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King of Bandit

Chapter 10


Harry walked out of the boom-bridge still holding Ginny's hand, and into a large walled off garden, with many flowers. The grass was neatly trimmed and a stone path led from a beautiful stone two storied cottage to a large wood dojo at the end.

Rose and June exited next, and looked around with Ginny in awe, blinking the sunlight from their eyes, as huge grins spread to their lips as they admired their new surroundings as magical people tended to be so messy, it was a nice change to see that some magical people took pride in having as nice garden.

"Wow, this garden is beautiful," commented June joyfully.

"I'm glad you approve," Elion interrupted amused from behind as she led her family out with them. They turned to see the bridge had closed and the others stood watching them. "It's a lot of hard work to keep it this tidy, but a mystic has to have a hobby." The girls could only nod in agreement.

"Well," Rochin interrupted with a grin. "Elion and I have to get to work, pull in some reports, and maybe someone will find some evidence from that place," he said thoughtfully, "and Arctic didn't you promise to help your uncle out at his shop to earn some cash? Do you want a ride?"

"Yeah," he replied with a sigh. "Well, see you guys later," he said as he followed his dad to the back gate.

"Bye… and you kids be good," Elion said doubtful they would listen, but just grinned and followed after her husband and son as she remembered herself as a young lady and the mischief she got up to.

"Come on let's get inside," Sahara said as she led them in through the backdoor, into a huge clean kitchen, dining room with many modern conveyances.

"Well," Harry said with a stretch. "There are a couple bathrooms. I'm going to go and have a shower and get changed, so come on Ginny you can join me," he added with a smirk.

Ginny blushed brightly but did not look displeased by the offer. "Well," Sahara chimed before Ginny could say anything. "I'll show June the spare bathroom upstairs, and Rose to the ensuite bathroom in mum and dad's room. It hardly gets used, mum and dad are always showering at work, so seems like a waste sometimes," she said with a grin as she and Rose looked at each other, snickering before she took the younger girls hands and led them away.

Ginny bit her lower lip nervously as Harry led her towards the bathroom on the ground floor, but not before leaving his disgruntled snake Kir on the kitchen table. She double took, looking at him questioningly as the snake complained and curled up on the newspaper on the table.

Harry shrugged sheepishly. "He was outside waiting for us when we were attacked, and I didn't get a chance to mention it," he answered her unasked question as they entered the bathroom, door closing behind them, and locked the door; his lips attacked hers seconds later, and she was putty in his powerful arms.

Looking at Ginny, he pulled back and smiled at the blushing red head as she looked around the room. "You know you don't have to if you don't want to," he suddenly said, startling her.

Meanwhile, Sahara had left June with a change of clothes and a towel in the spare bathroom before taking Rose into the ensuite within her parents' room. It wasn't as large as the other two bathrooms, and only June's had the bath while the other two were shower only.

Sahara smirked at Rose as she closed and locked the door behind them, looking the girl up and down, which pleased Rose and embarrassed her at the same time. She knew that she swung both ways, but being with a girl her brother had been with, or was with seemed a little out of control, and made it all naughtier as Sahara flung off her jacket, but then he was with Ginny.

Rose had never felt so hot in her life when suddenly Sahara was in her space, smirking. "Hey girl, while Harry and Ginny get to play, it is only fair that we have some fun too; it doesn't have to mean anything more than that, just a onetime little thing between girl friends, just to get off?"

"O-okay!" she agreed gulping as there was no kissing, just groping for each other's crotches. She could do that fine. It wasn't like she and Ginny hadn't diddled each other off before; they had done it a few times while sleeping over with each other and sharing a bed.

While Rosette was lost, deep within her thoughts about her curiosity, or naughtiness with her best friend; her new friend Sahara was undressing her, and herself to gain better access to her body before they were both in the warm shower together, naked, cleaning each other with body wash, and rubbing sensitive areas eagerly so they could both feel good.

