Sweeney Todd: A Character Study

Author's Note: Hello, all. This is going to be a collection of very short works, all a minimum of 100 words, a maximum of 1000 words, all from Sweeney Todd's POV, just written to study his character and his motivations and how he reacts to the other characters involved with the story in preparation for NaNoWriMo this year. Sometimes, just little tiny drabbles or triple-drabbles or small ficlets make their way into my head, and while they aren't long enough for a story of their own, they're still important, because I often put the stories into my own personal fanon for Sweeney Todd. I will try to update weekly, but sometimes, I just run out of ideas. Just be patient—I will eventually think something up and pen it to paper and post.

And for anybody who is wondering, I took down "Naïve" to work on it separately and expand it into a novel-length fanfic this November. It'll be back up as soon as I am finished with it. Thank you.

Title: Bright Red Day

Word Count: 100

Rating: PG for mentioned violence.

Summary: Sweeney Todd contemplates the sunrise.

Bright Red Day

Sometimes, Sweeney knew it was going to be a bad day. There was always something that told him that it would be—today was one of those days. He always watched the sunrise, loving the way red slashed through the murky black of night, staining the sky crimson.

But the sunrise hadn't been red today. It had been orange. Ugly, bright orange, only tiny little tendrils of red showing briefly before being banished by that horrible orange.

Well, he'd answer. He flicked his wrist, the razor in his hand opening instantly. He'd make his own red—and his own sunrise.