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Kidnapping Love

Chapter 3: Kidnapping Future

When you want to escape, but there's no where to run, what do you do? When every cards have been played and no one is going to give you a second chance, what do you do? Breath. Open your eyes. Smile. Bluff. It's your only way out.

They had arrived.

Yuki and Shuichi had sat in silence in the yacht's back. Shuichi was holding on in Yuki's white shirt's sleeve, once in a while flinching when the dark man passed them.

The sun was getting down, the water was calm, and the only sound you heard was a little bird singing somewhere far away. Singing a sad melody. The hostages, both of them, didn't know where they were. Water were everywhere, a couple island far away didn't bring any help. Different kinds of pine-woods and dark rock made sure that the inhabitants of the islands were only animals. There were no evidence of humans.

The dark haired kidnapper came and moved the big box away from the couple. There was no shelter anymore.

"Ok, pretty face. Stand up, the boss isn't waiting for ever!" he commanded and yanked Shuichi up painfully. A little scream escaped from the singer's lips.

"Don't hurt him!" Yuki shouted angrily, but the dark man just laughed.

"Or what.. You're gonna take your little toy and swim away? When the Hell freezes, blondie." He released Shuichi's hand away from his grip and stepped closer to Yuki. Yuki pressed his hands into tight fists, he was ready to make one of the kidnapper's eye black, which would have tuned perfectly into man's dark spiky hair.

"If I were you, I wouldn't do that…" the kidnapper smirked and lifted his hand on Yuki's eye-level.

"Look, pretty boy, this here is a gun. And when you put it into someone's head, like this…" the man pressed the gun's cold mouth into Yuki's forehead, "it awakes the terror in your heart." Dark haired kidnapper took a small glance into Shuichi's direction who was standing still, tears building into his pink eyes.

The man took his finger into the trigger of the weapon.

"And when you pull the trigger, you can hear a loud boom and you brains are all over the boss's deck…" the man pressed the gun even more firmly into Yuki's forehead and was ready to shoot.

"Move." he hissed behind his teeth and calmly Yuki started walking to the little platform, pulling Shuichi quickly with him.

From the platform, the journey continued up to the hill, towards the mansion. The mansion was very modern, which ruined the whole perfect forest scene. It had big darkened windows, light and dark brown board mixed with black cold wall. There were two floors, and the upper one had a big balcony. The dim sun light, which made it's way from the dark forest didn't relive any mark of living creatures on the giant house.

The hostages were guided into clean and simple yard. Shuichi couldn't help wondering. Why someone wanted to build a mansion, a very expensive mansion on the rock, in the middle of the island and where the nearest neighbor was at least one hours boat trip away form here? The huge black doors were opened and the couple with the kidnapper went inside.

The lovers couldn't help gasping the air. All the simple architecture was long forgotten. Huge rooms were full of fancy tables, chairs and ornaments. The decoration of the rooms didn't matched at all of the outlook of the house which was very confusing.

"Casino…" Yuki whispered all the lights shining in his golden eyes. "Were on the casino…"

"But why? This doesn't have any sense…" Shuichi said and looked around. The dark man behind them was smirking and took the hostages deeper into the glorious house. They arrived in a big room. And in the middle of the room there was a table. A poker table.

An in the end of the, on the other side of the room, was sitting…

Aizawa Taki.

"Welcome, into my humble home. I hope your boat trip here went well." Taki said politely and stood up.

The lovers from Tokyo were in shock. Taki. Taki Aizawa was behind all this. Why?

"Why?" Shuichi asked quietly.

Aizawa raised his eyebrows and smirked.

"Sweet revenge." he said and took a long glance into Yuki. "I'm not so sure that we are in clean waters, yet. Or what do you think Shindou-san? I though I told you clearly that NG doesn't have enough room for two rock bands. Bad Luck, is too much." Aizawa's eyes took only a quick look into Shuichi's eyes, before it came back to Yuki's. "And I haven't forgotten the last time we met, Ma-kun was almost killed. I think it fair that I can pay you back."

"By kidnapping us!?!?!" Shuichi shouted.

"Yes…" Taki smiled.

"Yuki-san, have you ever played "No limit Texas Hold'em"?" Aizawa asked suddenly.

"Once…" Yuki answered .

"Great!" Aizawa smile grew even bigger and mentioned Yuki to sit down. Yuki didn't do any move to sit anywhere, but when he saw the blond man from the boat entering the room a gun in his hand, he sat right opposite to Taki. Shuichi sat down as well, next to his lover.

"Today, we're going to play, Yuki-san." Aizawa swept his hand across the table and suddenly, a sixth man enjoyed them. This young man had very clean clothes; black trousers, white shirt like Yuki had but on top of it, he wore a tight red waistcoat. He had his light brown hair on ponytail and in a dim light in his left ear shimmered a diamond earring.

"Toru, our dealer." Aizawa introduced him.

"Ready" Toru asked, ready to play.

"What are our stakes? How much?" Yuki asked suddenly. Shuichi sat quietly next to his lover. He didn't want to interrupt, he didn't know anything about card-games.

"Well, isn't that obvious?" Taki smiled his cruel smile. Shuichi shivered.

"Yuki-san, your stake is Shindou-san's future in this island."

The room filled with cold, unpleasant silence.

"Let the game begin." the dealer announced and started the game.

"Wait a minute!" Yuki interrupted again. He this whole poker-game-thing was absolutely the craziest idea ever! Shuichi's brains couldn't even process anything like this! "How you can win in this game if I have only one stake?"

Taki laughed and swept his hand again over the table. "Here, Yuki-san, is 10 000 ships for you and me. Plus you have Shindou-san. So, right now you're on the lead. It's up to you how you play your cards. Now, shall we continue?"

Yuki nodded. And the game began.

At first it was very hard to keep tracks about the winner. Both men won in turns but when the game had continued over an hour, had Lady Lucky decided to abandon Yuki. And in no time Yuki had lost all his ships. Expect Shuichi. Toru dealt new cards.

"If I can say, it looks like that Yuki-san is awfully close to lose." Aizawa said and watched his own cards. His eyes narrowed. Bad cards. Yuki watched slowly his own cards. 2 hearts and 7 spade.

"Damn!!" Yuki thought but he kept his cool look in his face. The game would be over, if Aizawa got a clue on Yuki's bad cards. The only option was to bluff.

The writer watched straight into the ex-superstars eyes.

"I'm putting all in." Yuki said.

Taki smiled and looked at Shuichi.

"Looks like Shinou-san, that this game's the most exiting part has started ."

"Yuki…" Shuichi at Yuki, who had still his eyes on Aizawa.

The game continued and Yuki managed to keep his bluff in the end, until then when it was time to show the cards. Yuki showed his own hand. He only had got a pair of sevens. Aizawa's smile grew larger and larger and now the panic came back to the young writer's heart.

Aizawa showed his cards. The river and turn had brought seven, ace, three and ten. At first it looked like, that Aizawa had nothing. He had 2 spades.

The game was over.

Aizawa's other card was an ace. Ace heart.

"No…" Yuki whispered and looked at Shuichi.

"No…" Shuichi said quietly and started at the aces.

"Yes." Aizawa laughed and stood up.


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