Rose felt a little jealous as she played with Sahara's large and firm breasts on her pale flesh, lathering them with shower gel, rubbing over large erect, sensitive pink nipples. Rose wasn't small chested by any means but she wasn't anything like Sahara, but at least she was bigger in the chest than Ginny or their friend Luna who was smaller than Ginny, and was another girl she had diddled with, but she was also an oddball. Well, she had only ever done things like that with Ginny and Luna as she was certain they were as bisexual as her.

She felt a quiver up her spine as Sahara expertly ran her fingers in a good area of her body. She had certainly never been touched like that before, and with her experience limited to only girls that was saying something, and if life hadn't just changed she would have tried that out on Ginny and Luna, but she knew things had completely renewed with the return of her brother; their new hero.

Back with Harry and Ginny they pulled back from their kiss and Harry smiled as he slipped out of his jacket, and threw it into the corner of the bathroom out of the way. Ginny's breathing intensified as her eyes scanned Harry's muscular body in his white shirt, hardly done up so she could see his solid muscles. She had expected muscle, but his body seemed like steel, and she could practically feel the electric current of his strength without even touching him.

Ginny took a nervous step closer into Harry as he reached out with his right hand gently taking her left; he pulled her carefully further into his arms, leaning down. His lips touched hers again creating a course of power of which she had never felt before pass through his lips and softly through hers, streaming-down her body, making her tingle all over.

Her eyes closed along with his as her hands slid carefully and shakily up his muscular arms, feeling the neural blade on his right arm. The cold of the blade brought a pleasant shiver down her spine. Her small fingers continued moving up over his shoulders and further over and around his neck as the kiss intensified.

Her fingers found their way into his deep, raven black hair. His hair texture was soft, almost like downy layers of feather layered a power all of its own through her small fingers and hands.

Harry's tongue brushed softly at her sweet tasting lips. Ginny loosened her lips allowing his tongue to touch hers. Her tongue played eagerly against his as his hands stroked down her body to her shorts; she gasped in when his hands groped her tight firm butt.

The King of Bandit moved his left hand and within moments, her shorts fell to the floor. Ginny pulled back from the kiss breathing heavily, and trying to regain oxygen to her depleted lungs, and starved brain as she looked at the young man before her, as he smiled she could not help but smile back as he kicked his boots off.

His eyes drifted down to her beautiful soft legs and blue panties as she kicked off her shoes. He looked back up to see her pretty blushing face as she stared at him uncertainly. He would have laughed if he thought that would not ruin the mood.

Instead, he unbuckled his belt while she nervously watched he pulled off his trousers, revealing his black boxer shorts before he pulled off his shirt and letting them drop to the floor. Ginny gulped as her brown eyes widened, scanning his near naked body.

She startled as he took the bottom of her top in his fingers, but she allowed him to pull it up and off, throwing it into the corner, showing her beautiful body. She wore a blue bra matching her panties. Her skin was soft as his fingers roamed her smooth pale stomach. Her eyes closed slightly as she felt a steam of energy from his fingertips and she realised why so many girls could fall in love with someone so attentive to their needs.

Harry leaned down to capture her lips again as he pulled off her bra. She felt the magic flick at the clasp, which was amazing to her, and she could do with learning that trick herself. Her breasts were small but firm. Perky and cute with stiff pink nipples.

She was blushing-her brightest as he felt them, squeezing gently; pinching her nipples while she let out a whimper. He sucked one into his mouth, each in turn, which was a new and exhilarating sensation. His fingers slid into the waist band of her panties while she leaned back against the wall as he led her into the shower.

Ginny's panties reached the ground and she kicked them away before gaining some bravery of her own. Sliding her fingers into the waist band of his boxers, she tugged and they fell down with 'it' bouncing out semi before he kicked his boxers out of the shower, and she barely noticed the warm water starting to cascade down their naked bodies as Harry turned the shower on.

