts and another on her ass.

There actions were hardly quiet and resulted in awakening Nibi, who found her vessel, and Naruto going at it once more while she was being left out. Transforming into her humanoid form, Nibi quickly straddled Naruto's chest looking at him with slightly upset yet seductive eyes, and soon began kissing him fiercely on the lips.

"You and Yugito-chan are having all this fun without me. I thought I was going to be the one you fucked silly," said Nibi before moving her breasts closer to her lover, who gladly gave both his attention, and made the cat demon moan out in pleasure from it.

"Why Nibi-chan, you know I would never exclude you from something like that, and was just giving Yugito along with myself a good morning workout before I took you into my regiment," said Naruto kissing one of Nibi's breasts while his hand on Yugito's breast moved to Nibi's rear giving it slap making the cat demon jump a little.

"Clearly, she's getting too much of her fair share," said Nib before she moved closer so Naruto's face was in direct contact with her pussy and let out a heavenly moan when he began licking her lower lips with his tongue.

"Don't worry Nibi-chan. I just need this and then I'll let him be all yours," said Yugito still riding on Naruto cock and speeding up on occasion to further stimulate the pleasure they were both feeling.

Nibi would have said something that would have retorted Yugito's previous statement, but found her mouth was not letting her do so, as Naruto's tongue was currently giving her clit a massage that made her gyrate her hips almost violently into his face, and let out feline moan that told him he should do that again. Naruto himself did just that, as he was getting closer to cumming with Yugito riding him like there was no tomorrow, and could tell from the tightening of her pussy that the female demon vessel was going to cum soon herself.

'I must make a mental note to visit Temari again to give her another child if she wants one,' thought Naruto, as he continued eating out Nibi's pussy, and made her scream out his name in pleasure when she felt her orgasm hit harder then the Shinigami on steroids.

"I'm cumming Naruto-kun! I'm cumming!" said Yugito, as she was thrashing around almost wildly, and drool was coming down her chin from the amount of pleasure she was getting.

"Me too Yugito-chan! Let's cum together," said Naruto taking a second to speak before diving back into Nibi's pussy making the cat demon moan out load again.

"Naruto-kun/Yugito-chan!" said the two together before they had their orgasms together with Naruto's cock releasing his seed into Yugito's pussy while Yugito's pussy drenched Naruto's cock in its juices.

"Don't stop Naruto-kun. Keep licking! I'm almost there!" said Nibi, as she pressed his head deeper to the point where he almost couldn't breathe, and had to lick like crazy so she would release her hands from his head so he could.

'Okay. After this, I'm going to go on the offensive,' thought Naruto, as he had been nice in letting them have some control, and decided that he was going to stop being the nice.

"I'm cumming again Naruto-kun! I'm cumming again!" said Nibi before she screamed out in pleasure nearly drowning Naruto's face with her juices.

"Oh Kami, I can never get tired of this," said Yugito having come of her orgasmic high and slowly almost painfully detached herself from Naruto before falling back onto the soft cushiony bed she shared with her lover.

"Agreed. Now go take a shower Yugito so I can have Naruto all to myself now like we agreed," said Nibi having freed her lover's face from her womanhood and looked back at the sexually exhausted woman, who still didn't get over the previous nights love making.

"Do I have to? Can I get in one more...," said Yugito, who stopped when she saw the slightly angry, and somewhat sexually frustrated look on Nibi's face.

"If you don't go now, I'll tie you up, and make you watch while Naruto-kun fucks me silly while making sure you don't get to touch yourself to get off for a whole week," said Nibi, as she could do it too with the right stuff, and she knew that Yugito knew this as well.

Hence the blonde haired woman's "eep!" before heading to the shower in the next room and locking the door to make sure Nibi couldn't get in.

"That was pretty mean Nibi-chan," said Naruto before pushing Nibi onto her back and began kissing her fiercely making the feline Demon Lord taste her juices making her get excited further in the process.

"Yugito was being greedy. I could let her hog all of your sexy body all for herself," said Nibi before she continued kissing Naruto loving how his hardness was pressing against her womanhood in-between her legs while his hands played with her breasts again.

"And like you wouldn't? Such a naughty Demon Lord you are. I think I need to show you some proper discipline," said Naruto before flipping Nibi onto her stomach and had in erection aimed at the feline woman's womanhood.

"Then show me Naruto-kun. Show me how the new Kyuubi of the world punishes his lover for being so naughty?" said Nibi loving how his right hand was on her hip and the other was on her breast.

"Time to get your fill of me Nibi-chan," said Naruto before he thrust into Nibi's hot wet pussy making the demonic feline scream out in pleasure at the intrusion, and the now hard thrusts into her womanhood that loved his invasion with his cock inside of her.

"Yes! Yes! That's it Naruto-kun. Treat me like a bitch in heat. That's what I am to you. A horny demon bitch in heat that wants to give you litter after litter of little kittens and kits to call your own," said Nibi, as Naruto kept giving her hard fast thrusts, and using his hand on her breast to squeeze or pinch it at just the right moment while his other hand slapped her rear end causing her to gasp at the sudden pain mixed with pleasure.

"You have such a nice ass Nibi-chan. So firm, so strong, and so sexy that I could do this to you all day long," said Naruto slapping her rear again and again while Nibi herself let out small screams of pleasure with each slap he gave to her ass.

"Yes! Slap my ass Naruto-kun. Slap my sexy strong ass that is firm to touch when you smack it," said Nibi, as the thrust, breast teasing, and slapping of her ass were becoming too much for her to take.

