"Where the fuck are my pills?!" Hidan screamed.

"Shut the fuck up Hidan!" Kira yelled at the Jashinist.

Lamb and Kira had been back at the asylum for a few months now and things were almost as they were when both girls had left the hotel.

"You're going to have to be put on a shorter leash Hidan!" Kira yelled at the silver haired man.

"Fucking bitch," the man cursed.

Kira glared at the man and reached down to grab her knives, but then realized they was in her items box, "I don't need a knife to hurt you," she growled and jumped on the man, biting into pale skin.

A guard ran into the game room with a tazer in hand and zapped Kira. The girl fell off of Hidan and landed on the floor with a thud, "Damn I hate this place," she pouted and crawled away from a heavily bleeding Hidan to hopefully get out of being put in a straightjacket.

"Where do you think you're going?" a guard asked and pulled out a jacket, quickly putting it on the shorter haired brunette girl.

Kira growled at the jacket and wiggled around on the floor, "Fucking bastard!" she cursed and furiously continued to wiggle around on the ground.

Sakura stood a good distance away from them, happily watching the brunette girl on the floor.

Kira looked up at the pink haired girl, "You want some bitch?!" she asked and maneuvered herself back on her feet and ran toward the pink haired girl, ready to attack, but was pushed to the floor by an unknown force.

She hit the floor hard and looked up at a patient she'd never seen before. A boy with dark brown hair that almost covered his gray eyes, "Sorry, but the pink haired bitch is mine," he explained and turned on Sakura, kicking her in the face.

Kira stared in astonishment at the strange boy, but then glared at him. She stood up and began arguing, "Hey! I was going to do that!"

"Then why didn't you?" he asked and walked away from the scene.

Kira stomped away to the art room, where Lamb was sitting at an easel, painting a picture with her toes since she was put in a straightjacket for attacking Sakura a few months ago.

Since they'd gotten back the excited girl had been depressed and was either in her room sulking or in the art room, painting and drawing.

Kira walked up beside her and frowned at the painting of Seth her friend had made. Lamb paused to look at her work and sighed, "What did you do this time?" she asked, referring to Kira's straightjacket.

"Bit Hidan's neck," she replied.

Lamb gently smiled at her friend's reply, "Nice."

"Ok guys, it's now time for dinner," the woman announced on the intercom.

Lamb's eyes screwed shut in pain as she bit her lip to prevent her from screaming, which worked effectively.


Kira stared in astonishment at her friend, "Holy shit!"

Lamb sighed and licked the blood from the cut on her lip, "Can we go to dinner?"

"Sure," Kira replied and both of them walked to the cafeteria.

-:-Sori and the others-:-

Since Shiki had joined their happy little family he'd been quiet and rarely cried unless he was hungry, needed to be changed or wanted attention which he always got.

The small baby was now on the couch, sucking on a bottle with Deidara sitting beside him. Sori was taking a nap in the bedroom, demanding for it to be quiet unless there was something wrong with Shiki. Paul was working and Sasori was on the floor, laying on his stomach while he read a book.

Deidara looked at Shiki sucking on his bottle of milk and smiled, "You're so cute," he said giving the baby a giant smile.

Sasori looked up at Deidara with the baby and frowned. Deidara had spent more time with the baby then the redhead, "Dei?"

The blond kept his eyes on the baby and kissed his head, "Dei?"

Shiki giggled at Deidara's kiss and grabbed one of the man's fingers, holding onto it. Deidara laughed and poked the baby's tummy with his free hand, making him giggle and the bottle drop to the floor.

"Deidara?" Sasori squeaked, still on the floor.

Shiki noticed Sasori's call for attention and stopped giggling. Deidara looked at what the small child was looking at to see his Danna on the floor, pouting, "Danna, come play with the baby."

Sasori sighed and stood up; walking over to sit on the couch on Shiki's other side. Shiki rolled onto his belly and struggled to crawl on Sasori's lap, only getting his torso on the redhead's lap. He looked up and smiled at the redhead.

"Aww, Danna he likes you!" Deidara squealed quietly to not disturb Sori in the other room.

Shiki grabbed Sasori's shirt with both of his little hands and pulled himself up with the bigger redhead to support him. Sasori looked into the innocent coal black eyes that he shared with his mommy/daddy.

"Moomoo," Shiki babbled one of the little words he'd call Sori and Sasori occasionally.

"Danna, he called you Moomoo," Deidara giggled at the name and poked his redhead's side playfully.

Sasori smiled at the baby and kissed his forehead. He was about to pull away but Shiki grabbed his hair with a free hand, not letting go of the red locks.

Deidara almost fell off the couch giggling as his Danna tried to free his hair. He gently pried Shiki's fingers off Sasori's hair and pulled him into his lap. Sasori rolled his eyes at how much attention Shiki was getting again and went back on the floor to continue reading his book.

Suddenly Sori walked out of his room and walked over to the couch to sit beside his son, "How are you?" he asked the baby and picked him up, holding him close.

"Moomoo!" Shiki squealed in delight, clapping his hands together.

