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Sam Manson was going to die. She didn't see anyway out of the situation she had managed to get herself into. As the ghost in front of her strutted and babbled about his superiority she

prepared to accept her fate, allowing herself to listen to the ghost's 'superior' speech.

"Ya see, we of the... Ghostly persuasion," the ghost paused to tug his left suspender with the thumb of his left hand, still holding a ball of glowing ectoplasm ready to become a fatal ectoblast

in his right hand, "Are dead. And therefore, we can't be killed. Do ya know why humans are weak? Cuz they're afraid of death! Ghosts don't have that problem." His smile was smug as he

turned to face her head-on. "Your life ends here, human." The ectoplasmic blast left his hand, heading straight for her. She closed her eyes and hoped it wouldn't hurt for to long.


The Reaper sat in the far corner of the ghostly cafe. His neon eyes observed with amusement as the human girl stumbled through a natural portal, bumping into the ghost in charge of the

facility. She was pushed to the floor as the ghost in-question (AN: I'm gonna call him Manager now) went on a superiority rant. Manager had probably been relatively unimportant in his past

life if he cared that much about it. As Manager finished his speech and prepared to lob the ectoplasm at the girl, The Reaper pushed up from his seat and blinked out, reappearing in front of

the girl in time to absorb the blast with his scythe.

She heard the blast hit, but she didn't feel anything. She opened her eyes, and found herself looking at the back of a hooded black and green cloak.


The Reaper jammed the butt of his scythe into the ground, pulled down his hood, then settled his arms atop the blade. brushing his snowy hair out of his eyes, he smiled lazily at the

manager, and intoned clearly. "S'not her time to die sir. It is, however, high time you moved on." That said, he lifted his blade in a lightning quick motion and sliced the ghost in half. His face

distorted with rage, the manager dispersed in a shower of green particles. His job done, The Reaper turned back to the human girl, who was trying to slip away. Sheathing the blade, the

extended his weapon and caught her around the waist. "And it's high time you went home, Samantha Manson." Her eyes widened at the use of her name, but that was nothing compared to

her expression when he wrapped one arm around her, drawing her close to him. With a dramatic swish of his cape, he blinked them both to the castle of his friend, Clockwork.


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