"Do you want to cum Nibi-chan? I can feel your hot pussy squeezing me so you must be ready to cum," said Naruto into her cat like ears before speeding up his thrusts.

"Yes! Make me cum! Make this kitty cum and cover your cock with my juices," said Nibi, as her mouth began to release drool from the side of her mouth, and her eyes glazed over with sheer orgasmic pleasure.

"As you wish Nibi-chan!" said Naruto still thrusting into her with a steady rhythm that was the preverbal "Heaven on Earth" for him and was getting ready to have his own orgasm in the process.

"Naruto-kun/Nibi-chan!" said Nibi and Naruto at the same time, as the two came as one like Naruto had done with Nibi's vessel earlier, and shot load after load into her pussy depths.

"I needed that so badly Naruto-kun. Thank you," said Nibi panting heavily, as her body was covered in sweat, and her body needing rest from being pounded hard by her Demon Lord lover.

"You're most welcome Nibi-chan. Now let's get cleaned up so we can start the day in preparing for death blow to the fools of Konoha," said Naruto into her ear while he now slowly detached himself from Nibi's own and gave her ass one last smack before heading to the bathroom knocking on it to let Yugito know to let him in.

"Can we get clean up together?" said Nibi suggestively while grinning at him, as the door made a click sound, and Yugito opened it, and revealed her naked form with the sound of the shower now running.

"I agree. We should all get cleaned up together," said Yugito flaunting her own naked body to Naruto, who grinned at the blonde, and then at the demonic feline before him before he made a shadow clone to replace the bed sheets.

"Sure. What could go wrong?" said Naruto taking both women into the bathroom with him, as they took a very long shower, and didn't come out of the room for several hours.

(Lemon Ends)

When it was over, Yugito along with Nibi had once more exhausted themselves once more, and were both once more asleep in bed with Naruto covering them so they would stay warm. It was clear to Naruto, who now was now wearing pants, that both women sleeping in front of him were now going to be pregnant with each caring his child inside of them, and would no doubt act like Temari had just before her child was born.

With the looming menace of Konoha, Uchiha Sasuke, and his just as evil bastard founder Uchiha Madara on the lose, it would be unwise to take these two with him to Konoha. Tsunade was a master medic even after all this time and Shizune was well skilled in the arts too thanks to the Slug Princess teaching her almost everything she knows. It would not take long before the two medics learned of the pregnancies if Nibi and Yugito were to come with him to Konoha. If they did, then they would use the two as bargaining pieces, and force him to prevent the purging of the guilty parties in Konoha.

Naruto's eyes burned with cold fury at the mere thought of that and even more so when he imagined the Councils getting a hold of his children. The turning of his children into mindless weapons, making them submissive to their touch, and making them feel like they were nothing except expendable tools to use before throwing away after dissecting their bodies to learn their secrets.

'Do not worry Nibi-chan, Yugito-chan, and soon to be Hinata-chan. I swear on the souls of our future children that Konoha will not lay a finger on any of you or our children when they are brought into this world," said Naruto, as he left to find Kimimaro, and Konan to put those two to work.

Walking down the hall, Naruto spotted Hinata with a medical chart holding information concerning Uchiha Itachi, and she had a seriously professional look on her face. He had figured that, Hinata used her Byakugan to see what happened earlier with the other two women, and wasn't happy at being left out. He would make it up to her later, but first thing first, Naruto needed to deal with the current business at hand, and then deal with the angry fire of the Hyuuga woman before him that had the figure of an angelic Goddess.

"Itachi is ready to be transported to Konoha Naruto-sama," said Hinata walking with him, as her love walked towards the two rooms of two people he needed to speak to, and saw Naruto look back at her with a kind smile showing he was in fact pleased.

"Good work Hinata-chan. Your skills as a medic are far surpassing of that of Tsunade and her skills with healing others," said Naruto seeing the woman blush slightly, but frowned when she forced it away, and didn't want to look at him despite her apparent desire to do so given the fact he was only wearing pants while at the same time being shirtless.

Clearly, Hinata was still angry with him for not including her in his sexual conquests of women, and wanted to be a part of it too. Still, Naruto wasn't going to apologize since he had actually planned for the order to be Hinata going last among the girls he was going to be with, and felt that Hinata truly needed to stop being so hesitant when it came to him. If she wanted to be with him, then she would have to be bold, and try getting him herself when the opportunity came like it did with the other two.

Knocking on both doors, Naruto waited for them to be answered while shooting Hinata occasional glances when she wasn't shooting him any, and wondered how long the sexy Hyuuga woman beside him could wait until the right time came to pounce on his being? He would certainly make it happen before his trip to Konoha, but that time was closing fast, and Naruto didn't want to make Hinata feel left out of his circle of lovely women that made him feel complete inside.

"You called for us Naruto-sama?" said Kimimaro, as he appeared from his room, as did Konan mere seconds from opening hers too, and both ready for their assignment.

"Kimimaro, I need you to go see Subaku no Gaara in Suna, and tell him I need his help transporting Uchiha Itachi to Konoha. Konan, you are going to pay Jiraiya of the Sannin a visit in the Hospital since his wounds prevent him from being out amongst the populace of Konoha, and deliver to him the six heads of Pein. He'll recognize you no doubt, but when you go see him, I want you to be masked so he won't know what you look like, and blend in with the populace while spying for me," said Naruto seeing the two subordinates nod in understanding since the Demon Lord before them was clearly thinking several key steps ahead.

"What should I do upon my return Naruto-sama?" said Kimimaro wondering what else he should do once his task was done.

