Heath about photography as a big hobby: "I guess it's the capturing of "essence"

"The DQ

Where we goin Jack?" Ennis asked his friend and lover for the umpteenth time.

"You'll see. Someplace I would take Bobby to when I was down in Texas. I heard they have one here now in Gillette"

Jack drove through the main drag of Gillette. It consisted of a few strip malls. 7-11, just opened up a McDonalds. Jack kept driving.

"What are you planning Jack Fuckin Twist, you know I don't like being in crowds."

"Don't worry Ennis you won't even have to leave the car." Jack smiled knowingly.

Ennis watched as Jack drove the car right up to an ordering menu. The sign said Dairy Queen and Ennis heard a woman's voice coming out of the speaker "Welcome to the DQ can I take your order?"

"How about we share a banana split?" Jack asked him.

"Sure nough." Ennis smiled his first big smile on a long time. Jack ordered chocolate and vanilla and they pulled up in a deserted area of the parking lot and enjoyed their gooey dessert. Ennis put some whipped cream on his finger and put it on Jack's nose and licked it off. From this time on they would make the drive once a month to the DQ to get a banana split.