Sori stood behind the register scanning the items and passing them to the bagger boy Mike who put them in the bag and gave them to the customer. "Have a nice day sir," Sori said, giving the customer his change.

"Sori, are you ok?" Mike asked, looking at the tired looking redhead.

"I'm fine." The redhead said, pulling out a small but wide red book.

"What are you reading now?" he heard the blonde bagger boy ask.

"Impulse," Sori replied, still reading the book

"I don't get how you can read those, they're kinda sick, they're just about teens that have issues." (My mom says that too, and I still can't read them.)

"Well Mike I am a teen that has issues, so me and these people have something in common."

"Sori the people in that book cut themselves, are in asylums, do meth, commit suicide, are raped, and some are gay. What do you have in common with them?" Mike asked.

"Well I was in an asylum and I am gay," Sori explained.

"I guess that isn't to bad." The blond said.

"Excuse me sir."

Sori lifted his head to see Sasori and Deidara in front of him. "What the heck."

"Oh hi Sori, how have you been?" Deidara asked.

"Well pretty good, except today I feel like crap," Sori replied.

Sasori's eyes widened at the book Sori was reading, "I can't believe you read that."

"Neither can I!" Mike exclaimed.

"Oh Sasori Deidara, this is my bagger boy Mike, Mike this is Sasori and Deidara." Sori introduced the three.

Deidara put their items on the counter letting Sori scan their stuff. Sori looked at their stuff; it was only food and some cleaning supplies. Sori took their money and gave them their change. "Well it was nice talking to you Sori, bye," Deidara said leaving with Sasori beside him.

Sasori stopped midstep and looked back at Sori, "Oh and Sori, did you gain weight?" he asked, before following Deidara.

Sori looked at his stomach and rubbed it feeling a slight bump, "What the hell?"

"What is it Sori? Are you gaining weight?" Mike asked, curious.

"I don't know, I don't really eat that much," Sori said, thinking if he'd eaten any fattening food in the last month. "I can't be getting fat."

Sori brushed it off and went through the rest of the day not thinking about the subject any further.

When he'd gotten back late that night Paul was making their dinner, "How was your day?" he asked.

"It was okay, I saw Sasori and Deidara there and we chatted for a while. Hey do I look like I've gained weight?" Sori asked.

Paul turned his head to look at the redhead, "What? Sori that would be impossible with all the food that you eat." He said, taking the food off the stove and served it onto their plates. (Paul can cook. laughs)

"I know, that's what I told Mike." Sori replied.

After they both ate dinner and Sori had done the dishes they sat on the futon watching TV. "Sori take your shirt off." Paul ordered the redhead.

Sori smirked and slid his shirt off, crawling into Paul's lap, "Can I top tonight?" he purred, nipping the brunette's ear.

Paul grabbed Sori's shoulders lightly pulling him away, "Sorry to give you the wrong idea Sori, but I wanted you to take your shirt off so I could see your stomach." Paul explained.

"Oh sorry, got a little excited," Sori said, a little embarrassed.

Paul looked at Sori's stomach and rubbed it feeling a little nudge that felt as if he'd felt something like this before. "This feels like something familiar." He thought.

He thought back to when his younger sister had found out she was pregnant and she'd let him touch her stomach. "Oh crap," he thought shuddering at the thought.

"What's wrong?!" Sori asked, worried.

"I don't know, but you may have to go see the doctor," he said rubbing the little nudge still.

"Another doctor?" Sori asked, thinking about the doctors at the asylum.

"Don't worry, they're nicer than the ones at the asylum," Paul explained, moving his hand from Sori's stomach to his cheek, comforting the smaller boy.

"Ok," Sori said, lying down on the bed, covering himself with the blanket.

Paul laid beside him, turning the TV off with the remote, and wrapped his arms around Sori his hand resting on Sori's little nudge, rubbing it gently and falling asleep.

-:-Sori's dream-:-

Sori walked down a dark hallway. The place looked slightly like an asylum, but there were no people screaming so it was probably a hospital. He noticed footprints and followed them walking in the direction they were leading him.

The footprints eventually stopped at a big glass window with at least fifteen babies sleeping. Sori looked above the window to see Maternity Ward written on a metal plate.

He looked at all the babies till one immediately caught his full attention. It was in the front and the smallest baby there wrapped in a blue blanket with little tuffs of red brown hair, "Who's baby is that?" he asked himself. He stared at the label on the baby's bed to se a blurred out name at the top but underneath it had his and Paul's name written.

"Holy shit," he cursed, falling on the cold tile.

-:-end dream-:-

Sori woke up from the dream, "What the heck was that?" he thought getting out of bed.

Walking to the dresser and getting a fresh pair of clothes he felt the sick feeling in his stomach again. He ran to the bathroom puking into the toilet until the sick feeling had left, and walked to the shower turning the knobs and took his clothes off stepping into the warm water.

When Sori got out of the shower he brushed his teeth and washed the taste of puke out of his mouth. He got dressed in a dark blue shirt and faded black jeans, but before he left the bathroom he lifted his shirt and turned to the side looking at the nudge.

"Paul!" Sori screamed for the brunette who shot out of bed to the redhead's call.

"What's wrong?" he asked the small redhead in distress.