"You won't be returning here Kimimaro or at least not yet. You are going to meet me at the given rendezvous point with Gaara to take Uchiha Itachi to Konoha with me. Have Gaara bring his sensei Baki with him while Kankuro takes over as temporary Kazekage until his brother returns to Suna," said Naruto seeing the albino understand since it would mean they could be there to provide support.

"What about me Naruto-sama?" said Hinata wondering what role she would play in all of this?

"You Hinata-chan, are coming with me up to the rendezvous point to help keep Itachi stable, and make sure that he doesn't die before Sasuke does," said Naruto seeing Hinata nod her head and kept her face calm on the outside while inside she was trying to keep her anger alive only to find it was slowly dying away since she came to the realization that the demon vessel along with said feline demon weren't going with them.

'The pregnancy is a means to keep them here,' thought Hinata, as she understood some of Naruto's unorthodox strategy that kept everyone guessing.

"We'll leave immediately Naruto-sama," said Kimimaro bowing, as Konan followed his example, and they departed from their master's presence to do their given mission.

"Come Hinata-chan, we have to make further preparations for one Uchiha Madara once Konoha is gone," said Naruto motioning for her to follow him and she was soon beside him while trying to keep the blush off her face that wanted to appear from seeing so much of her love's muscled upper body.

(Konoha-Hokage Tower)

"Are you sure you want my help with this Hokage-sama?" said Shikamaru, who wasn't exactly liking the idea of helping fight Naruto, and had expressed as much to the woman when she summoned him to her office.

"Yes. Naruto has become a master tactician in fighting every village thus far and winning in each fight. However, none of the villages had a tactical genius like that of the Nara Clan, and I need you Shikamaru to prepare a strategy that will subdue Naruto so he does not destroy Konoha," said Tsunade seeing the Nara frown at this since this was obviously "troublesome", as he would put no doubt put it, and want to turn it down.

"Can I ask you a question Hokage-sama? Why are you siding with the village that hates Naruto?" said Shikamaru, as he had never understood this woman in charge of the Leaf village, but then again he didn't really understand any of the other women in his life, and thus kind of made the whole issue with women a pain in the ass.

"Because I'm the Hokage. Ironically enough, I was made the Hokage by the very person, who wanted me here in the first place, and while I can't hate Naruto for his reasons...I just can't let the village die since it's a part of my Grandfather's legacy. I have to defend it Shikamaru, as the Hokage of the Leaf, and as a member of the Senju Clan that founded it," said Tsunade seeing Shikamaru nod at her in some form of understanding, but his face also showed that he didn't like it either, and made a mental note to try to speak to Naruto if the opportunity ever came.

"I'll see what I can do, but I can guarantee that none of the other Rookies are going to like it," said Shikamaru getting out of his chair and leaving to tell the others since he would need their help.

'You're not the only one,' thought Tsunade before Shizune came in with a medical report on Jiraiya's condition.

"I spoke with Jiraiya-sama again today and he's not going to fight Naruto or help make any seals to possibly weaken him like you wanted Tsunade-sama," said Shizune seeing Tsunade narrow her eyes a little before letting out a sigh and leaned back in her chair.

"His hearts not in this fight and I imagine several others in the village won't do it either," said Tsunade looking out at the village seeing them trying to get on with their everyday lives, but the populous was in low spirits from what the Fire Daimyo told them, and was slowly destroying their happy lives they helped create over the years using Naruto like a punching bag.

Well now this time the punching bag was going to punch bag, only with claws, and teeth to give it that animal like look that makes it all the more dangerous.

"Can you blame them for not wanting to fight Naruto? The village treated him like he was a demon, Jiraiya left the boy to fend for himself, Kakashi betrayed him, and then you with Kushina...," said Shizune only to be silenced by Tsunade with a glare telling her student not to finish that sentence.

"I'm sorry about that Shizune, I really am, but Naruto needs to grow up, and let go of his pain like we all learn to do," said Tsunade before she felt a blast of killer intent from her student, who looked at her with angry eyes, and slapped her across the face.

"You're such a hypocrite Tsunade! Always thinking what people should do knowing full well that's not how the world works. I seem to remember a time when you lost your little brother and my Uncle Dan during the war. You haven't even followed the same advice you're saying Naruto should follow right now since you never let go of the past. It's no wonder he wants to burn this place to the ground!" said Shizune before leaving a shocked Tsunade to sit at her desk while her mind processed Shizune of all people slapping her across the face.

'I hate my life,' thought Tsunade before closing her eyes and trying to get this now major mind blowing headache from tearing her skull in half.

(Undisclosed Location)

Naruto sighed again, as he plopped himself on his couch in his home with one Hyuuga Hinata following him, resting her head on his chest while feeling around his body, and touching his muscles enjoying how ripped the man she loved was. The two had finished planning the downfall of Uchiha Madara, as the man was all alone now without a single member of Akatsuki left to stand on, but now the problem seemed to be Hinata, as she was still upset, and that she didn't get her turn with Naruto. When seeing how Yugito was fucked into a sexual coma for about three hours and more before waking up to have it all over again. To make matters worse, Hinata saw how the girl's own demon, the Nibi one, was in love with her Demon Lord of a boyfriend, and it now made Hinata want to have that massive demon meat in her. To have it knock her lights out and make her have twenty organisms like it did the other women in Naruto's life.

Was that so wrong?

She then made the decision right then and there that she was going to get some of her Naruto-kun at that very moment. She then picked her head up and moved her body so that she was sitting on the Demon Lord's lap making Naruto wake up to see Hinata right in front of his face. Without saying anything Hinata planted a huge lip lock on Naruto who was surprised at first but soon got in it and now had his hands on Hinata's rear end rubbing it and enjoyed how nice it felt. Hinata meanwhile had her tongue in Naruto's mouth while she had her hands at the hem of his shirt trying to get the evil piece of clothing away from her hot crimson haired man.

