Title: It Takes Time to Get It Right (Glimmer)
Ronon kidnaps Jennifer on her first day off in ages. Things don't go as he planned.
Spoilers for Season 5.
I don't own these characters (save for an OC) or Stargate. This is just for fun, not profit.
Prompt: Jennifer's first day off in a long time -- Ronon "kidnaps" her for the day. Set after "The Seed." I'm referencing my fic "Breathe In Breathe Out" for a bit of development on Ronon and Jen's relationship. Thanks to sezjara and journeyman07 (even while welcoming a new member into her family) for beta'ing.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Chapter 1—

"Where are you going?"

Jennifer gasped and whipped around to come face to face with a very displeased looking Satedan.

"I'm . . . I was . . . uhm," she stammered, unable to fight the blush that was quickly rising in her cheeks. She was so busted, but she thought she might attempt to salvage the situation. "I was just headed to the infirmary to check a few things and . . . Did you need something?"

"It's your day off," Ronon pointed out.

"Yes, but I was just. . ."

"Going to work?" he supplied, a single dark eyebrow raised in question.

Maybe, but she wasn't ready to lose this battle just yet.

Before she could speak again, Ronon asked, "Did they page you?"

"Well. . .no," she admitted.

"Is someone dying?"

"They could be. . ."

"But they're not now," he stated. "I think they can handle it," he said. By they, Jennifer knew he meant her medical staff. She would not have hired them if she felt they could not do an adequate job of managing the infirmary in her absence.

"Come on," he said, before she could utter another word of protest. He clasped her hand in his, and it took Jennifer a moment to get over the shock of the sudden contact.

Jennifer didn't realize she was frozen in place until Ronon gave her hand a gentle tug. She looked up into his eyes, saw the hint of a smile playing at the corners of his lips before he stated once more, softer this time, "Come with me." The "please" was in his tone.

. . . . . . .

"So, where are we going?" Jennifer asked as she tried to ignore the curious looks she was getting from passers-by as she was led by the hand down the hallways of Atlantis. If Ronon noticed the looks they were getting, he didn't show it. But then, he didn't let other people's opinions bother him.

"Ronon?" Jennifer prodded when he didn't answer.

He glanced down at her, but didn't slow his pace. That smile was at his lips again. "You'll see," was all the explanation that he gave.

Jennifer sighed.

Ronon gave her hand an encouraging squeeze, and her heart quickened to the pace of her feet as she hurried to keep up with Ronon's long, sure stride.

. . . . . . .

Jennifer held up the strips of fabric that were meant to pass for a swimsuit top. Ok, maybe it wasn't so small, but she was sure to feel very exposed when she sported the attire in front of a very handsome Satedan who was waiting just outside the door. His bathroom door, Jennifer thought, looking as she let her gaze drift over the rather spacious room.

Suddenly curious, Jennifer bit her lip in concentration as she slid open the glass door of the cabinet space, above the sink and just below the mirror. She reached for the curious shaped, amber looking bottle, but her hand stopped when she saw a small, cylindrical black bottle in the far corner of the space. She reached for it instead, turning it over in her hand to read the distinctive English lettering.

"Oh my gosh. . ." Jennifer whispered, barely stifling a laugh. TAG.

A gentle rap on the door startled her, and the bottle nearly slipped from her hands. She caught, it, clutching it to her body, as she blushed furiously.

"You ok in there?" Ronon's deep voice asked.

"Uhm. . Oh. . .yes. I'll be out in a bit," Jen replied. She looked regretfully at the gift bag on the counter.

. . . . . . .

Ronon looked up at the sound of the bathroom door sliding open. He'd been pretty nervous about the soundness of this plan that Sheppard had first suggested. The female expedition members he had talked to had been a lot more helpful and reassuring.

"Though I am not particularly familiar with the mating customs of the 'Lanteans," Teyla had said, "I believe that she will appreciate most your efforts in this endeavor."

"You're saying she'll like it that I tried?" Ronon asked for clarity. That didn't sound terribly promising.

