A nice day, but a new moon was on that night and InuYasha and Kagome finally had 2 nights together, they rented out a cabin on the outskirts of the village. It was getting dark fast and InuYasha ran off so Kagome set out to look for him….

- 10 minutes later-

"InuYasha?" Kagome screamed as she worried where he had gone this close to the time of his transformation; it was only minutes away then he'd be as vulnerable as her. While she searched for him , he sat near the river staring at the setting sun in the mirror like ripples of the water. " how can I tell her?" he said quietly as he felt the last rays of sun light on him the transformation has started to turn him into his vulnerable human form. He sighed and got up to head back to the cabin before Kagome worried about him.

"where are you?…..InuYasha…?" she yelled again as she came to the river bed where he just moments ago had been. She sat down to catch her breath after running and screaming for him. She watched the water the same way InuYasha had done, then turned her head to examine the dirt to see if he had been there. Sure enough he had been. She looked to which way the tracks went and they headed back the way she came. She decided he might have went back to the cabin. But on her way there she still looked for him. ' I hope InuYasha is alright ' she thought worried for him as to where he was.

She finally reached the cabin and there was no light but the glowing embers of the what was once a roaring fire. She looked around and searched the room for him, she couldn't see anything for it was so dark. She looked in her bag once she knew he couldn't have been there. So she pulled out her pajamas to throw on before he returned. she had no clue he was in one of the dark corners. She went to take off her shirt to put the pajama top on. She heard a small gasp and quickly pulled her shirt back on which was slightly over her belly button. "InuYasha?…is that you?" she asked quietly he dared no speak any word for he was afraid she would ' sit' him till he was an inch away from death. She asked again but her voice started to feel anger and hurt. He finally responded but so lightly he wasn't sure she could hear him," yeah."

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I'VE BEEN SO WORRIED!" she yelled as she rushed to him as he stepped out of the corner he had been in.

"wha - what are you doing Kagome?" he said as he returned her comforting hug. She looked up at him her eyes filling with more tears. He hugged her tighter to get her to stop crying. She buried her face in his kimono. He lifted her chin and wiped away the tears. " Kagome…I …" he said stuttering a bit and let out a big sigh and looked away from her big brown eyes that were so caring. She pulled away from his hug and stared at him in confusion.

"you what InuYasha?" she asked him softly.

"I *sigh* I…." he was struggling to get the words out that he needed to tell her but it was hard, since he had never really been loved and have never said those words. Kikyo wouldn't let him until he became human for her. He turned his back towards her his head down to his toes. " nothing never mind!" he said protectively

"FINE", she yelled her eyes filling with more tears, "I WAS JUST SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU INUYASHA!" he turned to her. " I always am InuYasha, I care for you, I'm worried sick every time you go into battle. I….I LOVE YOU INUYASHA! She said as she blushed a bright red and turned away from his gaze. He walked to her and spun her around and with in a second their lips were together. She was shocked and then returned it. They broke away and he hugged her tight, and whispered in her ear. " I love you too" then kissed her again.

"so where did everyone get to?" she said more cheerful than normal. He grinned a big smile.

" we will meet them in the next village in 2 days."

"what will we do till then?" she asked in wander.

"what ever you want Kagome? He responded in a way that would scare the others on how cheerful he was. She gave him a smile.

" well," she started, "I think we should get some sleep first, then, I'll let you choose what we do." he nodded in agreement. Then headed to the corner where he was going to sleep, but he looked at her before he sat down.

"what is the matter Kagome?" he said as he seen how sad she looked on the bed.

"I just thought, if you wanted to…..uhm lay with me to keep me warm…its kinda cold in here" she said hesitantly while blushing a bright red that about lit the room up. He blushed at her offer but accepted. He laid beside her and gently wrapped him arm around her thin waist and pulled her closer. He knew that her being cold was just an excuse on him going over to her to lay with her. She turned to face him, he smiled at her, and kissed her then they both slowly drifted off to sleep, like they had both often dreamt of before, holding each other in their arms as they slept.

The next morning InuYasha woke before Kagome and left to gather breakfast for them. She woke soon after to find him gone. She needed to bathe but didn't want to go for she would probably worry InuYasha. So she wrote a note for him and it read:

Dear InuYasha,

I went to the hot springs to freshen up, I'll be back in 45 minutes.



She left, and took her things, InuYasha soon after came in and seen the note. he soon darted out towards the river and following her scent, he quickly hid in large tree and watched her, ' I'll play a trick on her,' he chuckled in his head. He quickly but carefully got undressed and when she wasn't looking he threw them on the ground below. She ducked down in the water to rinse, he had his chance. He ran and jumped as far as he could into the water but close enough to Kagome.


She gasped and quickly swam to a large rock, InuYasha hid on the other side, he carefully came around to grab her, he was almost 2 feet away and he slipped on a rock and cut himself on a sharp one leaving a huge gash on his thigh close to his butt. He yelled out in pain, he succeeded in scaring Kagome, but not the way he had planned.

"INUYASHA! SI…..oh! She yelled then realized how bad he was actually hurt. She helped him up from the waist deep water they had been in. Kagome didn't seem to care that her breasts were out of the water plain to see. she told him to get dressed quickly and head to the cabin but he could hardly walk, or even sit in that matter. Once they were back at the cabin she had to see how bad his injury was but she didn't know exactly where he was cut, she knew it was near his butt, she didn't know if he'd allow he to see it to help him. InuYasha lay on the bed they had shared hours ago.