Naruto compiled after breaking their make-out session and removed his shirt along with Hinata liking how big her C-cup breast were and was hoping they would grow to be Tsunade's size some day when the girl stopped developing. Hinata then started to kiss on his neck while running her hands over his body and heard a chuckle from Naruto as he continued rubbing Hinata well toned ass

"I see we're very anxious today huh?" said Naruto, as Hinata once again started the battle of the tongues again before she started to kiss on his neck again, and the Demon Lord let out a moan at her offensive attacks on him while pleased she was being so bold.

"Of course I am. You have no idea how much I both want and need you right now. The only thing I don't like is that I'm not your first one nor did I have your first child, but I'm just glad to be with you at this moment." Hinata said looking Naruto in the eyes with her head on his showing him how much she loved him

Something she was finally happy about expressing to him

"Very well then. How about we take this somewhere else." Naruto said as they both were consumed by fire.

(Lemon Starts)

After they reappeared back in Hinata's bedroom with the Hyuuga woman wasting little time in removing not only her cloths, but Naruto's as well until they were now in their birthday suits. Hinata kissed him again making him back up until they both were on the bed. Hinata soon began to kiss down his body before she looked at the one piece that she wanted in her for so many long years to take her innocence and wanted have it in her inside her for so long and make her the mother of his child.

She stared at it for a while amazed at how big it was before she swallowed her fear and took the huge slab of meat in her mouth hearing the love of her life moan out her name. That in itself encouraged her to bobbing her head up and down while licking around the shaft enjoying the way it tasted in her mouth when she did. All Naruto could do was rub the girl's blue haired head telling her to continue her job on his cock. While all that was happening Hinata was rubbing her womanhood hoping to get herself wet enough to take her lover in her and would ride his ass out

"I see someone has some pretty good skills with their mouths even though they never done anything like this." Naruto said with Hinata getting off Naruto's large head and kissed him once more before Naruto laid her down on the bed.

Naruto then aimed at her large breast and started to suck on her right nipple making the Hyuuga girl cry out in pleasure while at the same time as he pinched her left nipple. His other hand went down south and started to rub her silt making the girl scream out in pleasure causing the Hyuuga girl to have an orgasm right there! Naruto however, soon switched from the right nipple, to the left one, and vice versa with his hands on her silt enjoying the cute little moan the girl was making.

Hinata loved this incredible feeling of sexual bliss with Naruto making her have orgasm after orgasm with each time he moved his hand in her. Soon however Naruto stopped with his hand and got up to her ear

"Are you ready?" Naruto asked with Hinata with a light voice saying "yes", but a voice that was sincere, and determined to see this to the end.

Naruto didn't need to be told twice, as he flip himself on his back so Hinata was on top, and bucked upward entering her silt before breaking her barrier all in one shot. The Hyuuga girl screamed out in pain before Naruto whispered words to calm her down which she did before he began to take her air bourn. Soon the pain turned into pleasure as she began to match his movements

Hinata never thought that it would feel this good to have her Naruto-kun inside her and fucking the shit out of her pussy. She prayed that this would never end.

Naruto however, began to feel himself getting close to his own cumming stage. He would have pulled out in order to prevent Hinata from getting pregnant, but with the way things were going with the takeover of the elemental countries he felt that it would be fine. So instead he continued to go with Hinata feeling her climax coming in a matter of seconds

"Hinata-chan I'm going to cum soon!" Naruto said as he continued

"I'm reaching my climax as well. Please Naruto-kun, let me have your next child! Please!" Hinata said looking at him with love filled eyes.

Eyes that Naruto could never say no too.

So with a heavy heart, Naruto continued fucking Hinata before he flipping them both so that he was on top and she was on her back. Soon her moans kept getting louder and louder until with one huge scream "NARUTO!" she climaxed with Naruto not far behind soon following her causing him to fill her up with his seed.

(Lemon end)

Naruto got off Hinata while said girl wrapped herself around her Namikaze lover. The said former blonde had his arms around her holding them together feeling the heat that was radiating off each of the others bodies with the smell of sex all around the bedroom which Naruto loved due to his heightened senses.

"Naruto-kun, thank you for taking me with you. I'm glad you finally told me the words I wanted to hear you say for so long." Hinata said looking at Naruto, who let out a deep chuckle.

"Don't worry Hinata, for you will have moments like this a lot more in the future," said Naruto wrapping them up in the bed's sheets and let themselves drift off into the land of dreams.

This was their calm before the storm.

(Rendezvous Location-A Few Days Later)

Naruto stood waiting for Gaara while to appear while Hinata waited beside the stretcher that held Uchiha Itachi with IV drips and other things being pumped into his system to keep the man alive. Of course that was the least of Naruto's problems right now, as Nibi along with Yugito were protesting to Naruto on how he was going to go to Konoha to destroy it without them, and how they wanted to be by his side always. The Demon Lord explained to them or rather reminded them that they were now more then likely pregnant with his child. How they would be used as a bargaining chip against him and have their children taken away to be used for evil of ambitious men like Danzo.

Yugito and Nibi were reluctant to admit it, but their shared lover had a very unfortunate point, and further conceded when Naruto told them Hinata was only going to go as far as the rendezvous point before heading back since she was no doubt pregnant herself. This was met with further growls and hisses from the two at the Hyuuga, who glared back since it was only fair she get her turn with the man they all loved, and procreated with him in the process.