Something tugged one of his dreads, and he looked down to the bright eyes and giggling face of Torren, Teyla's infant son. Ronon carefully put his hands under the child's arm, lifting him from his lap. Torren didn't let go of the hold he had on his dread, though, looking at his quizzically before decided it might be a good thing to chew on.

Ronon made an amused face and plopped Torren back down in his lap, pulling the hair from his grasp. Torren made a noise of protest, and Ronon cocked his eyebrow at the babe in response.

Teyla remained silent during the exchange between her son and the Satedan. She smiled when Torren, seeming to realize that Ronon's dread would not be on his feeding menu, stuck his thumb in his mouth instead.

Ronon nestled the little one more comfortably against him and leaned back stretching one leg across the length of the sofa on which he sat. refocusing his attention on the discussion at hand. "The Doc's been cooped up in the lab even more after that Wraith parasite. She needs a break."

"Yes," Teyla agreed. "She needs to have . . . fun."

Ronon nodded, taking time to study the knitting Teyla was working on. She said it was meant to be a sweater for Torren, but the size didn't look quite right, and one sleeve the sleeve she was doing now looked a lot longer than the one she had already completed. He said nothing of it though.

Teyla then looked up at him, an idea dawning. "Perhaps you should inquire of one of the female members of Jennifer's staff. They most likely share many things in common with Jennifer, or at least they could offer more insight into what actions would be appropriate for you to make your interest known to the doctor."

Ronon nodded. That didn't sound so bad. But then he realized that he didn't really know Jennifer's staff well enough to even begin to ask such a thing of one of them. That would leave him where he started.

"Try asking Nurse Ko," Teyla suggested.

"You mean Marie?"

Now, as he took in Jennifer's appearance in the clothes he had gotten for her, he was beginning to feel more sure. Though, he was concerned about the way she lingered in the doorway before walking fully back into the main room of his quarters. She'd taken her hair down and pulled it into a looser ponytail.

"So. . . I guess we're going swimming?" she said, finally. She pulled slightly on the pale green string of the swimsuit top that peeked out from the neck of the sleeveless, yellow shirt that she wore over it. It was a strange sensuality he found in the action, as she unwittingly drew his attention to the smooth skin of her neck.

"Yeah. . .," Ronon nodded, his voice more unsteady than he liked. "This is what your people wear for it, right?"

"Yes, that's right," Jennifer confirmed as she glanced down at her attire. She seemed to be relaxing somewhat.

"So," she continued, eyeing him none too shyly. "What do you wear for swimming?" she asked. She must have wondered at his attire of his usual sleeveless, brown shirt and loose-fitting brown pants.

Ronon leaned down to pick up a large backpack from it's place beside his bed, and then shouldered the bag and turned back to Jennifer before replying, "Nothing," as he took her hand and began heading toward the door.

Ronon was nearly snatched back as Jennifer displayed an unusual amount of strength, not moving when he had pulled her with him. He turned to see her eyes the size of dinner plates, her face growing redder by the second. "What?" he asked, trying hard to keep his face neutral.

"You mean . . .?," Jennifer blinked, shaking her head. He didn't miss the way her eyes lingered on his lower body before darting back up to meet his mirthful eyes.

"Yeah," he shrugged. "Something wrong with that?"

"Oh . . . yeah . . . I'm mean, no. . . if that's your . . . the way you. . .," she stammered.

Cute as he found her when she was flustered, Ronon decided to offer her a bit of comfort. Maintaining his hold on her hand, he adjusted the pack on his other arm, and with his free hand he lifted up the hem of his shirt to reveal the top of his swim trunks that was visible just above the waistband of his pants. Ronon let her take in the sight before dropping his shirt back down.

"I hate you," Jennifer said after a moment, but a smile was already curving the corners of her pretty mouth.

"Mmm," Ronon grunted with a wink.

This time she let him lead her out of the room.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

TAG: a body spray for men that, if one is to believe the commercials, makes the female sex go crazy for the male wearing it. "Bow-chicka-wah-wah."