Chapter 7-End Game

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After the flash of light left, Jiraiya along with Tsunade looked around to find they were still alive in Konoha, and so were several other people in the stadium. Upon heading to the top of the stadium with several other Shinobi, they all saw that most of Konoha was gone, but there were still some people in the village unharmed by Naruto's attack, and many now looked at the Demon Lord standing in the center of the stadium arena.

"Naruto, why didn't we die?" said Tsunade, as she felt that there was no sound reason for her to be alive for failing him, and she was!

"Because, unlike the mass of arrogant people that are not here were not worthy of having a second chance Tsunade. They were filled with hate, cruelty, and every other thing that can make a human being become evil personified. You and Jiraiya are not like them despite what happened, as you are good people deep down, and are worthy of being given a second chance. If you weren't, the Jutsu would have killed you, and sent you straight into the abyss that is Hell. What's more, I have restored you to your younger looking forms, and allow you to continue living to help keep Konoha alive for Konohamaru to keep going when he's ready to be Hokage," said Naruto, as he saw the two look at him in shock, and then at each other to see that what the Demon Lord said was in fact correct.

They looked like they did in their prime.

"But why restore our youth?" said Tsunade, as she looked at Naruto with surprise filled eyes, and Jiraiya was the same way because of it.

"So you two could finally have a chance to admit your feelings for each other and settle down like you should have years ago. You were always drinking and gambling Tsunade while hating perverts for being perverts. While you Jiraiya, were constantly being the self proclaimed 'Super Pervert', and acting like a child all the time. I'm giving you both a second chance and so help me Kami if you two blow it I'll tear you both a new asshole the size of the Hokage Monument!" said Naruto flaring intense killer intent at them, as he was not going to tolerate them screwing up their chance he was generously giving them at being happy, and if they did blow it...well then it would only warrant a second coming of his presence in Konoha.

"All right! We get it! Enough with the killer intent. You want us to be aged back faster to our previous looking selves?" said Jiraiya, who saw the narrowing eyes of Tsunade now aiming at him, as if that was an insult to her, and stomped her foot on his to make him cry out in pain.

She succeeded.

"I expect the both of you to keep the other in line. And don't think I won't find out if you screw things up, as I have spies everywhere, and I'll know if one of you leaves the village to get away from the other for whatever reason," said Naruto, as he turned to leave the stadium with Gaara, and the others following right beside him.

"So...want to get started getting pregnant?" said Jiraiya, who soon found himself being pounded into the ground by a blushing Tsunade, and her yelling at him for his pervert like ways of asking her to be the Mother of his child in such a way.

'Bakas! I'll have to make sure their kids don't become screwed up like they are,' thought Naruto, as he left Konoha with his group knowing that now there was now only one final piece of unfinished business between him, and his last enemy that was also an Uchiha and the very founder of the clan years ago.

Soon all family business would be settled and all past ghosts surrounding Naruto would be exorcised from his being.

(Valley of the End-1 Week Later)

Uchiha Madara stood on the statue of himself watching the figure walk up the statue of his rival back when Konoha was first founded and found it was quite ironic that things had gotten this far. His organization was destroyed with himself being the only survivor of it, the Nibi along with Shukaku was out of his grasp thanks to his current foe staring at him, and the Kyuubi he had once tamed with his Sharingan was now gone. The statue's usefulness was gone now, as it needed at least nine members with the rings to summon it for it to extract the demon from their vessel's body, and now it was pointless to try.

All Madara could do was take down this new Kyuubi that was the Yondaime's son and use him to get to the others that would allow him some measure of revenge.

"You came. And you're early too," said Naruto, as he wasn't expecting Madara to be here before him, and wait for the Demon Lord.

"You sound surprised boy. You didn't think I would run from you after your clone sent me a message to meet you here, did you?" said Madara, as he smirked at Naruto, who smirked back, and let out a small chuckle that echoed throughout the Valley of the End.

"Considering how I let you live the last time you encountered me? Yes. I can honestly say I half expected you to decline and hide in whatever rock you were under like you have since before I fixed Konoha," said Naruto seeing the Uchiha frown at him and saw a lot of Sasuke in the founder of the clan.

"You caught me by surprise boy, but the thing about an Uchiha is that you can't surprise us the same way twice, and to do so would be unwise," said Madara, as he activated his Sharingan, and saw Naruto smirk at that like it was a joke.

