Drabbles for Bella. September 16th—April 19th

I recently looked at my calendar, and realised that today is September 7th. As in: only six days until Bella's birthday, and consequently, nine days until the anniversary of the day that Edward left Bella.

Anyway, I got to thinking, and decided that I should really do something to commemorate this. And I came up with an obscenely difficult challenge for myself. I'm going to attempt to write one drabble a day, for every day that Bella was alone. They will all be set during that six months, although sometimes there will be two or more on one (fictional) day, and none the next. Savvy?

Anyway, I'd quite like opinions on this idea. Am I crazy? Stupid? Do I have loads of free time? Probably. But tell me what you think!!

Becky Scarlett-Cullen x