"It got bigger!" he exclaimed, pointing at the slightly bigger nudge.

Paul looked at the nudge eyes wide. "Okay now this is just weird. Let me call the grocery store and work. I'll tell them we won't be in today so you can go to the doctor," he said, walking into the kitchen picking up the phone and calling the grocery store first.

Sori walked out of the bathroom and laid on the futon looking at the ceiling. "Let me bathe and then we'll leave," Paul said jumping into the bathroom.

"Ok," Sori said, staring up at the ceiling.

Sori stared up at the ceiling thinking about the dream, "What was up with that dream?"

Just then he heard the shower stop and Paul climbed out and dried himself off, wrapping the towel around his waist and walked to the dresser pulling out a dark green shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans.

Paul slipped his shoes on and walked over to Sori pulling him up off the futon, "Come on Sori let's go to the doctor."

Sori quickly slipped on his black World Industries shoes without socks and followed Paul out of the apartment into the parking lot. They jumped into Paul's rusty old car and drove off to the doctors.

As they arrived at the small building they walked in up to the secretary. She was fairly tall and she had caramel colored hair and brown eyes.

"Hello we need to see the doctor it's an emergency," Paul said.

"Ok he isn't tending to a patient right now so go down the hall and his office is two doors down," she explained, pointing down the hallway.

Paul nodded and pulled Sori toward the doctor's room on the door was written Dr. Whitlock he was about to knock on the door when he realized it was slightly a jar. He pushed the door open to see a blonde haired man at his desk asleep. "Hey doc wake up we have an emergency." Paul said, walking to the doctor and shaking him till he was awake.

"What, are the vampires here?" he asked, rubbing his eyes.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Paul asked, confused.

"Never mind, anyways what may I help you two with?" Dr. Whitlock asked.

"Can you please check my friend here? I think there may be something wrong with him," Paul explained, pulling Sori to the doctor's view.

"What's wrong?" the doctor asked the redhead.

"For some strange reason I've gained a little weight and I rarely eat anything or do anything that could have caused it." Sori explained.

"I see please take your shirt off," the doctor asked Sori politely.

Sori removed his shirt showing the small nudge protruding from his stomach.

Dr. Whitlock rubbed the nudge gently staring in amazement, "Hm, well it seems that you may be pregnant sir," he said examining it.

Sori tensed at the reason for his nudge. "That can't be, I'm a boy and I've had sex before and this never happened after!"

"Well if you want to make sure I do have a test you could take," the blonde man said, pulling something out from one of his cupboards and handing it to Sori. "Just pee on this and we'll wait and see if you are ok."

"This is so stupid," Sori said, putting his shirt back on and left the room to go pee.

"Why did you have a pregnancy test in there?" Paul asked.

"Have you seen my secretary?!" the doctor exclaimed. "Sometimes she doesn't have a condom."

Sori returned later looking at the test sadly. "What did you get?" Paul asked.

Sori handed the test to Paul and he sat on the chair looking at the floor, thinking.

Paul looked at the test seeing a small pink plus sign. "Oh crap! How could this have happened?" he asked the doctor.

Dr. Whitlock took the test next and looked at it cracking up, "Ha ha, you guys are fucked!" he yelled, still laughing. (Damn I wish he was my doctor) "But since it's a male pregnancy it should only happen once."

"How are we going to get rid of it?" Paul asked.

"What?" Sori asked, shocked.

"Well you want to get rid of it don't you?"

"No!" Sori yelled, wrapping his hands over his stomach as if he were protecting it.

"Well if you don't want to get rid of it then I guess I can't force you," Paul said, patting the redhead on the head.

"Well since you're keeping it I'll have to have Sori visit at least once a month," the doctor explained, writing on a clipboard.

"Ok," Paul said, pulling Sori out the door.

Both of them left the office and drove home in silence, "Is there any specific reason that you don't want to get rid of the kid?" Paul asked breaking the silence.

"I've become attached to it," Sori said subconsciously rubbing the nudge. "Paul?"

"Yeah," Paul asked.

"We have to tell Sasori and Deidara about this," Sori explained.

"Ok, but we don't have their number and we don't know where they live."

"Don't worry they'll have to come shopping again sometime." Sori smirked.

"Are you sure you should be going to work?" Paul asked worried.

"Yeah, I mean we still have to make money, and me not working won't get us a lot," Sori explained.

"What if you start showing?"

"Then I'll deal with it, and if people make fun of me I'll kick their ass," Sori said.

"Um, how about I kick their ass for you?"

"Fine but when he/she is born their ass is mine," Sori growled.

Paul parked the car in the hotel parking lot and got out running to the other side to open the door for Sori, "You don't have to treat me like a child I can open the door by myself." Sori said, walking out of the car.

Both teens walked up to their apartment and laid on the futon staring at the ceiling fan. "So how is this all going to work?" Sori asked.

"We need a woman's advice on this type of stuff," Paul explained.

"We could ask Lamb and Kira." Sori suggested.

"Do you really think they know anything about babies?" Paul asked.

"Of course they do." Sori said rubbing his tummy. "At least I hope they do."

A/N Here it is pplz the long awaited sequel to Asylum. It took me awhile to think about it and now it's here. Please tell me what you think about it, and Sasori and Deidara will show up again.