Her eyes widened as she had only ever seen a few pictures, and never imagined seeing one that big up close. She knew from older girls when listening to their conversations as they might have fooled around a little with boys they liked, and talked or bragged about sizes, and comparing, and realised now that she would win that without any doubt.

Harry grinned as he took in her gaze, and leant in to her lips, placing his on hers. Their tongues gently brushed as he ran his fingers through her soft red hair. His hand's slid down her soft skin, and finished, gently caressing Ginny's soft, tight butt. Her arms around his waist holding him tight to her, she could feel his large-semi, stiffening, pushing up against her soft stomach.

Ginny slowly moved from Harry's lips to his jaw as she got brave, remembering what she had heard from some of the braver or smuttier girls at school, even though she was quite sure some or most of them had marriage contracts or something, and so they would marry that boy anyway. She was just glad that her family wasn't as medieval as that.

She worked her way down his chin and neck to his collarbone, getting a soft groan from her man. She moved slowly lower, kissing his solid chest, trailing her tongue on his body, glancing down at his huge toy with her chocolate brown eyes. It throbbed, stiffening, getting even larger. She continued, and moved lower with her kisses until she was kneeling before him.

Her lips nervously brushed the tip of his solidness, which caused him to let out a groan of enjoyment. She flicked the tip with her tongue, tasting it for the first time. She hadn't thought of what one would taste like before, but it wasn't bad, and made her juices flow more just thinking about tasting it further.

Ginny licked a bit rougher across the tip, tasting some clear liquid that came out, and he moaned. She slowly engulfing the tip into her mouth, sucking hard he moaned more, grunting. She liked hearing his pleasure as she slowly moved her head up and down with her mouth forced wide open. He was too much to take fully into her mouth without practice, and with him she hoped she would get a lot of practice.

She took the base of him into her fingers holding it tight within her small hand, as she pumped it in her mouth, sucking as firmly as she could manage with her cheeks caving in, tasting him, enjoying every second, her tongue lashing against the tip and shaft.

Harry panted and moaned louder the longer and faster she went, she sucked for what might have been ten minutes or maybe ten hours when he exploded in noise, holding her hair, pushing her head slightly tighter into him.

She was surprised as she felt and tasted his seed shooting into her mouth, a ton of it, hitting the back of her throat, chocking her a little, but instinct took hold, and she swallowed the warm creamy substance, enjoying every drop of the strange new taste. She slid up off him blushing as she licked the last few drops from him, and let it slither down her throat. She slowly stood, licking her lips clean.

Ginny looked Harry in the eyes, and smiled sheepishly. He grinned at her, his lips brushing her nose as he pulled her to stand up with him, kissing the tip of her nose as he worked down to her lips, kissing his way down her jaw and neck to her collar and breasts.

His mouth came to her right breast first. He took it in his hand along with the other in his other hand, gently squeezing, and she gasped softly with a longing moan. He tweaked her nipples gently with his forefingers and thumbs, she groaned more, whimpering and squirming, lifting her head up, letting the warm water of the shower splash her face, her eyes closed.

The red haired girl gasped out when she felt Harry's tongue again flick her left nipple before letting out her breath steadily. He then licked her right nipple, getting a similar reaction before taking in her right nipple fully into his mouth; tasting her, sucking it while Ginny shuddered in enjoyment.

He tasted each of her perky little nipples several times, sucking them while Ginny's breathing became ragged and he started kissing down her beautiful body, kissing her inner thighs as he knelt, tasting some of the juices flowing down her legs from her beautiful area. Her orange-red hairs only above her entrance just how he preferred.

Harry kissed directly between her legs, and Ginny let out soft whimpering-impatient sound so he carefully slid his tongue up and in, drinking from her as he suckled and her thighs clamped around his face. She squealed a little, grabbing his head and pulling him tighter to herself as her fingers wound through his hair.