"Just remember Hinata, when this is over, I'm having you take charge at the base while I'm gone, and will have you along with Yugito assist Nibi with her pregnancy. Her pregnancy comes sooner then humans so it will keep you both on your toes and hopefully have you two working together. Think you can handle it?" said Naruto while never looking away from where he was waiting for Gaara and sensed Hinata nod in his direction.

"Of course Naruto-kun," said Hinata, as she didn't mind anymore, as she got what she wanted, and that was to be one of the Mother of Naruto's many children.

No sooner had she said that, did Subaku no Gaara, Kimimaro, and his former sensei Baki looking as serious as ever though there was a hint sereneness in them. Like the man had a reason to relax if just a hair around Gaara and not be afraid of the younger man he called a Kazekage.

"Hey Gaara! Ready to transport Itachi for me? I know what I'm asking is a lot from you since I'm taking you away from your paperwork along with Temari and your nephew. How is the little tike by the way?" said Naruto wanting to find out how his son was doing these days.

"Yes. My nephew is fine. For some reason though, my nephew seems to be trying to kill Kankuro, and has gotten by brother in a lot of trouble with women," said Gaara before smirking at the memory of Kankuro running for his life after little Gaara calling Kankuro Ero-Uncle in front of women making said women beat the crap out of his the puppet master.

Kankuro would try to retaliate, but little Gaara would always run to Temari, and Temari would always finish what the other women started for trying to beat up her son.

"He's a chip off the old Namikaze block. I never liked perverts either and I doubt Temari likes them too. So don't worry about your brother or someone trying to corrupt my son into being one," said Naruto seeing Gaara smile at that since perverts didn't make good husbands unless they were being perverted with the women they loved.

"Let's go then," said Gaara using the sand in his gourd to wrap Itachi in before making the body float over to him and held the Uchiha tightly in the sand.

"Agreed. Hinata. I'll see you later back at home real soon. Kimimaro, you are with me," said Naruto, as he began walking with Gaara, and Baki towards Konoha.

"Yes Naruto-sama," said Kimimaro bowing to Naruto, as he was happy to be of service once more.

"Naruto-kun wait!" said Hinata, as she rushed over to him, and plants a kiss on his lips before handing him a scroll filled with clothes.

"Thanks Hinata-chan. What's this?" said Naruto looking at the scroll sealed up with clothes if the kanji on it for "looking sexified" was any indication.

"Something for you to wear to Konoha. Something I, Nibi, Yugito, and Kimimaro helped put together while you were away in Konoha. I hope you like it," said Hinata, as she had spent many hours with them making it, and felt it would make him look incredible in it.

"Thank again Hinata-chan. The same to you too Kimimaro. I'll wear it now before we get to Konoha," said Naruto before he summoned a horse sized toad and ordered it to take Hinata home.

With Jiraiya incapacitated, Naruto didn't need to worry about the toads blabbing to the broken Sannin about where his base was to Tsunade, and have her send a whole army of Shinobi after him.

"You're lucky to have someone like her and the other two in your life," said Gaara while Naruto opened the scroll to find the clothing the trio of women and one albino designed for him.

"You can be too Gaara. All you have to do is find that special someone," said Naruto, as he began to change with Gaara creating a sand barrier to shield himself, and Baki from seeing his form.

"There is no such woman for me," said Gaara sadly, as he had always believed that while he could love his family that he couldn't find anyone to love him like in the way Naruto's women loved him.

"I don't know. I think I know a girl you might like," said Naruto with a grin on his face that was hidden by the sand curtain.

"Who?" said Gaara knowing that if there was such a woman in the world, then he would gladly seek her out, and learn more about her.

"Her names Fuma Sasame from the Fuma Clan. You don't mind orange hair, right?" said Naruto finished getting dressed and put on the glasses with the yellow tinted lens with the zigzag rims.

"No, I don't mind orange hair actually. You look very intimidating in that," said Gaara seeing Naruto now wearing a crimson leather trench coat wrapped around his form and the glasses were indeed very unique as well.

"Thank you. After were done in Konoha, you should head to Wave Country, and go see Sasame so you can get to know her better. I guarantee she'll like you," said Naruto, as he had a feeling those two together would hit it off very well, and give him his son a cousin in a few years.

Those two would no doubt drive Kankuro up the wall.

(In Suna-At the Moment)

Kankuro soon shivered while working on the paperwork while Temari was in the room with him smothering her child with love and affection.

"What is it Kankuro?" said Temari, as she hadn't seen Kankuro shiver like that since she had him do little Gaara's diaper changing for 2 weeks after she saw him chase her little precious baby around the house when her son drew on the puppet master's puppet with the words "Kanky is poopy nose" written in bubble letters.

"I felt a disturbance in the Force. Where Gaara finally finds a woman of his dreams and has a kid that makes me miserable," said Kankuro shivering again and hoped that no such thing ever happened.

"Really? That's great! Soon my little Gaara's going to have a cousin, who can help beat up his Ero-Uncle, and get away with it because I'll hurt a certain Ero-Uncle if he tries to," said Temari seeing her baby giggle with excitement while Kankuro paled at that since he really didn't want that to happen.

'Oh Kami if that does happen, I might as well become a hermit or something, and live out my days not trying to get laid while wishing I could at the same time,' thought Kankuro before looking at little Gaara and saw the evil grin on the boy's face.

"You will bow to me," said little Gaara pointing a finger at his uncle while making said uncle Kankuro get even whiter in the face and began working furiously on the paperwork in front of him.

