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Kidnapping Love

CHAPTER 1: Kidnapping Love

Ah, so beautiful and peaceful evening. Twinkling stars, laughing moon. The city's quiet voices on the background and dark colors dancing their own waltz through the night. Ah, so peaceful evening…or so YOU think.

Yuki was ready to scream like a wild animal. He felt his head was ready to explode in any minute. On the other hand, Shuichi was ready to cry. Tears were building into his eyes, but the rock-star didn't let them fall. He had to straighten things up right away, here and now!

Yes our favorite couple was enjoying an peaceful evening by going into the very same park where the blond badmouthed writer and pink haired, some way very noisy singer had met about two years ago at the first time. The evenings was perfect, like last time. But now the mood was FAR away from that.

The hottest couple in Japan was in the middle of big and serious…love-crisis.

"Yuki, you're not taking me seriously!!", Shuichi yelled when they were crossing the street. Yuki just sniffed to answer, feeling his headache growing stronger and stronger.

"I wanna know, do you love me??", Shuichi screamed and clutched into taller man's sleeve shaking it at the same time. That Yuki couldn't stand anymore, he turned around eyes flaming of anger.

"STOP that fucking complaining! I can't stand it anymore! Would you just shut your mouth, you stupid, brainless little brat?!"

No, Yuki didn't do that on purpose. He just couldn't take it anymore. Yes, Yuki loved Shuichi, although he didn't say it on public. But what had happened with Kitazawa on that fateful night at New York changed everything. Yuki couldn't bee sensitive, or open to anyone. But how you can be sensitive or open when your head is exploding into millions of little peaces because of the huge migraine?

Someday he'll tell Shuichi, he would tell it to the whole world how much he loved that little and fragile singer from the bottom of his heart. But not today.

Shuichi let go of Yuki's arm, frighten expression on his face. He had made Yuki mad, again. But he needed to know what that mysterious man felt for him, he had to!! "I won't wait forever." Shuichi thought and packed up few steps.

"Go-gomen…", Shuichi whispered. Yuki turned around and continued his way to home leaving Shuichi behind into middle of the street. Noticing his lover disappearing to the alley, which was at the same time a perfect way to got home, Shuichi run after his lover, but stayed far enough so he wouldn't make Yuki even more angrier than he was.

Your cruel deep eyes, your blood like ice. One look could kill, my pain, your thrill .I wanna love but I'd better not touch. I wanna hold you but my senses tell me to stop. I wanna kiss you but I want it too much. I wanna taste you but your lips are in on this poison. Your poison running through my veins…

Shuichi hummed Nittle Grasper's latest hit which has just got out from the studio. How Sakuma-san succeed to make so powerful songs? That song was like a story about Yuki, no, that song was Yuki.

In front of him, Yuki lighted up his cigarette and took long, full of nicotine like breaths. Headache hadn't got any easier, it had become twice stronger than before.

"Maybe ,screaming to Shuichi was too much. Maybe I got angry too easy. If I just apologize to him, I could maybe get something to ease this headache… " Yuki took the one last breath on his cigarette, throw it away and turned around to face his little lover. But the faith had decided that there weren't time for apologizes. The faith had decided to throw them into a huge gamble.

"Shuichi, LOOK OUT!!" Yuki yelled and Shu took his eyes away from the gray ground just to see a blink of Yuki's beautiful golden eyes before a brown fabric bag was placed over his head shutting all light out. Shuichi kicked, screamed and tried to get free but without any result. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his neck and how a cool liquid run through his veins faster he even realized what had happened. And in no time sleep started to push rock-stars eyes shut. On his last breath he whispered his lover name; "Yuki…"

Yuki was going to run into the kidnapper and knock him down, but when the needle caught into Yuki's eyes, he stopped. In no time, the kidnapper had injected something into Shuichi and the boy collapsed into stranger's arms.

"Shu…" Yuki started, but the kidnapper was quicker.

"Don't worry, your little toy is just taking a little time-out. Like you are going too, sweet dreams" said low and raw man's voice.

Yuki hadn't realized that an other man had quietly walked behind him. Getting a hard punch he fell into ground. The writer felt how the other man sat down on his back preventing Yuki to move. And suddenly he felt too how needle pushed trough his skins and the same cool liquid run too into his veins. Couple seconds later Yuki felt how he was going to into very, very deep slumber.

"At least the headache is gone…" Yuki thought closing his eyes. He didn't need to worry about that anymore.

Because the peaceful evening had turned into gamble, gamble of sorrow and sadness. Gamble of life and death.

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