He tasted her for several minutes, drinking everything before she started thrusting her hips against his mouth and tongue desperately. Her moans and groans were getting louder and more frantic. Her small fingers were gripping his hair tighter as he brought her to climax.

She exploded with a fierce cry, tightening on his tongue and an extra gush of juices shot free from her, slithering down his eager throat as she bucked harder screaming out.

She soon slowed down her bucking, her breathing deep, and some exhaustion taking hold as he drank the last from her, before he slowly moved up her body. His tongue slipped out of her, and slid up her body until he reached her lips. She captured his lips, kissing with all the passion they could manage, drinking from each other.

Harry lifted her, pinning her gently against the shower wall, she felt his solidness on her small area. She looked into his eyes and smiled lightly, capturing his lips with hers again. She gasped in pain and excitement against his lips as she felt him slowly enter her body.

He held her thighs, her legs and feet dangling. Her back was pushed up against the wall. Her arms were holding him tight, around his neck. They kissed deeply, Ginny whimpering in pain but content and wanting to have it all she didn't complain. She gasped out again, pulling back from his lips, gasping for breath, her breasts heaving, she looked down, noting he was half way in and a small trickle of blood leaked from her, but she held him tight.

"W-we can stop if you want," he breathed out to her, noticing the pained look on her pretty freckled face.

Ginny shook her head. "No-no way," she gasped out. "I-I want this. I want to feel it all," she smiled with a light blush.

Grinning suddenly she pulled his lips back to hers; her tongue entered his mouth eagerly. He slid in a little further, groaning himself as it was the tightest he had had in a while, and soaking wet with hot juices.

He slowly started pumping, working deeper into her tightness as she groaned out, and starting to get a feel for it as the pain lessened. It took a while but he soon had it fully and deeply inside her as he continued pumping.

They groaned and moaned together, all kissing forgotten in their carnal desire, hugging tight. Their heads were on each other shoulders, Ginny's legs were still dangling, her small toes twitching in pleasure. He pumped her harder and faster, both crying out in excitement.

They continued, Harry pumping and Ginny riding her hips for a time when the red haired girl squealed out loudly, her legs twitching out straight, stretching her toes. Harry felt her tighten painfully around him but he loved every moment of it.

Harry groaned out with her as he finally let go. He shot his hot seed deep inside her, pumping it all in while his lover squirmed in his arms before he slowed to a stop as he couldn't continue, and was sure she couldn't either.

She collapse, exhausted in his strong arms, holding him tight while he kept her up. He felt her suction and clamp on him while he throbbed with her every breath, pulling up all of his seed into her, as they stayed, content and well satisfied under the spray of the shower.

They calmed down after a few minutes where Harry pulled out and placed her on her feet before they scrubbed each other clean, brushed teeth, and dried off where Harry managed to find her some clean clothes right for a magical girl of a cream coloured skirt and top to match with a thin black robe.

Harry pulled on a black suit with white shirt with a black tie done up neatly with black waistcoat and jacket with a three quarter length black coat and shiny black shoes. He had neatened his hair and styled it back and to the sides.

Ginny could only stare in awe as it changed his look from bad-ass to sophisticated bad-ass in a moment. He straightened out his tie and smirked at Ginny.

"So you like to see me dressed like this?" he asked as he gave her a mock spin.

"Wow, yeah, I would have never guessed...! well it really suits you!" she readily agreed before he captured her lips in a kiss before pulling back, laughing, and opening the door and leading her out and back to the kitchen where the others were waiting, and June saw them first with bright red cheeks.

"Silencing charms...!" Harry complained as Sahara and Rose gave them small knowing grins. "I always forget those things!" he said, shaking his head.

"Wow, looking spiffing Harry!" Rose said with a smirk.

"First day of school, got to make a good impression," he said as he pointed to his watch. "We've been missing for about sixteen hours," he said with a shrug.

"What...!?" Ginny squealed out in shock as she took Harry's left arm and looked at his watch. "Mum and everyone will be worried sick about us!" she declared while Rose had rushed over with June, and Kir was wrapped around June's neck napping again.