The life of a hermit sounded good right about now.

(Back to at the Rendezvous)

"Subaku no Sasame. It has a nice ring to it," said Gaara liking the sound of it with a smile on his face, as the group headed towards Konoha, and its inevitable fall at the hands of the second generation Kyuubi that was once the first one's vessel.

(Konoha Hospital-A Few Days Later)

Konan walked through the halls of the building that reeked of death and sickness to her former sensei's room finding that it was guard by two ANBU with more inside no doubt guarding the weakened Sannin. Still, she was an S-Class Missing Nin, and was one of the top 3 strongest members in all of Akatsuki when she was with the now seemingly dead organization.

An army of ANBU didn't have the strength to stop her.

With that in mind, Konan walked to the doors, knocked out the guards, and opened the door seeing several ANBU in the room now looking at her with surprise clearly being sensed behind their masks. Moving with blinding speed, she knocked her adversaries down before she stood in front of her probably crippled sensei, and saw him smile back at her.

"Hey Konan. Its been a long time," said Jiraiya, as he looks at her masked face that was a stolen ANBU uniform off of someone, and allowed her to get this far.

"So you know it was me. You always could tell who was who and if they were not what they seemed," said Konan, as that was one of the things she could not do, and was sure that Pein couldn't either.

"Why are you here? I didn't think bedside manners were your thing unless it was with your Leader," said Jiraiya seeing the woman nod though that part of her life was behind her now.

"Naruto-sama wants me to give you this. It's his way of showing you that the prophesy will be fulfilled by his hands and not by Pein's own," said Konan, as she showed him the scroll that had six other smaller scrolls sealed up inside of it, and Jiraiya had a feeling he knew what was in each scroll.

The fact she said "Naruto-sama" spoke clearly of where she was now in the world that was not at Pein's side anymore.

"I see. When is Naruto arriving to kill the Uchiha?" said Jiraiya, as he wanted to be there if possible for this event, and wanted to praise his student despite that his said student did this to him.

"Today, if my calculations are correct. If you can make it to the stadium to watch the fall of the Uchiha, then please do so, and see the Godson you left behind in order to show everyone what fools they were in the process," said Konan before leaving the room and set out to meet her master while hoping that Kimimaro would be here soon with Naruto.

(Konoha Front Gate)

There arrival caused a blur of panic, as Naruto walked side by side with Gaara, who had Baki slightly out in front, and Kimimaro on the other side in front of Naruto. Hovering above them in a large cocoon of Gaara's sand, was the slowly dying, and heavily sedated Uchiha Itachi. The Chuunin guarding the gate ran to alert the village of Naruto's arrival with the Kazekage, and the battered Uchiha Clan murderer. Naruto of course, didn't care about such things, as he walked into the village without worry, and headed straight for the Chuunin Exam arena knowing Sasuke would arrive immediately to fight him.

However, no sooner did Naruto make it into the village square that had the path, which led to the stadium was he met with an army of Shinobi from Chuunin to ANBU in full combat gear, and what was more is some of the Rookies were there with them. No many mind you, but enough to make his feel some form of sorrow knowing that the Sandaime that he thought of like a Grandfather had failed to protect the young generation from the older one's hate.

"So...I see you guys are siding with the village on this in regards to me being your enemy and an evil demon," said Naruto while Kimimaro brought out his bloodline's power so he could fight for his master to the very end.

"Not all of us Naruto. I find this really troublesome just standing here since most of us do not want to fight you. We're all here on orders from Tsunade to stop you from destroying the very village her Grandfather and Granduncle founded years ago," said Shikamaru, as he really didn't want to fight his friend, and from the looks of the other Rookies... their feelings in this matter were mutual.

Well...except Sakura and Kiba that is, but they don't count.

"Speak for yourself Nara. This guy took Hinata-chan from us. I demand you bring her back right now!" said Kiba growling at Naruto, who smirked at the Inuzuka Heir, and adjusted his shades at the bridge between them.

"Sorry Kiba, but Hinata-chan can't return, as she is now taking care of a certain Nibi, who is soon to be the Mother of an entire litter of our children, and there is no one else I would trust in handling this situation then Hinata-chan. Besides, it won't be long before Hinata is in the same boast, as Nibi, and my other love Nii Yugito," said Naruto smirking at the now angry Kiba, who understood what Naruto meant, and was seriously pissed off about it.

He wasn't the only one, who understood, but was less a lot less angry then Kiba was.

"You got her pregnant?" said Neji, as he was slightly pissed off that Hinata had been with someone, but was pleased it was with the man she loved, and someone powerful enough to protect her always.

"Yep! The thing about a male Demon Lord's seed is that it's very potent. You should ask Subaku no Temari about it since she is another woman that helped sire me a child," said Naruto seeing the bug eyed looks from Shikamaru and the worried ones from Gaara.

"Are you sure that it's really wise to tell them about my nephew, who is in fact your son?" said Gaara knowing that such knowledge could send wave after wave of assassins and kidnappers after his family.

"Don't worry. Temari can handle protecting her son since she can raise holy hell if someone so much as a glare were thrown at little Gaara. Remember how she put Kankuro in the Hospital for 3 Months when she caught him trying to turn little Gaara into a pervert?" said Naruto smiling at Gaara, which made Gaara smile back, and nod at the memory.

Kankuro still couldn't walk right for 3 more weeks when he got out of the Hospital.

"Not to remove you from memory lane Naruto-sama, but I do believe you have to get to the stadium to kill Uchiha Sasuke in front of the entire populace, and then most of the populace themselves," said Konan appearing beside Kimimaro, who smiled at her, and she him since she was no longer wearing the ANBU mask allowing everyone to see her face.

