Summary: Lizzy, at age sixteen, can do no right, while her sister at age fourteen can do no wrong. What happens when Lizzy begins to act up to get the attention of Edward and Bella? How will Lindsey Renee, her sister, react when it works? All Human –Sequel to A New beginning-

A/N: So this is the sequel to A New Beginning. It's about Lindsey Renee and Elizabeth Michelle.

In ANB Elizabeth was 1 and the baby was inside Bella and Lizzy looked forward to the new baby. Well, this story is going to start off with a few reactions to the news of a new baby in the house and then it'll skip forward to Lizzy and Lindsey around…. Sixteen and fourteen. Actually the next chapter will probably be when Lindsey Renee is born.

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Bella's point of view

We called a 'family meeting'. No one knew about the baby yet, as far as we knew, and we were looking forward to this.

I look around at everyone and Edward nods his head.

"Okay, you guys, our announcement is that we're having a baby." I say, and Lizzy's eyes went wide, and Alice squealed. Rose smiled, encouragingly at me, and the guys all patted Edward on the back. Michelle came up to me and gave me a hug.

"I knew it Bells!!" Alice screeched and we all laughed.

"Told you Edward," I said and he stuck his tongue out at me.

Then we all went on with our celebrating.

"Mommy!" Lizzy screeched when Alice picked her up. I walk over there, hurried.

"What's the matter, baby?" I ask as I take her from Alice. Alice frowns.

"I want you mommy!" She says as she clings to me.

"Okay, baby. But don't you want Aunt Alice to take you to get dressed while mommy gets your surprise?" I ask and her eyes light up.

"O-tay." She says and goes to Alice.

I go to Edward.

"Alice is probably upset. I don't get why Lizzy never wants to go to her. She's outgrown that with everyone else. Even Emmett can get her now and she doesn't care." I say, frowning and Edward smiles.

"She'll outgrow it." He says.

"I hope so."

After I talked to Edward I went upstairs with Lizzy's surprise in my hands.

I walk into her room to see her throwing her clothes in Alice's face and Alice in near tears.

"Come on, please let's put on your PJ's and go watch a movie with momma.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Lizzy screeches and I see tears spill over on to Alice's face.

"Elizabeth Michelle Mason! You get your little butt in those pajamas right now." I say, and then I turn to Alice.

"Come here, Alice." I say as we walk out for a second. I see Edward in the hall.

"Please tend to our daughter." I say, and he nods.

I hug Alice.

"I'm sorry." I say. "Maybe we should stop spoiling her so much. Maybe it's our fault that she hates everyone." I say, and Alice shakes her head.

"You don't get it Bella. Lizzy has always hated me." She says and then continues.

"She just hates me even more now. And almost every kid does. What if Rose's baby hates me? What if the new baby hates me? What if my baby hates me?" She asks, tears still pouring down her face, but I freeze.

"Your baby?" I ask.

"Oops. You weren't supposed to know about that." She said, and I just hugged her.

"Your baby won't hate you, and Rose's won't either. Lizzy doesn't hate you either…things are going to be difficult for her or I don't know…." I say and Alice shakes her head.

"It's okay. I'm okay." She says and then she smiles. "So what's Lizzy's surprise?"

"It's one of those baby dolls that you take care of like it's a real baby." I say, smiling and Alice laughs.

"She'll love it."

A/N: Okay, so the next chapter will be of when the baby is born. As we all know…its name will be Lindsey Renee Mason.