"And you should know Madara that anyone, who is a blood descendant of a Namikaze, and an Uzumaki are known to surprise others like your clan more then once," said Naruto before he got into a fighting stance and Madara did the same.

"Not against me you can't," said Madara before the two went at it with each leaping off their statue heads and clashing in midair that created a sonic boom upon hitting the other.

"Says the man I left near death running away from Mist when I took it without breaking a sweat!" said Naruto before the two broke off and landed on the watery surface like the Namikaze had done years ago with Sasuke.

"Fire Style: Inferno Tornado Jutsu!" said Madara, as he shot out a tornado of fire at the calm looking Naruto, who sank under the water, and began making hand signs.

'Water Style: Water Bomb Jutsu!' thought Naruto, as he shot his own Jutsu at Madara from the water causing the intended target to jump away before the attack hit, and land a good distance away while waiting for Naruto to rise up.

"Nicely done boy! You used the darkness of the beneath us water so I wouldn't see you with my Sharingan knowing that the steam from the Fire Jutsu to further blind me," said Madara, as he knew that not many could negate the abilities of the Sharingan, and Naruto was one of the few that could.

"Thanks! I picked it up from Zabuza himself when he fought Hatake-teme back in Wave Country where they named a bridge after me. With all the mist he created, Zabuza made Hatake's own Sharingan useless, and the same could be said for yours in this scenario. All I have to do is take away the advantages that your eyes possess," said Naruto, as he rose from the water with his eyes closed, and his hands in the water so Madara couldn't see what he was doing.

"How very clever, but it will take more then the knowledge learned by such a low ranked Missing Nin to beat me, and I'll see to it you never return to the ones that love you," said Madara, as he rushed forward at almost impossible speed for Naruto, and thrust his palm forward with the intent of ripping out the Namikaze's organs.

"At least I have people to love, unlike your own heartless baka self!" said Naruto, as he moved to his right to dodge Madara's attack, and countered with his finished hand sign for his Wind Slicer Jutsu that the Uchiha founder teleported away from before holding onto his arm.

'He got me! ME! An immortal that has no equal. Even the previous Kyuubi submitted to my power shortly after our encounter, but this one is different, and wishes to show he is not bound by then chains of his better,' thought Madara, as he exploded with chakra, and moved faster now then even Naruto anticipated.

The Uchiha's fist to his jaw sent Naruto flying into the mountainous cliff behind him, with Madara right on top of him, and pounding into his body unmercifully. Seeing his victory at hand, Madara picked Naruto up by the throat, and looked at him with his Sharingan Eyes filled with his cruel power.

'Damn! And I thought the old hag could hit like when I was younger,' thought Naruto, as he had some blood trickling out of his mouth, and felt his body slowly healing from other internal injuries.

"You are going to be my new pet. When I say 'bark', you will bark, and when I say 'you destroy what I want' I expect you to destroy what I want!" said Madara, as he summoned all his evil charka to his Sharingan eyes, and attacked Naruto's mind with them like he did the previous Kyuubi to force the Demon Lord into submission.

"And I want ramen that's healthy to eat morning, noon, and night with midnight snacks on occasion! But you don't see that happening, do you?" said Naruto, as he attacked back with his own chakra with it becoming a battle of wills, and neither of them were going to back down.

"You can't win boy. I forced the previous Kyuubi into submission and I can do the same to you. The only reason I didn't do it sooner was because there were too many variables that were standing in my way, but thanks to you removing them all, I can start over with a chance to rebuild Akatsuki from the ground up, and turn you into the means to control the world into being my slaves!" said Madara, as he pressed further into trying to influence Naruto to his cruel will, and finding the Namikaze's resistance to his power to be very annoying.

"Funny. That was exactly what Sasuke said when he entered my mind with his eyes and look what it got him. Absolutely...NOTHING!" said Naruto, as he felt movement in his right clawed hand, and acted on it while Madara was so preoccupied with fighting his own inner being.

"AHHHHHHH!" screamed out Madara, as the flare of charka gave Naruto the means he needed to swipe at the Uchiha's eyes, and was able to cut one out of the socket.

"Now if you only had white hair and looked like a scarecrow you would pass for my old backstabbing sensei," said Naruto, as he landed several kicks, and punches to the stunned Uchiha bleeding from his right eye socket.

"When I get through with you, there won't be enough to stuff in a match box, and even less to considered ashes!" said Madara, as he went through hand signs, and prepared to use another Jutsu.

