I realized that it's getting around the time in which I have to update, but I didn't want to give you guys speedy crap. So here's a little idea that's been bouncing around in my head for a while, I decided to give it a shot. It's supposed to be sort of like a two-way journal entry.

Bella's not back yet guys. Sorry. It's coming around.

Disclaimer: Do I look like a Stephenie to you?

Six years later...

I was looking through the attic today.

I went out to work on the car in the garage today.

And I found a box that I must not have looked at in years.

I found a box that must have not been opened since I was eight.

I had totally forgotten about Jacob, but looking inside, I can't believe we haven't even talked in years.

It's been years since I even thought about Bella.

We used to be so close!

We were like family.

I remember how Jacob went into the depression, I finally remember why I refused to go back to Forks all those years.

I haven't seen her since after my mom died, that was when she left.

Wow, I used to be so different! I was always so much more carefree with Jacob.

I can't remember being as happy as I look in the pictures with Bella.

I wonder if I emailed him...

I wonder if I called her...



He'd think I was crazy. He probably doesn't remember me.

She wouldn't know me. She'd think I was an idiot.

I wonder what he looks like, now.

I wonder how she's changed.

He's probably got all the girls in his school after him.

She's probably beautiful. She always was.

He's probably got a girlfriend.

She probably has a man.

I wonder if he ever knew how much he meant to me.

I wonder if she ever knew how much I loved her.

I wish we would have kept in contact after I left...

I wish we would have talked or written each other.

Am I crazy?

Why am I an idiot?

I haven't seen him in six years!

I probably don't even know her anymore!

I wish I never would have left.

I wish she would have stayed.

The truth is,

You wanna know the truth?

I miss him.

I miss her. I love her.

It's short, I know. Review?