I really shouldn't be writing this fic just now... I should really finish the other two fics I'm writing before I start this one... But I had an epiphany... I was listening to Mary's song by Taylor Swift... And I could so see Jake and Bella there... So here it is! Each chapter is one verse of the song.

Disclaimer: It's pretty obvious, I ain't Stephenie Meyer...

I clung to my daddy's head, peaking out at the little red house in front of us. It ooked like an old- people house. I pouted and poked him in the ear. "Daddy, are there any kids here?"

He strained his head to look at me and opened his mouth to say something, when I saw him. A little dark boy, probably a year younger than me, was playing in the backyard of the little red house. He'd climb the big oak tree as high as he dared then jump down. Blood was pouring from his elbows and knees, but he didn't seem to notice. I frowned.

"Daddy, if you think I'm playing with that cootie-wridden monster you've got another thing coming."

He shook his head and laughed. "You don't have to, Bells. But be nice. His name's Jacob."

"Jacob," I repeated with distaste. "Jacob. Ew."

He laughed again. "He has two sisters, you can play with them." My head perked up at the word "sisters." Good. Playing with Jacob was out of the question.

My dad waved to the two adults who emerged onto the porch of the little red house. A tall pretty woman with long black hair, and a man in a wheel chair. I felt sorry for him.

I smiled in the direction of the two people on the porch. We climbed up the porch steps and they immediatley began talking all at once, like grown-ups usually do.

"Charlie! Oh, that must be Isabella!"

" Let me see her! How old is she? She's such a big girl!"

And so on and so forth.

I tapped on Daddy's shoulder, "Can you put me down now?" I whispered into his ear.

He laughed and set me on the ground. The pretty woman bent down in front of me and smiled. She had black eyes that twinkled at me, and her smile was warm. I smiled shyly.



"Oh." She smiled again and gestured into the house. "Ray and Becca are in the house," she said. "Go play with them."

I smiled again and half-ran, have skidded into the little red house. I was in a tiny, but cozy living room. It wasn't organized, but wasn't dirty. Just disorganized. I wandered around the house until I found a closed door that said "Ray and Becca's room, Knock first or die" in pink puff paint. I rapped on the door twice. I heard nothing. I rapped again. This time I heard shuffling feet and a little dark head peeked out of the door. She had wide, dark brown eyes. She looked at me for a second, then slammed the door shut. I could hear giggles from the inside.

Tears smarted in my eyes. Did they have to be so mean? I rubbed my tears away on the back of my hand. Not wanting the adults to see me and embarrass me with the twins, I sauntered to the back door and walked outside. I sat down on the grass and put my face in my hands. I had forgotten the backyard wasn't empty.

I jumped at the warm touch on my shoulder. I looked up into the face of a smiling boy.

"Something wrong?"

I shook my head.

"If Racheal and Rebecca were being mean to you, then forget it. They're just jerks like that.'

I allowed a small smile. "I'm Bella," I said holding out my hand, then pulling it back when I noticed his blood-stained palms. The dried blood was just being moistened again by the fresh. I felt faint.

"Don't your arms and knees hurt?"

He looked at the blood pouring from his arms and legs. " Kinda."

I frowned. He seemed to remember something at that moment. "I'm Jacob, but Jake's good, too."

A smile returned to my face. "Hi, Jake."

His face brightened. "Hi, Bella."

I studied him for a second. He had black hair that hung to just below his ears, and his skin was copper-colored. His eyes were so dark they were almost black, and they had a sparkle in them. Like stars...

I smiled again.


I looked behind me, Daddy was there.

"Jacob, Bella! Dinner!" It was Jake's momma this time.

He grinned, "C'mon, I'll race'ya."

I laughed and ran after him, not because I wanted to race, but because I couldn't wait to stare into those eyes again.

-When you were seven and I was nine,

I looked at you like the stars that shined,

In the sky,

Those pretty lights.

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