Hiya! Here with a special feature-Ebony, our favourite psychotic Espeon, (And the rest, like me, but no-one cares about them… (Sigh) meets the Cast of the ANI stories, Anomaly by Dark Magician Girl Aeris, tales of Flame by Buwaro, and Hoenn Chronicles by Rizu Komesu. Chaos will ensue. Especially considering some of Ebony's friends are kind of based on some of Flame's…

(Sigh) Disclaimer- I own Ebony and co. I do not own Pokemon. That is Nintendo's. I do not own ANI. That is Buwaro, Dark Magician Girl Aeris and Rizu Komesu's.

By the way, for those who don't know my fics, Ebony is a psychotic black super-Espeon, Ciflaina is a lesbian Flareon and Shadow is a weird ghostly Scyther.

Ebony Meets ANI

"That's it!" Shouted Ebony. "I'm leaving."

"What?" said Felix.
"I'm going. I'm sick of this. I'm going."
"…be back by tonight." he said.
"… DON'T YOU CARE!?" she yelled, using a dark pulse on him and stalking off into the woods.
He sighs.
"Ciflaina, Shadow, go after her." he says.
"Yeah, fine." says Ciflaina.
"Shadow will do as you wish…" mutters Shadow, his voice like a knife in the silence.

"Stupid Felix… I'd make a better trainer than him ANY day of the week…" muttered Ebony. She stalked through the woods, black fur glistening.
"HELLOOOOO!" shouted Ciflaina.

Ebony responded with a Water Pulse in the direction of the voice.

"That was NOT very nice." said Ciflaina, walking towards Ebony with soaked fur, dripping wet. She started to hug Ebony.

"Aww… wait a sec, why are you hugging me?" said Ebony. Ciflaina grinned.
"Flame Wheel."

Her fur ignited, steam rising.

"OW HELL IT'S HOT!" yelled Ebony, jumping three feet in the air. She stared at Ciflaina with an evil look. If looks could kill, Ciflaina would be six feet under. Dead too.

"Shadow senses something strange over there." said the odd Scyther. Seriously, for a start he had grey black scales. Then there was the fact that he sometimes moved through trees, walls and people. Oh yeah, and he sometimes swapped his legs for a ghostly cloud of ectoplasm. And there was one other thing.

"Shadow, why do you always speak in the third person?"

Shadow didn't bother answering that.

"Shadow thinks the strange thing is in a clearing over there." he said.
"Yeah, I don't like this place. The aura hurts my head." said Ebony.

They reached the clearing, and saw something really strange. It was like a hole in the air.

And they started to be pulled towards it.

"Hell no." said Ebony, turning around and slapping Ciflaina with her tail. Ciflaina stopped pushing her.
"Aww, come on, can't take a joke?" she said.
"Shadow thinks we should check it out." said the ghost-bug-thing.
"No way." said Ciflaina. "There could be DEMONS on the other side. There could be ANYTHING!"
"Demons?" said Ebony, eyes flashing purple. "Nah. Not demons. There could be ANI-THING, but not demons."

There was silence.

"And that means?" said Ciflaina.
"No idea. But I'm taking a look."
"Shadow was afraid of that."
"You're both coming."
"I was afraid of that too." said Ciflaina.

Ebony dragged them psychically through the tear in the air.

She came face to face with a particularly annoyed looking Charmander.

"Hey! Watch the hell where you're going!" he said.
"No, YOU watch where you're going!" yelled Ebony right back. They were nose to nose.

The Charmander spat a fireball at her at point-blank range.

"You're gonna regret that, ya dumb salamander." growled Ebony.

Her eyes flashed purple, and moisture gathered in front of her, pulsing at the Charmander.

"WHAT the hell?" he yelled, dodging to the side and spewing out a ghostly cloud of fire.

Ebony shattered it with a dark pulse, and picked him up with a Psychic.

"I HATE psychics!" he yelled, throwing a huge fireball at her.

She didn't have time to dodge.

Out of the cloud of smoke a giant ball of shadowy energy blasted the Charmander right in the face.

Ebony sauntered out of the smoke, some fur slightly singed.

"Nice fight." she said. "I'm Ebony. What's your name?" she asked.

The Charmander stood up, dusting himself warily.

"My name?" he said.

Do I even have to tell you? Well, I hope not. if you don't know, go to the profiles of the people I mentioned at the start and read Tales of Flame, Anomaly and then Hoenn Chronicles, in that order. Bye! Chapter two coming soon. Hopefully.