"are you okay InuYasha?" she asked him worriedly \

"I don't know, but I smell my own blood….OW!" he replied.

"can I take a look at your injury? She asked worried he'd say no!

"yeah," he grunted, " you can do whatever you want." he let in a big grin. She gave him a lifted eyebrow.

" ok ", she started to feel kinda weird when he said that., " where does it hurt, so I know exactly where to look."

"my ass," he said through the pain, then gave a small chuckle.

" I'll have to help you with your pants so I can asses your wound" she said blushing slightly,

"that's fine just help ease the pain" he said grunting again through the pain. She looked through her bag for her first aid kit and grabbed some bandages and spray. She went to apply the spray but found herself staring at his fine, firm butt and muscular thighs. She moved her eyes to see the gash and fixed it up. As she put the last bandage on he quickly turned over and pulled her down and began kissing her. Ignoring the pain completely. - the night was theirs, the closest they have ever been, he had finally taken her that night- they woke up late afternoon, realizing that they had to meet the others in a half an hour. But it took two and a half hours to get to the next village, and they couldn't go in the rain. It was in a downpour. So they waited till it stopped for them to head out.

~back with the gang~

everyone was together again settled around the campfire as usual, all peaceful and sound in their sleeping bags Kagome had given them as a gift., InuYasha watched them as the rest of the gang slept but Kagome was rummaging through her bag looking for her supplies she needed for her cycles which were due in two days. She sat down and was relived to know she had everything. So she laid down and dreamt of the night that her and InuYasha had the night before.

~two weeks later~

"oh no sango, what am I going to do," Kagome's said worried

"what is it, what's wrong Kagome?" Sango replied also getting worried

"I'm late" she said even more worried

"late for what?" Sango said

" my cycles, they were due a week ago" Kagome said grabbing her hair in her fists

"oh, oh dear how do you think that could have happened?, she asked her worried.

"I….I…don't know, " she said but she knew EXACTLY how it happened.

"did you and InuYasha do anything on your guys' little vacation?" Sango asked suspiciously

"What? NO! we just talked." she responded trying to hide the truth

"are you sure?" Sango asked again

"yes!" she replied with a reassuring smile, " I just might be irregular this month"

"okay but if you don't start by next week then something might be wrong," Sango said wandering why she was irregular, after her and InuYasha's time together. Kagome knew she was pregnant and her belly started to grow slightly. But no one had hardly noticed. How would she break the news to everyone especially her mom and grandpa.

~the next day~

InuYasha was in battle once again fighting another demon that wanted the Shikon No Tama to increase its powers, but held a shard of it within its own body. Everyone was helping InuYasha kill off the demons and Kagome had done her share in the battle by detecting the jewel shard in its head, then took cover. InuYasha was slammed to the ground and sent hurling in the air again by another demon.

"INUYASH-" she was cut off by really hard blow to her belly by a demon that had appeared from the other demon's attack. she fell to the ground in pain, then passed out from the blow. Miroku and Sango took care of the demons while InuYasha ran to Kagome. She had just started to regain consciousness when he arrived, then started to bleed like she had been cut in half . He examined her for any cuts there were none, ' why is she bleeding so much?' he thought worried for he might loose her for she had lost so much blood already. She passed out again.

~later that evening~

Kagome woke up crying uncontrollably, knowing she had lost their child

" what is it Kagome?" Sango asked with Miroku by her side, they both looked extremely worried.

"wh…what happened to me?Kagome asked weakly

"you were hit pretty hard in the belly" Miroku answered

Kagome tried to get up but was overcome with a sharp pain

" where is InuYasha?" kagome's asked grunting from the pain in her sides.

"he went out for a walk he should return soon," Sango reassured her.

"oh.." Kagome said faintly and disappointed. She closed her eyes pretending to fall asleep again to get Sango and Miroku to leave her alone. They did. InuYasha soon followed after them coming in to check on Kagome.

"InuYasha…?" she said softly her voice filled with pain

"I'm here Kagome" he said hugging her tight trying to be careful not to hurt her.

"a are Sango and Miroku gone?" she asked him

"yeah I sent them to go get firewood." he said reassuring her with a kiss.

"InuYasha?.." Kagome began


"when we were alone those two days…I was more happy than I had ever been in my life…and well, two weeks ago I was late on my cycles…I knew then I was carrying your…our child" she looked away. He knew what she was trying to say but needed to know in case it was not what he expected.

"uhm…." is all he could say before she interrupted him.

"when we were in battle a demon unexpectedly hit me in my belly" she started to cry while InuYasha still stared at her in sorrow.

"I LOST OUR CHILD INUYASHA!" she yelled out and hugged him crying uncontrollably. He hugged her tight still trying not to hurt her." that's why I was bleeding so bad" she managed to say between sobs. "Its all my fault I should've told you sooner" she said starting to cry again, he had never seen her cry this much at one time. "It's not your fault Kagome" he said sweetly "we always have more chances, but these battles are too dangerous for you in that shape" he said kissing her forehead

"InuYasha?…" she asked sweetly


"can we go to the river?" she asked, it was dark and the light of what she could tell was beautiful.

"you shouldn't be up.." he said

"please?" she interrupted

"yeah, I'll carry you," he said picking her up gently.

~the river~

The water was beautiful, with the silver moons light gleaming on the mirror like water. InuYasha sat Kagome down carefully on the bank the sat beside her she laid her head on his and he did the same, as they both stared at the reflection of the moon and its stars.