"How very flattering of you. I however, prefer that there not be anything left of you, and simply let the Shinigami deal with you when I remove you from your body," said Naruto, as he formed the Rasengan, and saw Madara form the Chidori.

"Sasuke seemed to favor this Jutsu like Hatake did in regards to killing you. I think they had the right idea in using it to kill you," said Madara, as he grinned a grin that didn't look human, and the eyeless socket on him didn't help either.

"And I think you, like them, are a total baka, and you're going to die here where you should have years ago Madara-teme!" said Naruto, as he charged forward with Madara doing the same, and both had grins on their faces at the thrill of this conflict being ended in this manner.

"Chidori/Rasengan!" said Madara and Naruto at the same time before they were mere seconds from the other in putting one Jutsu against the other.

Then Madara pulled a hat trick and teleported behind a surprised Naruto before shoving the Chidori right into the back of the Namikaze's skull.

"I hope you don't mind that I decided to cause that incident you had between Sasuke here with me in his place to be a little different," said Madara with a smirk on his face that left to be replaced with shock, as Naruto went "poof", and found himself being tackled to the mountain cliff while held down by a few Naruto clones with the original now standing right in front of him.

"Really? I could have said the same thing about myself playing this differently, but you had to go first like all the Uchiha you helped breed, and take the spotlight," said Naruto in a mocking fashion, as he thrust his hand into Madara's remaining untouched eye, and pulled it out much to the protest of the Uchiha himself.

"You fool! Have you any idea what you've done to me?" said Madara, as the clones were dispelled, and the original was now standing on the cliff looking over him.

"Yeah. I took away your immortality or whatever the hell you call it," said Naruto before he crushed the eye in his hand and smirked down at the man's rage filled face.

"Damn you Namikaze! I refuse to embrace defeat and death like so many before me have in my place. I will not be like other mortals. I WILL NOT DIE!" said Madara, shouting the last part into the heavens, as if to defy Kami in some way, and already his body was feeling the effects of loosing his eyes.

He was beginning to age.

"Oh you will die Madara. But not by my hands, Kami's, and/or even the Shinigami's own even though I'm sure he would certainly like to be the one that does it. The one that will kill you this day will simply be...time itself," said Naruto, as he saw Madara's hair color go from jet black to gray to white, and the man's once handsome face was now old with wrinkles covering his skin with said skin color turning pale.

Deathly pale.

"Damn you Namik-AH!" said Madara, as his few choice words were never finished, and the infamous founder of the Uchiha Clan died with his once young looking body having become nothing except into ash.

"It's finally over. All that's left now is to be with my family," said Naruto, as he turned to the statue of Madara, flipped it off just for the fun of it, and disappeared in a swirl of crimson flame.

(Epilogue-4 Years Later in Suna)

"HELP! GAARA IS TRYING TO KILL ME!" yelled Kankuro, as he tried to pry off little Gaara while said child was beating the crap out of him, and had the help of his fellow siblings.

"Where's my money! You owe me money from losing that huge bet 2 weeks ago Uncle Kankuro," said Gaara, as he bashed Kankuro's makeup faced head into the ground while his half-brothers and sisters were all helping too.

Gaara's two half sisters Luna and Sara were kicking Kankuro in the ribs while his 3 half-brothers were biting into the puppeteer's legs or arms. Luna took after her Mother Hinata with the same color hair and eyes, but with a tint of blue in them that gave them an exotic look. Sara took after Yugito and had acquired a taste for fish like her too like the former Nibi vessel while also having to fight the urge to scratch chairs when no one was looking.

Their 3 half-brothers that were in fact triplets were named Dante, Vergil, and Nero with all of them having silver hair that came from their Mother's side of the family that was Nibi. She loved those three the minute they were born, as she smothered them with all her love, and they returned it full fold in the process. As for Naruto, he was happy to have a family of his own, and have a chance to raise children that would be loved by him.

"You should pay my nephew what you owe Kankuro. A Subaku never takes back a bet that is made and even more so when the bet is lost to us," said Subaku no Gaara, as he watched his brother try to get away from the beasts that were tearing into him.

Of course, Kankuro would never call them that, and risk the chance of dying a terrible painful death before losing his virginity.

"Where are the parents to these creatures?" said Kankuro, as he let out a scream seconds later when Luna, and her half-sister Sara began biting his arms.