"I love you," Sori smiled down at the child.

"I'm still wondering what happened to the sex crazed maniac that we all new and hated," Sasori spoke, catching the other redhead's attention.

Sori smirked, "Those were fun days until the mall thing, but now I can restrain myself and you like me now."

"Oh yeah, getting knocked out or having my body controlled just so Paul could fuck you senseless was great," Sasori replied sarcastically.

Sori frowned, "Can we not talk about that?"

"I still dread the day you found out you could control my body whenever you wanted to," Sasori continued.


A six year old Sasori sat in the corner of the children's game room as he watched the other children play with one another.

"This is boring, Sasori I want to play!" Sori whined.

"No," Sasori mumbled, making the other redhead pout.

"Hey you!" The brunette boy that had been with the guard earlier that week called for him.

"Yay, someone to play with!" Sori cheered inside of Sasori's mind.

Sasori looked up at Paul, waiting quietly for the brunette to say something, "What are you doing here?" Sasori asked.

"I'm on spring break," the brunette explained.

"Let me out dammit!" Sori growled.

"No!" Sasori exclaimed.

Sori pouted, "Fine, I'll take you by force!" he replied and took control of an unwilling Sasori, "What the heck?" he said aloud.

"What's up with you?" Paul asked.

Sori looked up at the brunette and smirked at his realization, "Nothing, cutie."

Paul glared at Sori as the redhead stood and walked toward him, "Get back!" he growled.

"How can you be so cruel," Sori pouted and got into a crouch. He sprang at Paul, pinning him to the ground.

The brunette wiggled around under the six year olds grip, failing miserably, "Get the h-," he began until Sori kissed him on the lips.

Paul wrapped both legs around Sori's waist and pulled the other down so that their chests touched, then he rolled them over to pin the redhead's hands above his head, "Take that!"

Sori smiled at their position and wrapped one of his own legs around the eight year old's waist. The redhead leaned up to Paul's ear, "Mm Paulie, just fuck me now," Sori moaned under his breath.

Paul immediately let go of Sori and backed away, "What the heck are you talking about?" he asked.

"I'll explain this so that an eight year old can understand. You stick your pee pee up my ass until we both have an orgasm," Sori explained.

"But I go to the bathroom with my pee pee, and poo comes out of your butt," Paul explained.

"Your point?" Sori asked.

"It's disgusting!" Paul exclaimed.

"What the hell is going on!" Paul's father exclaimed.

Paul ran to his father's side and whispered the situation into his father's ear. The brunette man's jaw dropped in shock as he looked at Sori, then glared at him, "You little shit!"

Sori cocked his head to the side confused, "Did you just call me crap?"

Paul's father glared at the redhead, "Smartass!"

The man with purple hair from before walked in with a small straightjacket, "I got it," he sighed," and walked over to the brunette man.

Paul's father grabbed the jacket and walked over to Sori, "This'll show you, you little ass wipe," he growled and put the jacket on the small redhead.

"Now you're calling me a piece of toilet paper, thanks mister," Sori sighed sarcastically.

The brunette man kicked Sori in the stomach, "Stop being an ass."

Sori stayed quiet and he looked at Paul glaring at him, "Ok guys it's time for lunch," the woman on the intercom announced.

"Come on," Paul's father sighed and pulled Sori out of the room by his collar. Sori's butt slid on the floor as he was pulled into the children's cafeteria. The brunette man looked to his son, "Can I trust you to feed him?" he asked.

Paul looked at his father in shock but nodded, a little hesitant about the idea, "Yeah, dad."

"Good boy," his father patted his head and left with the purple haired man.

Sori jumped onto his feet and walked toward Paul, "Now it's just you and me Paulie," he smirked, rubbing against the other.

Both walked to the line and a beautiful woman with Tillie written on her name tag served them macaroni and cheese, a popsicle, and milk. They walked to an empty table and sat at the end, quietly.

Paul began to eat until he noticed Sori wasn't eating. Sori was about to use his feet but noticed the staring brunette and smirked, "Paulie, I need to be fed."

The brunette moved his tray so that he was sitting next to the redhead and grabbed a spoon. He spooned all the noodles into Sori's mouth until they were gone, " Now the milk," Sori instructed.

Paul opened the carton and lifted it to Sori's mouth. He carefully poured it into the boy's mouth without spilling a drop, "Good, now just pop the popsicle into my mouth," Sori smirked, bouncing in his seat as he waited for the sweet treat.

The wrapping was ripped off and Paul put it in Sori's mouth, then he went to his now cold food and ate some, then started on his popsicle.

Sori watched in amusement as Paul sucked on the treat, enjoying every second, "I think I'll like it here," Sori smirked.

"I hate it here," Sasori sulked as he sat in the darkness of his mind. First he lost his parents, and now he lost himself.

-:-end of flashback-:-

A/N Sorry about the wait, i've gotten interested in Kingdom Hearts again and i'm playing the game almost nonstop. I just love it a lot, so you may see some oneshots or a series later on X3