Yeah, I waited too long…

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Chapter 2

"I'm Flame." said the Charmander.

Ebony grinned.

"Ebony!" said Ebony, again.
"This is Ciflaina and Shadow." she said, pointing at a deeply embarrassed Flareon and a strange black, almost ethereal Scyther.

"So, what are you doing here?" asked Ebony brightly.
"Looking around." said Flame.

He was getting a headache.

"I hate psychics…" he muttered.

"Really?" said Ebony. "And I thought we were getting on so well… ah well. Wanna fight again?"

Flame felt irritated, wrong footed, and just plain old mad.

Something told him this was not a good fight to pick…

"Nope." he said.

"Heh. Not such a baka now." she said smugly.

Flame could almost feel his temper running out.
"Y'know, idiot, moron, whatever!" said Ebony. Moisture coalesced in front of her.
"Gotta problem with it?"

Flame rubbed his head in frustration.

"Great! Are you alone or are there friends I can meet?" asked Ebony, the water vanishing.

Flame groaned, then perked up slightly.

"Yeah, there are some people."

Let's see how she gets on with Pika.

* * *

"He's annoying, isn't he?" said Pika.
"Definitely! Little cute though, don't you think?" said Ebony.

Pika bristled.
"I suppose so." she said.

Ebony laughed.
"Bit of a baka though."
"That's true." said Pika. "What's a baka?"

"Does NO-ONE know?" asked Ebony. "An idiot or a moron." she turned, walking towards a Squirtle.

Ciflaina walked up behind Pika.
"Heya gorgeous." she said.
Pika electrocuted her, and walked away.

"Shadow thinks you should have expected that…" hissed the black Scyther.
"Scyther would like to know why you're so strange." asked the other ninja-insect.
"Shadow's ancestors were Ghost-types…" answered Shadow.
"Scyther would like to ask if you could show me a technique." asked Scyther
"Shadow would be honoured."

They approached a pair of trees, close together.

Shadow slashed at it, his claw almost vanishing as it passed through the first tree, the second tree slashed in half by the ethereal claw.


"Hey." said Ebony to Squirt.
"Hear you beat Flame into the dirt." smiled Squirt.
"Yeps. He's a baka, it was easy." said Ebony.
Ebony sighed.
"Idiot or moron. Do NONE of you know that language?"

It was that moment that a human entered the clearing.

"Nice to meet you!" Ebony called out psychically.
He stopped in his tracks, seeing the rare pokemon and pulling out a pokeball.
"Don't even try it." said Ebony cheerfully.

"…how are you talking to me?" managed the trainer.
"Psychic, baka." said Ebony, still cheerful.

"…baka?" asked the trainer.

"It means moron, Moron!" chorused Pika, Squirt, Ebony and Flame.