"Do you think they'll be at the station waiting for us, we have about thirty minutes?" Rose said in a hurry.

"Sure, why not?" Sahara said as she joined them, shrugging. "Harry could teleport with all of you from here, so good luck, and enjoy the school year. I'll probably stop by sometime to visit our esteemed Professor King and you guys," she said teasingly.

It was a few minutes later when Harry realised that he should have been more careful as he appeared on to Platform 9 ¾'s with his sisters, and Ginny to find a battlefield. It was as if the world liked to see him fight, so it was throwing out enemy after enemy. At least he knew he was due some rest time, and it would be unlikely that there would be any enemies to fight at Hogwarts, and the old man would be around to fight too, so that wouldn't be so bad.

Time seemed to slow down for the girls as spells burst towards them from both-sides, light and dark and their eyes burst open owl like. Harry pulled them in closer to him without a moment of thought, it was instinct to him, and crossed his arms around them within milliseconds.

He roared out, and a purple light of power emanating from his body for a second before a field of purple energy created a shield that domed around them. Spell after spell smashed and exploded into the shield rocking the ground with power, obscuring the three from sight with dust, smoke and steam.

The light and dark stopped firing, standing and waiting in shock as they had watched the four appear out of nowhere. The Weasley family was on the light side, and they stood sweating buckets of dread and panic as everybody held their breaths waiting for an outcome.

The fog of dust seemed to take an eternity to drift down and clear. Shadows in the smoke slowly revealed four figures standing in front of the two forces. Harry was standing, slightly behind but in between the girls a hand on each of Rose and Ginny's shoulder while they faced the light with wide, shocked eyes, and June was cuddled up to his right hip. He had a smirk on his lips; his eyes and posture nothing but pure calm.

However, the same could not be said for the girls; their eyes as wide as dinner plates, and their skin pasty, clammy and pale with fear. The girls seemed to be in a state of shock. However, purple sparks of light frizzed around from Harry, arching from him, fizzing out over their bodies.

The young King of Bandit looked over at the Death Eater's, turning his neck to see them, and his smirk turned into a fully fledged grin that hid his anger poorly, but he could see they all knew who he was, and they showed hesitance and practically reeked of fear.

Harry gently nudged Ginny and Rose towards the light, prying off June she took her big sisters hand, and they walked as if on autopilot until Bill, and Arthur Weasley pulled them out of the line of fire. However, Harry never averted his gaze from the Death Eater's.

The young man's emerald eyes watched the Death Eater's coldly while he still grinned as he turned to face them fully. They all took involuntary steps back in terror.

"Don't you guys ever take the day off?" he asked in a bored voice, but he didn't really expect an answer, and they were too afraid to give one.

The Death Eater's looked around at each other in the hope that someone else would flee first, so they could blame them for being the coward and calling the retreat because their boss wouldn't care about them doing what was smart. He would kill or torture them, probably both, for fleeing this young man as they knew they should, but they still feared their dark master. The Death Eater's nervously raised their wands ready for a fight.

Harry chuckled in mock-amusement. "There are only nine of you left, and you haven't even killed one person, which means you are really shit at this, maybe if you spent more time studying and less time hating you wouldn't be so outclassed." He smirked as he cracked his knuckles by just clenching his fists, while sparks still flickered slightly. They flinched as the noise reverberated around the quiet train station, added to by the odd flicker sound of sparks.

On the train looking out of the window was one Draco Malfoy with some of his 'gang', and he had gone sheet white. It had all been fun and games until the game changer showed up and he knew the remaining Death Fodder as his father would say were about to go down hard.

"Draco, look, its Potter...!" Pansy Parkinson interrupted his thought, looking smug as she pointed the girl out. "We could capture her, and the Dark Lord would be pleased."