"Thank you Konan-san. Now if you'll excuse me...I have an emo of an Uchiha to kill the stadium," said Naruto wrapping all his friends and allied in crimson chakra before they vanished in a flash of crimson light before the Shinobi army that was once in front of them.

"Leave it to Naruto to have something like that up his sleeve," said Shikamaru heading towards the stadium along with everyone else, as they believe that Sasuke could defeat the Demon Lord with his power, and felt they didn't have anything left to fear.

'Just you wait Naruto. I'll kill you when Sasuke can't, take Hinata as my bitch, and make your bastard child my little servant in the Inuzuka household,' thought Kiba, as he headed towards the stadium with evil thoughts running through his head, and looked forward to standing over Naruto's corpse while being praised by the village for slaying the demon.

(Hokage Tower)

"He's here," said Shizune having run into Tsunade's office to tell the Hokage that the boy she considered her little brother had returned once more to the village.

"So it begins. I assume the Councils and Sasuke know already?" said Tsunade seeing her assistant and student nod at this since the Councils made it clear to keep an eye on things that happened when pertaining to Naruto.

"Yes. Everyone is heading to the stadium right now. Everyone thinks Sasuke will win, as they believe is Sharingan can tame Naruto like Madara's did with the first one," said Shizune, as she didn't believe that would happen for a second, and knew the village was in for a rude awakening.

"Might as well join them," said Tsunade putting on her Hokage coat and hat though it felt wrong for some reason for her to wear it.

Like she had lost the right to it long ago.

(Konoha Stadium)

"Looks like everyone is all here. Gaara, take Baki, Konan, and Kimimaro with you to your own private box to keep an eye on Itachi. Make sure no one tries to free Itachi or help Sasuke try to kill him," said Naruto seeing his friend nod in understanding and left with the other members of the group to their own private section.

No sooner had the group left for their spot to watch, did Uchiha Sasuke make his own little appearance, and had a smirk on his face like he was superior to everyone around him. In the stands, up in the Kage booth, Senju Tsunade sat in her chair with the various members of the Councils sitting with much anticipation, and at the thought of the power they were going to obtain through Sasuke when he takes control of Naruto with the ever powerful Sharingan.

"It's been a long time teme. Still thinking your better then everyone as usual?" said Naruto seeing Sasuke frown a little at that before smirking again.

"I know I'm stronger then everyone Naruto, as I've mastered my Sharingan Eyes to make them unstoppable, and with them I will make you submit to me like Madara did the first Kyuubi," said Sasuke activating his Sharingan Eyes while Naruto stayed as calm as ever since those eyes held no power over him.

"Is that why the Councils have been spoiling you silly? Thinking that with me under your control, they will gain power from controlling you using more so called 'power' that they have to give you in exchange for your loyalty? Not that you ever had any to begin with since you would sooner betray your own Mother for a quick increase in it, then actually work your ass off to get it, and attain the full measure of it all," said Naruto now seeing Sasuke scowl at that since that hurt very deep to home.

"I could care less about the Councils. Once I have you under my control, I make you my little pet, with a collar, food bowl, and everything else one needs to have when taking care of a pet. When this is over, I'm going to make you lick my boots clean with your tongue, and have you do it front of the whole village to be my first act as the new Hokage of Konoha," said Sasuke smirking evilly at Naruto, who just flipped Sasuke off, and made a hand motion to come make it happen.

"You talk big Sasuke, now let's see you back it up, and show me this power that you say is stronger then my own," said Naruto his power now flaring to life all around him his eyes blazing with crimson fury.

"Get him Sasuke-kun! Show him what a real man can do. Teach that demon a lesson," said Sakura in the stands with all of Sasuke's fellow supporters.

'Troublesome woman,' thought Shikamaru, who prayed that Naruto won, and that Sasuke finally got his ass handed to him like he should.

Sure enough Sasuke did or rather tried to before moving at break neck speed and tried to land a punch on Naruto's face. However, the Uchiha found he couldn't, as his body was knocked back by crimson chakra that that formed into a large claw, and socked the so called prodigy back 20 feet.

"Is this it? Is this all the power you have? Using speed and the Sharingan in the thoughts you could use both to best me? At least use a Jutsu or something because everything else is just boring," said Naruto seeing Sasuke scowl at him and began going through hands signs.

"Fire Style: Dragon's Flame Jutsu!" said Sasuke shooting red hot dragon's fire at Naruto, who covered his right hand in red chakra, and forced the Fire Jutsu to stop at his hand.

"Weak," said Naruto before putting away his shades making Sasuke get angry at Naruto while wishing he could activate his Curse Seal, but couldn't since Orochimaru was killed, and the Curse Seal had left his body.

"I'll show you weak, you filthy demon! 'Tsukuyomi!'" said Sasuke showing that he had the Mangekyo Sharingan and that he wasn't afraid to use it.

At first, nothing happened, as Sasuke stood there with a confident smirk on his face, and Naruto still standing too with his face an unreadable stone like face. The people of the village had assumed that Sasuke had won and forced Naruto into submission like he said he would. However, that all changed when Naruto blinked a few seconds later, and then proceeded to laugh at Sasuke's surprised face when his attempts failed.

"Surprise! I'm still here, I'm still me, and now I'm going to have the distinct pleasure of finishing you off before Itachi joins you hell!" said Naruto before moving at unmatched speed and punched Sasuke in the gut.

