Dear Readers, (few if there are any.)

I am trying my hardest here. I quit writing these fanfictions during a hard time, and I also quit quite a few things.

What I am trying to say is that I may come back. I may finish these TWO fanfictions, and after that I will be moving on from fanfiction. I might try my hand at Harry Potter fanfictions or even at Vampire Academy. Or maybe another novel.

My point being:

I love you guys, truly. I really do.

CullenLover13 and I have corresponded since my quitting. I have received SO many reviews. I really love that you guys continued to inspire me, through this. Through it all. I have started really well on a few originals, and continue to get more ideas--no they are not posted ANYWHERE.

I love the fact that these final Twilight fanfictions have MY characters. It shows how my interest in Bella & Edward was dwindling. SO, for the fact that the stories do have MY characters. I THINK I am going to finish them.

I may just reread the Harry Potter series (if I can get the book back from my sister whose borrowing it -.- ) or I may finish.

It all depends on how I feel, or what my opinion is after I reread Breaking All the Rules and Nobody's Home. I know for a fact that my writing style has changed, but honestly can't recall how different it is, now. So we will see. I just thought that I'd let you guys know that, in fact, Vampires4eva is making a come back.

And this time, let's hope, nothing can stop me. Although, I know there probably aren't many fans left. And that'd be okay too.
Because I am writing for me. Not for reviews. :)

I love you guys.