Draco turned to her and for once, she flinched as he glared. "You don't have a clue who that guy is!" he hissed out angrily which perked up some of his less than helpful female followers interests, and he was quite sure they just 'played' nice to keep him or the others from bothering them, not that he much cared anymore.

Two blonde girls, and a brunette girl hadn't been paying attention and had been playing a card game with the dark skinned Blaize Zabini; the biggest poof in Slytherin, and that was saying something as he cringed while thinking about some of the others who were taught that girls were beneath men's notice and took that too seriously. At least Blaize wasn't a sexist idiot because that got old real fast.

"What are you talking about!?" Pansy asked while the leader of the not-quite-followers, the sixteen year old girl with long straight blonde hair, Daphne Greengrass peered out of the window with her year younger and equally blonde sister, Astoria.

"Wow – that boy is hot!" Daphne commented while her sister was nodding in agreement.

"Let me see!" demanded their friend, Tracey Davis. She had short ruffled dark brown hair and while the two blondes had cool silver eyes, hers were a deep blue, and everyone on the train were wearing school uniforms and robes, theirs were all green and black as they were Slytherins. "Wow, he is cute!" she readily agreed as she squeezed in to look outside with her friends.

Pansy growled. "Nobody's better than Draco, but we should attack Potter while everyone is distracted."

"Idiot...!" Draco said, glaring again. "That guy killed Greyback!"

"Don't be stupid Draco!" she retorted as if he was joking.

"I was there!" he said quickly, "watch this, Harry King is going to end this now, look at the Death Eater's, they're bloody terrified of him!"

The other's looked with Blaize joining them and they could see the remaining Death Eater's looked as if they were about to mess themselves. They were stuck between two forces, the dark that would kill them for running away, and the light that would kill them for staying.

"Looks like this is going to be fun...!" Astoria commented with a smirk, "and I thought that rumour about Dumbledore kicking ass in Diagon Alley was-."


They were interrupted, and startled as they hadn't noticed that the mudblood, umm, muggle-born girl, and friend of Rosette Potter's, Hermione Granger had somehow snuck up on them watching out of the window, wearing her Gryffindor uniform of red and black. She was joined by a cute blonde girl with rusty blonde hair and dazed blue eyes wearing her Ravenclaw uniform in blue and black.

"You mean-?" Tracey asked while Hermione nodded.

"Dumbledore has decided to change the game!" she agreed. "But I think this will enlighten you further," she said and they all turned back to the window watching as Harry King stared down the Death Eater's, and made them cower before him.

Harry disappeared a moment later, blinking away in a rush of air. The Death Eater's looked around franticly when two of them dropped out cold crumpling to the ground.

"Oh my-," Daphne mumbled while squirming on the seat she was kneeling on to watch the fight through the side window while the other girls could just nod along in agreement.

The Death Eater's turned in a hurry as one to see the green-eyed teen standing behind them nonchalant as he straightened his tie, mocking them as he neatened his shirt cuffs and brushed down his jacket even though nothing was out of place he even fake-touched up his hair.

"Do you give?" he asked coolly.

The remaining Death Eater's quivered, looking at each other before they suddenly threw down their wands, surrendering as they quickly pulled off their masks dropping them to the ground, the conjured 'disguises' dissolved in black mist, and they threw their arms in the air in a hurry to stave off any harm Harry could inflict on them.

Harry disappeared again only to reappear by the light facing the Death Eater's as they span around to him in fear. He smirked as the Death Eater's couldn't take their eyes off the man who could have easily beaten them all unconscious even after surrender without no one caring to stop him, or being powerful enough too.

"You know," Harry commented, glancing towards the light, "some of you guys could go and arrest them," he suggested, which dropped the light wizards and witches out of their dazed states.

Some aurors stared at him for a second before nodding as they shook their heads clear of the fog as they saw for themselves that they were far behind on the power scale in the world. However, they quickly headed towards the Death Eater's while the shocking quiet lessened as people began to talk finally.

