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The Doctor had his right hand on the small of her back, while the other one lay on the wall beside her head to keep her into place. He leaned his head down to her ear and whispered promises of what he wanted to do to her at this very moment. His surprisingly hot breath tickled her ear and made her shiver.

Rose tried desperately to keep her thoughts on the task at hand and not to get lost in the depths of his voice, not to give in to the sensations his fingers unleashed in her just by touching her through the thin clothes, still covering her body.

She groaned when he began to kiss down her neck and cursed this whole damn situation, the Doctor brought upon them. There she was, living the fantasies, she had for a whole of six months and she wasn't allowed to give in. Damn those stupid morals of hers...

The Doctor nibbed on her sensitive skin and Rose's eyes roll back into her head. How the hell did she get into a situation like this?

Well, it all began three days ago when...

Rose, the Doctor and Jack stood in the console room, trying to decide where to go next.

"How about going shopping? A nice big alien city full of boutiques, shoe shops and-" Rose noticed the incredulous looks, both men gave her. Her face darkened and she muttered something under her breath that sounded a lot like 'men!'.

"What do you think about visiting the ruins of Kashmepur? They have been discovered in the 42ndcentury... or we could go to the real thing in the 31stcentury..." The Doctor said, beaming at his companions.

Rose sighed and lay a hand on his shoulder. "We already told you what we think about civilisations worshipping bananas..."

He frowned at her. "How in Rassilon's name do you know about the Kashmepurians?"

"Oh, I gave her some history lessons." Something in Jack's grin told the Doctor that he didn't only teach her about banana worshippers...

"So, where to then? Wouldn't mind a bit of running... Our life had been way too peaceful for the last few days," Rose mentioned while leaning against the console.

"Well, we could always go to-"

"No, Jack!" the Doctor and Rose said in unison.

Jack feigned an hurtful look. "You could at least hear me out and..."

"Don't need to. Every destination you have chosen until now, led to us to either be naked, affected by strange alien aphrodisiacs or nearly get sold as slaves... Not to mention, the countless 'shag or die' situations, I had to talk us out of." The Doctor folded his arms and glared at him.

"Well, you could have asked before doing that... Neither Rose nor I would have minded the alternative way..."

The Doctor looked at Rose with an arched eyebrow and she blushed furiously under his gaze but otherwise kept quiet. Sensing the need to change the topic, he began to jump around the TARDIS' console. "Suppose, we go for 'random' then."

The ship suddenly jerked, sending Rose into Jack's waiting arms and began her jumpy journey through the vortex.

Jack's hand 'accidentally' brushed against her bum, making her jump and glare at him, while he grinned cheekily back. Rose's glare only lasted a few seconds under these circumstances. You could never stay mad at Jack Harkness for long... it was just impossible.

The TARDIS shuddered one last time and stilled, announcing their arrival to their destination... wherever that may be.

The Doctor looked at the TARDIS' screen. "Hm, planet seems to be uninhabited... well, at least from lifeforms which are more intelligent than insects and small mammals... Climate is identified as tropical and the date... Ah, 37thcentury. Two galaxies away from Raxacoricofallapatorius... Maybe we should take some vinegar with us just in ca-" When he looked up, he finally noticed that his companions were already gone to get changed.

Go figures... already wandered off before the adventure even started.

Two hours later, the three of them rushed back into the TARDIS. "Damn! Mammals my ass, this whole damn planet seems to be ruled by midgets..." Scowling, she looked at her with alien mosquito bites covered arms.

The Doctor and Jack didn't look any better. Their bites took in contrary to Rose's normal reddish looking ones, an angry purple colour.

Rose frowned. That wasn't dangerous, was it? "Oi, you two! You have been awfully quiet on the way back... Everything alright?"

It all happened in mere seconds. The Doctor suddenly tore his clothes off and pulled her into his arms for an earth shattering kiss. Through her dazed state of mind, she thought she could hear Jack shriek for a second, but then she lost herself into the kiss when the Doctor's tongue invaded her mouth and her hands touched the cold skin of his back.

When he pulled away, Rose needed some time to return her breathing to normal and cursed his respiratory bypass system. "Not that I'm complaining, but... what was that for?"

"Rose," he breathed her name like she was the only thing that kept him alive. "I want you. Let's make a ton of kids."

She blinked at him. Whatever she expected... that wasn't it. "Pardon?"

Suddenly, Jack stepped up between them and pulled a blanket around the Doctor's naked body. A glowing blush grazed his cheeks and he obviously avoided the Doctor's eyes. "You should be ashamed of yourself, Doctor! Displaying your body like a... like a... " He whispered the next word like it was a sin to even speak it out loud. "...prostitute."

Rose stared at him, while he gave the Doctor a lecture about the sinfulness of sex and nudity. While talking, he avoided every word that reminded him even barely of sexuality and referred to the countless religions which considered sexual intercourse before marriage, the mother of all sins.

Rose nearly choked when Jack called her a 'pure untouched young maiden' and scolded the Doctor for trying to taint her innocence.

When he asked the Doctor, whether they should become eunuchs to keep their bodies pure of all sins or not, only one question remained in her mind:

What the hell was happening?

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