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Someone was crying.

It was unusual to hear such crying in Rapture. Usually it was just a splicer, but their cries were long and harsh and filled with a sort of violent pleasure. This crying sounded like whoever was producing this quiet but dominant sound was actually mourning something.

But whoever was crying was certainly not very clever, or was ignorant to the other inhabitants of Rapture. Within a couple of minutes it had been called to the attention of many splicers that there was someone out there.

"Do you hear that, my dear?" A woman bent over a rather ramshackled pram, her locks falling down over her face. Her voice was light and feathery, much like her clothes. Tatters of satin and frills fell down over her knees, and scars and cuts laced her bare arms and legs. Her dress was slashed at the bodice, revealing dark purple skin bruised by many fights and brawls. She started to croon softly to the thing inside, swaying gently on her feet. "Someone is crying…" A shudder ran down her spine, and suddenly she was no longer a crooning, gentle creature, but something of spite and wrath. "We'll see what that bitch has to cry about, sweetie." Her hands dived into the pram and in a flash she was holding a long, dented rifle that flashed in the harsh neon light of the Kashmir. As she ran with a deadly precision many splicers joined her in a writhing mass of shouts, hollers and screams. They moved as one, with all intention to kill, and the excitement of a chase coming up.

And the crying continued.

It came from the depths of the Little Wonders Educational Facility, where the empty, stained corridors were filled with the heavy cloud of pain and macabre. In the largest room, where paintings on the wall were filled with simplicity and yet so full of subconscious, terrifying innuendo that it made the whole room dark with death and forbidding.

It wasn't the room that was making the poor child cry. It was the thing eating her out inside.

It is well known in rapture that ADAM is found in sea slugs, and that it also enables the carrier to carry plasmids. It therefore is also known the EVE enables the carrier to use plasmids. Little sisters carry the sea slugs that produce the ADAM in their stomach linings, and are often preyed upon by splicers who crave the ADAM to host the EVE.

But what would happen if a Little Sister injected herself with EVE?

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