"Now that is power!" Tracey said smugly while Pansy was staring with her mouth hanging open, unable to comprehend that everything was going to change, and that the Dark Lord wasn't the only powerful sorcerer on the playing field anymore, and even the Great Light Wizard Albus Dumbledore had stepped up to truly challenge the Dark Lord and his Death Eater's.

"And he looks really good in muggle clothes!" Daphne added with a dreamy and very out of character sigh, but she knew she was attracted to power, but he was power, looks, and style.

"Really good...!" Astoria agreed as she took after her sister, but she was a more open character so no one stared at her, freaked out seeing some personality that might be a little boy crazy.

"Plus," Tracey said with a nod, smirking smugly. "Have to get laid sometime and who better?" she asked while the other two nodded and Hermione had to move a little away as they were creeping her out, and even Luna was with them, nodding along in agreement.

Hermione had to feel a little sorry for Harry as she had already heard he was going to teach, but then he did get in her panties within an hour of knowing her so maybe he would be in heaven. Yes, she should feel sorry for all of the boys he'll stand in the way of.

Harry grinned while Rose and Ginny hurried off to the train to fetch their friend Hermione as she had arrived with Ginny's parents while June had hoped up into Harry's arms to hug him, and he didn't mind carrying her as much as she wanted if it made her feel safe and happy.

"So is the train ready to go?" Harry asked two Weasley's, Bill and Arthur as they stood nearby while everyone else tried to find their children, or sorted out the dead and injured.

"I'll go and ask someone," Bill said, shaking his head before hurrying away.

"Thank you," Mr. Weasley said suddenly. Harry just stared at him in confusion. "For saving them, and keeping them safe," he added to clarify. "Ginny, Rose, and June... I know two are your sisters, but, thanks for taking care of Ginny too."

"No problem, dude," he replied, laughing as he cuddled his little sister, "anything for family, and I guess Ginny is like family since she is Rose's best friend. Everyone should consider such close friends as family, and if they did the world would be a nicer place."

He didn't have a chance to reply as Bill returned, interrupting. "The train need's a few minor repairs," he said out of breath from running. "It will be ready to leave in about four hours or so, but they don't know whether they're going to leave today, tomorrow or have parents taking students to Hogsmead by other means; they said just to leave and letters shall be sent out, so I wouldn't think that the train would leave today, Saturday or Sunday would be my best bet."

Harry nodded with a sigh. "Okay, well grab everyone of importance and we'll get out of here… hmm, I know I'll buy you all lunch in London, I'm starving."

If to prove it Harry's stomach grumbled as Mrs. Weasley turned up dragging Hermione, Rose, and Ginny with her at a quick pace.

"Luna couldn't come with us!" Rose said, pouting.

"Mum said she should go home!" Ginny said pout glaring at her mother.

Mrs. Weasley rolled her eyes. "After everything that's happened she should spend a little time with her father," she said. "He already lost a wife, poor man may not be all there, but he cares about his daughter."

"Hi Harry!" Hermione said with a small grin.

"Hey," he greeted and ignored some ginger boys cold hateful glare as he greeted the girl. He did take note that Hermione could do better and the right person popped into his head in seconds; he would just have to get her to drop the ginger boy first.

"I should warn you!" she said, glaring at her soon to be ex-boyfriend if several schemers had anything to say about it before smiling back at Harry. "There are these three Slytherin girls who watched you fight, and now they think they can each have you, so watch out!"

"Cute?" he asked, perking up.

"Umm, yeah," she agreed, shrugging.

"Harry!" Rose said with an eye roll.

"Well, umm," he stuttered, chuckling as he got strange looks while Rose and Ginny laughed, and Hermione rolled her eyes and tried to pretend the ginger boy wasn't being annoyingly clingy and rude to every boy who looked at her, even though she had cheated on him, and did plan on breaking up with him to find someone who was more in her league, especially in brain power as Ginny seemed to want Harry.