"Naruto is trying to...increase the number of children that he already has," said Gaara, as he smiled at the group of children tor-er playing with his brother, and looked over at his own love that was Subaku Fuma Sasame with their little 2 year old baby girl Yachiru.

Right now Sasame was feeding the little girl, who was a real bundle of energy when she came into the world, and at times nearly had Gaara go insane...again! But it was all worth it, as their little girl with the purest pink hair (no doubt made from the mixture of each of the parents own) ever seen brought a smile to their faces even on the gloomiest day, and made the village seem brighter because of it.

That and she constantly call Kankuro "Fruity Man Lady" because of the makeup that the Puppet Master swore was war paint.

'Crap! More kids they have, means I become more of the family chew toy, and get beat up by little monsters with super strong parents that will cripple me in way unimagined if I so much as glare at them.' thought Kankuro with that horrible realization, as he knew that the instant Naruto married all those women(with one being Temari), it was not a marriage where the brother of the bride warns his brother-in-law about the penalty that would arise should anything happen to the said woman, and that made things all the more depressing.

Why couldn't Kankuro been born into a normal family where he could make all the well known threats to brother-in-laws when they marry family.

"As it stands, they don't want to be disturbed so we are the acting babysitters for next few days, and keeping the children away from their...intimacy," said Gaara, as he looked over at Sasame again, and she winked at him that caused a blush to cover his face.

Someone was going to get some tonight.

(Namikaze Estate-At the Moment)

Naruto lay in bed with all his lovers and Mothers of his children all with happy content looks on their faces from their hours upon hours of love making. It had been a grueling couple of years regarding the pregnancies that each woman had with hormone imbalance, mood swings, and the occasional Jutsu that was aimed at the man that they loved. But in the end, life was good, as any Jutsu they used was cancelled out, and Naruto made sure any if not all anger issues concerning their mood swings were targeted at Kankuro.

The end result was Temari ordering little Gaara to hurt Kankuro repeatedly when her little brother never saw it coming.

"Do you think were pregnant again Naruto-kun?" said Nibi, as she loved being pregnant with his children, and the thought itself was making her so happy that each day she was wishing for it to come true with each day they made love.

"I hope so Nibi-chan. I really want to have as many children as possible with all of you. I want to be a Father to our children and love them like any Father should," said Naruto, as he had longed for family, and now it was finally within his grasp.

"There is no better man, then one that wants to settle down, and have lots of children while taking responsibility for them," said Hinata, as she was just as giddy if not more about being pregnant then Nibi, and wanted another child that was a boy this time so she could give Luna a little brother.

"Would you have me any other way?" said Naruto, as he looked at the woman snuggling into his right side along the abs, and kissing his physic at the same time.

"No! We want you as you Naruto-kun. No other version of you would be better, then the one we have now in this bed, and wouldn't trade you for anyone else in the world," said Temari, as she held onto him tighter, and felt the ring on her finger press against his back.

Temari remembered at the wedding if anyone objected to the union of Naruto marrying her, Hinata, Yugito, and Nibi where Gaara had to use his sand to cover Kankuro's mouth along with that of his puppets.

Temari had little Gaara shave Kankuro's head for that.

"That's good. Because I don't feel like changing anytime soon," said Naruto, as he kissed them all, and was able to press their forms closer to him.

"Someone's up for another round," said Yugito, as she felt 'little Naruto' rise within her, and saw Naruto have a fox like grin on his face.

"We'll all this talking kind of got me excited," said Naruto, as he squeezed Yugito's rear, and made her moan out in pleasure.

"That and you have four naked women on top of you," said Temari, as she moaned when his hand squeezed her breast, out pinched her nipple.

"That too!" said Naruto before they all laughed and once more began the long pleasurable process of creating life to give their children little baby brothers or sisters.

Oh yes. Peace for Namikaze Naruto had finally come out last.


(Omake-Trial of Konoha's Guilty)

The mass of people that were once in Konoha found themselves in a massive courtroom surrounded by hellfire, demons of all sorts, and the Devil that looked like Ned Flanders at the Prosecution's Table

"Does anyone else find something wrong with this picture?" said Kakashi, as he saw the many demons looking down at them from the second floor of this courtroom.

'This can't be right! I was doing the world a service in hurting that demon. Why should I be punished for that?!' thought Danzo, as he was sitting at the defense table with the other members of the Shinobi Council, and the Civilian Council members too.