The punch itself had knocked Sasuke right off his feet before he was hit with one after another and another from Naruto hitting Uchiha with blow after blow of unmatched fury. The people in the stadium watching could only stare at the horror that was befalling their Uchiha "savior", as he was now being beating to a bloody, and unrecognizable pulp by the Demon Lord they thought the Uchiha had the power to control.

'How? How can he beat me? I'm an Uchiha! He's nothing, but a freak, an abomination, and a loser that couldn't pass the Exams 3 times!' thought Sasuke before his thoughts were interrupted by a knee to his gut that sent him into the air, only for Naruto to appear behind him, and sock him right in the face with a crimson covered fist that sent Sasuke into the ground creating a crater 15 feet deep.

"You seemed surprised that your Sharingan didn't work on me. The reason it didn't work was because my will was stronger then yours. It always has been and always will be. For you see, the soul powers body, and the purer the soul the stronger the body is in resisting things like what you tried. My soul is pure, yours is not, and because of that you'll never be stronger then me Sasuke. You'll always be that weak, sniveling little child, who ran away from his big brother when he killed the Uchiha Clan, and the one you begged not to kill you like a coward," said Naruto landing in the crater next to Sasuke before picking up the beaten Uchiha by the throat and created a Rasengan in his free hand.

',' thought Sasuke despite the fact his body was so messed up right now, he couldn't so much as move his pinky finger, and could barely see with his eye swollen shut.

"Die along with your brother and the rest of your kin. Rasengan!" said Naruto slamming his attack right into Sasuke's stomach making the Uchiha's body explode into hundreds of pieces.

"Sasuke-kun!" called out Sakura, as her "love" had been lost to the hands of Naruto, and she was utterly speechless at the sight of Sasuke's remains scattered everywhere.

"," said Itachi in a whisper, but his voice still echoed into the silent, and very much stunned stadium.

With his final words spoken, Uchiha Itachi died, and his soul left for the deep regions of hell where the rest of his kin awaited him.

"He's dead," said Gaara sensing no heartbeat echo into his sand.

"Finish him off Gaara. No point in having his body lying around for these vultures to take apart to learn its secrets," said Naruto before Gaara did as instructed and crushed Itachi's body into nothingness.

"All Leaf Shinobi loyal to this village, kill the demon, and avenge the Uchiha Clan!" said Danzo pointing a finger at Naruto, who looked up at the people, and beckoned them all forward to take his head.

"Hey Danzo! You want my head? Come get yourself!" said Naruto before taking out a handkerchief and wiped Sasuke's blood from his face and then burning it.

"Tsunade can fight the demon! You are a Sannin and have the power to cripple him with your Medical Jutsus," said Homura pointing at Tsunade, who looked at the Councils, and then back at Naruto seeing him staring at her with crimson eyes that told her now was the time to do what was right rather then what people told you was right.

"No," said Tsunade seeing the Councils look at her with surprised eyes, as did the people in the audience below her, and wondered why she was refusing.

"No? Why?" said Koharu now anger by Tsunade's refusal of the Shinobi Council's direct commands before seeing the younger woman slowly rise up from her chair and remove her Hokage robes.

"I can't fight against a demon, who is attack a village I don't feel deserves defending, and has lost the 'Will of Fire' that inspired my Grandfather to found Konoha," said Tsunade before turning to Jiraiya, who had now made it over to the Kage booth though a limp was noticeable, and smiled at her for doing the right thing for once.

For too long, Tsunade had let things get out of hand, let the Councils do as they wished, and let the people get away with hurting the son of the Yondaime for so many years. The revelation of what had become of her Grandfather's village had been beaten in her quite literally by Naruto, as he had made her remember what it meant to care for someone, and that she had been responsible in his suffering for what happened to his Mother years ago when she brought him into this world. Jiraiya had been right when he said that Naruto would make sure they all paid for their crimes and like usual the Super Pervert was right.

Today was the day that the Leaf's debts were paid and paid in full.

"To hell with the Shodaime's 'Will of Fire'! We the two Councils order you and the Clan Heads to go down there to kill the demon now!" said Danzo, as he was not about to have his plans for conquering the Elemental Countries ruined by some sentimental women that believed in her Grandfather's beliefs if just only believing in those beliefs right now, and the second coming of the Kyuubi that was Namikaze Naruto.

The argument that would have taken place ended, as a blast of demonic charka erupted from inside the stadium covering the entire structure with its power, and the source of it all was Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. The form of Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto looked up at the two Councils, the civilians, and the Shinobi looking down at him in true fear of what he had was doing.

"Now that I have full undivided attention once more, I'm going to explain something to you all before I send you all into hell, and that is when you get matter how hard you scream you're there for all eternity," said Naruto before he began going through hand signs much to the fear surrounding the people in the stadium.

"This is it I guess," said Jiraiya, as he looked at Tsunade, who looked at him with a gentle smile, and did the one thing no one thought she would ever do in a million years.

She kissed him on the lips and hugged him.

"See you on the other side," said Tsunade, as she held onto Jiraiya, and the Toad Sannin did the same.

"I'll bring the sake'," said Jiraiya, as he looks at her, and then at Naruto making hand signs.

"Stop him before he finishes!" said Danzo, as wave after wave of Root ANBU jumped into the arena, and charged the calm as ever Demon Lord.

But alas, they were too late, as Naruto finished with the hand sign for "death", and he smirked at them all with crimson glowing eyes.

"Forbidden Demonic Art: Purge of the Wicked Jutsu!" said Naruto before the arena was surrounded in a large flash of crimson light and all consumed inside of it were lost.

Judgment Day for Konoha had indeed come to Konoha.

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