"Okay, come on guys," he added after a few moments, disappointed he didn't get to meet them all now, Luna included as he liked meeting cute girls. "We're going to get something to eat before returning to that headquarters place Dumbledore mentioned," he said while Mrs. Weasley nodded her head readily and started ushering the three girls and everyone else towards the exit from the platform where some of Dumbledore's Order stood waiting.

Rose smiled as she looked to her big brother, ignoring their father as he did them, and took Harry's arm while he held June, and winked at Hermione, amused while she had to deal with her ginger haired boyfriend some more, Ginny's slightly older brother, Ronald.

It was good for Ginny as she could hold Harry's spare hand without Ronald jumping and being a whiny bitch and getting his ass kicked. That boy was seriously annoying, and if Hermione didn't dump him and quick she would have to kick him in the balls until he got the message that Hermione was too good for him.

She grimaced as she looked around the bloody platform wanting to heave a little as the smell of death or battle slowly grew. There weren't many deaths, but some Death Eater's had gotten on the wrong side of some aurors or Order members, and others had been hurt along with some civilians as medics turned up to help the injured.

It must have been a nightmare of a fight before Harry came and put a stop to it. He just turned up, saved her, Ginny and June from a huge barrage of spells, knocked a couple of Death Eater's out and the rest surrendered. It was unbelievable she thought as her eyes scanned the medi-witches, medi-wizards, and healers searching for surviving Death Eater's and dealing with injured parents, aurors, or Order members.

Her brother alone could do what forty; maybe fifty wizards could not, and made the Death Eater's throw down their wands choosing jail over even trying to fight him alone, and there was nine of them, and she had counted a few times to make sure.

Rose stretched a little without letting go of her brother before she had to shield her eyes from the bright sun as they exited the train station onto the bright muggle street. She was startled as Harry had grinned and managed to slip a pair of muggle sunglasses over her eyes, his eyes, Ginny's eyes, and even June's.

She smiled, and didn't have a clue why he had so many pairs of sunglasses and was sure that wasn't close to the full selection he owned, hidden away in his pocket dimension. She held back her laugh as she straightened the glasses, and wondered where they were going to get dinner, as Harry seemed to have a destination in mind as he led the way.

She looked around at the motley group to see who was coming with them for dinner. Bill Weasley was walking with his dad and mum. Ronald had unfortunately followed, bugging poor Hermione as usual. His eyes were scanning the street jealously, and especially glaring at Harry while Hermione tried to look apologetic for him even though he was the D-bag, not her.

Sirius Black was with them, joking around, pleased to get to talk with his godson after so long. He was walking mainly with Remus Lupin, his best friend, and Tonks, she was hot, and Sirius's cousin. Then there was her sister, June, her brother, Harry, and of course her closest friend (because they had most in common), Ginny.

She frowned when she realised her dad had not even had the guts to come with them. Her father must have been a bigger weenie than she thought. He hadn't hugged her or June when he realised they were safe. He had just stared at Harry, and she realised; he was afraid to get on his wrong side so stayed away because he didn't want his ass kicked for the way he treated June, seeing the way Harry held her, and how happy she was to have her big brother.

"Don't worry kiddo," Sirius piped in suddenly. He made her jump while Harry and June laughed. "James is just a big baby!" he said with a sheepish shrug. "I've known him for a long time and he could be so thick headed if a tree fell on him he wouldn't have noticed. Maybe he'll come around eventually and beg for forgiveness, and at least try to earn your trust."

Rose nodded doubtful, but Harry smiled at her and made her feel better as she knew he would always take care of her and June from then on. However, she still wished her mother were with them. She would know how to make her feel better, or how to fix their family. She would have already started trying to have her son back.

"Cool, here we are!" Harry knocked her out of her thoughts as he gestured the large pizza restaurant, and she grinned. She hadn't had pizza in a while, and she could smell the delicious food from outside.

to be continued...