Thomas's POV

Four wolves and six vampires was my count after the battle and I was impressed with myself considering how little there were of them and how many there was of us. My first kills in a battle. I've killed plenty of times before being the Volturi's favorite assassin and tracker since I found them two years ago. Before then for over a century, I didn't understand my power, the strength of the potency of the humans and even other vampires around me. I manage to track down my killer within that night him turned me and kill him myself and hunting humans was exceptionally easy. At 19 I was stupid and hung around the streets of Mississippi alone in the middle of the night, thinking about the loss of my sister, and was attacked and turned. The burning I had felt was still fresh in my mind after all these years. Though, when I found out what I had become I embraced it but I was lonely and by word of the vampire world I found my way to the Volturi's doorstep and I told them about my powers and they put me through tests and I soon came to this position. Aro especially admired my gift and entrusted me with many missions and I've been nothing but happy to oblige as the trail, the scent, the kill get me such a thrill.

Aro was walking towards me with the look in him red eyes the he had a mission of me and I just had to smile. "Thomas, our purpose for this battle and a werewolf have escaped. Do you remember what they looked like?"

I pictures the little vampire girl with brown eyes and her bronze hair in ringlets, freckles sprinkled the cheeks of her pallor skin and she sat upon one the wolves who's fur was russet color and he was the largest of them we encountered. His scent strong of earth and that disgusting wolf smell and the little girl smelled of freesia and a hint of vampire and a hint of sweet human blood. It was a strange but intoxicating scent.

I gave Aro a nod.

"Good, I want you to find them and kill them; they are of no need to me considering our newest prize of the evening." He gave me a smile that was full of excitement and promise.

"Yes, sir." I replied and inhaled the air. They went straight head into the forest beyond. They shouldn't be too far. I grinned and turned and ran full speed, the wind wiping my dark bangs into my eyes. They smelled delicious besides that taint of werewolf and I was anxious to skin my teeth into their soft skin and make a kill. I barely noticed I was licking my lips until now and I couldn't hold back grinning, baring my sharpened teeth.

Thomas will be one of the main characters of the story. My chapters will get longer once I start with the ideas for the next couple and I and Alisa have the whole story planned out so keep checking it out and it will definitely be a long fanfic. R & R of course and thanks for reading - Ali