"Don't worry everyone, I'll be able to help you win this case, and get you out of here," said a man sitting down next to Danzo wearing a cheap sky blue suit with fake smile.

"Who are you?" said Koharu, as she narrowed her eyes at him, and wondered why he was even here.

"Oh, let me introduce myself. My name is Lionel Hutz: Defense Attorney for all future damned souls that feel they are getting screwed over for their actions. You have nothing to worry about, as I was watching Matlock last night, and though the sound was off I think I got the idea behind it," said Lionel Huts, as he opened his briefcase, and ate a sandwich that thus made the briefcase empty.

'We're so screwed,' thought Kakashi, as he sighed in defeat, and wished to just get his punishment over with.

"Now that everyone is here, it's time for everyone to begin," said the skeleton that was the Grim Reaper, who was the Judge for this case, and banged the gavel.

"Okay. Before we get underway let's set some ground rules. We get a bathroom break every 30 minutes," said Lionel, as he had a weak bladder, and would need to relieve himself soon.

"Fine! The Jury will then be picked by me," said Ned Flanders, as he had a smug look on his face, and the defendants looked at him with horror on their faces.

"Agreed. Wait no...," said Lionel, as he had done the same thing before, and found that he had screwed up.


"SILENCE! I give you the Jury of the Damned! Martha Stewart, Barry Bonds, Sadam Hussein, George W. Bush...," said Flanders, but the man he spoke just interrupted him, and raised his hand.

"Wait! I'm not dead yet. In fact, I have to write my memoirs so people will understand me better," said Bush, who coward under the Devil's gaze, and the cold eyes.

"Listen pal I did a favor for you!" said Flanders, as he was getting upset, and wasn't in the mood for anymore complaints.

"Yes Master," said Bush, as he looked away in shame, and the other snickered at him.

"As I was saying, O.J. Simpson, Adolf Hitler, C. Montgomery Burns, and Superman!" said Flanders, as the last person for this jury was selected, and many looked at the last choice with shock.

"Superman? What are you doing here?" said Kakashi, as he stared at the Man of Steel, who wasn't happy right now, and ran his hand through his hair.

"I...killed a hooker. She made a smartass crack about me being faster then a speeding bullet so I tore her in half like a phone book before incinerating her with my heat vision," said Superman, as he felt that it was unfair he went to hell for that minor thing, and it couldn't be overlooked.

'Ouch!' thought Kakashi, as he had known that feeling when it came to quick sex with a woman paid to please you, and how stamina was everything.

"This court is now is session in the crimes against the people of Konoha for the attacks on one Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. How do the Defendants plead Mr. Hutz?" said the Grim Reaper, as he looked at the worst attorney ever, and the man rose from his chair to address the Judge.

"We plead Guilty your honor," said Lionel and it earned him a gasp from the people behind him.

"NO WE DON'T!" yelled Danzo, who was upset their so called lawyer had just said they would plead guilty, and wanted to strangle the man if he had two hands.

"Oh! Right! Sorry your honor, I mean not guilty. I get those two so confused sometimes," said Lionel, as he laughed, and ignored the killing intent of all his clients for being so reckless.

'We're all doomed, DOOMED!' thought Sakura with Inner Sakura nodding in agreement and waved the white flag in her head.

(2 Days Later)

"Has the Jury of the Damned reached a verdict?" said the Grim Reaper, as he looked over at the Jury, and the Martha Stewart rose from her seat.

"We, the Jury of the Damned, find all the Defendants on the crimes against Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto...guilty as charged on all counts, and have determined that they are all going to suffer greatly in a very fashionable way. It's a good thing!" said Martha with a smile on her face that made all the people from Konoha nervous.

"Damn! This always happens," said Lionel, as he was working on some shoes that were under the need to be repaired, and had nails in his teeth.

"Very well. People of Konoha, I sentence you to an eternity of pain, and unimaginable suffering at the hands of all the demons of Hell. During this time you will no humility and what it means to no that you are not better then others," said the Grim Reaper, as he banged the gavel, and made the ruling official.

"Damn loafers. Uh Judge, these shoes won't be ready until next week," said Lionel after he took the nails out of his mouth.

"And you wanted to go to Church on Sunday," said Homer to Marge with the kids, as he was sitting with his family, and watched the proceeding that Flanders offered him along with the rest of the family to see in exchange for getting out of going to Church.

(End Omake)

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