Title: Firsts
Epilogue to "It Takes Time to Get It Right (Glimmer)"
High fluff content. Spoilers for Iron Man. Shame on you if you haven't seen it already.
I don't own these characters and am using them for fun not profit.
I just had to add this last scene to tie up a few things. I'm using the prompt "firsts" for this one, for the OSL Ficathon. Thanks to journeyman07 for beta'ing. This story is a little lagniappe for everyone who's survived/surviving a stressful week.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The movie screen darkened, Nick Fury having revealed the true purpose of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Tony Stark. Jennifer felt Ronon shift his position on the couch. She reclined against him with her back against his side and his arm across her waist to rest across her abdomen. Jennifer's legs were draped over the arm of the couch. She found that to be the most comfortable position for her injured leg.

Jennifer sighed and angled her head back to look at Ronon. He glanced back down at her, and she smiled. He responded by placing a gentle kiss to her forehead. A swarm of butterflies hatched in her stomach at his gentle affections. She wondered how the Satedan would take the news that she had fallen for a fictional character, and was seriously contemplating marrying Tony Stark. Well, Jennifer thought, she'd settled for Robert Downy, Jr., the actor, as long as he kept that goatee.

"You'll what?"

"Oh. . .did I just say that out loud?" Jennifer shrank into the sofa, wishing to disappear.

"Yeah," Ronon grunted.

"Oh, those drugs must be must be messing with my inhibitions," Jennifer mumbled. She risked looking up at Ronon to see a knowing smirk curving his mouth, his hazel eyes twinkling with amusement.

As Jennifer studied his dark features, she realized that she had never really been attracted to men with facial hair. That is, until a tall and brooding Satedan began making regular trips to the infirmary, frightening away all other staff so that she was always left with the task of treating him a way that almost always involved him leaving with stitches.

Jennifer shook her head and smiled at the memories.

"What?" Ronon's voice rumbled against her side.

"I was just,…" Jennifer paused as her speech was overtaken by a yawn. Recovering, she finished, "I was just thinking that it's, uhm, rather late." She mentally kicked herself once the words were out. "I mean. . . I enjoyed the date," Jennifer smiled, weakly.

Ok, she definitely needed some rest, because she had quickly devolved into a babbling idiot.

Ronon seemed to get the hint, though. "It's been a long day," he said simply. He tightened his arm around her waist, hugging her to him. She relished the increased closeness as she felt his mouth against the top of her head.

Then Ronon was shifting away from her, getting up from the couch and gently lifting her up with him. When her bare feet touched the cool floor, but Ronon didn't release her immediately, waiting to make sure that she was steady on her injured leg.

Jennifer tested her footing, and she felt steady. Ronon's large hand lingered on her hip, the warm seeping through the thin material of her shirt.

"I'm good," she smiled up at him reassuringly. She realized that Ronon still felt guilty about the swimming disaster. It had only been a few hours ago. Jennifer had awakened early, content to spend most of the day holed up in her quarters. She hadn't had any plans other than maybe catching up on a few movies, but even that prospect lacked appeal, and she found herself wondering the lightly trafficed halls of Atlantis, drifting in the direction of the infirmary. And that was when Ronon had intercepted her. Near-drowning incident aside, she had had fun today.

Without a second thought, Jennifer stood on the tip of her toes as she placed her right on hand Ronon's shoulder, using it for both leverage and to pull him down to her. She flicked her tongue over her bottom lip before finding his mouth with her own. If Ronon was as shocked by her boldness as she was, he didn't show it. When Ronon kissed her back, Jennifer was glad for the strong arm that had wrapped around her waist, holding her steady as the galaxy spun round them.

. . . . .

Jennifer didn't really remember the walk back to her room. It seemed like Ronon may have half-carried her most of the way, which she didn't mind at this point. They reached the door to her quarters, and Jennifer pushed down the sudden urge to giggle incessantly as she turned to bid Ronon goodnight.

She giggled anyway.

Ronon was looking down at her quizzically, but mirth twinkled in his eyes all the same. Jennifer tilted her face up to him. Her eyes fluttered closed as he leaned down and placed warm lips against her cool forehead, and her face flushed.

"Thanks for the wonderful day," she mumbled, before his mouth covered hers in a lingering kiss. She felt Ronon's palm rest against her neck, fingers curling around her nape as his thumb grazed the side of her jaw. When he pulled away, Jennifer felt as if her face would split if she smiled any wider.

"Goodnight, Jennifer," Ronon said finally, brushing her hair behind her ear, and then allowing his thumb to caress her cheek.

Jennifer realized that they could very well stand here staring at each other for an eternity, savoring the newness of what was happening between them. This relationship, she mused.

Ronon's eyes didn't leave Jennifer's as he waved his hand over the panel beside the door, causing it to open. Ronon stepped slightly away from her, his hands dug into the pockets of his pants, a sense of finality in the gesture.

The date had ended.

Reluctantly, Jennifer stepped backward across the threshold. "Goodnight," she waved. She didn't turn around until the door swooshed closed before her. She leaned her back against the door and slid down to the floor, tired but content.


. . . . . . . . . .

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